Mac moaned softly, sliding his left hand up the length of his hard cock. He exerted
gentle, loving pressure until the vein traveling the full length of his shaft pushed out
further and pulsated with excitement and urgency. Judy lay quietly on the bed, looking
up at the big dark-haired man kneeling between her legs. The generous, sleek-fitting
foreskin had peeled away from his cockhead. A drop of cum had formed at the
puckered lips of his piss-slit. Mac milked the full length of his meat, rolling the taut
foreskin completely over the glossy head. He was filming his cockhead over with his
own hot juices. The big man sighed with pleasure as he opened his eyes and peered
down at the panting blonde. Her cuntlips had swollen incredibly with hot blood. Her
pussy curls bristled with electric excitement. Mac opened his mouth and licked his
lower hp, drawing his firmly clenched fist back, revealing the gleaming knob again.
Judy’s breathing had become shallow and irregular. She lay quietly on the bed, afraid to
move for fear of setting her throbbing clit shaft off into a hot series of orgasmic spasms.
Her enormous, puffy pussylips were glowing a bright red. They pulsed in a spastic
rhythm with the life of their own. She could feel the hot flesh of her inner thighs
quivering lightly as her snatch winked open, then contracted. Judy curled her fingers
into the sheet, gathering the material in her palms as she stared at Mac’s bulbous,
purple dickhead. She wanted that meaty knob reaming out her pussy. The blonde
smacked her lips as she felt another flash of sexual heat wash over her like a tidal wave.
She was sure she’d die from the intense pleasure racking her hungry twat before Mac
had a chance to stick that rod into her.
"Oh please, fuck me," she moaned, closing her eyes and fighting down the sobs of
frustration building in her gut. There was no more intense pleasure, Judy thought, than
watching someone jerking off in front of you without being able to do anything about

it. She could almost feel the slick thickness and length of Mac’s rolling sausage pressing
her cuntal membranes apart, forming them into a long tube as he reamed out her tight
hole and dove down to her womb. Judy could feel Mac’s dong pushing insistently down
into her, stretching her membranes to their fullest as his fat, leathery balls dragged over
her scrotum.
As if to prolong her agony, Mac slid backward on the bed until his muscular haunches
were even with her ankles. Letting go of his fat dick, he lowered his head and torso
until his drooling cockhead dragged on the sheets. Judy arched her head up, her eyes
bugging out as she watched Mac’s face push toward her aching snatch. He was going to
lick her off! Bob had done that once or twice with incredible results. Many men didn’t
know what to do with a woman’s snatch except fuck it with their dicks. But her former
husband and now obviously Mac held the secret of how to make a woman happy.
"Ohhhh," Judy sighed, dropping her head down to the pillow and rolling it slowly back
and forth as she closed her eyes and luxuriated in the incredible feeling in her pussy.
Mac had pushed his forefinger in between the puffy lips up to the first joint. He could
feel her snatchlips open up slightly, then clamp shut on the invading digit as he
wriggled it teasingly around the slick membrane between her outer and smaller inner
pussylips. Mac slid it up with some effort, bending to the right and planting wet kisses
on the flesh of her inner thighs. He moved his mouth to within an inch of her cunt,
dragging his fat, hot wet tongue across her goose fleshed skin while he sucked at her
thighs with his lips. Judy ground her asscheeks against the wrinkled top sheet, trying to
work her body down to the big man’s mouth. But Mac kept edging away, always
keeping his mouth and tongue barely within reach to the hungry cunt mouth. The
result was an excruciating frustration that burned every nerve ending raw in Judy’s
writhing body. Her belly heaved and sucked as her nostrils flared with passion. Her
high cheeks flushed red with blood as her eyes rolled up in her head. They had never

felt anything like this before. She felt consumed by a raging fire of sex that she’d only
dreamed of in her wildest fantasies. Judy bent her knees, dragging her legs up and
spreading apart her quivering thighs. With this movement the blonde could feel her
cuntlips unsticking and peeling back as Mac kept lapping at her thighs.
"Please, don’t do that," Judy begged.
Mac just chuckled, pulling back more and nearly sliding off the bed as he moved down
to her feet. He was sucking her right little toe now, scraping his front teeth against it as
he molded the flesh of her soft leg with his powerful fingers. He sucked two toes now,
lapping them wetly with his tongue. It was crazy. He was trying to turn on all parts of
her body, and it was working! Judy could feel a strange tingling sensation rising in
between her toes, enveloping her feet then radiating up her legs to her pussy. Weakly
she tried to kick him away as a hint to get back to her pussy. Mac caught both feet in
his hands and chuckled again. He was kissing up the back of one calf, licking her flesh
like a dog hungry for food.
Judy didn’t know how much time and moaning had passed before Mac had bathed both
legs in a thick layer of his hot spittle. She’d lost her mind with the agony of sexual
tension and foreplay. Finally he’d worked his way back up to her crotch. She could feel
Mac’s hot, heavy breath sifting through the crisp hairs surrounding her slick slit.
Cream-colored pussy juice frothed out from between her chewing cuntlips and dribbled
down the crack between her legs to the sheet below. Judy could feel the flooding juices
of her cunt seeping from the deepest parts of her slit to drool out continuously as her
belly knotted up almost painfully.
Mac started rimming the stretched right cuntal hp, placing his fingers on either thigh
and pushing them gently apart. Judy stiffened with excitement, her mind blasting white
with a sudden flood of shameless lust. His tongue trailed agonizingly slow down the full

length of her outer right labia until it reached the bottom junction of the two lips. Judy
let out two desperate large gasps, pressing her buttocks into the mattress hard as her
belly contracted and her arms pounded the sheets in helpless desperation. Up crawled
Mac’s tongue, dragging its tip along the left swollen labia until it touched the hot, red
tip of Judy’s stiffened clitty.
The blonde let out a hoarse choking sound that ended in a low, throaty wail.
"Oh God, what are you doing to me?" the woman cried as he moved his fingers to her
pussy and held her cuntlips apart with his fingers. He was exploring her, discovering
the curves and hollows of her cunt. Mac’s strong fingers cut into the muscles just above
each of her knees. He spread her wider inch by killing inch. Judy felt as if she were
being split apart. And yet the tension added to the steady friction of his mouth against
her slick, drooling pussy.
Without thinking Judy started moving her hips. She clawed at the sheets with her
trembling, icy fingers and rolled her head more desperately on the crushed pillow. She
felt her fine golden hairs tangle around her neck and ears. Her pussy juices were
mingling with the torrents of saliva pouring from Mac’s sucking mouth. Judy didn’t
know how long she could hold out before coming in the big man’s mouth. She could
feel her pussy tightening more and more under his oral attack. Judy knew she wouldn’t
be able to take much more without letting go soon. The blonde wanted to cum with
Mac’s cock reaming out her snatch. Judy tried to say something to convey her urgency.
But her mouth only lolled open. When she finally managed to form a sound with her
lips Mac moved up and covered with his mouth and started kissing her wildly. She felt
more floods of hot pussy oil bubbling out and wetting down her cuntal curls. Mac ran
his fingers gingerly along the hot, slick slit. Judy had closed her legs, but Mac’s touch
brought a low moan from deep inside her. She parted them again to let Mac find her

clitshaft one more time. He rolled his thumb back and forth until he was scraping her
clit raw with friction. Judy flung her arms around the big man and clung to his neck,
whimpering and begging him with grunts to put out the fire devouring her pussy. Her
breathing was out of her control, gaspy, shallow and hot as Mac reached up and pulled
her arms from around his neck.
Moving down again Mac pulled the blonde’s knees up and out, her cuntlips peeling
back by the strain of her parted knees. The big man reached down and caressed her
firm ass with his hands. The tickling touch brought shudders of pleasure to her lips.
Soon her cunt was half over his mouth now. He came down completely, further and
further until Judy heard her soppy cuntlips fit against his chin.
"Ohhhh!" she cried. The blonde was high, dizzy, still falling through a strange universe
created by the big man’s hands and mouth. Judy opened her eyes and saw bright colors
floating in front of her. She felt her lungs swell with air, threatening to blow apart as
she sucked in more oxygen through her flared nostrils. She was a true bitch in heat,
thrashing and crying out as that fat-cocked stud was lapping up her flowing pussy
Judy could feel the sheets under her body wetting down with sweat and cunt juice. Her
arms were braced on the mattress as Mac kneaded her asscheeks with his hands,
moving her so that her throbbing cunt rubbed against his mouth. The blonde could feel
his fingers sliding closer and closer to her asscrack. Hunching up her buttocks, Judy let
Mac ease his hands further up until he was cupping both cheeks easily in his palms.
Judy let out another sobbing cry. Mac’s tongue was searching back along her cunny.
She felt it spear in and out of her pussy, slick and hard and pointed like a small cock. It
stabbed up, pulled slowly back, then stabbed up again. He was tasting her drooling
gash, sucking in the greasy membranes. The blonde rolled her hips back and forth like

a ship bouncing in a stormy harbor. He licked hungrily at her clit, making her move
her hips faster and faster. His front teeth cut her more. Judy groaned, loving that
ripping sensation and started pumping her ass up and down wildly. She was fucking his
mouth, driving her cunt madly against Mac’s face as her twat ached up to climax.
"Uh… uh… uh…" Judy gasped huskily. Mac drew one hand out from under her butt and
moved it around to her cuntmouth. He put two fingers together and slid them suddenly
into her convulsing cunt.
"Ahhhh," Judy cried, drooling and tossing her head crazily. Mac fucked in and out of
her with his closed fingers and sucked her clit between his teeth. She could hardly keep
still enough for him to give her enough friction. When the tickle became too teasing,
she forced herself to quit bucking so Mac could eat and finger her pussy more easily.
He was digging her cuntal lining now, plowing his knuckles against the slick folds.
Feverish, itching chills broke out in the pit of her belly. He had to. stop. He had to stop
now or she was going to pop off in his mouth!
"Gonna cum! G-g-gonna c-c-cum," Judy stammered out in a desperate, whimpering cry.
Mac sensed her desperation and pulled back. He moved up, placing his big hands on
either side of her shoulders as his cock dragged across the sheets, then bumped up
against the hungry mouth of her pussy. Judy babbled incoherently with happiness as
she felt Mac slip his hands under her shuddering shoulders while he pushed his knees
against her upturned butt. Judy shivered with excitement as Mac let his cockhead rest
against her tight cuntal mouth. He put his tongue in her right ear, swirling it around
teasingly as he slipped his cock into her cunt. Judy moved her hips, changing slightly
the angle her cunt made with Mac’s huge cock. He was halfway inside when her cuntal
muscles spasmed and clamped down on him. He let out a low, surprised moan.

"Jesus! I’ve never known a woman who could do that," he gasped.
"I can’t help it," Judy moaned. "You’re so big, it’s doing strange things to me." The
woman stared up at him. Her face was eager and hungry, glowing with intense sexual
excitement as she forced her muscles to relax.
When her pussy slackened slightly, Mac started with his insertion again. Judy felt her
insides stretching out around the huge shaft. She teased, waiting for the bulging
cockhead to reach the bottom of her cunt. He was sliding deeper and deeper, driving
down more and more until the blonde wondered if his cock would come out of her
asshole. His balls swung closer until she could feel them brush against her buttocks.
The blonde cried out as Mac tucked his ass under her harder and she felt his heavy
balls swing against her asscheeks. Mac pressed deep again. One heavy ball nestled
against the cheek of her ass. Only then did Judy realize she was feeling the hilt of Mac’s
cock. He was all the way inside her. That idea drove her wild. With effort she wrapped
her arms around his neck again, hugging and kissing him. At the same time Judy
rocked her hips slowly up and down to feel the huge cock digging against her cunt.
Then the big man started fucking her vigorously. Slowly at first, then increasing his
speed, Mac slid his cock in and out of her hole like an oil drill. Hot flashes shot up
from her opened pussy with each downward thrust. Judy cried and laughed and sobbed
as Mac moved his hands to her titties and squeezed the hot flesh like two melons. His
thumbs ran over her stiff nipples. His body hairs sanded across her tender flesh, digging
into every pore of her silken body as he drowned her mouth with his hot spittle.
With a sudden flash of inspiration, Judy clenched her cunt muscles, holding onto his
driving dick when it was three-quarters buried in her. Mac cried out as she tossed her
ass with wild, feverish movements. Mac sounded as if he were strangling. He tore his
mouth off hers and cried out meaningless threats as Judy loosened her cunt. Mac

laughed, then went back to reaming out her cunt again.
"Now, NOW!" Judy cried out.
"Yeah, babe, yeah," Mac whispered hotly in her ear as Judy felt her belly ballooning up
with climax. Her ass was moving like a wild animal. She bit her bottom lip as the
convulsions in her cunt became stronger and stronger. The circle tightened, released,
then tightened again. It closed and chewed at Mac’s cock as the velvety surfaces stroked
him nearer to his orgasm.
"Ohhhh!" Judy cried as she felt herself pushed over the edge. A licking, sucking heat
gouged her cunthps, exploding against her clit as Mac’s cock started pouring out its hot
jizz into her hole. The powerful jets scalded her cuntal walls as more and more cum
packed down in her pussy. Judy thrashed and grunted, dancing her shivering asscheeks
along the mattress as her orgasm devoured her pussy completely. The
painful/pleasurable spasms seemed to last forever as the two of them became entangled
in a sea of thrashing arms and flailing legs.
When it was finally over Mac rolled off the blonde, wrapping his arms tightly around
her waist and throwing his left leg over both of hers. Judy felt a delicious kind of
warmth settling over her body as’ she nestled against the big man’s hot, sweaty,
muscular body.
"Oh, no one’s ever made me feel that good before," Judy said honestly. Even in the best
moments of her marriage, the blonde had never felt her entire body involved in such a
mind-scorching experience.
"Flattery gets you everywhere with me," he said, stroking her titties with his right hand.
For several minutes the two of them lay quietly without saying a word.

"Mac?" Judy finally asked, her mind drifting back to the events in the stationery shop
earlier that day. "What are we going to do about that gang?"
"I’ve talked to the cops. They’re interested in getting ’em, but everybody’s afraid to talk.
We tried arresting them a couple of times, but everybody says there was insufficient
evidence. Those kids were back on the street a couple of hours after they were arrested.
I don’t know. They leave the shop alone when I’m there. But I can’t stay there all the
time," Mac said, rolling over and kissing Judy lightly on the cheeks. The blonde began
having second thoughts about going to work for Evelyn.
"Maybe I can press charges for something and see what happens," Judy suggested.
"That’s crazy," Mac said, peering into her eyes as his hands stroked further down her
belly. "Besides, we can talk about that tomorrow," he said, rolling her back on her ass
as his legs trapped her against the mattress. Judy was amazed. He was about to fuck her


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