It was late when the three men arrived at the hunting lodge. They shared a pint of
whiskey in the lounge, then each went off to his own room.
Jack Banyon was awakened by a soft rapping at his door. "What is it?" he demanded
"It’s the maid, sir. I was wondering if it was all right if I started cleaning up now.
"I’m still in bed, for chrissakes."
The young female voice sounded disappointed. "All right, sir. I’ll come back later."
Jack had a hunch. "Hold it. Come in here for a minute."
A key turned in his lock and a voluptuous young blonde let herself into the room. She
stood shyly by the door, though her blue eyes assessed the man boldly.
Jack grinned. He had noticed this young woman last night, in the lounge. She’d been
dressed in casual slacks and sweater then. He hadn’t realized she worked here. Her lush
body straining against her tight-fitting clothes had had at least half his attention during
the time he’d spent in the lounge with his buddies. It seemed a happy stroke of fate had
brought her to his very bed this morning.
"Am I interfering with your schedule?" he asked.
The gleam in her eyes told him this girl had had more experience than she was letting
on. "I like to get my work done as early as possible. But we’re not supposed to bother
the paying guests."

"Don’t worry, honey. You’re not hassling me." He noticed her eyes following his naked
body with interest as he sat up in bed and reached for his cigarettes. He held the sheet
carelessly over his loins while he lit up. "Why don’t you start cleaning up in the
bathroom? I’ll be out of here in a few minutes." He assessed her reaction through the
thin curl of his cigarette smoke. She was interested, no doubt about that.
"If you’re sure, sir."
"I’m sure."
"Thank you." Her pretense of shyness seemed to disappear as she walked easily toward
the bathroom. Her youthful, rounded hips swayed provocatively. Even through the
shapeless white skirt of her uniform, they looked damned good to fuck.
He smoked his cigarette slowly, relishing the knowledge that he could take his time,
that she would be ready. He could hear her humming to herself as she ran the faucets
in the bathroom. Jack was glad he had decided to accompany his friends on their
hunting trip. He couldn’t care less about stalking game in the woods. At the moment,
his sole interest was the kind of quarry that scrubbed out hotel rooms early in the
At last he stubbed out his cigarette and stood up. He was naked. His cock protruded
long and menacing from his loins. It had been throbbing right from the first moments
of her entrance. With the self-confidence born from long experience, Jack had been able
to spot the kind of girl who was ripe for adventures.
He walked into the bathroom and found her kneeling on the bathmat, scrubbing the
tub. She was unaware of his entrance. He knelt behind her and stroked lightly over her
skimpily covered legs. The soft feel of her flesh through the light shiny material of her

uniform made his cock lurch lustily. It brushed ever so slightly against her upturned
Though he was sure she was aware of his presence, she did not turn around. She did
wave her hips, though, giving him a salacious go-ahead. She continued to scrub the tub,
less energetically now. He could tell she was waiting.
Grinning at her sly response, he began to slip her skirt up over her hips. To his shock
and delight, he found that she wore no panties underneath. It seemed a risky way to go
around doing housework. Undoubtedly he had not been the first man to discover her
tantalizing secret.
His fingers caressed the round swelling cheeks of her ass. She looked over her shoulder
and grinned at him. "You late-risers are all the same," she murmured.
"Late-riser, fuck. You realize it’s only a quarter to seven?"
"That’s late for a hunter."
"But early for a chambermaid."
She was responding lewdly to his lusty caresses. "Well, I have to admi… I hit your room
first. I saw you looking at me m the lounge last night. So naturally I checked out your
room number."
"You’re a smart girl."
"This isn’t much of a job. I have to seek my compensations where I can find them.
You’re a good-looking guy."
He ogled the creamy ass-flesh under his fingertips. "You’re a good-looking girl.

Beautiful, in fact."
She giggled. "Well don’t go asking me what a beautiful girl like me’s doing in a place
like this. The answer is boring."
"Like what?"
"Like my old man’s one of the guides here. He gets his on the trail. I get mine back
"I didn’t know many women came to this lodge."
"I told you it was a boring story. Now why don’t we quit talking and screw?"
Jack couldn’t find any fault in a response like that. Though he was sure the pretty
chambermaid was no more than twenty, at the very most, she was wise in the ways of
the world. And she sure as hell knew what her pussy was for, if her old man didn’t.
Jack slipped his turgid cock in along the crevice of her ass and slid it back and forth.
She squirmed back against him and moaned softly. Her sponge had fallen useless into
the tub now. She clung to the side in lusty expectation of that hard cock probing
against her naked ass.
"Mmmmm, that’s a nice one. I can tell just by the way the head rubs against me. It’s
going to feel good up in my pussy."
The unpretentious sexuality of this young beauty was turning Jack on like he hadn’t
been turned on in some time. He stuck a finger up inside her juicy cunt and relished
the tight spasming caress of her internal muscles. He coated his cock-head liberally with
her moisture. Then he parted her cheeks so he could eyeball her pink, hair-fringed hole.

"That sure is a pretty pussy, baby. I’m going to enjoy this."
Bending over a tub, waiting for a stranger to impale her on his cock, made the young
woman quiver with passion. She lurched backward against his cock, trying to trap it up
inside her eager twat. The firm caress of his fingers holding her ass-cheeks made her
hungry for more of his loving. "Stick it in me, baby. Oooohh, I want it so bad!"
"Me too!" Unable to wait another moment, he shoved his lubricated prick deep into her
cunt. The rippling grasp of her pussy-muscles made him grunt with erotic haste. He
pulled out, until just his cock-head was still buried in her hole. Then he shoved deep up
inside once again. It was a bold, primitive rhythm, lacking in finesse, but it was what
they both wanted right now.
"Uuuuuhhhh! Jee-zuz!" She had buried her head in her arms. She concentrated on the
powerful strokes surging in and out of her cunt. Little fiery pangs of splendid passion
darted throughout her half-naked body, making her tremble and moan with abandon.
"Mmm, you really know how to use that big sweet cock of yours, daddy! Do it! Screw
me! Screw me!"
"Fuck, woman!" She was no longer a girl in his eyes now. She was a woman! No
creature who could squeeze and flutter her pussy like that was anything less than one
hundred per cent woman. "That is one beautiful tight twat you’ve got there! Man, I
don’t know when my cock’s ever been treated like this!"
All along the length of his soaring cock, tantalizing nibbles of hot flesh urged him to
mounting lust. Her pussy opened and closed over him repeatedly, milking his
throbbing shaft. As he became more and more obsessed with the contagious sexuality of
the blonde, his fingers dug into her shapely ass-flesh… his cock assaulted her cunt with
greater force and passion.

He was pleased with himself. This was one hell of a way to start the day. Wouldn’t the
boys be jealous if they knew!
Soon the boys and their jealousy became unimportant. He stroked his cock deep into
the cunt before him with growing speed and abandon. He could feel the load bubbling
in his balls, aching for release. Once he had blown his wad into this pretty, talented
cunt, he would be ready to face lions today. This girl made him feel like a real, rutting
"Do it to me! Oh God!" she wailed. "It’s good! So damned good!"
"Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah! Jee-zuz, you’re hot!"
In a moment, he knew why. "I’m coming!" he yelped.
As soon as he knew she had let go, he relaxed the iron grip he had held on himself. His
thick heated load surged from his cock, filled her belly with roiling semen. "Uuuhh! It’s
good coming in you, baby!"
When at last he pulled his cock from her sated cunt, a thin trail of cum followed him.
"You’re sensational, baby. I hope I’ll be seeing more of you while I’m here."
She struggled to her feet and rearranged her uniform. "Try and stop me." She grinned
up at him.
He patted her on the ass and led her to the door. "Why don’t you bring us both up
some breakfast, and we can talk a little."
She drank coffee while she watched him plow through a heaping plateful of ham,
bacon, eggs and pancakes. "I like a man with a big appetite… for everything."

"You’re looking at the right man."
"What does your wife think of your lusty appetites?" She enjoyed the look of surprise
on his face.
"How did you know I was married?"
She was letting him know, if he didn’t already, that she was in control of what
happened to her. "You can always tell, baby. Don’t ever forget that. It’s written on your
forehead just as indelibly as your eyebrows."
"Hey… that’s heavy." He chuckled. "And I thought if anyone knew how to play the cool
guy, it was me."
"You’re pretty cool, but you’re still married."
"My wife knows how I am. She doesn’t mind." The jaded grin looked unnatural on her
young, un-lined face. "Yeah… they never do."
He was going to show her. "Look, baby. My wife’s different. She’s got her own thing."
"Good for her. Like what?"
He had never told anyone, but he felt in this case it wouldn’t hurt. The two women
would never meet. "She likes to get it on with dogs."
"Oh yeah? So do I."
Jack was speechless. He had thought his wife was unique. He had steered clear of her
perversion, had never even watched her with Jet. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to
handle it. But the thought of watching this young, sexy blonde screwing a dog turned

him on. He wasn’t involved with the chambermaid. "Wow… how about letting me
She giggled. "Sure. It would be a turn-on for me too, to have somebody watch me. I’ll
set it up. Guess I better get back to work now."
"Hey! What’s your name?"
She peeked back around the doorframe. "Dorie. See you later."

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