LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 5

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 5
Just to be on the safe side, Lola chose a seat next to a dumpy-looking woman of middle
age. She felt safe here. No one would bother her… specifically, no men would bother
her. She didn’t have a window seat this way, but she no longer cared. All she wanted to
do was get to her destination. She was tired. Despite the long deep sleep she had had
the night before, she had never been so tired in her life.
She tried to doze on the moving bus, but it was no use. Eventually she got into a
conversation with her neighbor. The woman suggested she choose a motel in one of the
residential communities that surrounded Los Angeles. Cheaper and less smoggy, she
told Lola.
As they approached the big city, the bus passed a cozy-looking motel with little
adjoining cottages. It appealed to Lola. It looked like a nice quiet hideaway. She found
public transportation back to the Travelers’ Rest Motel.
There was a couple sitting behind the desk in the office, a man and a woman a few
years older than Lola. The brunette was stunned by the attractiveness of the redheaded
woman. Her hair was full and kinky, like a model’s. Lola thought she was the most
beautiful woman she had ever seen in person.
"Do you have any rooms?" Lola asked shyly. There was something formidable about
these West Coast people. They had so much self-assurance, Lola was afraid they would
recognize her as a farm girl and snub her.
The woman’s smile was kind, her voice soft, though deep, almost like a man’s. "Gee,
honey, I’m afraid we don’t. Didn’t you see the ‘no vacancy’ out front?"
Lola was stunned at her own stupidity. And at an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

For some reason it had never occurred to her that the motel might be full. Now she had
to face the awful prospect of going out, in a strange neighborhood, and looking for a
place to stay. Already she was tired from carrying her suitcase. To her embarrassment,
her eyes began to fill with tears.
For the first time since Lola entered the office, the man spoke. "Just a minute, Sadie.
This little lady looks really desperate, and we do have the ‘blue room’. It’s not booked
for tonight."
Sadie looked skeptically over at her husband, then back at the girl. The poor thing did
look desperate. Sadie was just a little worried about what Jake might have in mind. The
‘blue room’ was a special room with two-way mirrors. It was used normally only for
customers who were into voyeurism. They would watch from the adjoining ‘red room’
while a couple of Jake and Sadie’s hired girls made love. As often as not, such a
customer would hire another girl to get him off while they watched. The Travelers’ Rest
was known far and wide for its special services. A total of eight girls worked the motel,
either as regular call girls or as performers in the blue room.
The girl looked so hopeful that Sadie didn’t have the heart to contradict Jake. The
redhead decided right then and there, though, that she would keep close tabs on Jake’s
plans while the girl was their guest.
"Yes, all right. You can have the blue room, honey. How long were you planning to
"I’m not sure. I just arrived. I’m looking for a job… or I will be, as soon as I have a roof
over my head."
"Where you from, honey?"

Sadie sighed. She had seen many such young women come to the big city to "make it
big". She had seen most of them grow hard and jaded when the city consistently
refused to live up to their expectations. A few did make it, of course. It was those
success stories that kept the rest on the leash.
"You an actress, honey?"
"Oh no. I was a waitress back home. I’d like to get a job in a nice class place, with big
"I’m glad to hear that, sweetie. Too many girls get their hearts broken trying to be
actresses. In my opinion, a girl should stick to a nice reasonable ambition, like yours.
You should be able to get a job easy enough. You’re very pretty. Of course, so are most
of the young ones in this town."
Such a compliment from a woman Lola considered so beautiful herself left the girl
speechless. She stared dumbly at the older woman, oblivious to the appraising stare of
the man. She shrieked and jumped when something hard and cold struck her leg.
She looked down. The something had been a dog’s nose. Embarrassed, Lola giggled an
apology. "I’ve been traveling for days. I’m a little edgy."
The man grinned. "Whopper’s the friendliest dog I’ve ever known. You don’t have to
be afraid of him. He’s kind of a mascot around here."
"Our guests usually fall in love with him," his wife added.
Lola bent over and caressed the animal’s head and neck. "Hi, fella. Hey, you’re a pretty

one, aren’t you?" She looked up at the amused older couple. "I’m crazy about dogs. I’m
going to get one of my own when I get an apartment and a job and everything."
"Every girl should have a dog," Jake told her.
He offered to show Lola to her room after introductions were exchanged. Sadie
accompanied them. Lola was flattered by the attention. But she felt relieved when she
finally found herself alone. This was the first peace she’d had since she found out about
Kenny’s betrayal.
Knowing that the bitter truth would seem that much worse when she was alone, Lola
had bought herself a bottle of vodka and some orange juice on the way to the motel.
For the first time in her life, she intended to get drunk. She had some serious forgetting
to do, and she chose to do it in the time-honored tradition of thwarted lovers. She
found a plastic glass in the bathroom and filled it to brimming with half and half of the
juice and vodka.
She downed the drink greedily and poured a second. She took off her clothes and
wrapped her lush body in a soft flannel robe. Propping herself up against the pillows on
the bed, she surveyed her new home.
The room was large and rather ornately decorated, with floor-to-ceiling mirror covering
the wall facing the bed. The curtains and wall paper and furniture all reminded Lola of
pictures she had seen of times back before the turn of the century. She could scarcely
believe such a grand room was only twelve dollars a night, but she had asked the kind
redheaded lady twice about the price just to make sure she had not made a mistake the
first time. Finding this bargain was some small consolation for Kenny’s mean treatment,
and for the more than a hundred and fifty dollars he had cost her.

A remote control switch next to the bed operated the television. Lola switched channels
idly, until she found an old movie. The old movies were her favorites. Though they
depicted times long before she was born, Lola loved the romance, the idealism they
portrayed. This one was about a young man and woman who fell in love and planned
to run away together.
The scenes that showed them kissing brought tears to Lola’s eyes. She ran to the
bathroom and poured herself another drink. Now she was able to lose herself in the
film. Instinctively, her body began to remember the good parts of meeting Kenny. She
remembered how it had been when he lay on top of her, his swollen cock pressing
insistently against her belly, eager to enter her. She sighed, and opened the front of her
flannel robe. A hand found its way down to her cunt and rubbed it to stop the strange
throbbing there. But the throbbing didn’t stop. It grew more intense as her hand grew
more adventurous.
For the first time all day, Lola smiled. She was feeling so good. The vodka had been
such a good idea. Her pussy felt so nice…
"I know exactly where you’re going, and I’m coming with you!" Sadie patted her big
husband playfully on the ass as she followed him out the door of their apartment.
"So you want to have a look – see at what’s happening too, do you? You horny little
bitch you!" He put an arm around Sadie and squeezed her nipple. "Let’s do it, baby!"
The red room was furnished with plush chairs and sofas rather than a bed. This was the
viewing room. Jake sat down in one of the chairs and pulled his wife onto his lap.
"Jee-zuz, will you look at that!" he exclaimed. "What a body!"

His eyes riveted on Lola’s large firm tits that heaved as she became more and more
absorbed in her self-exploration. The entire front of her naked body was exposed. The
brunette’s hand was probing deeper and deeper into the nest beneath her kinky dark
pubic triangle.
"Mmmmmmm… good…" The room was also wired for sound, and Lola’s throaty
murmurs carried loud and clear into the adjacent room.
"She sure is carrying on in there," Jake observed excitedly. "She looks really excited. I
wonder what she’s on. Nobody gets that hot without a little something to loosen the
The brunette had raised her entire torso off the bed. She had embedded a finger deep
into her twat, and it gleamed wetly as it moved in and out, in and out of the inviting
pink hole.
Sadie too was spellbound by the exhibition the young traveler was putting on in the
next room. She watched with bated breath as the pretty stranger’s face contorted in her
mounting sexual agony. The redhead liked to make it with women when she got the
chance. The thought of sucking on those dainty little pussy-lips on the other side of the
mirror made her cunt flare with moisture.
For a moment, Jake turned his attention to his wife. "Turn you on, baby? You like the
look of that succulent young cunt?"
Sadie was too absorbed in the show to bother to respond to her husband’s teasing. Her
only reply was a salacious churning of her buttocks, down into Jake’s crotch. She could
feel a bulge there. His prick was hard! Great! Because she sure wanted to fuck. She
raised her ass from his lap and began to jerk on the zipper of his pants.

"Hey! Hey! Hold on a minute there! You could do a guy damage attacking him like
that! There now… a good stiff prick! What did you want to do with it, baby?"
"Uuuuuuuhhh…" In the blue room, Lola was flailing her dark hair from side to side on
the pillow as her finger fucked her pussy more and more rapidly. Her thighs were
spread lewdly wide, giving easy access to her groping hand. Her other hand tugged at
first one hard pink nipple, then the other. The girl was obviously in a fantasy world, in
ecstasy. "Oooohh, Kenny…"
Hypnotized by the lusty scene taking place on the other side of the mirror, Sadie raised
her skirt up over her hips and squirmed her bare cunt down onto Jake’s cock. He held
his prick upright for her, found the slick, yielding opening. She sat down. He surged
deep inside her.
"Aaaaahhh… Jee-zuz, that feels terrific, honey! Ooohh, good!" She showed her teeth as
she began to move her ass up and down over her husband’s rock-hard cock. It excited
her to indulge in this kind of depraved scene. Turning on to watching someone else
masturbate. Screwing her old man in a chair, her skirt pulled up to reveal just her
crotch and belly.
"Good cock, Jake! Your cock’s the best, honey!"
Jake was riding right up there with his wife. Her tight, clasping cunt sucked greedily on
his cock as she maneuvered her ass with incredible dexterity around and down and up.
"Shit, move it, baby! Christ, look at that little pussy next door! Ain’t she something!"
Lola was obviously not far from a climax. Her eyes were wide open, hungry for a
release that lurked just beyond her grasp. For the first time in her life, she had stuck
two fingers deep into her craving cunt. One finger had always done the job before, but

this time she definitely needed two. Her day with Kenny had taught her a few things
about herself, and her capacity for pleasure.
She had never realized how greedy her own cunt could be. How much it could take.
And still want more.
"Oh, I feel good! I feel good!" she moaned wantonly to an empty room. In her drunken
arousal, memories of Kenny had resumed a romantic aura of excitement. She didn’t let
herself think about the bad part. Just the good part, when her cunt, her mouth had
been full of stiff cock. Her body was alive right at this very moment as it had never
been alive before.
"Shit, screw yourself, baby!" Jake encouraged her excitedly.
Sadie took his words to refer to her, and she squirmed her cunt down more tightly onto
his swollen cock.
As the girl on the bed came closer and closer to her climax, the sweating tension in the
observation room increased apace. Jake grabbed hold of his wife’s hips and guided her
energetic movements over his cock. She braced herself against the arms of the chair and
fucked him ruthlessly.
"Oh God, look! She’s cumming! Aaahhhh!" Sadie came too. She rammed her ass down
hard against her husband’s loins and doubled over in the final wrenching spasms of
Jake wasn’t quite ready to let go. He grabbed hold of his wife’s shoulders and forced her
to move up and down just a few more times. That was all he needed. "Christ! Yeah! I’m

Alone in her room, lulled by the torrential flow of her climax, Lola let herself drift into
sleep. She was no longer bothered by the troubles of the day. She felt safe, secure,
content. Rather than frightened, Lola was pleased to be alone – really alone – for the
first time in her life.
Tomorrow, she would start a new life in a new land. Kenny didn’t matter anymore. She
didn’t need him. She had herself, her own body. And she felt good.

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