LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 9

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 9
The sound of the bathroom door being pushed open terrified Lola. She rolled abruptly
away from the big dog. A thin trail of cum joined them momentarily as the dog backed
off his new mistress and walked over to investigate Elaine.
The blonde paid the animal no attention. It was the girl she was interested in. Lola
huddled on the bathmat, trying to cover herself with a towel.
It took Lola a moment to recognize the intruder. She had met Elaine only once, in the
office. The other woman had seemed rather unfriendly. Lola had not expected to see her
again. Now here she was, in her own room, witness to her shameful deed with the dog.
"Wha… what are you doing here?" she managed to stammer.
Elaine kneeled on the mat next to the trembling brunette and pulled away the towel
with which she was rather ineffectually trying to protect herself. "I was in the
neighborhood… and I thought I’d pay you a visit." Her voice was sarcastic, but Lola
couldn’t miss the look of lust in her eyes. "I didn’t realize you were busy… The door
was unlocked, and I just came right in. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?"
The blonde’s impertinent manner infuriated Lola. Yet she was not sure enough of her
own ground to simply order Elaine out. "I… I want you to leave… I don’t know why
you’re teasing me. You had no right…" The tears began to flow down the brunette’s
Lola felt so humiliated. How could she ever face anyone here again, now that Elaine
knew her awful secret? She would have to pack up and leave.

"Please… leave me alone…"
To Lola’s surprise, the other woman suddenly became sympathetic. She helped Lola to
her feet and guided her gently into the other room. Lola made no protest when Elaine
lowered her onto the bed and sat beside her.
"Look, kid… you don’t have to feel bad. You can trust me. I thought it was pretty neat,
what you were doing with the dog. Look…"
To Lola’s astonishment, Elaine raised her skirt up over her hips and showed her the
sopping crotch of her panties.
"See how excited you got me? And I didn’t have a chance to get it off, the way you
did… I’m still all hot and bothered."
Lola was lost for words. She sat open-mouthed as the blonde crawled in between her
thighs and began to stroke the vulnerably exposed slit of her pussy.
"What… what are you…"
"I just want to look, darling… You have a beautiful little pussy."
Her fingertip traced the soft flanges of Lola’s cunt. Little tendrils of dark pussy-hair
clung to her cunt-lips, glued there by the dog’s cum. The flesh was red and swollen,
inflamed by passion and by the harsh friction of the dog’s big prick.
As Lola watched awestruck, petrified by fear and indecision, the blonde bent her head
in between Lola’s thighs and began to lick the dog’s cum from her cunt.

"Oooohh… I… !" Lola exclaimed.
Her first instinct was to push the woman away. This was… unnatural. Her mind
rebelled at the absurdity of her logic: Was it natural to fuck a dog? What right did she
have to condemn the other woman’s perversion? Besides, the soft tongue on her
sensitive slit felt awfully good. She couldn’t repress a long low sigh of pleasure.
Elaine looked up, delighted at the response of her pretty young victim. "Does that feel
good, darling?"
Before Lola had a chance to answer, Elaine’s head was back down between her thighs.
Her tongue was stabbing the delicate, half swollen nub of her clitoris. Lola began to
whimper. Confused yet excited, she had no choice but to fall prey to the talented
manipulations of Elaine’s tongue.
"Uuuuhh… that’s good-d-d!"
Through slitted eyes, Lola could see the big German shepherd, sitting on the rug,
watching the two women with interest. What’s becoming of me? she thought wildly as
she looked from one unnatural lover to another.
Lola closed her eyes very tight, trying to shut out the bothersome thoughts that were
assailing her mind. She could feel that devilish tongue swirling slickly around and
around her sensitized clitoris. It felt so wonderfully good! Elaine’s tongue seemed to be
picking up where Whopper’s cock had left off. And the orgiastic energy flowing
through her naked body seemed to grow more intense by the moment. It was as though
all her old guideposts in life had suddenly been torn down. She was wide open,
responding the way her body told her to respond. No holds barred! The girl felt totally

lost. Nobody could help her now. She had violated too many of the rules. There was
nothing left for her but pleasure. And she didn’t have far to go to find it. If she let
herself go, Elaine would give her all the pleasure that she wanted.
As the blonde’s tongue worked its way down to her wet pussy-hole, Lola began to flail
her head from side to side on the pillow. She was going to let go. There was nothing
she could do to stop the older woman. She may as well enjoy her… enjoy her tongue
that was now stabbing deep into her distended cunt. Her fingers wound in Elaine’s
curly hair and pulled the girl’s face close to her slit.
"Oooohh… you’re doing it to me nice, Elaine! Lick me! Make me feel good!"
Elaine was happy to do the wanton brunette’s bidding. It satisfied her raunchy sense of
imagination to be sucking on the younger woman’s cunt-hole, licking up the thick
juices of the dog’s orgasm. She could feel Lola’s pussy-sphincter convulsing around her
tongue, trying to catch hold of it and pull it deep inside. The more aroused Lola grew,
the more slavishly Elaine worked to satisfy her mounting hunger. Elaine liked a woman
who could really turn on, and Lola’s was the hottest little pussy she had ever tasted.
"Mmmmmmm… I love the taste of your pussy, baby!"
Lola had no idea that Elaine was a prostitute, but she did realize that the blonde
sucking on her twat was a worldly woman. She had no idea what kind of courage it
would take to walk right into a stranger’s motel room and start making love to her, but
Lola didn’t have it. Not yet, anyway. She suspected that Elaine could tell her a lot about
Right now, she was most interested in what Elaine could show her about love. She

began to wriggle her cunt recklessly down against Elaine’s mouth, forcing her tongue to
stab up into the sensitive hole of her pussy. Elaine grew more adventurous. She slipped
her tongue a little farther down, prodded it against Lola’s clenched sphincter.
The illicit thrill of that tantalizing tongue tickling her asshole pushed Lola to new
heights of abandon. As she felt the other woman’s tongue circling round and round her
tiny aperture, she wailed receptively. Her loins jerked upward, giving Elaine room to
work. Depraved as it was, she liked what the blonde was doing to her. She wanted more
of it!
The sheer intensity of the other girl’s responses made Elaine’s frustrated pussy flare in
neglect. She wanted to feel some satisfaction up between her own thighs. Though she
could go on forever savoring the sweet flavor of Lola’s tight twat, she needed some
encouragement. Some stimulation of her own.
From the corner of her eye, Elaine noticed Whopper, pacing restlessly by the side of the
bed. The big dog never liked to be left out of a lusty situation. He was always ready to
play at sex. Elaine knew that was a prime reason why Sadie kept him around.
Did she dare let the dog fuck her just once more? She cast a surreptitious glance at the
swollen cock that protruded from Whopper’s sheath. He was all ready to go again,
despite his recent orgasm. The excitement of eating Lola’s pussy gave Elaine the
courage she needed.
Abandoning the girl for just a moment, Elaine scrambled hurriedly out of her clothes.
She threw them in a heap on a chair, and returned to her position between Lola’s legs.

Her sultry eyes gleamed as she spoke to the watching brunette.
"I’m going to let Whopper fuck me while I eat you, darling. I’m kind of scared, but you
made it look like such fun."
Lola was impatient to get Elaine’s tongue back to her pussy. But she had another reason
to approve of Elaine’s plan. If the blonde were guilty of the same unnatural act she was,
then she would be less likely to tell on her. They would share a guilty secret!
"Don’t be scared, Elaine. It’ll feel wonderful! I promise you!" As she spoke, Lola’s loins
jerked up in search of her new friend’s mouth. She no longer questioned her own
depravity. She looked forward to it with frantic glee.
Thrusting her ass high in the air, Elaine called the dog to mount her. Then she buried
her face back in Lola’s pussy. If she was preoccupied enough with that savory pink slit,
she figured she would worry less about whether Whopper would hurt her. From long
experience, Elaine knew that a relaxed cunt didn’t get hurt. It was only when a woman
got tense or frightened that she could be injured by a cock.
Delighted to be included in the excitement, Whopper leapt up onto the bed and
mounted the kneeling blonde. He began to thrust his cock forward, looking for pussy-
shelter the way he had done with Lola just a short while ago. Again and again he
missed his goal. But then a fluke of fate guided him straight into the hot quivering hole
in front of him.
"Aaaaaaahhh!" Elaine’s shrill wail filled the room. But it was not a cry of pain. The
sheer depravity of the scene had excited her enough that Whopper’s cock slid easily in
and out of her moist cunt. His pace was fast, deep and hard, just what she needed to

satisfy the longing up inside.
"Oh, God, yes! Fuck me, Whopper! Fuck meeeee!"
Lola looked up at the face of the laboring animal, watched the spittle dropping from his
tongue onto the blonde’s back as he strove to keep up his grueling pace. The lewdness
of the picture snapped something inside her. She liked it. She liked watching another
woman getting fucked by a dog. And she especially liked the tantalizing feelings
exploding in her loins. Elaine’s tongue was fucking her pussy mercilessly. She could tell
she was on the verge of an explosion, hotter, wilder than the last.
"Oh, Elaine! Didn’t I tell you it would be good! Isn’t his prick nice? Oh baby… you’re
sucking me so nice!"
The atmosphere in the small, neat motel room was thick with lust. The two women and
the dog writhed together on the bed, working their genitals for all they were worth. All
of them were on the verge of a climax. Yet none wanted to go without the other, it
seemed. They kept sucking and fucking, wriggling and moaning, until at last Lola could
take no more.
"Oh my God! I’m cummmmmmingg-g! I’m cumming, Elaine! Ohhhhhhh!"
The satisfaction of bringing the younger woman to orgasm made Elaine grow even
more abandoned in the pace with which she was thrusting her ass back at the big dog.
Suddenly his cock seemed to grow even bigger and harder. She knew he was cumming
in her!
"Oooohh, Jee-zuz! Fill me, lover! Shoot me full of that sweet-tasting dog-cum!" Elaine

knew just how sweet it was, for she had just finished eating it out of the other woman’s
pussy. "Shit… I’m cummmmming!"
There was a long pregnant silence as the three orgiasts recovered from the shock of
their climaxes. Elaine reached up and squeezed Lola’s firm, heaving breasts. "You know
something, Lola? You’re not such a bad kid after all!"
Lola wasn’t quite sure what to make out of that comment. But she was content to lie in
the other woman’s arms as Elaine sucked contentedly on her nipple.

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