LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 1

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 1
"I want to suck your cock, big boy!"
Jake McGee looked abruptly up from the newspaper that had absorbed his attention for
the past half-hour. Over him stood his wife, a mature, blooming redheaded beauty who
had obviously grown tired of waiting for him to notice her.
It was not unusual for Sadie to take things into her own hands. She had put on her
sexiest black nightgown, one that showed just enough of her voluptuous figure to make
the energy start flowing to Jake’s groin. Her soft curly red hair stood out like a great
mane around her face. The makeup that highlighted her eyes, her mouth, her cheeks
made her look like a lady of the streets. That was the kind of lady that turned her
husband on most, and Sadie was no fool. She played to Jake’s weak points for all she
was worth.
"The idea interest you?" Her voice was lower and huskier than usual. She ran her
tongue suggestively over her red lips as she kneeled down in front of Jake. The way her
tongue-tip wiggled lewdly sent a little thrill of anticipation through the big man’s body.
He had never known any woman who could give a head job like his wife. Just thinking
about it was enough to make him hard as an anvil.
His grin was broad and lecherous. "You know it, baby! I’m interested!"
Her fingers were already grappling with the zipper of his pants. Obvious excitement
danced in her eyes as she reached into the gap and pulled out an already half-grown
handful of cock.
"Mmmmm, nice," she murmured.
Without hesitation, she opened her mouth wide and took his whole prick deep into her

mouth. Her butter-textured lips closed over his shaft and began to work incitingly up
and down, up and down, in slow, rhythmic, agonizing strokes.
Jake had to shift his position slightly in the big armchair. He clung to the arms for
support, gritting his teeth against the almost overwhelming pleasure her lips were
dealing his ramrod cock.
"Uuuuhh, Jeez, baby! It’s quite a shift to go from the sports scores to this… shit, I’m
having trouble adjusting!"
Jake always preferred to express his emotions with humor. He was not the type of man
for tender words. Still, he was a man of strong emotion, and Sadie was drawing every
one of them out of him now. That was why the bond between the two had remained so
strong through almost ten years of marriage. As a team, they lived more intensely, more
vibrantly than either ever had alone.
Sadie could not resist raising her lips from his cock to answer. "Hell… a sport like you
should have no trouble handling a little old girl like me, Jake!" Her tongue shot out and
stabbed the slit in his glans. He roared his approval.
"Sadie, you’re a devil woman and I love you… mainly ’cause you’ve got the sweetest
sucking mouth on the whole West Coast."
That flippant compliment seemed to be all the encouragement the redhead needed. Her
head began to bob up and down over her husband’s cock. A few stray curls clung to her
forehead as her skin grew moist with exertion.
"Jeez, you’re hot, baby! I bet that sweet little pussy of yours is soaking wet."
Her pussy was indeed soaking wet under her filmy black nightgown. Though she could
do nothing about it right now, Sadie found sufficient pleasure in the urgent tingling in

her clitoris as her buttocks ground salaciously behind her in time to her cock-sucking
Not content to sit passively beneath her talented tongue, Jake rammed his hips upward
each time her head bobbed down. He drove his cock as far into her throat as it would
go. Rather than gagging she seemed to savor the added stimulation. She dove for it
hungrily, licking and sucking his stiff prick to its very base.
Jake watched the lascivious churning of her buttocks under her nightgown with rapt
attention. He could catch little flashes of her smooth white flesh through the semi-
transparent black nylon. His eyes roamed greedily up over her tapered back and down
under to catch a glimpse of her full rounded breasts that were three-quarters exposed in
her wanton kneeling position. The pictures he was snapping in his memory helped to
intensify the hot flowing sensations darting from his painfully erect cock.
A marked scuffling noise across the room caused Jake to glance up momentarily. He
had forgotten about Whopper, the family’s enthusiastic German shepherd. Whopper
was watching his masters’ obscene coupling with mounting excitement. Whereas before
the dog had been lying quietly behind a chair, now he was sitting up at attention,
shifting his weight nervously from one foreleg to the other. Without any doubt,
Whopper was waiting for an invitation to join the fun.
"What’s the matter, big boy? Afraid you’re missing out on something?" It was not
unusual for Whopper to be interested in the sexual activities of his masters. The big
German shepherd had been trained to screw human females by the kennel that had
sold the couple their animal. Both Jake and Sadie had been titillated by the idea of
adding a new, perverse element to their sex life.
Though frightened at first, Sadie had found Whopper to be an extremely desirable sex
partner. In certain ways, he surpassed human males. For one thing, he was always

around when she needed him. For another, he seemed to devote the same tireless
energy and enthusiasm to screwing her senseless whether it had been a good day or a
bad, whether the sun had been shining or it had been cloudy.
Jake had kidded her about the chances of her trading him in on another dog. In fact,
there was no real reason for the man to be jealous. Watching Whopper with his wife
turned him on too, and the dog was good to have around on the days when Sadie
seemed to have more energy than her husband. All in all, the two humans and the
animal had worked out a very satisfactory, though unnatural relationship. Jake and
Sadie had gotten a lot of fun, and profit, out of talking their friends into sampling the
virtues of canine companionship. Sadie had trained several dogs herself, and sold them
for substantial fees.
With sadistic glee, Jake reached down and pulled his wife’s nightgown up to her waist.
The round enticing moons of her buttocks waved hypnotically in the dog’s direction.
Jake felt his cock lurch at the sight of her naked ass-cheeks.
Whopper looked from the woman’s ass to his boss’s face and back again. Like any well-
trained thoroughbred, the German shepherd knew how to wait for his command, no
matter how agonizing the temptation.
"You like the look of that, do you, fella? Would you like to get a closer look at that nice
juicy ass, huh?"
Though Sadie continued to bob her head hungrily up and down over her husband’s
cock, much of her attention centered on her own exposed pussy and ass. She loved the
way the cool air wafted over her moist sensitized genitals. With greedy anticipation, she
looked forward to the moment when her cunt would encounter more direct stimulation.
She looked pleadingly up at her husband.

"Let him do it to me, Jake… please? It would feel so good right now. Sucking your cock
has got me so hot!"
"When aren’t you hot, you greedy little whore you!"
Jake was intensely excited. He enjoyed the role of master to his wife’s slave. He liked to
see her beg for it. He liked to see her get it as hard and as ruthless as her tireless pussy
craved it. Once again, he looked at the dog.
"Okay, Whopper, come over here, boy! Go to it! Lick her ass, fella!"
Like a shot, Whopper crossed the room and nosed his muzzle into the salaciously
displayed slit of Sadie’s buttocks.
"Aaaaaaaggghhh!" Her moan died out in a garbled whimper as Jake grabbed her hair
and forced his cock deep into her throat.
"You keep sucking!" he told his aroused wife. "I want you to make my prick feel extra
good, to reward me for letting you have your dog! Jee-zuz!"
The redhead went to work at once to obey his commands. While her ass-cheeks gyrated
this way and that to catch the dog’s nose where she wanted it, her mouth went wild.
Her lips fluttered lightly up and down along his cock-shaft while her tongue flickered
all over its glossy turgid length. When he was groaning in submission, she gripped his
cock tight with her lips and began to move her head more urgently up and down.
"Mmmmmm! Oh yeah!" Jake slid forward in his chair, resting his ass on the very edge.
He was abandoning himself to her sensuous lips, leaving his fate to the greedy
manipulations of her mouth. Though his eyes drooped in lusty languor, he was
watching the dog’s head bowed before his wife’s ass. He could see Whopper’s long pink
tongue snake out to lick her pussy. The sight made him drive his cock forcefully up

into her receptive mouth. "Do it, baby! Do it!"
Sadie’s whole body quivered as the tantalizing tongue licked hungrily up over her cunt
and asshole. Again and again, the animal licked her, until she was at a frenzied peak of
anticipation. Her ass tilted lewdly up in the air, begging for dog-cock. Her mouth
attacked Jake’s cock hungrily, no holds barred. She was a wanton inferno of desire.
"God, Sadie, you sure know how to move that thing… hey, Whopper, why don’t you
get on up there and fuck Sadie, boy? Fuck her, Whopper!"
As though to prove he was his own boss in some things, Whopper made one last long
lick up over the woman’s sopping pussy. Then he mounted her, wrapped his hairy
forepaws around her sleek hips, and began to rut forward. Three hard surging attempts,
and his cock slipped right on up inside Sadie’s quaking cunt. Her pussy-muscles clasped
him tightly. Whopper knew exactly what he wanted. He pulled his cock out to the very
tip of the red tapered shaft and shoved deep into her again. And again. And again.
Regular as clockwork and powerful as a locomotive, Whopper established his bestial
fucking rhythm. Sadie was going out of her mind with pleasure. Whopper’s hard
relentless strokes buffeted her forward onto her husband’s cock, automatically attuning
his fucking tempo to her sucking motions. The dog’s cock was iron-hard, but the
redhead felt no pain. She was so relaxed, so inundated with sensuous delight, that all
she felt was pleasure, pure roiling, mounting energy. Slave to two stiff pricks, she
struggled like a harem queen to bring them both their fiery reward.
"Yeah, boy! Fuck her! How does that sweet little pussy of yours feel, Sadie? Is that dog-
prick doing you good?"
He felt her mouth answer by giving his cock an extra-tight squeeze. The uncontrolled
grinding of her shapely buttocks demonstrated clearly enough that his wife was well on
her way to a crisis. Jake knew even Sadie couldn’t keep up a furious pace like this for

Yet the tireless redhead did her best to prove him wrong. For long minutes, her body
reveled in its dual role as lust receptacle to two hard surging pricks. Her head bobbed
tirelessly over his cock. Her ass writhed greedily in search of the dog’s pointed cudgel.
Little moans of depraved excitement burbled in her throat, struggled for exit around the
man’s filling prick.
Jake saw the dazed smile on the face of the animal deteriorate for a moment to a look
of brutal abandonment. Whopper’s loins collided with Sadie’s ass with magnum force.
"Shit, Sadie, he’s cumming in you! Whopper’s filling you, baby!" The thought was
enough to drive Jake over the precarious edge into climax. "Uuuuuhhh… Christ!"
Sadie struggled valiantly to swallow the thick hot load that flooded her throat in one
geyser-like wave. Having both her lovers cumming in her at once excited the woman
intensely. Her body shuddered convulsively. She too was cumming.
"That’s it, baby! Work it out!"
Jake had been with Sadie long enough to know when his wife was having an orgasm.
He watched her scantily clad body churn and quiver and eventually seem to deflate. She
was exhausted from the sheer power of her superhuman effort. Like a ragdoll, she
sagged onto the rug. She was breathing hard. The dog’s cum trickled from her pussy.
Thin spatters of her husband’s semen stained her lips. A slow dreamy smile drifted over
her face as she closed her eyes and began to dream.
The dog and the man recouped their energies and went out to the kitchen together.
"I think we all deserve a treat, don’t you, Whopper old buddy?"

The dog wagged his tail and barked. He sat expectantly at the man’s feet. Jake mixed a
couple of bloody marys in the blender and poured a half bottle of beer into Whopper’s
dish. The dog lapped the cool beverage greedily.
"Sadie sure doesn’t let us off easy, does she, boy?" Jake laughed, and polished off the
other half of the beer. He was still feeling weak in the knees himself. Returning to the
living room, Jake found his wife still sprawled on the rug, her ass still bare, her eyes still
closed. He prodded her playfully with his stockinged foot. "Come on, superwoman! I’ve
got just the thing to put the light back in your eye."
She struggled to a sitting position, made a half-hearted attempt to pull her nightie down
over her thighs. "Light’s the last thing I need," she murmured groggily. "I’ve still got
stars in my eyes."
Jake laughed heartily and shoved the drink under her nose. "Bottom’s up!"
Through the thin drapes, the bright-red flash of a neon light invaded the semi-darkness
of the room. Sadie and Jake never noticed it any more. They had been living at the
Travelers’ Rest Motel so long, the sign had become a part of the scenery for them, like
the tiny bus station across the road. And the dry bleak hills in the distance.

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