LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 13

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 13
Darren had opened the door to the blue room so forcefully that it slammed hard back
against the wall. The noise startled all four of the orgiasts, who were still recovering
from their ordeal on the bed. Whopper was the first to make his exit. He scurried off
with his tail between his legs.
The very idea of scandal made Mark shiver. He scrambled quickly into his clothes.
With Elaine close behind him, he left the room, carefully shutting the door behind him.
Darren was scarcely aware that they were gone. He stood staring at Lola, as though
waiting for her to give him some kind of explanation for her behavior.
Lola was thoroughly confused, as well as frightened. Her drink-befuddled mind
struggled in vain to figure out what Darren was doing in this room at this time. It
didn’t make any sense.
"Darren?" She uttered his name cautiously. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you." His voice was perfectly calm. So was the purposeful manner in
which he removed his clothes. But his eyes sparkled with unnatural emotions. "Your
employer was kind enough to invite me into the adjoining room, to watch the action.
I’ve got to tell you, Lola… that was some action…"
She smiled weakly. He didn’t sound upset, but there was something… "It’s just a job,
you know. It was really Elaine’s trick, but he wanted to watch me with… you know…"
He was naked now. He stood next to the bed for a moment, watching her.
"Yeah… I know… I mean, I know and I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re doing

here, Lola. You’re someone special, and you don’t even seem to know that. Those
people don’t care about you, Lola. They don’t care that you’re special. They’re using
She was fast growing defensive. She realized there was more truth to what he was
saying than she cared to admit. But what business was it of his anyway?
"Everybody uses somebody, Darren. That’s the way the world works."
"Do you really believe that, Lola? Is that the way you think it has to be?"
She hung her head. "All I know is… that’s the way it is. I can’t change anything. I used
to think I could trust people, but I found out really quick that I can’t. I can only trust
"You can trust me, Lola. I care." The words were spoken so quietly, so firmly that they
demanded the girl’s attention. She looked up at him.
At last she found her voice. She was becoming aroused by the nearness of him, by the
passion of a man who, she knew, was not used to displaying passion. "Why did you
take off your clothes?"
"Because I’m going to fuck you, Lola. I’m going to fuck you!"
Trembling with mixed awe and excitement, she let herself be maneuvered onto hands
and knees. Her body began to respond once again to memories of all that had just
happened to her… and to what was about to happen to her.
"Oh yes… I want you, Darren…"
His hands caressed the round smooth swells of her buttocks. "Do you want me? Do you

really want me?"
"Yes… oh yes… I do…"
The sight of her, kneeling naked and vulnerable, the very touch of her excited him to
lust. Though he would not have admitted it to himself, the recollection of all that he
had just witnessed made the blood flow quicker through his veins. This woman still did
something very special to him. But he had to wipe the slate clean of all the lewdness she
had been subjecting herself to. Then they could start fresh.
With unaccustomed boldness, his hands investigated the moist furrow between her
buttocks. Her puckered asshole, her wet hot cunt-slit, still throbbed from the dog’s hard
pummeling. His finger found the slick little nubbin of her clitoris. It began to work
around and around the blood-swollen peak, until she grunted in excitement.
"Oooohh… yessssss… that feels soooo wonderful!"
While one hand vibrated her clitoris, the other began to prod at the opening to her ass.
Her sphincter relaxed under his titillating massage.
"Mmmmmmm… uuuuhhh…"
One finger delved deep into her asshole and began to work its way in and out, in and
"Jee-zuz… no one’s ever done anything that nice to me, Darren…"
The young, scientist was becoming totally preoccupied by the girl’s wanton responses.
He had never done anything as depraved as finger-fucking a woman in the ass before.
He had thought that was for perverts, people he knew nothing about. After all he had

witnessed this evening, he realized there was a lot going on in the world that he hadn’t
even suspected. All his for the taking. Rather than worrying about how his caresses
would be received, he was going to let himself go and do just what turned him on.
His cock got more and more rigid as his finger worked in and out of Lola’s clutching
sphincter. He could feel her clitoris growing hard as steel under his spontaneous
fondling. The woman was moaning like a banshee, crying for him, wanting him.
He was ready for her. He was ready to give her a screwing that she would never forget.
Darren figured that Lola owed him something special for all he had suffered in the red
He took his hard throbbing prick in his hand and guided the bulbous head toward the
pucker of her ass. He prodded it gently several times, then, without warning, he drove
his prick deep into her most private passage.
Lola had been wide open for him, receptive to whatever he wanted to do to her. Her
sphincter had been too relaxed to stop the urgent entry of his palpitating cock. By the
time she clenched, he was in her. Filling her. Hurting her.
"Ooooohhh… noooooo… you’re hurting me! You’ve got to stop! Please!"
Darren had not the slightest intention of stopping. His one most secret, perverted
dream had always been to fuck a woman in the ass. To make her beg for more of his
unnatural skewering. This seemed the perfect way to pay Lola back for his anguish. To
brand her with the pain of his passion.

Slowly but surely, he began to work his swollen prick in and but of her tight-clutching
anus. While she groaned miserably, he stroked back and forth, just short strokes at first,
then longer and longer, until he was fucking her asshole with the same masterful
energy he would have used in her pussy.
The young brunette could scarcely believe what was happening to her. She had heard
about ass-fucking, but the idea had always seemed too painful to toy with. Now here
she was, her ass filled with the shy scientist’s rigid cock. He was punishing her! But
why? For what? She owed him nothing! They barely knew each other!
Lola’s innocence had protected her so far from the tougher aspects of her new work.
She had never expected to have to deal with this kind of sadistic punishment. For a
moment, she considered screaming for help. But something stopped her… the
possibility of ridicule, the thought that no one would come anyway. Despite her
fondness for Jake and Sadie, Lola realized she was an employee to them now. Maybe
this was part of the job!
Overwhelmed by the helplessness of her position, Lola began to cry. She had been
striving so hard lately to keep up the pace of the big city and her new environment. But
suddenly she was a child again. She wanted Mama and home and the protection that
went with it. She didn’t want to be hurt. She didn’t want to be used. In particular, she
didn’t want to be lonely.
Only gradually did Darren become aware of the brunette’s sniffling. He began to work
his cock a little more gently in and out of her asshole. After all, he didn’t really want to
harm her. He wanted to show her something… how much he cared.
"Why don’t you just relax and enjoy it, Lola? You’ll like it! I know you will! I’m not
using you! I care! I care enough to make you sit up and take notice of me, Lola!"

His words got Lola’s attention. Once again, he sounded like the shy, sincere young man
she had liked so much the other day. A man from another world, but someone she
could relate to on her own ground. Though they were so different in many ways, they
were really much alike.
Lola decided to trust this man. Like a dutiful child, she set about doing what he had
told her to do. She let her muscles relax. She let his cock work in and out of her
stretched anus at will.
Almost imperceptibly at first, a magic began to happen. His cock was beginning to feel
good in her asshole! It was a new kind of titillation, but it was at least as exciting as
anything she had ever known before. His prick was so thick, so filling! She felt so
helpless beneath it! Yet she loved her helplessness now! She could trust Darren. He
cared. "Ooooohhhh… God-d-d! It feels sooo ni-i-i-ce! Screw my ass, darling! Fuck me!"
Darren’s cock swelled with pride. No one had ever called him darling before. No
woman had ever trusted him enough to let him do anything this depraved. He felt that
he and the sexy brunette had formed a kind of bond. They were partners in a new
decadence. They believed in each other now. They knew each other’s lowest points;
now they could go on to investigate the heights.
With the woman won over, Darren started to work his cock recklessly in and out of her
distended asshole. While she squealed with delight, he grunted at the hot clutches of
her flesh on his hard prick. Her asshole fit him so tightly, like a second skin. It seemed
to grab and squeeze him with an unnatural enthusiasm.
"Oh Lola! Your ass feels so good, baby! I love fucking you! I love it! You’re terrific,

"Ooooohhh, darling! Your prick’s getting so big in meeeee!"
Lola trusted this man. She could let go with Darren. Really let go. Her orgasm was the
most powerful she had ever experienced.
"Ooooohhh… Godd-d-d! I’m cumming, darling!"
Eager to keep up with her, he spilled his hot load deep into her clutching asshole. "I’m
filling you, Lola! It’s good, baby… good!"
He crawled up over her and held her tightly in his arms.
"Now that I’ve found you the second time, Lola, I’m not going to let go! Do you hear
me?" His voice was steady and determined. He didn’t doubt himself any more. Lola had
made a man of him.
"Yes, darling, I hear you!" Lola smiled blissfully.
Next door, Jake whistled low and left the room. He figured the two lovers deserved
some privacy. He had completely revamped his opinion of the scientist. Darren was a
"man’s man" if there ever was one.

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