The speed of his downward thrusts into Judy’s squishing asshole grew faster and faster.
She thought only of the pistoning cock in her rectal sheath and the splitting pain it was
causing. The blonde felt her big ass muscles cramp up again under the increasing strain.
Judy lay helpless on the floor, her belly, tits and chest made numb by the cold tiles. She
dug her fingers into the cheeks of her face as more tears rolled down. The blonde
realized he would shoot his wretched hot spunk into her bowels any moment now. Soft
grunts came out of his parted lips. He banged his hipbones into her jiggling buttocks
wildly, changing angles of entry with every downstroke. Judy hated that young hood
doing this to her.
Yet in spite of all this, the heat from that sinking rod began to spread through her
body. It radiated down to her cunt, making it start to itch with a strange desire. As Judy
moved her right leg to relieve some of the weight pressing down on it, she felt her
cuntlips slide apart and curl back as her body slid forward an inch or two on the tiles.
That subtle movement sent chills and flashes of wet heat rippling through her pussy.
Oh, what’s happening? Judy thought as she closed her eyes and tried to fight the tight,
aching feeling enveloping her pussy now.
"Shit, I’m gonna cum soon," Jack said in a deep, throaty groan. His throbbing prong
was pumping crazily into her now, greased by a thin slime of blood and shit. It seemed
to fill her body and become the center of her universe. Each pulsing shove brought a
responding throb in her empty cunt. The pain in her ass was actually teasing her
swelling clit.
Judy groaned again as she felt that greased cock swell inside her ass. Her mind was

spinning again, this time with the familiar red fog of lust. The pain in her buttocks
blended with the guilt and shame and pleasurable sensations rippling across her pussy
to produce a gripping sensation never before felt by the grunting blonde.
"Ah, ah, ahhhhh…" Judy grunted as Jack fed her his cock faster and faster. She strained
her neck upward, pulling up her head until her chin rested on the floor. Strands of
blonde hair hung in front of her glazed eyes like a heavy silken fringe. She could see
the other young men leering at her and laughing. She could see Evelyn narrowing her
eyes and looking curiously at the blonde’s sudden change of reaction. Judy closed her
eyes and rolled her head until her left cheek rested on the cold floor. Hiking up her
knees, she brought them down again, only to pull them up. She was sliding her puffy,
juice-flecked snatch-lips up and down across the slick floor, rubbing her clit shaft
against the tiles. A thin stream of greasy cunt juice trailed behind her fluttering pussy.
For a second Jack stopped pounding his dick into her. Judy felt suspended in dark space
as the throbs of his dick made her ass pulse in return. The rhythmic throbbing in his
dick became stronger.
He was about to dump his spunk into her bowels. Judy closed her eyes more tightly
and waited for the hot gush of jizz to flood her gut. Under her she could feel her steely
hard nipples pressing against the floor. They tingled with excitement as her cunt
winked shut with sexual heat and excitement.
Then she felt Jack’s fingers claw at her thighs, raking across her sensitive flesh as a lava-
like flood of jizz filled her shitter. The kid was cumming, spattering his load of jizz into
her tight hole. Judy jerked her head off the floor, snapping it back and twisting her lips
apart in an obscene position as she let out a howl of unspeakable delight. Her fat
cuntlips snapped shut, pressing and curling in against her sputtering clit as the blonde

was gripped in the throes of her climax. Her legs kicked up and out while she dragged
her twisting body across the floor a few desperate inches. Pussy juice frothed out from
between her swollen labia and wet down her cunt hairs as wave after wave of climax
rolled over her cumming snatch.
"Oh, oh, ohhhh, oh…" Judy moaned, feeling her skin tighten up and crawl with a
glowing pleasure as the final ripples of climax died away from the blonde’s twat.
Exhausted, the woman lay on the floor, softly moaning out her pleasure. Only gradually
did Judy realize exactly what had happened to her and the danger both she and Evelyn
were still in.
"That’s plenty, babe," Jack said in a low voice. Unceremoniously he pulled out the still
jerking pole from her shitter. There was a soft plop as a thin mixture of cum, flood and
shit trickled from the tortured, stretched asshole. Obediently Judy rose, tucking her
arms and legs under her as she pushed herself up into a standing position. The blonde
felt dirtied and shamed beyond description. She could still feel something wet and
greasy leaking out from her ass and trickling down her thighs to the floor. A dull ache
still throbbed in her greased, jizz-packed ass. Judy was afraid to reach back and see
what was coming out of her bowels. She was sure the big man had ripped her apart
with his ramming cock. Clumps of dust, dirt and debris clung to her tits, legs and belly
as she stood in front of the men helplessly. Judy wondered what they were going to do
to them now. Make Evelyn endure the same agony and degradation? Judy raised her
head, brushing the strands of blonde hair away from her eyes and looked at her boss.
The perky brunette stared back in horror. Obviously the same thought crossed the girl’s
"Okay, let’s strip this one," Joe said behind Evelyn.

"No, NO! I’ll do anything, but just don’t touch me!" Evelyn cried, the cords in her neck
standing out as she twisted and turned helplessly in their arms.
"Looks like the little cunt’s understandin’ us," Jack said, wiping his shitty dick clean on
Judy’s wrinkled panties. Tossing the dirtied briefs onto the spilled stack of address
books, he flipped his limp cock back into his pants.
"Payment’s due every week, regular, like the tide," Joe started to explain to Evelyn as he
let her go. The young brunette raised her hands and rubbed her forearms as she turned
and looked terrified into his cold eyes. "You treat us good and we won’t bother you.
And if anybody gives you trouble, you just give us a call here," Joe said, fishing down in
his right pocket and pulling out a folded card and handing it to her. "We’ll send
somebody over to can him. Now you pay cash, babe. Two hundred bucks a week to
start with. When your business gets goin’ we’ll probably up the price a little. And no
funny games," Joe warned as Evelyn walked backwards toward her tiny office. "You saw
what happened to your friend here. That’s just a sample."
Evelyn nodded her head up and down quickly, almost running to her desk and pulling
out the day’s receipts. Luckily business had been picking up. With some bulk wholesale
orders, she’d taken in a little over three hundred dollars. The brunette grabbed up the
bills and counted out the first payment to these young thugs.
"Here," she said, handing the money to Joe who counted it carefully.
"Good. Jack’s the bag man here. He’ll be around every Friday to collect. See ya, girls,"
Joe said, chuckling to himself and going over the bills as he walked to the broken rear
door with Jack and Doug behind him. Judy meanwhile had staggered to the wall and
leaned heavily against it, raising her hands and pushing her hair behind her ears. She

looked around her at the scattered books and pen and pencil sets.
"No, no, no," the blonde moaned over and over again, burying her face in her hands.
She didn’t know if she could face anyone again. Judy was sure they’d all seen her lustful
reaction to that ass-plowing. She should have been crying out, clawing at the man,
begging him to stop. As it was she could barely keep from crying out for him to fuck
her harder and faster. What was happening to her? That question whirled around and
around in her mind as she heard the door close in the back and the brisk clattering
sounds of Evelyn’s footsteps getting louder.
"Oh my God, my God," the brunette said in a choked voice as she ran up to Judy and
wrapped her arms around the blonde’s waist. She fell into Evelyn’s arms, stumbling
forward as the brunette lead her slowly into the rear office. Judy felt she didn’t want to
talk right now. How could she explain what happened to Evelyn when she couldn’t
reason out to herself?
"Those pigs! I should call the police right now," Evelyn said, looking angrily at the
shattered door window.
"No, oh God, no. They’d put a car out front again for a week or two, then take it away
and the same thing would happen again."
Evelyn sighed as she lowered Judy into a chair.
"I’d better call a doctor," the brunette said, reaching for the phone.
"No, I’m all right," Judy said, imagining what the doctor would think when he took one
look at her ass. Would he believe she was raped, or just a woman who was begging for

excitement and got more than she’d bargained for?
"Mac’ll be back soon," Evelyn suddenly said, glancing at her watch.
"He can’t find me like this," Judy said panic-stricken as she pushed herself off the chair
and started for the main area of the shop. "Oh God, I can’t let him know what
happened to me," she said desperately, bending down to her pile of trampled clothing
and starting to dress.
"I’ll clean up," Evelyn offered, moving around quickly and righting the tables as Judy
pulled her clothing on. Every movement was painful to the blonde. When she was
finally dressed, Judy told Evelyn she couldn’t stay any longer at the shop tonight.
"Call me tomorrow," the brunette said, holding Judy by the shoulders and looking
tearfully into her friend’s eyes. The two women sobbed out something incoherent and
embraced tightly. At this point Judy felt the torrent of horror and shame break loose
over her mind and flood out. Her body shook violently with sobs as tears spurted out of
her burning eyes. Her body swayed and jerked as she howled and screamed out her
misery and degradation. The hysteria lasted only a few minutes. Soon the blonde was
able to regain control of herself and pull away from the shaken Evelyn.
"I feel better. Thanks. Don’t tell Mac," Judy sobbed out brokenly as she smiled weakly
and walked out the rear door.
That night Judy fought nightmares throughout a restless sleep. She thought of that
young thug standing triumphantly over her like a general over his defeated war victim.
That long, thick cock dangled half erect out of his open trousers, pointing at her.
Slowly she watched as the foreskin tightened around the ballooning cock and the flared

tip grew redder with lust and blood. Then it was completely stiff, jerking mightily with
each pulse raking its incredible length. The scene shifted quickly, a replay of the horror
of that afternoon in the shop. She was on her belly, clawing and scratching at the cold
smooth floor as Jack plowed her shitter with that hot spear. But this time the others
were violating her also. Joe lay naked in front of her, his big dirty hands tangled in the
jungle of her hair and pulling it out by the roots as he hunched forward and rammed
his dick into her mouth. She submitted weakly, running her tongue up, down and
around the greasy tube as Jack squirted his cum into her bowels. In the background
Judy could hear Evelyn’s screams of outrage as Doug raped her tight pussy. The whole
scene swam with cum, cunt juice, blood and shit as they all reach blinding orgasms.
With that Judy awoke in a cold sweat, her hair plastered to her forehead as she stared
wide-eyed into the darkness. Only then did she realize the obscene acts she’d witnessed
were only in her head. I’ve never dreamed anything like that before, she thought, lying
back down and staring wonderingly at the ceiling. That ass-fucking had flipped a switch
somewhere in her mind. What had been turned on Judy had no idea. But she was
beginning to feel something knew invading her mind and soul, something that
frightened and at the same time excited the hell out of her.
The following day neither Judy nor Evelyn spoke of the ordeal of the day before. Mac
was present almost all the time, unloading the boxes he’d picked up the day before. The
blonde later learned Evelyn had told her brother kids had tossed a brick through the
rear door window just as a cruel joke. In that neighborhood it was more than possible,
and Mac accepted the explanation without question. As for her glum appearance all
day, Judy told the dark-haired stud she was going through a particularly painful period,
and she wasn’t going to be much good company for anything for the next few days,
another explanation Mac accepted without question.

At the end of the day the two women locked up the shop and started counting their
take. Mac had already left, no longer worrying much about anything happening to Judy
or Evelyn. Enough time had passed, he felt, since the cops had taken the car off the
beat. If the gang were going to move, it would have done so already. Neither woman
objected to his leaving, knowing full well they’d paid their protection for the week.
"How are you feeling?" Evelyn hesitatingly asked as she finished counting the bills in
the cash box. It was the first time all the day she’d brought up the subject.
"Better," Judy said after pausing for a few seconds. The actual physical damage was less
than she’d expected. But her mind was seared by the experience. To have been brutally
raped, and in that manner, was more than most women could take. Yet somehow she’d
managed to accept it and tuck it away in her mind. Judy knew she’d have to deal with
that memory the rest of her life.
"If there were only some way we could get back at them," Evelyn said thoughtfully,
putting down the bills and looking angrily at the desk top. "I even thought of selling
out. But I’ve got most of my money and Mac’s sewn up in this shop and the inventory.
I’d lost everything if I were to bail out now."
"Don’t, Evey," Judy said, reaching across the desk top and putting her hand gently on
the brunette’s arm. "We’re safe as long as we make the payments. I don’t want to
crusade for anything. Maybe when you get on your feet you can think of selling and
moving to a different location. Right now-" There was a loud knocking on the front
"We’re closed," Evelyn shouted, leaning forward and looking at the shaking door.

"Just a couple of minutes, lady. It’s important. It’ll be a big sale," a voice came through
the door. Judy had drawn the shade down on the door and window before moving back
to the office.
"If only I weren’t so damned hungry for money," Evelyn sighed, smiling at Judy as she
stood up and walked slowly to the front door, pushing back her hair. Unlocking the
latch, Evelyn pulled the door open and started to say that she could only let them in for
a few minutes. Judy heard the brunette suddenly cry out as the door banged loudly
against the wall. Standing up and moving around the partition the blonde saw four tall
Chicano men of around twenty-five rush into the shop, slamming the door behind
them. The first to enter bolted through the store, pulling a knife from a leather pouch
attached to his black leather belt and headed for Judy. The blonde stood petrified with
horror as he stopped inches away from her, reaching out and wrapping his arm around
her neck. She nearly lost her balance as he whirled her around and pressed her ass
tightly against his crotch. At the same time he choked her windpipe nearly closed,
bringing the sharp end of the blade against her throat. Judy could feel his uneven
breath blowing against her head as she heard him shouting orders in Spanish to his
cronies. Evelyn was moaning and screaming as the sounds of a violent scuffle behind
Judy filled the room.
"So, Senora, you’re making deals with the Anglos, eh?" the big man said, sliding the
blade up and down her throat.
Judy’s eyes widened as she moaned a no as loudly as she could.
"We control the neighborhood, understand?" he said, violently jerking her forward,
then pulling her back again. "Those dumb Anglos are out to take over, but we fight
them and win."

Judy could hear the others mumbling approval of what the big Chicano said proudly
behind her.
"And we’re gonna teach everybody they pay us and not them."
Judy thought it would come to this. She prayed silently as the big man dragged her
across the floor to the front of the shop.


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