LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 14

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 14
Lola Leibowitz lay by the pool in the hot afternoon sunshine. She was expecting Darren
home from work soon. But in the meantime, she had Saxon for company. Saxon was a
big Airedale that Darren had bought her, for a surprise. He was a good companion.
Lola had trained him herself.
She had been with Darren for two months now. She hadn’t known what to expect
when the scientist took her away from the Travelers’ Rest. His splendid home in
Beverly Hills had been beyond her wildest expectations. Darren had told her modestly
that his father had left him a little money in his will. Enough to retire right now, if that
had been Darren’s way. But Darren loved his work. He was gone a great deal of the
That was where Saxon came in. His job was to keep Lola close to home.
Lola stretched lazily. She was naked. The sun felt wonderfully good. It made her whole
body tingle with desire. She was hungry for some good loving.
"Saxon… come here, darling."
She parted her legs lewdly and welcomed the big animal to investigate the pink folds of
her pussy. Saxon extended his tongue and licked wetly up over her cunt.
"Ooooohhh, that’s nice!"
Closing her eyes, she squirmed her ass closer down toward the animal’s muzzle.
Inspired by his first heady taste of pussy, the dog licked again and again up over her
tender genitals. Her clitoris sprang to pert erection, relishing the animal’s moist

Lola reached down and began to vibrate two fingers on either side of her blood-
engorged little nubbin. She was excited enough that she came quickly to the very brink
of climax. Just a little more…
Abruptly, the animal’s tongue was replaced by something hard and insistent prodding
at the quivering hole of her pussy. Lola’s eyes flew open. Darren was kneeling naked
over her. He shoved his cock deep into her cunt.
"Hi, darling."
"Hi, darling."
They began to fuck. His swollen cock surged deep into her craving pussy, filling her
with hot waves of pleasure. She ground her cunt greedily up in search of more of his
filling cock. Again and again their loins clashed until at last she was driven over the top.
"Aaaaaahhh… I’m cummmmmmingg-g!"
He continued to fuck her for several moments longer, but Lola wanted something else.
She wanted to give. She loved this man. She loved to please him with the talented
embraces of her lips. That was his favorite.
When the woman struggled to get out from under him, Darren let himself be led. He
rolled over onto his back on the air mattress and grunted at the hot clasp of her hand
caressing his cock.
"Oooohhh, baby… you’re so nice to come home to!" He smiled and closed his eyes as
she bent over him and enveloped his prick in her warm welcoming mouth.
She started with just the head of his cock, sucking it and stabbing it with unpredictable

little prods of her tongue. She investigated every inch of it, forcing his cock to grow
even larger under her talented ministrations. By the abandoned manner in which she
sucked him, she let him know how much she loved the firm fleshy texture of his prick.
She groaned hungrily.
"I love your cock, Darren darling! Mmmmm, I love it!"
With sudden urgent passion, she opened her mouth wide and took all his throbbing
cock-shaft deep into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, nibbling
hungrily at every curve and ridge of his cock. She wanted to make him cum in her
mouth. She needed a dose of his thick hot semen.
"Jee-zuz, woman, you sure know how to suck my prick! You’re the greatest, Lola baby!"
He reached down and caressed the long soft strands of her hair that cascaded over his
naked belly. It felt wonderfully sensual to have her hair tickling his skin while her
mouth made love to his achingly rigid cock. Coming home from work was now
something that Darren looked forward to. Back in the days before Lola, it had been
going to work that he had looked forward to most of all.
"Come on, baby! Suck me! Shit, you do it good!"
The urgent call in his loins became more and more intense. He could feel little passion-
darts of molten pleasure flowing through him. It wouldn’t be long now before she
would have to drink his hot load of cum.
"Oh darling! Cum in me! Let me swallow it!"
Her lewd encouragement snapped the last of the man’s resistance. He watched her lips
pulling on his cock, sucking the cum right out of him.

Afterwards he lay exhausted on the mat, letting his body revel in the euphoria that Lola
had brought him. Her hands caressed his body, admiring him.
"You’re beautiful, Darren!" she told him.
He looked up at her. Her eyes were brimming with love. He reached up and touched
her hair.
"Lola, you’re beautiful too! I want you to marry me. I want us to be together always!"
Lola cried with happiness. She had come just so close to becoming a statistic – young
girl lost in the low life of the big city – and Darren had rescued her. She would love
him always for that. She wanted to be his wife.
She could hardly wait to write Mama and tell her how wrong she had been about the
perils of her adventure. Look what a fine son-in-law Lola had found her! How Lola had
found him would remain her and Darren’s little secret.

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