LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 12

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 12
Lola had left an indelible impression on young Darren. Only four days after their
encounter, he was back at the motel office, asking to see her that same evening.
Darren was not the kind of man Jake could relate to. He felt a certain amount of
contempt for the younger man’s awkwardness, his shy manners. He was not what Jake
would have called a "man’s man". His earnest manner told Jake more than words. He
could see that Darren had a crush on Lola.
A sadistic streak in Jake prompted him to have a little fun with the young scientist.
"You can’t spend any time with her this evening. But we offer another service. She’s in
the blue room tonight. If you like, we can go into the red room and watch the show."
Darren looked horrified. "You mean spy on her?"
"Not exactly. She knows, when she’s in the blue room, that there’s liable to be some
customer in the red room watching her. She gets extra for it. Don’t worry. It wouldn’t
be like you were taking advantage of her or anything."
"No. I don’t think so. I came to see Lola. To talk to her. Not to watch her with
someone else."
Jake walked around from behind the counter and took the younger man by the arm.
"Tell you what. I’ll make you a deal. You can watch for five minutes. If you don’t enjoy
what you’re seeing, you get a refund. What do you say?"
Rather than argue with the powerful man, Darren let himself be led back to the unit

Jake called the red room. His built-in sense of decency told him what he was about to
do was wrong. But he did want to see Lola. It would be hard to watch her with another
man. But he had to learn to accept the job she had chosen. If he wanted to be around
Lola, that was the price he had to pay.
Jake was enjoying the prospect of the jolt he was about to give the younger man. If
there was one way to cure a crush on one of his hired women, he figured it was to show
her admirer a glimpse of her at work. They usually weren’t prepared for the utter
abandon the woman displayed writhing on the end of a dog’s cock. And that was
exactly what Lola was doing tonight.
It didn’t occur to Jake that he was depriving the young brunette of a chance for a
personal relationship with the young scientist. He figured Darren was too square for
Lola and for the scene at the Travelers’ Rest. What he was about to do was, for him, a
big practical joke.
"Here we are, Darren. Come on in and make yourself comfortable."
At first Darren purposefully kept his eyes averted from the see-through glass. He
walked into the room and sat down in the closest chair. Jake remained standing just
inside the door, watching him.
He saw Darren’s eyes grow big as saucers as the scene in the next room gradually
registered on his brain. There was a couple in the room with Lola. The woman was
bent over doggie fashion, while the man fucked her ruthlessly from behind. They were
both watching the star attraction. Lola was kneeling on the bed on all fours, facing the
mirror. A big German shepherd was mounted up behind her. His hairy paws clutched
the firm white flesh of her hips. His long red cock sawed rhythmically in and out of her

From the look on Lola’s face, there was no doubt that she was enjoying the depraved
situation. Her mouth hung slackly open. Her tongue worked nervously over her lips.
Her eyes were glazed in a mask of lust. As though driven by a separate consciousness,
her buttocks churned feverishly back against the dog’s loins, searching out that long
tapered prick.
"Aaaaahhhh… it feels wonderful…" The sound of her voice in the adjoining room
seemed to send a shiver through Darren. He looked down at his feet, then back at the
screen, his face registering his total shock. He never once looked over at Jake. The other
man seemed to have ceased to exist for him. He was totally preoccupied.
Never in his young life had Darren even dreamed that such things existed. The
beautiful woman who had sucked his cock to such hard perfection, whose pussy had
welcomed his cock so hotly, was raving like a demented creature on the end of a dog’s
swollen red prick. Her face was contorted, mask-like. She was lost in an
incomprehensible world of lustful abandon.
"Ooooohhh… fuck me… fuck me, Whopper!"
The other couple in the room with Lola got little attention from Darren. But the
woman’s moans too came through into the red room.
"Oh, Mark darling… screw me! Screw me!" She was a blonde, voluptuous and sensual.
Her rounded buttocks rammed back against the man’s loins with forceful energy. He
had to clutch her hips firmly, to keep a good grip on her. Obviously both of them were
intensely stimulated by the feverish churnings of the young brunette.

"Shit… look at her go, Elaine! Isn’t she something! That big prick must be splitting her
in half!"
Ordinarily Jake would have been watching the scene in the next room as raptly as was
Darren. But the look on the young man’s face fascinated him. His expression changed
slowly from stony shock to amazement to something that looked like a cross between
excitement and anger. Jake wondered exactly what thoughts were going through
Darren’s mind. He was learning that Darren wasn’t quite the pansy he had taken him
for. Just from the look on the scientist’s face, Jake could see that it would be a bad idea
to interrupt him now. One way or another, Darren was aroused.
For the last few days, all Darren’s dreams had centered around the young brunette at
the Travelers’ Rest. He had thought about dating her, about taking her for long walks
by the ocean. His fantasies had even included one day marrying her. She was so
beautiful. She had made him feel so good… the way no one else had ever made him
He watched her breasts bobbling enticingly beneath her torso as she undulated her
buttocks back against the dog’s furry loins. Her waist looked so tiny and fragile, just
before it flared out into her hips. He could imagine circling her there with his hands.
But there was nothing fragile about her responses to the dog’s fucking. She seemed to
have the energy of ten men, the power of a steam roller. She was a woman in heat,
intent on getting the fucking of her life.
"Fuck her, Whopper! Screw the piss out of her!"
It was obvious from the slur in his voice that the man in there was pretty drunk. He
was having the time of his life with the two women and the dog. His cock was thick

and swollen. It glistened with the juices from Elaine’s cunt as he pulled out of her time
after time, only to impale her again.
His fingernails dug into the woman’s smooth flesh as he clutched at her hips. He pulled
her powerfully back onto his aching cock. She grunted with pain-pleasure at every long
"Shit… I don’t know if I can take any more of this, Elaine! I gotta have some of that hot
little whore!"
While the blonde woman whimpered in distress, the man pulled his cock from her
hungry cunt. He knelt on the bed right in front of Lola. With the tip of his slick
swollen cock, he traced a lewd circle around her lips. Then he grabbed her hair and
forced her mouth down onto his rigid cock-shaft.
It seemed to take little effort for the brunette to accommodate herself to this new
intrusion. She opened her mouth wide, took the man’s blood-engorged cock inside all
the way to the hilt. Her lips nibbled hungrily around the turgid shaft. She seemed to
enjoy the flavor of Elaine’s cunt-juices. She licked them greedily from his prick, until
the only sheen there was that of her own saliva.
Jake had become entranced for a moment by the lewd goings on next door. Now he
looked back at Darren, to see how the innocent was taking the sight of this wild orgy.
He was leaning forward in his chair, his hands clasped tightly together. His jaw was set
in a determined grimace. The only movement was in his eyes that flickered over the
activities with fierce attention. They glowed with a supernatural glow that awed Jake.

The big man was beginning to regret his little practical joke. Darren looked like a time-
bomb about to explode.
To Darren’s amazement, the beautiful brunette was tending to two swollen cocks with
the same fiendish energy she had devoted to one. He watched her tongue protrude to
tickle the little slit in the head of the man’s cock. Her lips swelled out and slid down
over the whole shaft. The effect was apparently devastating. The man groaned like a
wounded animal.
Dog and man were face to face, laboring over the woman’s back. The dog’s paws
clutched Lola’s hips only a short distance from where the man’s hands caressed her
back. The two males had unconsciously established a synchronized rhythm over the
girl. The red tapered prick and the fleshy purple shaft drove up into her at precisely the
same moment, one into her upturned cunt, the other into her mouth.
Deserted at the height of her arousal, the blonde had been forced to resort to her own
fingers for satisfaction. She drove her fingers feverishly up into her cunt. Her hand
gleamed with her free-flowing juices. Her eyes never left the kneeling brunette. She
seemed to enjoy the depraved dual assault the other woman was being subjected to.
"Do it to her! Fuck her till she can’t walk! Oh… yeah!" Her jaw hung open slackly. She
was cumming. "Jee-zuzz-z!"
It wasn’t long before the speaker resounded with the sounds of cumming. Lola and the
man seemed to cum almost simultaneously. Then the dog was rutting urgently forward,
filling the girl’s pussy with his semen.
Darren rushed from the red room so quickly that Jake didn’t have a chance to stop him

and ask him for the twenty-five dollars. He was about to leave the room himself when
he heard a commotion over the speakers.
Darren wasn’t gone after all. He had just gone next door. Jake sat down to watch.

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