LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 3

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 3
Lola felt a moment’s panic as the bus pulled out of the Denver depot, leaving her
behind, with her suitcase and her new companion. She turned and looked wide-eyed up
at Kenny as he chatted with the girl in the newsstand. He was certainly handsome. And
he was fun to talk to.
But what in the world was she doing here in a strange town with him? Had she gotten
herself in over her head?
Just as her self-doubts were starting to bring tears to her eyes, Kenny turned to her and
kissed her hotly on the lips. Though it felt good, Lola flushed bright red with
embarrassment. When she broke away from his embrace, she caught the eye of the
newsstand girl watching her with amused detachment. Nervously, she straightened her
dress. "Heck, Kenny, what did you go and do that for?"
He put his arm around her and led her to the door. "I just want the whole world to
know I think you’re great."
She was satisfied, though for several moments longer, the knowing look in the eyes of
the girl lingered in her memory.
"Well, where do we go from here?" she asked.
"I know a terrific little hotel only a couple of miles away." He flagged down a taxi and
saw that their luggage was safely stowed in the front seat. It made her feel very grown
up the way he helped her into the cab, and snuggled in close beside her. "About the
hotel, Lola…"
Here it was… the moment of truth that she hadn’t let herself think about. Would it be

one room or two?
"Yes?" She knew she was trembling, but she couldn’t stop.
"I thought we’d both save some money if we shared a room… We can get a room with
two beds… everything on the up and up, if that’s the way you want it." Kenny knew
exactly how to handle a girl with Lola’s kind of nervous innocence. He’d win her trust,
by taking the initiative in making sure things would be nice and proper… and then…
She searched his eyes to see how serious his proposal was. She saw no lecherous gleam,
no twinkle that she imagined would tell her if he had any naughty thoughts on his
mind. Somewhere inside, she may have felt the slightest disappointment, but on the
surface she was relieved. He respected her. That was good to know.
"All right, Kenny." She put her hand on his knee, a daring gesture for Lola. "I really
appreciate your understanding… you know…"
"Sure, Lola, honey. I knew right from the beginning you were no easy lay. You’ve got
class. That’s what made me want to get to know you." Kenny had used this approach so
many times, he could recite it in his sleep.
She snuggled against him and closed her eyes. After the long hours and days on the
bus, it was good to be on the way to a nice comfortable bed and a good long sleep.
"I’m tired," Lola said.
The cab pulled up in front of a modern hotel.
"Lola, honey, would you mind paying the cabbie? I’m fresh out of change." He left her
at the car while he carried their bags into the hotel. Lola was flustered, but she managed

to find five dollars to pay the man. To her dismay, he gave her no change… just thanked
her curtly and drove off.
Her momentary depression vanished as she entered the lobby and found Kenny waiting
for her with a key and a smile. "I’ve got us a room, honey. Best in the house. What do
you think of that?"
She thought about asking the cost. After all, she had agreed to go halves. This place
looked pretty expensive. Kenny’s bright mood and her own excitement demanded that
she be a good sport. She would trust Kenny not to get her in over her head.
The room was large and comfortable, with two double beds and a couple of armchairs
and a large color TV. Lola tried one of the chairs, then bounded happily up and down
on a bed.
"Hey, this is really comfortable! Wow! You know? I think I just got my second wind. I
feel so good, like I just got up! Sleeping sounds kind of boring right now!"
He dove onto the bed next to her, flattening her under him, and wrestled playfully with
her. "You know something, Lola? You’re a big girl now! Mama’s not sitting in the next
room! You can do anything you want… which includes staying up when you’re
supposed to be in bed."
Lola had told him something of her regimented upbringing. He knew girls like Lola
often went wild when finally freed of the restrictions that had bound them all their
lives. He was hoping to prime Lola for that kind of response.
Lola was still young enough to react like a kid to his playing. But somewhere inside,
her body was reacting like that of a woman. Hot flashes of desire soared from her cunt
and tits throughout her lasciviously pinioned body. He was so strong, so handsome. It

felt so good to be so close to him.
Their playing was interrupted by a loud rap on the door. "That’ll be room service," he
told her. "I decided to order us a bottle of champagne. I thought we should celebrate."
Her whole body yearned for him as he rose from her. She didn’t want to let him go.
There was a new adventure in the offing, however. She had never sampled champagne.
Her eyes sparkled as she reached for the glass and held it up in a toast.
"To us! To a great adventure!" she reached up and kissed him.
The kiss was long and deep, hungry. Lola was finding it harder and harder to deny the
inevitable truth to herself. They were going to make love. She wanted him. She wanted
to do it.
Her mouth was kept busy with kisses and champagne, until she began to feel very
lightheaded. She lay back on the bed and stared up at him, sitting next to her.
"I sure am glad I decided to stay over," she told him.
He knew it was time. She was ripe. The way she was trembling, the vulnerable look in
her eyes… he had seen it all before. And it all meant just one thing. Without hesitation,
he lay down on top of her, positioned his groin over her pubic mound and began to
grind his hips suggestively.
His tongue dove deep into her mouth, challenging hers, demanding an answering
gesture. It surprised him when she actually began to suck his tongue greedily. Kenny
knew he could relax. The bird was in the basket. She wanted what he wanted.
The sweet smell of victory made the young man’s cock pulse urgently in his pants. The

more excited he got, the less he worried about being gentle. He reached for the front
buttons of her dress, and when they refused to yield to his fumbling fingers, he pulled.
Her dress came open. Several buttons popped off and rolled to the floor. He didn’t
bother to try to unfasten her bra. He just pushed it up, over the swelling mounds of her
tits. He reached under and cupped one in each hand. The firmness, the resilience of the
smooth orbs made him ache to fuck her.
"Jeez, you’re beautiful, baby! You’re beautiful!" He eased his body off her partway, so
he could pull her dress up more easily. His fingers violated the crotchband of her
panties, found the hot hairy slit of her cunt.
Inspired by her own daring, and by the heated abandon of their coupling, Lola began to
hump her hips up against his finger. It was so romantic, so overwhelmingly exciting to
be here with Kenny.
Though she was scarcely aware of the process, the more skillfully Kenny assailed her
quivering young body, the more romantic Lola felt about him. Like many girls such as
her, for Lola the process of learning the pleasure potential of her own body became a
process of "falling in love".
"Oooooohhh, Kenny… ooohhh, you’re so wonderful! You make me feel so…
"You’re really something, Lola! You really know how to turn on, baby! Jeez, your
pussy’s so wet!"
His finger dove deep into her hot clasping hole and began to work its way in and out. It
delighted him the way her cunt-walls spasmed around his finger, gripping him. If the
pressure on his finger was this noticeable, what would it feel like on his thick cock? The

more he thought about that, the less interested Kenny was in fooling around with
He wanted to fuck!
The alcohol, the place, the man… all conspired to make Lola forget all her inhibitions,
all her learned morality. She was becoming just what Kenny had hoped for – a wild
wanton, a craving cunt hungry for fucking.
"How do you feel, baby? Is that tight little cunt hot enough for you?" While he talked,
he grappled urgently with his fly. Without her even noticing, he pulled his thick
swollen cock from his pants. He rubbed it salaciously against Lola’s thigh as he kissed
For a moment, the brunette went rigid. There it was… that hard rubbery pressure
against her bare skin. His cock was out. There was no turning back now.
The finger manipulating her pussy told her better than words that she didn’t want to
turn back. His thumb skimmed round and round the hardened nub of her clitoris. Even
if she had wanted to turn back, Kenny would not have let her. The blood pounded
hotly through his cock.
"Oh baby, let me at you!"
He rolled heavily over on top of her. He guided his cock-head toward her pussy and
shoved. As his cock drove deep into her, his tongue invaded her mouth.
Lola had not been expecting such a sudden, brutal entry. She felt a brief charge of pain
that made her want to pull away. But he would not let her. He had her pinned down…
with his mouth, his cock, the weight of his body. She was his to do with as he pleased.

Her pussy had been wet enough that it took only a few moments for her tightly clasped
walls to accommodate his rough entry. He was already moving in and out of her,
massaging her cunt to new lewd stimulation.
He raised his mouth from hers, braced himself on his arms and concentrated on
fucking her in long, deep, rhythmic strokes. He enjoyed watching her grow wild
beneath him. He liked watching her face crumble, then gradually piece itself together
again as she fell prey to the orgasmic impulses shooting through her. He could tell that
she was having one super-charged orgasm after another. Obviously her whole body had
been ravenous for cock. He was doing this girl a favor. He was giving her just what she
"Kenny… Kenny… you’re such a wonderful lover, darling."
Eyes closed, her head rocked crazily from side to side on the bedspread. Lola was
experiencing a kind of ecstasy she had never known before. The responses of her body
had completely overwhelmed her. She had thought she knew what it was to make love.
But she hadn’t. She hadn’t known she could fly this high. She hadn’t known she could
just lie back and let a wonderful thick prick drive her to the depraved heights of erotic
For the excited Kenny, the woman impaled upon his rigid cock had ceased to have any
real identity for him. She was a cunt… a warm, wet, welcoming cunt. That was all he
knew or cared about. He had gotten this girl where he wanted her, and she was good
pussy. Period.
"Jee-zuz! What a cunt, baby! You sure know how to move that sweet thing!"
Her hips were churning hungrily against him, driving up and colliding with his loins.

She was like a crazed animal, furious in her search for more and more of the hot filling
pleasure. Her enthusiasm drove Kenny wild. Not in a long time had he screwed a
woman with this kind of fresh talent for really getting into sex. In a way, he was sorry
she was moving on. It never hurt to have another one like this on the string.
Still too naive to realize fully what was happening to her, Lola felt the intense
shuddering vibration that marked yet another orgasm.
"Aaaagghh! Oooooohhh! Good-d-d!"
"You cumming again, you greedy little pussy you!" he taunted her. "Uuuhh, yeah, baby!
Move it!" Like a flash, his own orgasm was upon him. "Shit, I’m doing it, baby! I’m
filling that juicy little twat of yours!"
Lola had never heard language like his before. But she knew what he meant. She knew
he was pleased with her. She smiled contentedly and tousled his hair.
"Ooohhh, Kenny… I think I love you!"

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