LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 10

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 10
Elaine had enjoyed her lusty session with Lola. But she felt no particular loyalty to the
shapely brunette. She had no qualms about telling her bosses about Lola and Whopper.
Sadie and Jake were delighted with the news. They saw in Lola’s conversion a chance
for some fun of their own.
Sadie watched for Lola’s return from job hunting the following evening.
"Lola, honey," she called from the office doorway, "why don’t you come in for a
Lola was nervous. She had been nervous ever since Elaine had left her alone with
memories of her own debauchery. The young farm girl feared that she had lost all
control over herself. What she had been doing with Elaine and Whopper was so sinful!
But she had enjoyed it so much…
"How’s the hunt going, sweetie? Any luck yet?"
The brunette frowned. As usual her feet and her back ached. And all for another day of
fruitless searching.
"No… I don’t know, Sadie… I’m beginning to think maybe this isn’t the town for me."
"Don’t give up too quick. These things take time. I know you’ll come up with
something that will be just right for you. Come on… let’s go in the back and have a
drink on it."
The beautiful older woman’s encouragement heartened Lola. She accepted the invitation
gladly. The last thing she needed was another lonely night with her own confused

thoughts. In Sadie’s company she felt more guilty than ever about her depravity. What
would the redhead think of her if she knew the way she had been carrying on?
Jake was in the living room waiting for them. "Hi there, Lola! How’s tricks? Hey… you
look kind of glum. I bet you could use a drink. I know just the thing. Have you ever
tried Pernod?"
"No, I’ve never heard of it."
"You’ll love it. It’s supposed to turn ladies into raving sex fiends, but that’s all a bunch
of hooey."
Lola grinned nervously and accepted the drink. The look in the big man’s eyes made
her shudder. Was it possible he knew? He looked like he knew all about her. His eyes
seemed to undress her as they observed her tightly clad body. Sadie’s firm arm guiding
her to the couch reassured Lola. She could put up with Jake as long as Sadie was
around to protect her.
As they drank the thick sweet liqueur, Jake entertained them with funny stories about
the big city. Lola could feel the alcohol coursing hotly through her veins, relaxing her.
She began to appreciate Jake’s off-beat sense of humor. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy
after all. She began to take his long appreciative looks as compliments. For the first time
she realized that Jake was a very good-looking man with his slightly graying, thick hair
and his big mustache.
"You know something?" he boomed. "I’m feeling in one hell of a good mood tonight. I
think we should have some champagne to celebrate."
"Celebrate what?" Lola asked innocently.

He rubbed his hands together and leered playfully at her. "The snaring of the pigeon,
my dove!"
Instinctively, Lola drew back from him, though she giggled nervously. The strangest
feelings were pulsing through her loins. An odd excitement, lust even. She began to
wonder if the liqueur they were drinking really was an aphrodisiac. For some reason,
the thought made her cunt throb in heated anticipation.
At once Lola chastised herself for her wantonness. What would Jake and Sadie think if
they knew what she was thinking and feeling? She held out her glass willingly when
Jake offered her a refill.
"I’ll be back in five with the champagne, girls. Try to control yourselves while I’m
Almost as soon as Jake had left the apartment, Sadie lay a hand casually on Lola’s knee.
Startled, the brunette stared questioningly at the lovely redhead. The look in Sadie’s
eyes could mean only one thing. Desire.
Astonished as she was, Lola experienced a flashing surge of excitement. Now that she
knew what it was to make love to a woman, the thought that the beautiful redhead was
attracted to her struck a responsive chord deep in Lola’s belly. She had admired Sadie
right from the first moment she had set eyes on her. She was so glamorous.
"You’re the loveliest creature I’ve ever seen," Sadie told her in her low throaty drawl.
The compliment made Lola’s heart beat fast. She was scarcely aware of Sadie’s fingertips
creeping up over her thigh. Sadie’s mouth closed hotly over her own and searched
hungrily inside. Her tongue was insistent, passionate. Lola’s entire being responded to

the embrace. Her thighs parted slightly to allow the hand to probe more intimately,
higher and higher. Until…
"Aaaaahhhh…" Sadie’s finger delved in under Lola’s crotchband, grazed her sensitized
pussy-lips. In the last few days, the brunette had grown accustomed to enjoying
pleasure. Her being craved it.
"Oooohh, darling… your pussy feels so wonderful. So soft and hot inside."
The brunette’s sensual innocence turned Sadie on. From the way she was responding to
her seduction, Lola was obviously not naive. Yet she had such an air of vulnerability
about her. It made Sadie long to investigate her lush, shapely body.
Driven by the mounting fury of her desire, Sadie kneeled on the rug in front of Lola.
She pushed her skirt up to her waist and grabbed the crotchband of her panties, pulling
the flimsy garment down and off. Like a male lover, she pushed Lola’s thighs wide
apart, then she scurried in, brought her face close to the beckoning pink slit. She held
the fleshy flanges apart and licked all the way up over Lola’s wet furrow.
"Ooooooohhhhhh… God, it’s good!"
Lola was able to summon up no strength to combat the urgency of the redhead’s
passion. In fact, her whole being craved what Sadie was doing to her. The very
wantonness of the situation – stealing forbidden love while the man was gone – made
her blood boil with excitement. The alcohol had done its job well. Lola was completely
receptive to what the older woman wanted to do to her.
Sadie latched on to the hardening nub of Lola’s clitoris and began to suck it hungrily.
From time to time, her tongue reached down and licked all the way up from her

yielding hole to the very tip of the blood-engorged little nubbin. Lola cooperated with
lusty enthusiasm, sliding her ass forward on the couch cushion, making her cunt more
accessible to Sadie’s greedy probings.
"Aaaaiieeeee… it’s soooo good!"
Elaine had been an exciting enough lover, but Sadie was sheer dynamite. The attraction
Lola felt for this beautiful woman made her lovemaking seem all that much more
Lola was experiencing a mounting desire to give back some of the loving she was
receiving. Never yet had she tasted the flavor of a wide-open pussy. She hadn’t thought
of doing such a thing to Elaine, but she wanted to do it to Sadie. She wanted to eat the
redhead’s cunt.
Sadie was astounded when Lola pushed her down gently but firmly onto the rug. Now
it was Lola’s turn to push Sadie’s skirt up over her hips. But Sadie wore no panties to
block the view of her red-thatched mound. Through passion-hazed eyes, she watched
the younger woman staring at her exposed pussy. Relishing her own wantonness, Sadie
parted her legs wide, giving Lola a full view of her pink wet cunt-flesh.
Without hesitation, Lola bent forward and licked the hard tip of Sadie’s clitoris. To her
astonishment, the slick little bud began to grow under her touch. It stood up firm and
proud, like a little cock. It beckoned Lola’s attentions. Overwhelmed by the force of her
own illicit passion, Lola began to suck Sadie’s clitoris. She found she liked the piquant
flavor of the juices that flowed from Sadie’s twat, coating her genitals.
As she slaved greedily over Sadie’s wide-open pussy, Lola lost track of all other realities.
She forgot completely about Jake, due to return soon from his shopping expedition.

Her own skirt was still pulled high up over her hips. The round swelling cheeks of her
ass waved salaciously in the air as she sucked, licked and stabbed Sadie’s receptive cunt-
Sadie had been looking forward to a seduction this afternoon. But she had not expected
the young country girl to be quite such a wanton, adventurous lover. Even with all her
experience, Sadie could not remember ever having had her cunt sucked like Lola was
sucking it now. There was something special about having her pussy eaten by a girl so
inexperienced in the art of lesbian sex. There was no doubt in Sadie’s mind that Lola
was a natural hedonist. There would be no bounds to her passion. Jake would love her.
Tonight promised to be an unforgettable experience.
Jake stayed away a little longer than was necessary to fetch the champagne. He wanted
to make sure Sadie had lots of time to get the girl warmed up. He felt sure Lola would
respond to his wife. It was obvious from her manner that Lola respected and admired
Sadie. After her experience with Elaine, she would likely respond easily to Sadie’s
How easily, Jake could not have known. But when he opened the apartment door and
saw the firm cheeks of Lola’s bare ass waving in his direction, Jake’s delight registered
at once in his cock. It began to grow to aching hardness as he quickly set down the
champagne and went over to join the women. Lola had not even noticed his entry. But
she looked around quickly when she felt his hands caressing her buttocks.
The brunette felt a quick jolt of fear that passed quickly when she saw the obvious
excitement in Jake’s eyes. He didn’t object to what she was doing to his wife. It turned
him on. Though a short while ago, Jake’s lecherous manner had made Lola uneasy,
now it stimulated her. She liked the way his fingertips were caressing her ass. She began

to hope he might join them in their lewd games.
"Go on, beautiful. I don’t want to interrupt anything." Jake’s voice trembled with his
Aware of the interested eyes surveying her upturned buttocks, Lola again bent her head
between Jake’s wife’s thighs and began to investigate her pussy. She stabbed her tongue
deep into Sadie’s slippery cunt-hole. "Oh, darling! Your mouth is so good to me! No
one’s ever sucked my pussy like you do!"
Jake grinned over at his writhing wife. He didn’t worry that Lola seemed to be doing a
better job than he did. Sadie always got carried away with her compliments when she
was making love.
The big man pulled down his fly and guided the head of his swollen cock to the
upturned slit between Lola’s thighs. His prick found the fleshy, yielding hole and
shoved deep inside. He grunted with appreciation. Her pussy was wet and hot, yet tight
and clinging as a new glove.
"Shit, that’s good pussy, baby! No pussy’s ever grabbed my prick like that!"
Jake grinned to himself as he wondered if Sadie would notice his tit for tat.
Then he began to maneuver his cock in earnest, stroking his hard cudgel skillfully in
and out of Lola’s clutching pussy.
"Ooooohhh… Jeez… it’s good! Aaaaahhhh!"
The harder Jake fucked her craving twat, the more difficulty Lola had in keeping her
mind on the wet pussy before her. Not since Kenny had she had a human male’s cock

reaming her cunt-lips wide. It felt terrific… so much thicker and more subtle in its
movements than a dog’s prick. For a brief instant, Lola realized how radically her sex
life had changed since she left Illinois. A short while ago, her experience had been
almost nil. Now she found herself grading and comparing sexual thrills like an old
But now was no time to regret lost innocence. Lola wanted to fuck. And she threw her
ass roughly back at Jake’s rampaging cock with all the enthusiasm her body could
Sadie looked up at the lust-dazed face of her husband as she labored over the kneeling
girl. The redhead realized that Lola was almost too far gone now to work hard enough
on her cunt to bring her to orgasm. Sadie didn’t mind. She had her own ideas for
completing the lusty triangle.
Whopper was in the bedroom, sleeping.
"Come on, Whopper! Here, boy!"
While Lola watched open-mouthed, the beautiful redhead began to play with the
German shepherd’s cock, coaxing it to rock hardness. Not for a moment had she
suspected that Whopper might have gotten his taste for women from his own mistress!
Jake’s cock drove Lola to a fever-pitch of arousal as she watched the big animal mount
the woman and drive his hard cock far into her welcoming pussy.
Sadie became an animal too as she ground her buttocks back against Whopper, driving
the beast on. His bright-red cock skewered rhythmically in and out of her eagerly
clutching pussy. All the muscles in Sadie’s face relaxed. She became a wanton inferno of
lust as she and the dog climbed together up to a private pleasure world of sensation.

When Sadie eventually looked over at Lola and smiled at her, the brunette felt a
delicious surge of happiness. She and Sadie were sharing something special. Their
passion for dogs, for each other, for Sadie’s husband. Lola had realized quickly that
Elaine had no particular feeling for her. But with Sadie it was different. Sadie was more
alive. She was more exciting to be with. Lola admired Sadie. If Sadie could enjoy all
these depraved things, they must be all right. Lola could proceed with a clear
Jake’s cock continued to stroke in and out of Lola’s enthusiastic cunt. The big man had
never thought he would meet another woman to match his wife for sheer sexual
exuberance. But if anyone could do it, he saw it was the young Lola. His cock grew
steel hard at the titillating pleasure of being alone – with good old Whopper, of course
– with two such passionate, exciting women. His fingers dug into Lola’s taut flesh as he
strove to screw her harder and deeper. He and Whopper were working like commdes,
seeing that the two hungry beauties got their fill of good fucking.
"Aaaaiiieeee! Whopper, baby! Do it to meeee!"
Watching Sadie’s lovely face contort with lust egged Lola on. She slammed her buttocks
back against Jake’s loins with the same eagerness Sadie was showing for her big pet.
The raunchy session became something of a contest, with all participants striving to see
who could reach the top first.
Sadie came out the winner. "Shit… aaaaa-hhhhhh… I’m cummmmmingg-g!"
Watching her friend let go so fiercely drove Lola to her own release. "Me too, Sadie
darling! Me too!" Even as she spoke, she could feel the hot jets of Jake’s cum shooting
into her clasping hole.

Jake got a final lascivious thrill from watching the dog’s jaw slacken with lust, from
knowing that the two of them were cumming in the women at the same time. He
slammed his own prick hard into Lola’s upturned pussy and held there, until he was
milked dry of his cum.
"Hey, girls! That was really a scene!" Jake got to his feet. "I’m going to get us that
champagne before it gets warm!"
The champagne had in fact started to warm up during the long session. Jake stuck it in
the freezer for a few minutes. Then he arranged three glasses on a silver tray and
carried it grandly back into the living room.
"Okay, girls! Here’s your reward! Up and at ’em!"
The two women struggled with difficulty to a sitting position. For Lola, the sensual
scene that had just ended had been a traumatic event. It had sealed once and for all her
commitment to sexuality. She had thought she was too confused and guilty about what
had happened with Elaine and Whopper to let herself get involved in anything else. But
it turned out that those other experiences had only warmed her up for an exploration of
her sexuality that knew no bounds.
She still shivered at the thought of how willingly she had allowed Sadie’s husband to
shove his cock into her. But she was shivering with lustful recollection now, not from
shame. She would have no qualms now about letting such a thing happen again. In fact,
she looked forward to it. She smiled sexily at Jake as she accepted a glass of champagne.
"You’re really something, baby," he told her, and winked.
The champagne seemed to further fire the furnaces of their lust. This time, Sadie

sucked Jake’s cock while Lola sat on his face. The women enjoyed long heated kisses
intermittently through the session.
When it was over, Sadie and Jake invited Lola to spend the night with them in their
king-size water bed. Jake said he had something to discuss with Lola in the morning.
But by the time they got through with their loving, and their sleeping, it was already a
bright California afternoon.

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