LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 11

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 11
The proposition Jake made to Lola horrified her at first. She had had no idea she was
living in the midst of a kind of low-key brothel, though she had wondered how some of
the women who lived at the Travelers’ Rest managed to get by without going to work
every day. Elaine in particular had puzzled her, though the blonde had told her
The last career Lola had ever imagined for herself was that of a prostitute. It was
contrary to everything she had ever been taught. But, on the other hand, she had
learned a few things about herself since leaving home. For one thing, she had a very
high sexual capacity which begged to be filled. For another, the more she looked for a
job as a waitress, the less the idea of doing that kind of labor for a cold impersonal boss
appealed to her. Back home, she had known everyone on the job. Everything was very
casual. Going to work was like visiting a second family. Here, her prospective
employers seemed to be sizing her up like a side of beef. Once, she had even been
impertinent enough to ask the rude man, who had wondered how she would look in his
skimpy costumes, if he would like to see her teeth too.
The more Lola saw of life in the big city, the more she realized that all things in the end
were more or less equal. There were good sides and bad sides. And a girl on her own
had to make out the best she knew how.
Working for Sadie and Jake would be almost like working for family again. They were
her friends. Lola was convinced of that. Already the idea of having to leave the
Travelers’ Rest for an apartment depressed her. She had formed an emotional
attachment to her first home away from home.
Above all, Lola’s personal admiration for Sadie convinced her that Jake’s proposition

would at least be worth trying. She was convinced that Sadie would not be involved in
something really bad. What was good enough for Sadie was good enough for her. After
all, Sadie was her best friend here in Los Angeles. She spent an entire day weighing the
pros and cons of the idea. When she made her decision in the affirmative, she was still
nervous about it. But she had decided to give it a try. It was time she brought in some
money anyway. Her meager savings were flowing through her fingers like water.
Lola celebrated her decision by going out and buying herself a new dress. It was a
statement of her intention to radically alter her life. The dress was sexy. It gave ample
display to her lush cleavage, and it clung almost indecently – as Lola’s mother would
say – to her full hips. It was bright chartreuse in color. She dropped in at Jake and
Sadie’s to show them her new purchase and to inform them of her decision.
Her reinforcement from Jake was positive. He whistled loudly and tried to dip his hand
into her cleavage. She slapped him playfully away.
"You’ll tear it!"
"So I’ll buy you a new one! How do you expect me to look at something that luscious,
baby, and not reach out and touch?"
"Jake, you are the world’s most out-of-control lecher, you know that?" Sadie put an arm
through the younger woman’s and gave her an intimate hug. "You look wonderful,
"Listen, Sadie, I’ve got more goddamned control than you give me credit for. If I didn’t,
I’d have you both stripped and on the floor right now."
This kind of bawdy talk was beginning to feel comfortable to Lola. Whereas before it
had offended her, now it was more in tune with the kind of sexuality that was

becoming a part of her life. She was beginning to understand Jake and Sadie and their
lusty hunger for new thrills. She realized that she was an adventure for the older
couple. But that seemed only fair. They were an adventure for her too.
"I’ve decided to try out your suggestion, Jake."
"Good girl. Welcome to the team." He slapped her on the ass.
Sadie was beaming. "We’re glad you’ll be around for a while, honey. You’re good
people. And I think we’ve got the perfect guy for your first trick. He’s kind of the
young and innocent type… a little embarrassed about coming here. But I think you’ll
like him. What do you say?"
This was it. If she said yes to this one, there’d be no turning back. "Okay." Her voice
"Fine. He’ll be coming by about seven. We’ll send him over to you." Lola bit her lower
lip and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Sadie…?"
"Yes, darling?"
"How do I do it? I mean… what am I supposed to be like?"
Jake cut in. "Just do what comes naturally, Lola baby. I’m sure that’ll be more than any
red-blooded male could refuse."
Sadie disappeared into the back and returned with a brown parcel. "Here’s a couple of
tools of the trade. They’ll make it easier to get into the trip, you know?"
Back in her motel room, Lola unwrapped the package and found a skimpy black nightie
and an unopened bottle of Pernod. Tingling with a perverse excitement, she opened the

bottle and poured herself a drink. It was time to start getting ready for her trick. The
Pernod gave her a good hot shot of courage.
She showered and washed her hair and slipped into the nightie. It made her feel very
naughty to wear something so clearly designed for the purpose of seduction. It had
sheer lace handprints over her tits and another peek-a-boo insert over her pussy. It was
the lewdest outfit she had ever laid eyes on. She turned this way and that in front of the
mirror, surveying herself. She looked good, she decided. Not at all like the naive
country girl she had been a couple of weeks before… but good. She decided she liked
the change. Her life had become so much more exciting than she had ever dreamed it
could be back home.
Lola was on her third drink when there came a knock at her door. Tingling with
excitement, she got up to let her guest in.
"Hi, there. Please come in." Her voice had dropped an octave from its normal pitch.
She was trying to sound sexy.
"Hi." The young man looked suitably impressed. He stood awkwardly in the middle of
the room, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He held them out toward her. "I don’t
know if it’s customary," he mumbled. "But… here."
Lola was touched. Here was someone who looked just as innocent and confused as she
still felt somewhere inside. "Why, they’re beautiful! What a nice thing to do!"
He looked pleased as punch. She made a great fuss over each flower as she arranged
them in a vase. He sat carefully on the edge of the bed and watched her admiringly.
Lola thought she could feel his eyes burning through the lacy holes in her nightie. A
little uncertain of who should be seducing whom, she walked over and sat beside him

on the bed. She was sure he would make his move soon.
He took her hand and pulled it onto his lap. "Have you been here long?" he asked
Lola had not been expecting conversation. "Not too long. I just came out here. I’m
new… at this work…"
He grinned broadly. She could see that the information helped him relax with her.
"I didn’t think you seemed like the others… I’ve only done this sort of thing a couple of
times myself… paid women, I mean." He seemed to be embarrassed by his own
awkwardness. "I’m not much of a talker, you may have noticed. I spend a lot of time
alone, with my work. I’m not used to beautiful women… like you."
Lola was in control of the situation now. Obviously this man admired her, relied on her
to help him through this experience. It made her feel strong to be responsible for
someone else’s comfort.
"I know what you’d like… How about a nice drink? It’s delicious stuff. My boss gave it
to me this afternoon. What kind of work do you do anyway?"
She realized she was chattering more than usual. This man was the first person she had
met that she didn’t feel inferior to in some way. He wasn’t cool and confident like the
others. She could relax with him.
"I’m a nuclear physicist."
Her eyes widened. "Oh my goodness… That sounds very important. Here. Cheers. You
must do very important stuff."

She liked his sheepish grin. He was a very cute-looking guy, despite his shyness.
"Oh… it’s important enough. I’m in research. Most of the time my head’s all wrapped
up in ideas and theories. I like to think about girls sometimes too, though." Nervously,
his hand reached for her tit and stroked it.
Goosebumps ran all over Lola’s skin. She hadn’t realized how horny she was. Her
nipples jumped to erection under his fingertips.
"I like to think about boys, too," she said coyly. "By the way, what’s your name? I’m
"I know. They told me. My name’s Darren."
He had finished his drink already. Lola poured them both another. She realized he
needed the courage even more than she did.
"Well, Darren, I’m really glad you’re here, you know? You’re a very nice person. I
didn’t know what to expect tonight. But you’re just right… and you’re my first trick,
you know," she whispered.
He looked shocked. "But why… why do you want to get into this kind of work? A
beautiful girl like you shouldn’t even have to work." He spoke with far more
vehemence than he had displayed so far.
She shrugged. "I need some money." A sudden urge to be naughty seized her. This was
fun. She could play at being whatever she wanted to be. "Besides, I think I might like
the fringe benefits."
Lola enjoyed the astonishment evident in the young man’s face. Now was the time to

get the show on the road. She was no longer the least bit afraid. She knelt on the rug
next to him and tugged at his fly. She reached inside and pulled out his cock. It was
only slightly erect, but the touch of her hand seemed to do the trick. It swelled with
blood, became long and hard in her hand.
"Oooohh… you have a lovely cock."
Darren seemed to be at a loss for words. He watched fascinated as she opened her
mouth and closed it over the swollen head of his prick. Her tongue began to work
around his throbbing cock-head, stabbing it, poking into the little slit on the tip.
She looked up at him. "Like that? Does your cock feel good?"
Though this was only the second time in her life she had had a cock in her mouth, Lola
knew exactly what to do. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to her now to
make love to this fine hard cock with her lips and tongue. She loved the fleshy resilient
feel of it. She loved the sense of her own wanton abandon. As a paid prostitute, she
didn’t have to worry about how she should behave. She could go ahead and follow the
dictates of her raunchy sensuality.
Although he was unable to understand this beautiful, wild woman, Darren found it easy
to respond to her exciting caresses. For the first time, he had found a woman he was
comfortable with. She was so innocent and child-like in some ways. But her body and
her skill were those of a full-grown passionate woman.
Once she got the feel of the cock in her mouth and of the man’s responses, Lola let her
urges he her guide. She could feel her cunt getting wet under her skimpy nightie as she
worked to bring pleasure to this strange shy man. She enjoyed themental image of

herself kneeling slavishly beside this total stranger, bobbing her head wantonly up and
down over his cock.
His turgid prick grew harder as her pace became more and more abandoned. She
stabbed him with her tongue at unpredictable moments, sucked hungrily on his cock-
tip when the mood struck her. Darren groaned lustily at almost every move she made.
More and more, Lola was beginning to realize that it was not any particular technique
that made the difference in sucking a man’s cock. It was the vigor and enthusiasm with
which she moved her mouth and her body. She bounced up and down on her haunches
as she worked. Her whole being was suffused with the welling excitement of her
obscene act.
"My God… I didn’t know it could be like this! You’re amazing, Lola… you’re beautiful!"
Darren had had little experience with women. To become a full-fledged scientist at the
age of twenty-two, he had not had much time or energy to devote to learning the arts of
love. His physical life had fallen far behind hismental. But this fiery young brunette was
doing a lot to help him catch up.
She began to move a hand up and down his cock in time with her mouth, accentuating
the hot wet pleasure-pangs her mouth was dealing his prick. Her tongue and her lips
seemed to move independently of one another, maneuvering shamelessly to bring the
man to a fierce peak of arousal.
"I love sucking your cock," she whispered up at him when she stopped to catch her
It amused her to think that just a short while ago a man had had to force her to suck
his prick. Now she wouldn’t miss the experience for anything. She felt curiously

fulfilled with a swollen hard prick in her mouth. Even though her cunt was throbbing,
hot and wet, hungry for stretching.
Lola’s no-holds-barred lovemaking seemed to break down Darren’s own barriers. She
reminded him of the primitive lurking inside every man. Much as he enjoyed the quick
talented caresses of her mouth on his cock, he wanted to take the helm for a while. He
wanted to subjugate her, to overwhelm the woman with his own passion. Gently but
firmly, he pushed her away from his cock.
"I want to fuck you now."
Lola was pleased with the change in his voice. He was no longer timid, uncertain. He
was a man who knew what he wanted. She was more than ready to give it to him. Her
pussy was wet and hungry. She scrambled up on the bed while he removed his clothes.
Her fingers pulled her nightie lewdly up so her hair-thatched pussy stared at him from
beneath the black material that still covered her tits.
She appraised Darren’s naked body. He was good-looking, young and lean and strong.
His cock stood out hard and demanding from his loins.
"Fuck me," she murmured hotly as she ground her bare ass into the mattress.
Her words added fuel to the fires of his lust. He threw himself upon her, guided the
bulbous head of his cock toward the fleshy opening to her pussy. Summoning up all his
strength, he drove his prick deep into her seething hole, struck the head on her cervix
deep inside.
"Aaaaahhhhh… ooooohhhh, good-d-d! You’re wonderful, Darren!"
She stared wide-eyed up at him, marveling at how the mouse had turned into a lion.

Without even pausing, he established a hard-hitting pace deep into her greedily clasping
cunt. Her tight walls were driven asunder on each forceful entry. They clung to him on
the way out, not wanting to let him go. Again he rammed up into her, relishing the hot
tightness that welcomed his cock.
He pushed her nightie all the way up, so she was wearing it like a scarf around her
neck. His hand groped for a firm fleshy breast and massaged it roughly. The nipple
strained up against his hand, hard and rubbery, swollen with lust.
"God, your hand feels good! So nice and strong!"
They were locked now in the rutting primal act of fucking. Each squirmed and labored
for their own pleasure, yet both were intensely aware of the feedback they were getting
from the other. Lola closed her eyes tight and rolled her head crazily on the pillow. The
tendons in her neck stood out, showing her tension. She was in the throes of a
primitive search… the search for pleasure.
"Oh… fuck me, fuck me!"
She raised her lips to be kissed and he kissed her hotly. His tongue drove deep into her
mouth, penetrating her the way his cock was penetrating her cunt. They squirmed
feverishly against one another, doing combat as much as they were making love. Each
relishing the fury of the battle.
"You’re incredible, Lola! You’re incredible!"
Darren was panting like a racing horse, yet his fatigue was exhilarating. He had never
felt so intensely alive. This wanton young woman was teaching him how to enjoy the
untapped potential of his own body. He loved her for it. He wanted to fill her to
overflowing with the hot rich flood of his sperm.

"Aaaaaaiiieeee! Ooooohhh! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmingg-g!"
"Me too! I’m cumming too!" They ground their loins together, savoring the awesome
explosion that made them for one instant one creature. Her back arched up, welding
her to him. Then she relaxed, let herself collapse into the soft support of the mattress.
They were done.
They lay side by side, holding hands. Like young lovers, which in fact they were,
despite the business aspects of their relationship. For a few short moments, they had
been everything to one another.
He left not long after, kissing her tenderly on the cheek. "I’ll see you again, Lola."
Lola went to sleep soon after. She was pleased. Now she knew that she could handle
this job Jake had offered her. It wasn’t so hard, not at all. Business was pleasure. Sheer

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