LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 7

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 7
Lola let herself into her room and flopped down heavily on the bed. It had been a hard
day. She had walked what seemed like a hundred miles of pavement, looking for some
kind of promising lead on a job. She had tried at least a dozen restaurants, with no
luck. It seemed like the area had all the waitresses it could handle.
Today had been only her third day of job hunting, but already the brunette was feeling
discouraged and homesick. Even the simplest meals in restaurants seemed to make a
noticeable dent in her savings. Now that she had to face the possibility of not finding a
job for a while, she began to wonder if she was going to have enough money to get by.
Luckily the rent here was cheap, for Los Angeles. That was one consolation.
As she had done every night since she arrived at the Travelers’ Rest, Lola poured herself
a drink of vodka and orange juice. Though she had never felt any need for alcohol
before, the loneliness and stress of the big city made her look for comfort in the bottle.
She didn’t actually get drunk, the way she had the first night, but she did get a little
tipsy. Lola had never really experienced loneliness before, and it was frightening.
She had tried not to think about Kenny. But still there was a hurt inside. She had even
begun to doubt her own worth. She still didn’t understand how one human being could
do something like that to another… Had she deserved it somehow?
A strange swishing sound at the door disturbed the girl’s brooding. Frightened yet
curious, she opened the door just a crack.
"Whopper! Come on in, big fella!"
The animal’s friendly enthusiasm was like a light through a tunnel to the frustrated girl.
She let him into her room, which was modest but comfortable, much smaller than the

blue room she had had the first night of her stay. He sat down next to the bed and put
his head out for petting. Lola was glad to oblige. She gave him a good hearty rubdown.
The television set was on, and Whopper seemed content to sit with Lola while she
watched the situation comedy on the screen. Every time her hand flagged from its task
at his head, he would nudge her just a little, a friendly reminder of his preferences.
"You sure do like to get petted, don’t you, you big beauty you!"
Her words seemed to excite him. He whimpered and licked her hand and her thigh.
Her dress was pulled carelessly up, almost to her groin. The moist sweep of his tongue
over her sensitive flesh made her jerk in surprise.
"What do you think you’re doing, you fresh creature!" She laughed as she got up in
search of the TV guide. "Why don’t I see if I can find us something more interesting to
watch, huh?"
The magazine had fallen on the floor by the bathroom door. When she bent over to
pick it up, Whopper prodded his muzzle in under her skirt and caught her with his
cold nose right at the soft juncture of her thigh.
She jerked around quickly, but not before the lightning jolt of pleasure had registered
irrevocably on her alcohol-dimmed brain. She dropped the magazine, but didn’t bother
to pick it up again. Instead, she went into the bathroom in search of another drink.
For the next few minutes, she felt uncomfortable in the animal’s presence. Whopper
had gotten a response out of her, with his wet impudent nose. She didn’t know quite
what to make of it. Was she so frustrated that she was ready to turn on to the poke of a

dog’s muzzle right next to her sensitized pussy-lips? The idea was absurd, but still the
alcohol helped to allay her fears. Soon she was able to pet the dog again without feeling
self-conscious. Back in the bedroom, she decided to sit in a chair rather than on the
bed. Scarcely conscious of what she was doing, she pulled her skirt up, on purpose this
time, until her panty-covered crotch was exposed to the dog’s gaze.
Tingling with perverse excitement, Lola noticed that the dog actually seemed to be
staring right up her skirt, just like a human male given the same opportunity.
"You are a weird one, aren’t you, Whopper?"
She giggled at the thick slur in her voice. She was getting pretty drunk… drunk enough
to let herself experiment a little.
She trembled as she worked her panties down over her thighs and threw them into a
corner. Quivering with expectation, she let her legs fall open a little. She watched the
dog with tense anticipation, eager to see if he would respond to her silent message.
Whopper was an old pro at this kind of game, but he was used to being told what to do
by the women in his life. The odor of the brunette’s excited cunt had him interested,
but he kept looking up at Lola’s face, to see if it was all right.
The girl was disappointed that the animal was doing nothing, so she edged her ass
forward on the chair. Her pussy was no more than three or four inches from the big
shepherd’s nose.
"Come on, Whopper!" she exclaimed impatiently. Alcohol made her brave. "Aren’t you
going to check it out? Hmmmm?"
Whopper poked his nose forward and grazed her sensitive clitoris with its cool moist

tip. "Eeeeee," she moaned, and raised her pussy a little off the chair, giving him better
access. His nose on her hungry flesh felt incredibly good… far better than she had
Through her dazed mind rushed confusing thoughts and queries. What was she doing,
trying to get a dog to play with her pussy? Was being alone driving her crazy? Had
Kenny turned her into some kind of sex fiend with an insatiable appetite for sexual
She was drunk enough that none of the possibilities affected her very seriously. All she
knew was that this little game with Whopper was a lot more fun than sitting all by
herself watching television. The set roared on unheeded as the dog’s nose sniffed her
slit from clit to asshole then up again. Then, with one deft flick, he swept his tongue all
the way up over her moist, seeping furrow.
"G-a-w-d! Oooooohh!" Automatically her hips began to churn up off the chair, writhing
her pussy in search of the soft inciting passion probe. "Do it some more, Whopper! Do
it some more!"
Whopper seemed to understand perfectly what the woman wanted. He licked rapidly
up over her quaking genitals, again and again. Her asshole tingled with the soft
massaging pressure. Her cunt flared in welcome. Her blood-swollen little clitoris seemed
to vibrate like a leaf in a wind.
"Ooooohh! Ooooooohhh!"
The young girl lay her head back against the chair and closed her eyes. She wanted to
concentrate on the hot delicious feelings… let them flow through her, consume her. Her
thighs fell shamelessly apart, until she could open them no wider. She pulled her skirt

up to her waist, so her whole belly was naked, offered up to the dog like a sacrifice.
In the midst of his greedy probings, Whopper reached up and licked quickly over her
smooth taut belly and the neat little indentation right in the middle. To the perversely
aroused Lola, the gesture was like a lover’s kiss. She ran her fingers excitedly through
the fur on Whopper’s head, caressing him, coaxing him.
"Mmmmmmm… it’s so nice… sooooo nice!"
As a child, Lola had had many dogs, but she had never let any of them play with her
privates. The idea had, however, occurred to her a few times. What she had needed
then was the extra dose of courage that the alcohol had given her tonight. With the love
she had always had for animals, it was easy for her to trust a dog this close to her most
special areas. Though she would have called what she was doing a perversion, at the
moment it seemed a very worthwhile diversion indeed. It was helping her work out
some of the tension and anxiety she had been harboring the last few days.
The more the dog licked, the more excited Lola grew. She began to entertain bizarre
ideas of how to make her little episode more wanton, more exciting still. To the dog’s
obvious disappointment, she rose to her feet and pulled off her dress. Stark naked, she
lay down in the middle of the rug.
Whopper lost no time in moving in between her full trembling thighs. He licked her
snatch with even more relish than he had displayed before. Lola raised her ass up off
the floor, following his pleasure-dealing instrument, begging for more hot tonguing.
Her hands roved urgently over her breasts, her belly, her hips. They worked back up to
her nipples and squeezed them hard, hard enough that she winced with pain.
But the pain was pleasure.

It was with Kenny that Lola had gotten the first hint of her own masochistic leanings.
She had enjoyed it when he made her suck his cock. She was enjoying right now the
depraved excitement of lying helpless and naked under a dog’s tongue… pinching
herself… goading herself to a fever pitch of raw lust.
If she had been sober enough to care, Lola would have worried about her loud yells
disturbing the neighbors. Though she didn’t know it, the walls in all the units had been
soundproofed, so the guests could make all the noise they wanted. No one would know.
No one would care. Lola and the dog could howl and shriek in perfect privacy.
The dog wasn’t howling, but he did whimper from time to time. He was becoming
more and more agitated by the naked girl’s arousal, her flowing cuntal juices. He licked
at them hungrily, savoring them with the same enthusiasm he might show for filet
Lola was so engrossed in her orgiastic writhings that she hadn’t opened her eyes for
several minutes. When at last she did, she got a shock. Whopper was standing at an
angle that allowed her to see his swollen dog-cock, hanging long and hard from its
sheath. The big red thing titillated her and frightened her at the same time.
Licking her pussy was turning Whopper on. He had a hard-on for her, just like a
human male. Did that mean he would fuck her if she let him? The horrifying yet
intriguing question reverberated in Lola’s brain. Her pussy seemed to flare hotter and
wetter. It demanded more and more attention… more and more pressure… until at last
one particularly hard forceful sweep of Whopper’s big tongue drove the brunette into
the whirling ecstasy of orgasm.

"Ooooooohhh… ooooooohhh… I’m cummmmmingg-g!"
Lola had never shrieked out her climax so wantonly before. But then, she had never let
a dog lick her to a cum before either. She felt totally wanton, totally depraved as she
squirmed on the rug. She had to push the dog away. Her clitoris was so intensely
stimulated right now that it couldn’t take any more. But her cunt was still hungry…
Through lusty eyes, she surveyed the long red shaft of Whopper’s cock. The dog was
watching her anxiously… waiting… for something…
"Whopper! Here, boy! Come on, fella!"
Sadie was calling her dog! The fast beating of Lola’s heart was no longer the result of
passion. It was fear, pure fear that seized her as she crept naked to the door, Whopper
at her heels, and peeked out. No one in sight. She let the dog make his exit and locked
up behind him.
How would she ever have explained having Whopper in here at this hour, in her
condition? She lay back down on the bed. The moistness between her thighs pleased
her. She no longer felt so lonely and depressed. It was easy for the young girl to find
peace in slumber.

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