LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 6

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 6
Elaine had worked at the Travelers’ Rest for almost three years. She had arrived at the
motel after six months of tramping around Los Angeles looking for a commercial, a bit
part, anything to start her going as an actress. She was pretty, they all said, but… they’d
call her.
Nobody ever called. But a friendly agent – strictly small-time stuff – that she was
fucking told her about the Travelers’ Rest. It was a good place for whoring, he’d told
her, because it never got any hassles from the police.
Three years ago, Elaine had considered her job at the motel as temporary. Now it was a
way of life. She no longer had any aspirations to becoming an actress. She made
enough money to live in relative ease… and she liked her work. No longer could she
imagine herself getting by without fucking at least three or four times a day. That was
what she told her friends anyway. Somewhere inside she was still a star-struck girl from
Kentucky, but on the outside, the stars had all vanished from her eyes.
Tonight’s trick was one of Elaine’s regulars – a guy called Mark. He was a good solid
family man with a good solid job. One night a week at the Travelers’ Rest helped keep
Mark in line. Elaine was his favorite among the girls.
When Mark arrived at the room, Elaine had already made a noticeable dent in a bottle
of Scotch.
"Pour me some of that, baby! I need to relax!" His loud voice and boisterous manner
energized Elaine. She giggled hilariously when he picked her up and whirled her
around the room. She landed with a squawk back on the big bed.
She freshened up her own drink and poured one for Mark. "Ice?" she asked, her

eyebrows arching sexily as she looked back over her shoulder at him.
"Yessir! You know me, baby… I like my drinks cold and my pussy hot!"
Elaine was good company. She always laughed at Mark’s jokes. Her enthusiasm egged
him on. He liked to keep a captive audience. They drank and joked for a half-hour
before Mark was ready to get down to business.
Elaine was a natural blonde. She wore her hair short, in little curls all over her head.
Tonight she was wearing a black negligee that showed every swell and curve of her lush
body through a thin material. When Mark stopped himself in midsentence and began
to stare at her boobs, she knew the time had come for action. She felt a hot surge in her
pussy. She was ready.
"What you looking at, big boy?" she demanded pertly. "You looking at my tits?"
He set his drink carefully on the bedside table. His next action was so quick and
unexpected that it took Elaine completely by surprise. He turned abruptly toward her
and pushed her down flat onto the bed. Automatically her arms and legs splayed out.
His powerful arms gripped her thighs and pushed them wide apart. Her negligee fell
open, giving him a tantalizing view of short curly pubic hair and a pink fleshy slit of
cunt. She groaned submissively, obviously enjoying the helplessness of her position. "I
want to eat your cunt," he hissed through clenched teeth.
The young blonde could have thought of nothing she’d like better. She could feel her
twat throbbing in anticipation of his greedy mouth on her most sensitive parts.
"Oh yeah! Do that, baby! My pussy really needs some of your good tongue-loving!"
"Ooooohhhh… it’s a sweet-looking snatch, baby!"

Impulsively, he bent forward and stabbed his tongue against the moist bud of her
clitoris. All the muscles in her legs and belly immediately tightened and strained
upward. It was an effort to hold her down.
"Aaaaiiieee! Oh God, baby, that’s good! Suck my clit, lover!"
To her delight, he puckered his lips around the slippery little member and sucked it
hungrily. As though it were a miniature penis, he worked his mouth up and down its
blood-swollen length. From time to time, he would close his mouth over the entire area
and blow a hot blast of air onto her cunt. Her wanton squeals and wails showed him he
was on the right track. She was really going for what he was doing.
To tease her, he pulled back for a moment. The ecstatic contortions of her facial
muscles seemed to freeze. She looked down toward him in horror.
"Good God! Don’t stop, Mark! I was just beginning to get really high! Please… suck my
clit, baby! Do it to me!"
Satisfied that he had made her suffer long enough, Mark molded his face once again flat
against the slick, hair-fringed surface of her cunt. He fluttered his tongue like a darting
snake and began to work his way up one pink fluted cunt-lip and down the other.
Then, when she was groaning contentedly in hypnotic pleasure, he delivered the coup
de grace. He stabbed his tongue deep into her hot clutching hole, squirmed it around
He thought the woman would go out of her mind with passion. Her strong young body
squirmed deliriously under him. Her hands reached down and entwined in his hair. She
forced his face closer into her wide-open pussy.

Egged on by the woman’s lusty abandon, Mark stabbed his tongue deep into her hair-
fringed snatch again and again and yet again. He could feel his cock throbbing
painfully in his pants. The sensation inspired him to greater effort. He sucked hard on
her clitoris and shook his head crazily from side to side. He thought the woman would
go right out of her head with ecstasy.
"Oh God! It’s sooo fucking good!"
For several minutes more, he nibbled hungrily on her cunt, until at last the aching in
his prick could wait no longer for a sample of that warm wet enclosure. He freed his
cock from his fly and crawled up over her. He guided the pulsing head to her waiting
hole and stuffed her deep.
She jerked her loins frenziedly up against his, encouraging him to establish a frantic
fucking pace into her clinging hole. They ground against each other. She wriggled her
cunt up over his filling prick. He slammed it down into her with equal ferocity. Cries of
passion filled the air, which was becoming hot and aromatic with the fury of their
Mark spent the whole week looking forward to his visits to the Travelers’ Rest. His wife
was almost indifferent to sex and, though she never would have condoned his visits to a
whore, she was grateful for every night she was able to get to sleep without his
bothering her. Mark, on the other hand, had an explosive sexual energy. With Elaine he
could work it all out in one fast, furious fucking session that left him spent and sated,
for a while at least. The tumultuous orgasms he enjoyed with Elaine were like nothing
he had ever known with his wife.

He could feel the energy flowing through him now like intense shock waves of molten
pleasure. Her cunt was so hot, so greedy, so good. He wanted to fill her full of his
sperm. He strove to make her cum with him.
"Jeez, baby, it’s good! It’s good pussy, Elaine! Your cunt’s so damned tight… Come on,
sugar, let it go! Cum for Daddy!"
His words acted like an electric prod on the quivering girl. She closed her eyes tight,
her face tense with the effort of climbing up there with him. She was feeling so good…
so goddamned good…
"Uuuuuuhhh… Chrrist, lover… I’m cummingg-g!"
"That’s what I wanted to hear, baby! Shit… here I commmme!"
Right at that moment it seemed to Mark that he had never cum so hard before in his
life. His balls were exploding. His cock was shooting her full of cum in hot urgent
spurts. When at last he had no more to give, he dropped heavily on top of her and let
his body go limp.
When the main purpose of Mark’s visit had been accomplished, they lay on the bed
together, drinking Scotch, until at last the big man pulled himself to his feet.
"I’ve got to hit the trail, baby. My wife made me promise I’d be home early tonight."
She reached over and clutched his balls through his pants. "Do you really have to,
lover? I could go for some more of that prick of yours." Elaine was feeling pretty drunk
by now. She enjoyed the feeling. This way, she didn’t have to think, just let it all

He pulled roughly on her matted hairy snatch. She shrieked, and pulled her hand from
his groin. "Yeah, I have to, you greedy little pussy you! But don’t worry… I’ll be back
for more of the same."
"You just better."
She caught the two twenties he threw her way and followed him a little shakily to the
door. Outside, an attractive brunette was following the sidewalk away from the main
office. Elaine felt an immediate rush of jealousy as Mark eyed the girl with obvious
"Hey, how do I get to know that?" he asked. "She one of your regulars?"
"Naw… she’s just some kid from the sticks, passing through."
"Too bad. If she decides to stay on here, let me know. I’d like to meet her." He patted
her ass and left.
Not on your life, buster, Elaine thought as she watched him disappear out of the dimly
lit courtyard. She had disliked that Lola bitch the first minute she laid eyes on her. Now
she realized why. She was dangerous competition. Too fresh-looking. Too young. She
hoped Lola would be moving on… soon.

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