LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 8

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 8
Lola awoke late the next morning. For the second time in the past week, she had a
Her main concern was her head, and by the time she had doused her face with cold
water and drained a pint of orange juice, she was in better shape to deal with the
previous night’s memories.
She had actually let a dog lick her cunt to wild orgasm! The recollection of Whopper’s
tongue on her moist tender pussy-flesh made her skin flush with goose bumps. But it
also made her blush with shame. Back home in Illinois, she had had enough sense of
morality to shy away from such depraved temptation. What was happening to her out
here in California?
What frightened her most was the knowledge that, if she had last night to live all over
again, she would probably do the very same thing. The dog had brought her such a
splendid, releasing orgasm. She had needed it so bad!
She didn’t leave her motel room to go job hunting until past noon. The day went badly,
even worse than the previous one. Part of the problem, Lola knew, was that she just
could not get her mind off that dog… his long tongue, his hard pointed cock. Every
time she realized that she might actually have tried to get the dog to fuck her if Sadie
hadn’t called him, she trembled. Whether out of shame or excitement, she didn’t know.
After four unsuccessful stops at "classy" restaurants, Lola headed home. What she
needed was some time alone, to think. The courtyard between the cabins was deserted
except for Whopper. Lola thought about shooing the dog away when he came running
over to greet her. She dismissed the idea. Why blame Whopper for anything? She knew

it was herself she didn’t trust. The dog was just a big friendly creature that did what his
instincts told him to.
The stab of his cold nose against her knee made her feel faint with a sudden rush of
memories. She hurried to her door, only to find that the dog had followed her.
"Go on home, Whopper! Your mistress will be looking for you."
But it was Henry the night man in the office. And the blinds were drawn in Sadie’s
apartment. She and Jake must be out. She had hardly caught a glimpse of them ever
since she moved in.
"Okay… you can come in… just for a minute."
The dog barked out his appreciation. He preceded Lola into her room and made
himself comfortable next to her bed. The brunette had to laugh at the animal’s self-
possession. He acted like he owned the joint!
Lola’s feet hurt and her back was killing her from walking on unyielding pavement all
afternoon. She decided to take a bath. That would get out all the kinks and give her a
chance to think in peace.
"Whopper… I’m going to take a bath. You can hang out here if you want, but I’m going
in the bathroom."
She closed the door behind her and turned on the faucets. She undressed carefully, in
front of the makeup mirror. She had always enjoyed admiring the full rounded swells of
her breasts, her tight waist and firm hips. Somehow, just looking at her body in the
mirror always turned her on a little.

The dog began to whimper outside the door. Worried that someone might overhear
him, Lola opened the door. What did it matter if the dog saw her naked? He was only a
dog. She was in control of the situation. And she was darned sure Whopper wouldn’t
try to get into the bath with her. She tried to assure herself that she had no intention of
getting into anything with Whopper tonight. But she still hadn’t admitted to herself
why she had let the animal into her room at all…
She prepared a screwdriver and took a long swallow before setting the glass on the
corner of the tub. The dog sat watching her. She took a covert glance at his cock-
sheath, and was relieved to see no red shaft peeking from it. She told herself she was
relieved, but there was another feeling too.
Bending over, she tested the water with two fingers. Her firm full ass waved enticingly
in the air, right in the direction of the dog’s nose. A cold stab against one ass-cheek
made her reach out to catch herself from falling.
At that moment, Lola had to admit to herself that she did want to experiment with the
dog some more. She was behaving like some silly schoolgirl, acting innocent but
wanting so much to experience those wicked delights that she knew were waiting for
She was relieved that the animal did not stop with one probe against her upturned ass.
His nose made its way into the tight crevice between her cheeks, made jarring contact
with her sensitized little asshole.

Instead of escaping into the tub of hot water, Lola fell onto her knees on the bathmat
and squirmed her buttocks back in the dog’s direction. She was begging for more of the
delicious cold caresses. The dog obliged by sniffling his way down as far as her pussy
crevice. She was seeping with moisture down there and the dog extended his tongue to
lap up the tantalizing juices.
Lola reached for her screwdriver and swallowed it down. She was accepting her growing
capacity for lewd experimentation, but she still had some conscience to kill. The vodka
did the job nicely.
The young woman closed her eyes, buried her face against the arm that protected her
from the cold of the porcelain. She didn’t dare let herself think too much about what
she was doing. It was too depraved. Too bizarre. To have something like this happen
once could be passed off as an accident. But more than once said something about Lola
Leibowitz… she was getting hooked on her own depravity. She was looking for thrills.
Time after time the dog’s long moist tongue slurped up over her cunt-lips and ass. Each
time, Lola thrust her ass a little higher in the air, groaned a little louder with the
mounting pleasure surging through her loins. She imagined how she must look,
bending over the tub like this, naked and wanton, reveling in the dog’s tonguing. The
lewd picture in her mind’s eye filled her with an urgent raving hunger for more
"Uuuuuuhhh… that’s good, Whopper," she grunted.
She peeked back over her shoulder at the laboring animal. At once her eyes lit upon the
sight that she had been dreading and anticipating ever since last night. His cock was
hard again. It protruded long and red and pointed from his sheath. Once again,
Whopper was aroused by licking her hot cunt. Again she toyed with the obscene idea of

getting him to screw her.
After all, why not? she thought recklessly. Her last human lover had treated her like
dirt. Surely Whopper would never be like that. He would be the same happy-go-lucky
friend afterward as he was now. Whopper wouldn’t let her down.
She began to thrust her ass back more hurriedly against the animal’s nose. She was
trying to tell the dog something with body language. Whopper continued to lick her.
From time to time he whimpered impatiently, as though he too were eager for
something more.
"Would you like to do it to me, Whopper?" she asked wantonly. "Do it to me, baby!
Come on!" At last the dog grasped the woman’s intent. He lost no time in mounting
the firm swells of her buttocks. The German shepherd’s hairy forepaws made an
obscene contrast with the smooth human flesh beneath.
His rock-hard prick began to dart forward in rough mechanical motions, seeking
anxiously the hot wet hole before it. Again and again, his cock-head just managed to
catch in between her pussy-lips, then slipped harmlessly away. Lola began to mewl in
hungry impatience. She wanted it now. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her
craving cunt.
"Ooooohhh… ooohh… come on, Whopper! Come on, boy!"
At last, with one mighty surge, the dog’s cock drove deep into her wet hole. It forced
her cunt-lips cruelly apart, rammed home until it struck the tip of her cervix.
"Aaaiiieee! Ooohhhh, you’re hurting me! Ooooohh!"
She tried to squirm away from him, to make him stop hurting her. But Whopper was

adamant in the pursuit of his goal. His paws held her firmly. His loins thrust forward in
long stroke after stroke. He was fucking her – hard, fast, deep.
Aware that her struggles were useless, Lola tried to make the best of a hopeless
situation. Tears rolled from her eyes as the steel-hard dog-prick split her pussy time
after time. She tried to relax, to ease the pain of his repeated hard fuck-strokes.
Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the unbelievable happened. This new kind of pain, too,
turned to a deep sensual pleasure. Her body detected the change before her mind did.
Her ass began to wiggle backward, begging for more of the long impaling strokes. Then
her mind too succumbed. She was fucking a dog, and she was enjoying it! The very
depravity of the situation made her jaw hang open, her eyes roll with lust. She wanted
it! She wanted everything Whopper could give her!
"Do it to me, Whopper! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me!"
The obscene words escaping her lips only added to her excitement. She became an
animal herself, abandoning all the rules of her strict upbringing. Her only goal now was
her own pleasure. For that, she would fuck this big animal until she passed out, her
mind blank with the all-consuming energy of her arousal.
While the water in the bathtub grew cold, the young brunette remained kneeling on the
mat, offering her ass up to the rutting German shepherd. Never in her life had Lola
been fucked so deep, so hard, so masterfully.
Though the courtyard had been empty when Lola came home, someone had observed
her little encounter with the dog. Someone had watched her take Whopper into her

Overcome with curiosity, Elaine had hurried up to Lola’s window, looked through the
curtains for a peek of what was happening inside. Knowing Whopper’s tastes in sexual
companions, the blonde had her suspicions about what the relationship between the
woman and the dog might be. She herself had fucked Whopper once. But the animal’s
power had frightened her. She left that particular fetish to Sadie and the girls who really
went for it.
She watched Lola go into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Disappointed,
she was almost ready to leave when she saw the door open to admit the whimpering
animal. When they didn’t come out for several minutes, Elaine decided to take a risk.
She had a pass key to all the units. She would go inside and have a quick look through
that half-open door.
As soon as she was inside, Elaine knew that her suspicions were amply justified. She
could hear Lola moaning wantonly. Peeking around the bathroom doorframe, she saw a
sight that made her cunt throb with lust.
Lola really was a beautiful girl. She was a tantalizing picture of orgiastic bliss as she
kneeled salaciously in front of the rutting dog, egging him on. Her round smooth ass-
cheeks waved with demonic energy. They acted like a lure to the bisexual Elaine.
Already she could imagine herself fondling their flaring perfection, jamming a finger
deep into the hole now filled by the hard-working dog’s cock.
Neither Whopper nor Lola realized that they were no longer alone in the motel room.
Both were far too occupied with the urgent energy shooting through their bodies. The
dog’s tongue hung from his mouth as he rammed his prick deep into the clasping hot
cunt in long regular strokes. His cock was like a piston, and Lola’s pussy was the

chamber that exploded with pleasure each time he drove into her.
"Aaaaahhhh…" the girl wailed.
She was half out of her mind with excitement. This hard, no-holds-barred fucking was
breaking loose all the nervous energy she had been storing up since Kenny ran out on
Whopper’s stiff cock was helping her forget about the bad times and latch on to the
The lust-inspiring sight in the bathroom was more than the sexy Elaine could resist.
She slipped a finger into the crotchband of her panties and began to tease the swollen
nubbin of her clitoris. It was all she could do to keep from moaning a loud as her body
stiffened with electric jolts of pleasure.
Screw her, boy! Screw her good! the jealous blonde thought vindictively. Though she
had no real liking for Lola, Elaine could empathize with the girl in her writhing
abandon. Obviously Lola liked to feel good as much as Elaine herself did. That made
them, in a strange way, sisters under the skin. While she enjoyed watching the dog
fucking Lola ruthlessly, she was also intensely aware of the ecstasy the brunette was
experiencing. She envied Lola that. She herself could not get that same pleasure from
screwing a dog, but there were other ways she could do it. There were other ways she
could make Lola feel good too…
Experienced as she was in observing other people’s sexual responses, Elaine was still
somewhat awed by the incredible responsiveness displayed by this farm girl from
Illinois. Lola’s buttocks churned with tireless energy, as though she were seeking to
swallow the dog’s prick whole. Her full lush breasts bounced enticingly under her

kneeling torso. Her throaty moans and wails were like a cattle prod to the laboring
beast. Elaine watched his saliva drip onto Lola’s back as he worked. The obscene sight
made her pussy clutch with longing.
The more wildly the dog and the brunette ground their loins together, the hungrier
Elaine’s cunt grew. At last the blonde plunged two fingers deep into her pussy-hole and
began to finger-fuck herself in time to the rhythm of the dog impaling the young
woman’s cunt. She held her panties to one side, while her fingers rammed deeper and
deeper, more and more abandonedly. At last, the sensations became so strong that
Elaine was forced to drop to her knees outside the bathroom door.
Her position titillated her. She was closer now to Lola’s position. She could imagine
herself more easily experiencing the roiling pleasure that Lola was experiencing. She
was even beginning to think that perhaps she had been too hasty in condemning the
fucking talents of the big dog. If Lola could enjoy him that much, perhaps he was worth
trying again…
The tension was mounting in the bathroom. Elaine watched the stiff hard dog-cock ram
at a more and more furious pace far into Lola’s cunt. The dog was obviously obsessed
with only one thing – achieving his orgasm. At last, Elaine could see from the rigidity
in his joints that he was doing it.
Lola could tell the dog was cumming in her by the sudden intense surge inside her
pussy. She was being filled to brimming with dog-cum. The obscene thought drove her
to a frenzy. She gyrated her ass wantonly backward until she too was cumming.
"Aaaaaiiieeee! I’m cumming, Whopper baby! I’m cummmmminingg-g!"
Elaine was frozen with wonder. She had never seen anyone cum that wildly before. This

Lola was really something.
While watching the bizarre coupling, Elaine had become more and more obsessed with
one thought: She wanted to taste that pretty little bitch’s pussy! She wanted to eat Lola
And what better time than the present? How could Lola refuse now?
Trembling with her purpose, Elaine pushed the bathroom door wide open.

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