The stranger’s name, it turned out, was Toby. "Are you a newcomer around here?" he
asked Alice.
"I’m staying with Chris and Kathy," she replied. She said nothing of Eric, nor of her
sexual relationship with the others.
Toby’s eyebrows lifted. "Chris and Kathy, huh? I thought I recognized the dog. He’s
around their place a lot."
There was something a little peculiar in Toby’s manner, but Alice didn’t pay much
attention. She was too busy struggling back into her clothes, a little embarrassed by the
way Toby was staring at her big tits as she forced them back into her bra. She felt a
certain bond to him because of the lust-filled scene they’d just shared. But he was still
something of a stranger to her.
On the way back to the cabin, Toby invited her to go back to his place with him, for
the afternoon. Alice was tempted, but she was just as anxious to return to her friends at
the cabin. The closer to the cabin they got, the faster Toby talked, as if time was
running out.
Back at the cabin, Alice was surprised to see that Eric’s van was gone. So was Bart and
Ceci’s car. In fact, when she called out, no one but Kathy came to the door. "Where is
everybody?" Alice asked.
"Bart and Ceci had to go back to the city," Kathy replied. "And Chris and Eric took off
for a couple of hours to get some firewood." As she spoke, Kathy eyed Toby
disapprovingly. It was clear to Alice that she didn’t like the man.

She herself was disappointed that the others were gone. She had looked forward to a
resumption of last night’s games. Horniness was a constant condition with Alice. She
began to look with more favor on Toby’s invitation of a visit to his cabin. She told
Kathy she was going to be gone a little while.
Kathy drew her aside. "I don’t like to interfere," she said in a low voice, "but I wouldn’t
go anywhere with that creep if I were you."
"Oh, but he’s really been very nice," Alice protested. She didn’t want to say, right out in
the open, that he also had a nice cock, which she’d sucked while Gus fucked her from
behind. One other factor weighed in her determination to go with Toby. Newly
independent, she was fiercely dedicated to protecting that independence. Kathy’s words
annoyed her a little. It was almost as if she were being ordered not to do something.
So in the end, she walked off down the road with Toby. "I’ll be back in a couple of
hours," she said encouragingly. She was a little sad that Kathy insisted Gus stay behind.
It was a fair walk through the woods to Toby’s cabin. "You know," he told her, "I’ve got
a dog too. A real big one. And from the way he’s always humping people’s legs, I bet
he’d be just as easy to train as that other mutt."
Another fucking dog? Alice didn’t know if she was ready for that. And she didn’t like
the way Toby leered when he said it. She began to see his coarseness, and thought that
maybe Kathy may have had a point. After all, she knew this area a lot better than she
did. But it was too late. They were already at Toby’s cabin. Alice was surprised that
there were so many cars in the yard. "Oh, I’ve got some friends visiting me," Toby said,
which disappointed Alice. At the very least, she had hoped for a quick fuck. With
others present, there wasn’t much chance of that. Or so she thought.

Two young men were sitting at a battered table inside the cabin, drinking wine straight
from a half-gallon jug. "This is Jock," Toby said, pointing to a small stocky man with
sandy hair, "and the other one is Harry." Harry was bigger, but infinitely stupid
The cabin itself was dirty and run-down. It smelled. What was worse, Jock and Harry
reminded Alice of the surfers who had tried to pick her up the night before. She
decided she’d go home as soon as she could gracefully excuse herself. Strange, she
thought, she was now thinking of Chris and Kathy’s cabin as home.
Just then a big, rangy Doberman bounded into the living room. He stopped dead when
he saw Alice, his ears rigidly erect. A low growl rumbled from his throat. Alice slimnk
back, intimidated. She was accustomed to much more friendly dogs. "Shut up!" Toby
yelled, throwing a small pot at the dog, who dodged back out of the way. "That fucker
needs a little learning," he said sourly.
Alice noticed that Toby’s gracious manner had deteriorated now that he was inside the
cabin with his friends.
"Hey… where’d you find the good-looking chick?" Jock asked Toby, leaning back in his
chair, picking his teeth with a splinter of wood he’d just pulled from the chewed-up
Toby’s answer stunned Alice. "I found her in the woods, fucking a big German
shepherd," he said flatly. Alice was horrified. She’d thought of that as their secret. There
was definitely something wrong. She edged toward the door.
"Oh, come on, you fucking liar," Harry scoffed, sounding more than a little drunk,
"you’re putting us on!"

"Uh-uh. And what’s more, she blew me. While the dog was still fucking her. This
babe’s a real hot piece. That’s why I brought her back here. I thought you guys might
be due for a little fun."
Alice had heard enough. These were bad people. She headed for the door, relieved that
none of the men seemed to be trying to stop her. They didn’t need to. "Cutlass!" Toby
called sharply.
The big Doberman moved instantly, bounding toward Alice, cutting her off from the
door. He stood in her way, growling fiercely. Alice slimnk back, staring at his enormous
fangs. She was aware she was in a lot of trouble.
"She blew you, did she?" Jock said thoughtfully. "Just like that?"
"Just like that."
Jock looked over at Alice. She knew what he was going to ask her to do, but what
amazed her most was the absolute coldness in his eyes. He was small, but he looked
like one of the meanest men she’d ever seen.
"Come on over here and suck my cock," Jock said flatly.
"No… please… I don’t want to," Alice said cautiously. "Please… let me go home."
Jock never raised his voice, but his tone was deadly. "Get your ass over here, baby. If I
have to come and get you, you’re gonna regret it."
Alice sensed he meant what he said. She approached hesitantly. Jock pushed his chair
back from the table, so that there was space in front of him. "Kneel down between my

legs," he commanded, spreading his knees apart.
Alice hesitated just long enough to see a gleam of anger in Jock’s eyes. She quickly
knelt down between the stocky man’s outstretched legs.
"Now… unzip my fly and take my cock out." Alice noticed her hands were trembling as
she reached forward and clumsily unzipped Jock’s fly. She realized now that there was
probably no way out for her except to suck Jock’s cock. She might even have to fuck
these suddenly awful men Oh well… as long as they didn’t hurt her, she could stand
being fucked even if she didn’t want to. She reached into Jock’s pants and rummaged
around inside for his cock.
It wasn’t hard to find. It was already growing hard. With a little difficulty, she pulled it
out into the open. It quickly grew in her fingers. A surprisingly big cock for such a
short man, long and thick, with a huge, helmet-shaped head. It thrust through the
circle of her fingers like the handle of a hand axe.
Alice started tugging on the big prick. Maybe she’d be lucky and Jock would cum in her
hand. She didn’t want to suck his cock. The idea repelled her.
For just an instant she thought she might get her way. Jock’s face contorted with
pleasure as she pumped on his cock. Then he seemed to pull himself together. "I said I
wanted you to suck it, bitch!" he snapped. "Not jack me off!"
Gulping, Alice leaned forward. She brought her mouth right up to the swollen tip of
Jock’s cock, but had difficulty making herself actually put it in her mouth. Jock helped
her. Suddenly putting one hand behind her head, he pulled her forward. Her lips
mashed against the rubbery end of his cock. It was either open up or get her lips
bruised. Jock made certain she opened her mouth by pinching her nostrils shut so Alice

couldn’t breathe. Her mouth gaped open. A moment later it was full of the acrid taste
of cock. Jock’s big organ pounded inside, gagging her as it struck against the back of
her throat.
"Now suck," Jock said menacingly. Alice stared down the short section of cock still
outside her mouth. Jock’s public hairs tickled her nose. She was angry. She wished she
had the courage to bite down on the big prick in her mouth. But she had no doubt
she’d suffer very badly for it.
She started sucking. "Aaaaahhhh… feels real good," Jock sighed, leaning back in the
chair. "Maybe you’re right, Toby. Maybe this bitch did suck you off in the woods."
Alice was totally humiliated as she puffed and sucked on Jock’s unwanted prick. But
further humiliation lay ahead. She heard a chair scrape. Flicking her eyes to the side,
she saw that Harry had gotten up. "Looks like she’s got a pretty n ice body," he said, his
voice slightly slurred with drink. But he seemed steady enough on his feet as he came
over to the girl. "Let’s take a look," he said, and now his voice held an edge of
Reaching around underneath Alice’s bent-over body, he began unbuttoning her blouse.
But his fingers fumbled on the buttons. "Fucking things!" he cursed in a sudden rage.
Before Alice knew what he was doing, he’d torn the blouse from her. She could hardly
believe it as she heard the fabric tear.
He was more successful with her brassiere hooks. With a small grunt of triumph, he
pulled Alice’s bra off, leaving her naked to the waist.
"Nice tits," the humiliated girl heard him say. A moment later his meaty hands were on
her tits, reaching around underneath her body to fondle the big jugs, none too gently.

What really humiliated Alice was that she could feel her nipples hardening. They didn’t
seem to need any permission from her. "God! Are they ever solid!" Harry grunted.
"This babe is really built!"
Jock suddenly intervened. "Hey! The upper half of hers mine!" he insisted. "Stay on
your own ground!"
There was a short bitter argument, with Alice faithfully sucking Jock’s cock in the
meantime. She was afraid to stop, but the thought of these horrible men arguing over
her body as if it was a side of beef sickened her. She wished Jock would cum and get it
over with. His dammed cock was half-choking her.
Jock leaned forward to claim his prize. His fingers slipped under Alice’s shoulders,
toying with the tits Harry had been fondling.
Harry began work in his own territory. He ripped loose the waistband of Alice’s skirt,
pulling it down around her knees. Her panties followed. She didn’t think he’d be able
to get them completely off her, but Harry proved to be unbelievably strong. He picked
her up by the waist as he scooped the garments from her legs. She hung in the air,
pinioned at the mouth by Jock’s prick, which lanced deep into her face.
Harry let the stunned girl thump down on her knees again. She heard him kneeling
behind her. She steeled herself for what she knew was coming, but it was still a shock
when she felt his fingers pawing at her unprotected cunt.
"Jesus! She’s dripping wet!" Harry mumbled as his fingers dipped into her slit.
"Yeah… full of dog cum," Toby said. "I told you I caught her fucking a German

"Aw, don’t give me that shit! More likely you fucked her yourself. There is one hell of a
fucking lot of goo here, though!"
Which made it all the easier for the big man to work his totally unwanted fingers up
into Alice’s pussy hole. With revulsion, she felt her pussy lips being pushed aside. A
moment later her twat was full of Harry’s thick, long finger. He began to slowly finger-
fuck her. "Nice and fucking tight," he muttered. "She’s gonna be a good fuck!"
Alice thought she was going to be fucked right then, with Harry fucking her from
behind while Jock came in her mouth. Like a repeat of her scene with Gus and Toby,
only this time against her will.
But she was saved from the immediate intrusion of Harry’s cock into her cunt when a
fierce argument broke out between Harry and Toby. "You calling me a liar?" Toby
yelled. "I said I caught her fucking a dog and I’m sticking with it!"
"Aaahhh, quit jiving me," Harry sneered. The argument went on, arid so did Harry’s
finger, moving in and out of Alice’s cunt. It was soon joined by a second. Harry’s
fingers were so big that they felt like a cock moving in and out of her vagina. To Alice’s
horror, they began to feel good! She had to keep fighting down an urge to shove her ass
backward in an attempt to entice those fingers further up into her suddenly responding
cunt. But that was just too humiliating to contemplate. It was one thing to be the
helpless victim of these horrible men, but if her body were to betray her, if she were to
actually take pleasure in it…
Fortunately, or unfortunately, Jock provided a distraction. His cock began to swell in
Alice’s mouth. "Oh, Jeez! I’m gonna cum!" the little man wheezed. He sat up straight,
abandoning Alice’s tits. His hands grabbed the sides of her head. He began moving her

head up and down in his lip, fucking her mouth the full length of his massively swollen
Alice gagged and choked, but there was nothing she could do about it, except fight to
open her throat so she could breathe. She was finally successful, and Jock’s broad
cockhead slipped down her throat. Each time he pulled her head down now, all of his
cock disappeared into her mouth.
"God, look at that broad gobble cock!" Toby said, forgetting his argument with Harry.
Harry craned his neck around, his fingers quiet for the moment up inside Alice’s cunt.
A sudden rush of sperm into her throat gagged Alice. Jock was cumming at last. Alice
started sucking hard as she fought to swallow every drop of the hated little man’s
sperm. It was that or choke. Still, a little leaked back out where her lips were stretched
so thinly around the base of his pulsing cock.
Harry’s fingers grew more active up inside the panting girl’s cunt. She shuddered, with
pleasure as much as with revulsion. Oh God, Harry’s fingers were beginning to drive
her wild!
Jock pulled his cock out of her mouth without any preamble. One last gush, spouting
from the swollen, saliva-shiny tip, sprayed over one cheek. Self-consciously, the girl
reached up a hand and wiped it away.
Harry was still finger-fucking her from behind. A hot dreamy look stole over the girl’s
face. She rocked slowly back and forth on her hands and knees, not actually fucking
back against Harry’s hand, but not exactly fighting, either. She knew if he kept up what
he was doing, she’d eventually cum. The thought made her feel ashamed, the thought
that her body could betray her that way, make her respond to vicious men like this, but

there seemed to be nothing she could do about it.
Suddenly Harry pulled his finger out of her cunt. Alice, to her further embarrassment,
was a little disappointed. But then Harry’s next words sent a riot of conflicting
emotions racing through her abused body. "The hell with this handwork," Harry
grunted. "I’m gonna fuck this chick. Shove my cock up her twat. This broad’s cunt was
made for cock!"
Alice resigned herself to an unwanted fuck. Or was it really all that unwanted? Her
cunt throbbed hotly, fully aroused by Harry’s rough but enthusiastic finger work. She
meekly rolled over on her back on the cleanest place she could find, a blanket carelessly
thrown down on the littered floor. Looking up, she saw Harry undressing. She had to
admit, he had a really nice body. He was muscular, broad-chested, and slim-hipped.
Her eyes widened when he pulled off his shorts. What a cock! Big enough to match the
rest of his powerful body, and already erect, jerking out from the waistband of his
shorts as he pulled them down, dancing and swaying, jutting out from his lean
muscular belly.
Alice swallowed nervously. It was really going to be something when he shoved that
huge cock up her simmering cunt. She was really going to have to fight to keep from
going out of her head with passion. She hoped she’d have the guts to deny these
animals the chance to see her respond to what could only be called rape. Sighing, Alice
spread her legs wide as Harry moved toward her.
"Hey… look! I think she want it!" Harry guffawed. "Look at that sweet little pie, all wet
and ready for old Harry’s cock!"
Alice blushed, but made no move. When was the crude slob going to get it over with?

When was he finally going to shove his cock up her twat and pump her full of his cum?
Harry lowered himself over the girl’s splayed-out body. "You want this, don’t you?"
Harry leered down at her. He squeezed his cock gently with one hand. Alice saw a
single gleaming drop of pre-cum well up in the slitted end of the big man’s prick. It
hung for a moment, like a liquid jewel, then slowly dripped down in a long sticky
string. Alice licked her lips. Harry sure had one hell of a cock!
She watched him crowd in between her legs, kneeling. He moved the bloated tip of his
cock until it brushed her cunt lips. Alice felt her body flinch. But not away from the
advancing prick. Toward it!
"I told you she wants it!" Harry crowed. He worked the huge head of his cock in
between Alice’s plump pussy lips. She had to bite down on her lower lip to keep from
moaning with pleasure as she felt the rubbery organ slide up and down her sensitive
slit. She twitched again when it rubbed over her throbbingly awake clit. Her whole
body tensed as Harry’s hips ground slowly forward, ready to drive his big prick up into
her treacherously eager cunt.
But Harry suddenly drew back. Almost with a sense of dismay, Alice felt his cock
retreating from her simmering pussy hole. Her hips tried to strain upward, to trap the
end of Harry’s teasing prick. But she managed to fight down the temptation.
Harry shoved forward again. Alice gritted her teeth as the first inch or two of her cunt
channel filled with hard hot cock. God, but it felt good! How come she got turned on
even when she didn’t want to be turned on?
Once again Harry started to withdraw his cock. Alice could no longer fight the burning
need that was torturing her steaming cunt. "Oooohhhh… please!" she sobbed

shamelessly. "Don’t torture me!" Her hips twitched upward, driving her cunt after the
slowly retreating cock.
"Hah! What’d I tell ya?" Harry bellowed. "The cunt wants it! She wants old Harry’s
cock up her hot little snatch!" Alice was too humiliated to reply. But she knew he was
right. She did indeed want his cock. As teased and tormented as her cunt was, it would
have accepted just about any cock.
Harry’s face suddenly darkened with lust. "Okay, cunt!" he growled. "You wanted it…
you’re gonna get it!"
He instantly rammed his hips forward. His entire cock thundered up into Alice’s twat.
"Uuummmppphhhh!" she grunted, not because it hurt, but because being filled so
suddenly with so many thick, hot inches of steaming cock knocked the breath from her.
Not even pretending any more, she started moaning, rocking her hips up to meet
Harry’s cock as he began fucking into its slick wet depths.
"God, look at the bitch go!" Jock babbled, dancing eagerly around the couple on the
floor as his buddy’s huge cock thundered in and out of Alice’s cunt. She managed to
keep fairly silent in an attempt to salvage as much of her pride as possible, but there
was nothing she could do to hold her body still. It writhed with pleasure, automatically
bucking upwards as her cunt sought to be filled with as much of Harry’s hotly thrusting
cock as possible.
"Jesus! I want at them tits!" Harry panted. "I want to look at this hot little cunt while I
fuck her!"
Without warning, he suddenly turned over, taking Alice with him. She gasped as she
found herself sitting astride the big man, his cock lancing up into her twat from below.

Almost instantly Harry started pawing her tits. He even managed to suck one rock-hard
nipple deep into his mouth, craning his neck forward.
But Harry wanted more. "Come on… fuck!" he ordered. Placing his hands underneath
the girl’s asscheeks, he encouraged them to bob up and down. Alice lost the last of her
self-control. She saw that the only way she was going to be able to get that mammoth
prick moving in and out of her throbbing cunt again was to do it herself. She began
slamming her ass up and down, sliding her cunt the full length of Harry’s swollen cock.
"Oooohhhh…" she moaned shamelessly. "Ooooohhhhh… aaaahhh hhhhh…" Lost in the
delights of feeling Harry’s big cock plowing all the way up to the far end of her
quivering vagina, eager now for an orgasm, Alice barely heard the flurry of movement
behind her. Suddenly, without warning, she felt a heavy, furry weight descend on her
back. It drove her forward, until her tits mashed against Harry’s chest. As he fucked up
into her cunt from below, her ass was shoved higher than her head.
"Hey! What’s happening?" Harry blurted. Toby’s laughing, mocking voice came from
behind Alice. "You wouldn’t believe me when I told you I found this cunt fucking a
dog. Well… now you re gonna find out first-hand! I’m getting Cutlass ready to hump
Alice suddenly realized it was the big Doberman’s weight on her back that was forcing
her downward. He had mounted her, the way Gus had! Toby must have encouraged
him! Oh God! She was going to get fucked by a dog again!
It was another couple of seconds until the most obvious difficulty entered her
thoroughly confused mind. "But… but he can’t!" she blurted. "Harry’s cock is already in
my cunt. How can…" Toby’s cruel laugh cut her off. "That ain’t the only hole, baby."

Alice began to struggle, her eyes bulging with fear. "No! No, you can’t mean that!" she
wailed. "You won’t let him fuck me in the asshole! He… He’ll split me in two!
But it was already too late. For the second time in her life, Alice felt a dog’s tapered,
needle-pointed cock slithering in between her thighs. She fought to break free of her
suddenly vulnerable position, to writhe her ass out of the way before her quailing
asshole was invaded by Cutlass’s cock. She knew she’d never be able to stand it. The
dog’s prick was just too big, at least as big as Gus’ from the feel of it working toward
her crotch.
But Harry’s powerful arms circled around her upper body, holding her tightly in place.
He seemed to enjoy the new development. "Let’s hear how she howls when she gets her
tight little ass reamed!" he guffawed.
Cutlass’s cock ran into the shaft of Harry’s cock, jutting obscenely from Alice’s cunt.
The long red dog cock slid smoothly along Harry’s thick white rod, led straight toward
her loins. It fed into her asshole like ammunition into the breech of a gun. Slice felt the
needle tip probe from a moment at the fear-puckered opening to her rectum. She
tensed, knowing what would come next.
"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Alice shrieked as the dog humped wildly forward,
burying his cock up inside her guts. Agonizing pain flooded through the horrified girl’s
lower body. She felt like she’d been split in two. She writhed and twisted, trying to fight
free as the dog’s cock pounded again and again up into her cruelly stretched asshole.
But the damage was more apparent that real. Although her sphincter muscles screamed
with pain, nothing tore. Alice finally quit struggling, collapsing on Harry’s brawny

chest. That was the best thing she could have done. When she at last gave up the fight,
her tensed muscles relaxed. Her asshole flowered open to accommodate the dog’s huge
"Oh!" Alice blurted in surprise as she felt Harry and Cutlass finally begin to coordinate
their strokes. Harry’s cock slammed up into her cunt. A fraction of an inch away,
separated inside only by a thin membrane, the dog’s prick kept pace, plowing deep into
her guts. Amazement flooded over Alice’s face. God! it felt… it felt kind of… good!
Alice had never been so stuffed with cock in her life. Her whole lower body was filled
with ceaselessly drumming, hotly sliding prick-meat. Her clit ground down against
Harry’s pubic bone. Her tits mashed into his chest. There was male flesh all around her,
and some fur too. She was intensely aware of Harry’s sweating naked body below,
pressed against her belly, and of the dog’s sleek furry ribs pushing down against her
back. And most of all, of the two huge cocks thundering up into her. For one brief
instant, Alice realized how she must look, sandwiched in between two rutting males,
the one human, the other canine, their cocks lancing up into her cunt and her asshole
from below.
Terror, lust, and relief all combined to overwhelm the girl. She lost her head. All she
dared let herself be aware of was the ecstasy in her overstuffed belly. She went wild with
"Oooohhhhhh…" she groaned. "Shove your wonderful cocks up into my cunt. Cum in
me… hurry up! Cum! Before it’s too late! Cum with me! Cuuuuuummmmmm…" The
girl’s voice died off on a choking moan. "Jesus! Look at her go!" Jock blurted. The girl
was writhing madly in between the two big bodies trapping her. He and Toby caught
sight of paired cocks flashing in and out of her twin passages, each contrasting lewdly

to the other, one thick and white and blue-veined, the other long and scarlet.
"Ooohhhh… Jeeezuuuuzzzz!" they heard Harry bellow. "Her fucking cunt’s eating me
alive! I can feel the Goddamned dog’s cock squirting into her ass! God! I’m cumming!
There was no doubt that the three were cumming together, Harry’s semen boiling up
into the writhing girl’s cunt, the dog’s into her bowels. Thick streams of combined
animal and human cum gushed back out the two cock-stuffed holes, matting over hair
and fur and skin.
Jock got an erection just watching. "Jesus!" he whimpered. "When those two horny
fuckers climb off that hot little babe, I’m gonna rip me off a piece of smoking tail!"
"Not a chance," Toby grunted, pushing the smaller man aside, his cock jutting from his
fly as he massaged the swollen tip. "I’m next. You had yours when she sucked you off."
The two men were arguing fiercely ad the lewdly locked trio on the floor slowly came
untangled. Cutlass hopped down, curling in a surly black heap on the floor to lick his
cock clean. Harry roughly rolled the still-panting girl from on top of him, gasping for
"I tell you… she’s mine next!" Toby was shouting, Alice looked tiredly up from the
floor. "Please… won’t you let me go now?" she cried out.
There was a sudden splintering crash and the door flew open. Heads spun. Eric and
Chris stood in the ruined doorway. "You heard the lady," Eric said in a cold, flat voice,
a voice Alice had never heard him use before. "The lady wants to go home."
A knight in armor wouldn’t have looked any more wonderful to Alice. "Please… get me

out of here!" she pleaded. Then she suddenly realized her two friends were in danger.
Snarling, Jock and Toby and Harry moved toward the door. And of course, there was
Cutlass. "Sick ’em," Toby ordered the rapier-like dog.
"Oh, run… run!" Alice cried out to Chris and Eric as the huge Doberman hurtled
toward them, fangs bared. But she hadn’t counted on another ally. Gus came charging
into the room, huge, with the fur on his shoulders standing up in a ruff. He slammed
into Cutlass, fangs slashing. The Doberman went under in a pile of biting snarling
The men had clear shots at one another now. Harry in front, Toby and his friends
charged the two men in the doorway. Alice flinched as Harry swung a powerful right at
Eric’s head. But Eric sidestepped gracefully. His foot came up quickly, the toe of his
light shoe slamming into Harry’s balls. The big naked man howled, bending forward,
his eyes bulging from his head. Almost casually Eric’s fist smashed into his mouth.
Harry went down in a pile of whimpering, bleeding naked flesh.
Toby made for Chris, swinging viciously. Grinning, Chris danced backward, jabbing
quickly, his left fist cutting Toby’s surprised face. A quick right and Toby was down,
lying like a log, unconscious.
Snarling, the only survivor, Jock scooped a vicious-looking knife from the table. He cut
at Chris, who flinched back. "Let me handle this," Eric said to Chris, stepping forward.
He stood in front of Jock, looking very casual and relaxed. "Put it down," he said
quietly, "and maybe I won’t hurt you.
"I’m gonna cut your guts out," Jock snarled, leaping forward, the knife a glittering arc
as he swung it. Eric moved lightly to one side, barely shifting his weight. Alice held her

breath as the blade skimmed his flesh. His hand followed Jock’s arm, seizing it at last,
following through with the motion, but now twisting Jock’s arm down and back. A
quick jerk, the sickening sound of a breaking bone, drowned in Jock’s high-pitched
scream of anguish and it was over. Eric dropped the whimpering little man on his head.
"It’s over, baby," he said to Alice. "We can go home."
It was indeed over Gus had chased Cutlass from the room. Gus came prancing fiercely
back in, a little slashed around the shoulders but triumphant. Alice looked up at her
three rescuers. "Oh, yes… take me home," she said tiredly, holding out her arms.

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The morning sun spilled down through the pines, dappling the soft springy, needle-
strewn ground. Where it could be seen through the thickly interlaced branches, the sky
was a bright cheerful blue. Fresh, fresh… everything was fresh!
Alice stepped off the porch of the cabin, inhaling ecstatically. Her foot sank into the
resilient bed of pine needles that carpeted the ground. She watched one squirrel chase
another up the trunk of a huge fir tree and down the other side. Jays scolded from the
tree tops. "It’s so beautiful!" she sighed happily.
Alice was in ecstasy. Her body glowed after a night of wild fucking. She’d had every
man at the cabin, Chris fucking her half to death after Eric had fucked her from
behind, then Bart taking his turn. The other two girls, instead of being jealous, had
helped, caressing her tits while their men plowed their big cocks into her steaming
cunt. "Helping initiate you a little," was the way Kathy had put it.
The others were still asleep. But sensing the morning blossoming outside, Alice had
quickly dressed and slipped out the side door. She was glad she had. The beauty of the
morning made a perfect complement to the sensuousness of the night. She decided to
go for a walk.
Alice got about a quarter of a mile down a leafyedged path before she got the definite
idea she was being followed. Not an idea, actually, more of a feeling. She walked on a
little faster. Then she heard a rustling in the brush off to one side. Alice turned, one
hand held against her mouth, her breath catching in her throat. Suddenly a hairy body
hurtled out of the brush onto the path, heading straight for her.
"Gus!" Alice said, laughing with relief. The big German shepherd instantly jumped up

and began licking her face. "Stop it! Stop it!" Alice said, laughing. Then she stopped
laughing as she remembered what that same tongue had done to Ceci’s tits and cunt
the night before. And then, later, how the dog had pounded his canine cock ruthlessly
up the crouching young girl’s shamelessly eager cunt.
Remembering how wildly the dog had fucked Ceci, Alice suddenly felt a little
uncomfortable in his company. She nervously looked for signs of his animal horniness.
But this morning Gus was all dog, darting off down the path, snuffling the pine-scented
ground, looking back from time to time as if encouraging her to come along with him
for a walk.
Shrugging, Alice followed the big animal. Somehow, in this bright beautiful morning,
the panting moaning scenes of last night’s orgy seemed only a vague memory. Gus was
only a dog, a fine companion for a morning’s stroll. Humming cheerfully, Alice set off
down the path, deeper into the woods.
She was glad she had had the guts to ask Eric if she could come up here with him.
What a change from the cramped life she’d led with Tom down in the city, getting him
his breakfast every morning so he could go off to the job he hated. Wait, that wasn’t
true. He didn’t hate his job, actually, he tolerated it, mildly despised it, which was even
worse. A symbol of the pointlessness of their city existence. Too bad they hadn’t had a
chance at living like Kathy and Chris lived. Maybe their life together might have held
more promise.
Alice thought about Eric. She decided she liked him a lot. Sure, he was older, but there
was a kind of timeless curiosity about him that seemed to make life new and interesting
when he was around. How nice to be able to travel around like he did in his van,
visiting friends like Chris and Kathy, on top of their mountain. She wondered how he

made his living.
The morning was getting a little warmer. Alice had been following the dog uphill for
about a mile. She was hot and a little winded. So when the path broke out into a little
clearing, she was ready to rest awhile. Gratefully she sank down onto a little patch of
soft turf. Gus continued on a few yards and then sensed he was no longer being
followed. He turned his head and stared inquisitively back at Alice. She had to laugh.
He looked so much like a small child, urging on a slow and lazy parent.
When the dog was convinced that the girl wasn’t going on, he came back and lay down
beside her. The way he turned his eyes upward as his big head rested between his paws
was an obvious invitation for Alice to scratch his head.
But she hesitated. After watching the dog in action last night, fucking Ceci, she was a
little afraid of touching him. But he looked so harmless now, just a big overgrown pup
begging for attention. She reached out and started scratching his ears. Once again an
almost suffering look of bliss swept over the dog’s big features. His tail beat the ground
Eventually Alice grew tired of rubbing. She lay back and drowsed a little, vaguely
looking in the dog’s direction. He rolled over on his side and began to scratch
vigorously. Then, to her surprise, he began to lick his belly, grooming the sleek short
fur. Her eyes opened a little wider as his tongue moved up over the ridged pouch
housing his cock. As he licked, Alice thought she saw the pouch stir a little. Then her
eyes shot wide open. She saw a gleam of red flesh! The tip of the dog’s cock was
sticking about a quarter of an inch out into the open!
Alice sat up nervously. The whole incredible scene from last night flashed across her

mind, Gus hotly fucking Ceci as she whined and moaned with pleasure, as she
crouched in front of the wildly humping animal, his huge red cock flashing in and out
of her hotly sucking cunt.
The dog stopped licking. The tapered tip of his well-remembered cock slid back up out
of sight into his belly. He looked placidly up at Alice, seeming just like any ordinary
dog. But he wasn’t. She knew that now. Uh-uh, not ordinary at all. He was a dog that
liked fucking women.
But then Alice began to think. What if Gus wasn’t all that out of the ordinary? What if
male dogs in general could be trained to fuck women? She remembered how Kathy had
helped the animal last night, when it didn’t seem quite sure where to ram its ready
cock. Yeah. Maybe dogs in general had the capability.
Alice giggled a little, trying to imagine what it would be like to do the training. Then
her giggles stopped, replaced by a hot flush. All of a sudden she was imagining Gus’
huge cock shoved up her own cunt. God, how would it feel? His prick was so huge! She
remembered the look of absolute wild ecstasy on Ceci’s face while the animal had been
fucking her. Would it… would it feel that good up her own cunt?
Suddenly Alice was very excited. She realized she had a genuine fucking machine lying
on the soft grass right next to her. Her cunt seethed and throbbed, not actually to be
fucked, but with wild forbidden yearnings. Alice knew she wanted to see Gus’ cock
again. She wanted to touch it, to feel what it was like. She remembered how enamoured
Kathy had been of Gus’ prick while she stroked it to hardness, how she had marveled at
its diamond-hard texture.
Alice knew she’d probably be better off if she just got up and went quietly back to the

cabin. But here was Gus, lying next to her, on his side, his penis sheath clearly visible.
Almost as if they had a will of their own, her fingers reached out and closed around
that soft hairy protuberance.
It was soft. Softer than she’d expected. Gus’ big brown eyes looked up at the girl
questioningly as she started slowly massaging his prick. "Roll over on your back," the
girl hissed at the dog. She had to push a little, but soon he was on his back, looking
slightly ridiculous with his legs in the air. She didn’t care. She had eyes only for his
prick. She began to massage more quickly.
Gus’ eyes grew a little hotter and brighter. One of his rear legs began to twitch
rhythmically. Then, to her delight, Alice felt a core of hardness growing inside the dog’s
hairy penis cover. It was starting to grow!
Alice pumped harder and harder. Then she got her reward. A glimpse of scarlet again
as the needle tip of the dog’s cock slipped out into the open. It brushed the heel of her
hand. She thrilled to its hot slippery touch. Harder and harder her hands worked. She
moved one lower, so that it cradled the hairy pouch of the dog’s big balls. Gus seemed
to be getting more and more excited. Inch by inch his cock slid into the open,
thickening fast, until over half a foot of glistening red dog cock jutted from beneath his
hairy belly. And it was still growing.
So far, Alice hadn’t yet touched the dog’s naked cock flesh. She decided it was time.
Her slender fingers closed around the glistening scarlet rod. And slippery, coated with
its own lubricant. The skin was smooth and thin, seemingly stretched over a core of
steel. No wonder it had pounded so easily up into Ceci’s cunt! Like a railroad spike
being sledge hammered into soft earth!

Gus whined a little as the girl’s fingers glided hotly over his naked prick. His hips
began to buck a little, just as they had done last night. Alice was entranced. She began
to pump harder. The damned thing was still getting bigger! How had Ceci ever taken
such an immense thing up inside her tight-looking little cunt? Tight-looking hell, it was
tight! Alice had discovered for herself last night, when everyone in the cabin had been
twisted together in a pile of naked lusting flesh. Alice had managed to slip a finger up
Ceci’s juicy cunt, marveling at how tight it was after all the cocks that had been
pounding up into its soft snug depths.
Alice was thinking of all this and more while she pumped on the dog’s cock. Slowly it
began to change shape underneath her fingers. The smoothly tapered tip was slowly
swelling, bloating larger than the shaft. What did that mean? Alice wondered.
A moment later she got her answer. Gus’ balls began twitching and jerking under her
hand. His cock bucked and shuddered. A moment later a thick stream of dog cum shot
out the knob-like tip, jetting through the air. Some of it splattered onto her arms and
face, smeared over the front of her blouse. She didn’t care. She was too fascinated by
watching that huge scarlet rod shoot its hot load into the air. My God! Last night this
same creamy white stuff had been jetting up into Ceci’s cunt! No wonder so much had
gushed back out, running down the backs of Ceci’s quivering thighs. No human cunt
could soak up that much semen!
After a seemingly endless number of spurts, so close together Alice could hardly tell
them apart, the dog’s cock quickly began to shrink. Almost as quickly as he had cum,
the big red organ slipped back home into his belly. The show was over.
But not Alice’s excitement. Watching Gus’ cum boil out the tip of his cock had driven
her nearly wild. She was as hot and as ready as she had been last night, before Eric had

finally shoved his cock up her needing cunt. God, she wished he was here now!
However, she knew of something that was here, something that had made her blood
boil with passion last night while she had watched it at work.
Gus’ tongue! Alice looked around the glade nervously. Nobody in sight. Nor had she
seen anybody during her walk. The woods seemed deserted. Nevertheless, she moved a
little way off the trail, half under a bush. She quickly undressed, then sat back on the
thick grass. "Come here, Gus," she said softly to the dog, who had been studiously
licking his cock clean. Good! Maybe some of his cum would still be on his tongue when
Alice got him to lick her twat!
Because that’s what she meant to do. How sexy it was, to be naked, out here in the
open, getting ready to encourage a brute animal to lap her snatch! The grass pricked
against her naked ass. The wind caressed her bare tits, making the nipple s pucker
harder. Her cunt needed no encouragement at all. Knowing what was going to happen
to it, it smoldered and simmered with hunger and expectation.
Gus looked up and saw the naked girl. His eyes lit up with a slight flicker of
comprehension, or at least Alice thought so. He got lazily to his feet and ambled over to
Alice. "Go ahead… take your time," Alice said nervously. "After all, you’ve already got it
off. But I haven’t! Ooohhhhh… my cunt’s so horny!"
It proved to be a lot easier than it had last night, between Ceci and the dog. He’d been
reminded of the taste of cunt juice. He quickly picked up the rich smell emanating from
Alice’s cunt. His nose started twitching eagerly.. Alice propped herself up on her
elbows, staring down at her cunt as she helpfully spread her legs. The dog crowded in
between her thighs, his head dipping down toward her crotch. Alice tensed, waiting for

the first hot touch of that marvelous tongue.
But what she got was the freezing wet cold of his shiny black nose, as it stabbed
inquisitively into the wet warm flesh of her cunt. "Yaaaiiii!" Alice yelped, flinching
away. Gus looked up, alarmed. For a moment Alice thought he was going to back away.
"Oh, no… good doggie… that’s a good doggie," she said quickly. "Go ahead… lick
Alice’s cunt. She wants it soooooo much!"
Encouraged, the dog lowered his head again. This time he kept his nose about an inch
away. Instead, his huge tongue snaked out, slithering out over Alice’s pussy lips.
The feeling was so intense she fell onto her back. "Oooohhhhh," she moaned, taken by
surprise. "Oh, my God it’s good!"
The next few minutes were a jumble of wild sensations to the panting girl. Gus’ tongue
dug deeper and deeper into her cunt, one hot stroke after another. She felt it forcing
her cunt lips apart, searing into her sensitive slit. Her clit began to swell until it felt as
big as a ping-pong ball. Every time the dog’s tongue touched it, Alice felt like the wildly
sensitive little knob was going to explode.
She managed to sit up for a little while, watching as the dog’s tongue started each
stroke way down between her trembling ass cheeks, deep in her crack, slithering up
past her shuddering asshole, past her seeping pussy pit, up the full length of her
gushing slit until at last it trailed hotly over her achingly hard clit.
Alice wondered why she wasn’t cumming. Or maybe she had been cumming since the
dog started licking her twat. She couldn’t tell, it all felt so wonderful. But what she did
know was that some super-orgasm seemed to be building somewhere up inside her
trembling belly. She knew it was going to be the orgasm to end all orgasms. She waited,

tense, praying for it to break, every nerve in her body screaming for it. She tensed,
waiting… waiting… it was so close…" And then… nothing, Gus abruptly stopped licking
her cunt. Alice looked down in horror. The big animal was backing slowly from
between her outstretched legs, a strange look on his face.
"No! No, don’t stop now!" Alice pleaded with the big animal. "I was so close! So close…
just a few more swipes of that wonderful tongue."
But no matter how much Alice pleaded, she couldn’t coax the dog’s tongue back into
her slit. Then she saw why. As Gus backed away, he turned his body slightly to the
side. That’s when Alice saw it, beneath his body, dangling long, heavy, and red.
The dog had another erection.
"Oh my God!" Alice blurted. She hadn’t realized Gus would be able to get it up again
so quickly. She stared fixedly at his huge red probe. Gus was whining a little, looking
anxiously in her direction. It took her a minute to realize the significance of his
behavior, but then, in one blinding flash of insight, she understood. Gus wanted to fuck
Alice found she could hardly breathe. Now she knew all those mighty inches of dog
cock were meant for her. Gus had obviously learned a lot last night, when he’d climbed
Ceci’s sleek round buttocks and pounded his bone-hard cock up into her eager twat. He
was ready again, but this time it was Alice’s cunt that was the target.
"Uh-uh," Alice muttered, shrinking away. She couldn’t do a thing like that. She
couldn’t let a brute animal fuck her… could she? Her cunt twitched, and Alice realized
it was twitching with sexual hunger. Even if her mind was saying no, her body was
remembering the wild way Ceci had responded to the dog’s cock last night. "Face it,

Alice," the girl murmured to herself. "Why else were you playing with Gus’ cock. You
want him to fuck you!"
Even as she said the words, Alice’s body melted with desire. Oh God, yes! She wanted
that huge red cock up inside her cunt! She wanted to be fucked by a dog! She wanted
to have her pussy lips spread apart by Gus’ huge cock!
And not just because it would feel good. The very forbiddenness, the depravity of being
fucked by an animal, was turning her body into a seething sea of lust. In her mind was
a vivid image of what she would look’ like, crouched on all fours like a bitch in heat
while Gus mounted her from behind, ready to drive his mammoth cock up into her
shamelessly offered cunt.
"I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t!" Alice whimpered, even while she rolled over onto all fours,
her shapely naked ass pointed back toward the dog.
She couldn’t bring herself to encourage the dog to fuck her. But she didn’t need to.
With last night and Ceci’s tight cunt fresh in his memory, one look at the kneeling
Alice’s back-thrust ass was enough. The big dog pranced forward, his stiff cock dancing
and jerking obscenely underneath his lean powerful body. He sniffed once at the girl’s
pussy, which pooched back between her trembling thighs. He licked a couple of times,
his wet tongue plastering the girl’s blonde pussy hair out of t he way. Her slit
beckoned, a pink gash, bubbling with sex juice. The pit of her pussy hole gaped open a
little, ready and waiting for the animal’s big cock.
Gus mounted the crouching girl’s buttocks in one smooth motion. His forelegs clamped
tightly around her waist. His rear legs shuffled in closer, shoving his cock against Alice’s

Then the dog lost it a little. He couldn’t find her pussy hole. He started humping hard
against the back of one thigh, his sharp tipped cock digging into the soft flesh. Alice
squealed with alarm, not because he was hurting her, but because she was afraid the
dog would cum without ever having shoved his steel-hard prick up into her waiting
Because, now that she had decided to go ahead and let the dog fuck her, Alice was
desperate to feel his huge prick up inside her cunt. Her ass waved back wildly, trying to
position her pussy hole so that it would catch the dog’s drumming prick.
Finally, remembering how Kathy had hand-fed Gus’ prick up into Ceci’s equally elusive
hole, Alice reached back beneath her body with one hand. Her cool fingers closed
around the dog’s cock, making him yip with surprise. Once again Alice marveled at
how hard the dog’s cock was. She didn’t dare think about its size. She’d never have
enough courage to let him fuck her if she dwelt on how impossible it seemed to have
such an enormous cock shoved up into her tight little snatch.
After a lot of one-handed balancing, Alice finally managed to guide the tip of Gus’s
cock up to her hungry slit. Even then, it slid crazily up and down the slippery, heated
channel, until at last the tapering end caught briefly at the opening to her vagina.
That was all it took. As soon as he felt a hole in front of his roving prick, Gus started
fucking wildly forward. His cock slammed up into Alice’s unprepared cunt as
mercilessly as it had into Ceci’s.
"Aaaaaggggghhhhhh!" Alice shrieked. It felt as if someone had shoved the handle of a
baseball bat straight up her twat. The iron hardness of Gus’ huge prick bruised the
sensitive walls of her pussy hole, digging deep, holding in her for a moment, then

slithering back out as the dog got ready for another mad thrust.
"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh…" Alice grunted, each time the dog’s cock slammed deep into her
cunt. His loins hammered against her ass cheeks with machine gun speed. Fortunately,
he was fucking her so fast she didn’t have time to be afraid. If she had, she might have
tensed up so much the animal’s huge, unyielding prick might have hurt her badly.
Alice was amazed by how stuffed with cock her cunt was. It hurt, it hurt quite a lot, she
was aware of that. But the pain receded into the background, driven from her mind by
the wonder of knowing she was actually being fucked by an animal. She remembered
how Ceci had looked last night, crouched on the rug, trying to brace herself as Gus
loomed above her, hammering his cock deep into her protesting cunt. She herself must
look that way now. She wondered how her face looked, if it looked foolish or ecstatic,
happy or twisted with pain. But what did all that matter? All that was beginning to
matter to Alice was the feel of Gus’ plundering cock up inside her throbbing cunt.
Because it was beginning to feel good. Pure, unalloyed good. No other cock had ever
reached so far up into Alice’s quivering vagina. It felt so different. Its tapering shape
and slick skin helped it slide in easily. Each inch the big red prick pounded up into
Alice’s cunt, the wider the shaft got. She felt herself being progressively opened up, her
cunt lips stretching wide to make room for the base of the huge probe.
"Oh, fuck me, you great big beautiful animal!" Alice panted. "Shove your cock into my
belly. Make me howl. Make me cum!"
Gus was doing his best, humping madly, his rear feet digging into the grass. His
forelegs jerked the girl back toward his drumming loins. His cock sank again and again
into her simmering twat, his hairy balls swinging forward at the end of each stroke to

slap into her pussy slit, against her clit, adding to the ecstasy shuddering through her
dog-fucked body.
Alice tried to imagine how she must look, out here in the open, stark naked like a
woodland nymph, crouched on all fours in front of a rutting beast. What a thoroughly
pagan idea, the maiden ravished by the brute animal. So incredibly, forbiddingly sexy!
The orgasm that had eluded Alice when Gus was licking her snatch was on its way
back. She could feel the pressure building in her belly. She knew another few thrusts
might do it. But she wanted to make sure Gus came too, filled her cunt with his lewd
animal semen when she herself reached orgasm. "Ooohhhh… hurry up and cum in me,
you beautiful brute!" she panted. "I want to feel your cum squirt up into my cunt!"
Alice had been staring down at the ground in front of her, the better to balance herself.
Suddenly, to her amazement, she could have sworn she was looking at a pair of trouser-
clad knees, sinking down into the grass right in front of her. She shook her head.
But when she blinked and opened her eyes again, the knees were still there. Her head
jerked up. Now she found herself staring head-on at a swollen cock, jutting from an
open fly.
"Oh!" she yelped. There was a man kneeling in front of her! Alice’s eyes jerked up to
an unfamiliar grinning face. She saw a young man, maybe in his middle or late
twenties. He was slowly massaging the naked cock that jutted from the front of his
Once the shock was over, Alice tried to scramble to her feet. But Gus wasn’t about to
let her go. His powerful forelegs, wrapped so tightly around her waist, held her easily in

place. The man reached out, holding her head down. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she
whimpered over and over again. How terrible! To be caught in the act, fucking a dog!
"Hey! Hey… relax!" the man said. She knew he was trying to make his voice reassuring,
but it didn’t help. "Go away! Please go away!" she sobbed. But the man stayed put.
"Don’t get upset, honey," he said. "I just want you to suck my cock."
"Huh?" Alice stared up at the young man. Was this really happening? She knew she
didn’t want him here, but what could she do? Gus obviously wasn’t going to stop
fucking her until he’d shot his load up into her cunt. Nor did she want him to, really.
Why didn’t the man just go away?
Then Gus started fucking even harder. His cock raced far up into her cunt. It felt so
good the girl was stunned. Her eyes glazed. "Ooohhhhh," she moaned helplessly. She
felt something soft brush over her lips. It wasn’t easy, but she managed to focus her
eyes a little. She found herself staring down the length of the stranger’s cock. The tip of
it was pressing against her mouth. "Come on… come on… open your mouth! Suck my
prick!" the man urged her.
Why not? What was to stop her from sucking his cock into her mouth? Cock… cock
everywhere, dog cock up her cunt, man cock in her mouth. Why not go all the way? It
was a turn-on really, to have this stranger show up while she was shamelessly fucking
the dog and then shove his cock in her mouth. Why not be completely shameless?
Alice’s lips parted slowly. The head of the man’s cock slowly sank past them. The girl’s
lips stretched, ovaling around the bloated shaft. More and more cock disappeared into
her mouth, until she felt the spongy tip press against the back of her throat. She started
sucking then, not wanting him to shove his prick any deeper. She knew she’d choke.

"Oh, Jesus!" she heard the man moan. "Your mouth’s so fucking hot! And soft… like
He began to rock his hips back and forth, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her
hotly sucking mouth. Alice was suddenly glad this was happening. How exciting, to
have this man’s prick in her mouth and Gus’s in her cunt! She felt a little as if she were
suspended between two huge cocks, hanging in the air as they chugged in and out of
the opposite ends of her body.
Each time Gus fucked forward, Alice was jolted onto the stranger’s cock in her mouth.
Both pricks were sliding in so deeply, it seemed as if they would have to meet
somewhere inside her cock-stuffed body.
"Mmmmmmppphhhh… mmmnnnnggggg," Alice moaned around the cock in her
mouth. God, she felt good! Gus’ cock was still slamming deep into her twat. She
rammed her ass back savagely, trapping as much of the huge rod up inside her
simmering twat as she could. She heard the dog yelp. God, she’d heard him yelp like
that before, when he came! Now she realized that his cock felt different up inside her
cunt, fuller, not so slender in the tip. Then she remembered how the needle-shaped tip
had changed just before Gus came in her hands how the end had swollen so
Gus was getting ready to cum! He was going to fill her cunt with his obscene dog
Alice started sucking madly on the cock in her mouth. When Gus came, she didn’t
want to have to think about anything but the animal prick in her cunt. Her cheeks
hollowed and filled madly as she sucked. Her tongue wrapped around the underside of

the man’s mouth-tapped prick. She managed to reach up and slide one hand into his
open fly. Her fingers curled around his balls, squeezing gently.
"Aaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!" the man moaned loudly. His cock swelled in her mouth. She
knew he was going to cum, just like Gus was going to cum. She wondered what the two
males were thinking. They obviously had to be staring at one another, face to face, over
the length of her sweating, humping back. She tried to imagine the man, looking into
Gus’ hot feral eyes. She could feel the dog’s saliva dripping onto her back, so she knew
his tongue must be hanging out of his mouth.
Then there was no time to think. The cock in her mouth gushed sperm, a thick torrent
of the hot slippery liquid pouring down her throat. Alice swallowed madly, trying to
keep from choking. The man tangled his fingers in her hair. He held her head firmly in
place as he sawed his spouting cock in and out of her mouth. Over the sound of her
own choking and spluttering, she was vaguely aware of his deep moans of pleasure.
Oh, God! Gus was starting to cum too! She could feel his huge cock twitching and
shuddering up inside her cunt! She quickly spit out the stranger’s cock. He was finished
cumming anyhow. Then she turned her face, dripping with cum, and stared back at
Gus. "Come on, you fucking animal!" she squealed. "Cum in me! Fill me with your
animal semen. Squirt it up into my belly!"
As the first burst of the dog’s jism shot into the kneeling girl’s cunt, her own orgasm
rose to meet it. "Aaaaiiiyyyy!" she wailed, bucking and writhing wildly. "Oh God! It
feels so good!" she whimpered. Gus’s cum seemed to be rushing into her cunt in one,
long, never-ending stream. It felt as if it were drilling a smoking hole right up into her
womb. The knobby tip was so far up inside her spasming vagina that it felt as if it were
right under her tits.

The man, who had fallen back on his haunches, panting for breath, the last of his cum
dripping stickily from his quickly shrinking prick, stared at the girl in amazement.
Jesus, he’d really stumbled onto something here! He’d hardly been able to believe it
when he’d come down the path and found a beautiful naked girl crouched on the
ground, panting and moaning while a huge German shepherd fucked into her cunt
from behind.
The irresistible impulse to become a part of such an incredibly lewd scene had
prompted him to fall on his knees in front of her and beg her to suck his cock. Hell, if
she’d refused, he’d have pried her fucking jaws open himself and rammed his throbbing
tool down her throat. There were certain kinds of temptation a man shouldn’t be
expected to resist.
Look at the bitch go! The man stared at the lovely blonde nymph as she wailed and
bucked in front of the humping dog. He moved around to the side, where he could
actually see Gus’ thick red cock chugging in and out of Alice’s tight pink twat. Thick
streams of dog cum ran down the backs of her thighs. Her pussy lips were slippery with
it. His own semen dripped from her chin. He saw the girl’s little pink tongue dart out,
automatically trying to lick her lips clean.
Hot cunt! Who the hell was she anyhow? The dog looked kind of familiar. Jesus, no
point in asking her now. There wasn’t going to be any talking to this hot little number
until she stopped cumming.
Finally Alice fell forward onto her belly, gasping for breath. Gus’ cock, spent now,
slithered easily from her cum-drenched cunt. For a moment Alice was aware of nothing
but the shuddering aftershocks in her cunt as she slowly wound down from her
shattering orgasm. Then she felt a hand pawing at the sides of her tits, another hand

trying to roll her over. "Don’t," she whimpered, remembering the stranger whose cock
she’d so shamelessly sucked.
"Hey… take it easy kid," he said. "We’re old friends now, remember? You just sucked
my cock."
Alice looked up at the man. So much had happened since yesterday that she didn’t
know whether she should be ashamed or pleased by what had just happened. He was
nice-looking enough, regular features and thick curly hair. And he had a nice cock, she
remembered, although it was now out of sight inside his pants. "Who… Who are you?"
Alice finally panted. She realized she didn’t even know the man’s name.

Come join us at



Alice felt her mouth hanging open. She realized she’d forgotten to breathe the last few
seconds. Her breath hissed in sharply. Had she heard right? Could she believe what she
saw? The lovely Ceci down on her knees, making love to a dog?
Or getting ready to. Kathy started clapping her hands delightedly. "Do it for us, Ceci,"
she laughed. "Get Gus to fuck you."
Ceci looked up at Eric. "Would you mind? I mean, after all… he’s your dog."
Eric smiled. "Hell no. Anyhow, it’s good for his nerves."
"Oh, goodie!" Ceci chirped. "Let’s see… where can I do it?" She moved around the
room, beginning to take off her clothes. Alice found herself admiring the other girl’s
body as it was slowly bared to view – small but well-shaped tits, a slender waist,
smooth, shapely thighs, rounded hips and ass, and a sweet little puff of light brown
pussy hair, nested over a tight-looking cunt.
Finally Ceci selected a thick sheepskin rug in the middle of the floor. "Nice and soft,"
she said, sitting down on the rug cross-legged. She turned toward Gus, who was still
standing next to Eric. "C’mere, boy," she called softly. "Come over to Ceci!"
The big dog’s ears pricked up. He looked up questioningly at Eric, Eric nodded, and
Gus trotted eagerly over to Ceci. "That’s my boy," the honey-blonde cooed, rubbing the
animal’s ears. Gus tongue shot out, licking over Ceci’s face. "No!" she spluttered. "I’ve
got something better than that for you to lick. Time to get Ceci nice and hot and wet –
so she can take that big red cock of yours up her tender little twat."
Alice curled further back into her snug nest of cushions. She could hardly believe that

Ceci was going to go through with it. Her own body was undergoing alternating
spasms of cold and heat as she tried to imagine the lovely, delicate young woman sitting
on the rug, giving herself to a brute animal. Part of Alice’s mind told her to get up and
leave, run out of the room. Sex she loved, but the kind of wild, kinky, uninhibited sex
practiced by this odd group of people was a little much for her.
But another part of her mind begged to stay; thrilled with the idea of watching Ceci get
her cunt reamed by a dog’s cock. Alice’s own cunt throbbed and steamed, simmering
from the lewd scenes she’d already witnessed. She decided to stay. No one was paying
her any attention. My eyes were on Ceci and Gus. Half-hidden in her cushions, Alice
felt safe.
Ceci took Gus’ big head in her hands. She tried pulling it down from her face. "Come
on… at least you can lick my tits, you big lug," she said, giggling, But Gus merely
nuzzled the softly jiggling, pink-tipped mounds. He seemed to be both excited and
confused. Eric stepped a little closer. "If you want him to lick your tits," he volunteered,
"rub some pussy juice on them. He loves the smell."
"Good idea," Ceci said. She reached down between her legs. Alice saw the other
woman’s slender fingers dip into her slit, pushing aside the light brown pussy hair.
Alice caught sight of a gleam of shiny wet pink flesh. "Mmmmmnnnnn… I’m getting
wet already," Ceci sighed, running her fingers slowly up and down her clit. Her face
was soft and dreamy.
"Stop playing with yourself and get on with it," Kathy giggled. But Alice noticed it was
a somewhat nervous giggle. Everyone in the room seemed to be a little tense. Alice
realized she was tense as she waited for Ceci to make her next move with the big dog.
Almost regretfully Ceci took her fingers from her pussy slit. They gleamed wetly with

crotch oil. She carefully smeared the glistening juice over her nipples, first the right,
then the left. "Okay, big boy," she said to Gus. "Come and get it."
As a further inducement, she held her fingers right in front of the dog’s nose. His ears
shot up as he snuffled at their fragrant tips. His tongue shot out, licking the rest of the
cuntjuice from Ceci’s fingers. She slowly drew her hand back, toward her tits, until the
dog’s muzzle was only a fraction of an inch from her rosy little nipples.
Gus’ tongue made the transition smoothly, lapping out to splay wetly over Ceci’s
nearest tit. "Oooohhhhhh," the sated girl sighed softly. "My God, that feels good!" Her
eyes were suddenly hot and excited. And her nipples weren’t so little any more. They
quickly swelled, peaking up, darkening with blood.
Alice, as she watched from her safe corner, began to realize how big Gus’ tongue was. It
rippled impossibly far out of his mouth each time he licked Ceci’s quickly swelling tits,
sliding over huge white fangs, Slightly black-bordered around the edges. Long and thick
and hot-looking. She wished she were Ceci. She wished it were her tits feeling the
loving touch of that immense tongue.
Ceci still sat cross-legged, but now her arms were behind her, palms flat on the floor as
she braced her tits forward toward the faithfully licking animal. Her soft little tits
bounced and quivered under the dog’s eager lapping. His tongue sank into the resilient
flesh, distorting it, dragging at the pink-tipped nipples.
But Gus began losing interest. Obviously, he had long ago licked the last of the cunt-
juice from Ceci’s tits. His tongue began to wander, licking at Ceci’s arms and neck,
grazing her face again.
"Getting bored, lover?" Ceci said, her voice hoarse and shaky. "Well… if you liked that,
I’ve got something even better for you to lick."

Ceci parted her legs, drawing her knees up high. Alice saw her cunt gaping a little.
"Suck on that for a while, handsome," Ceci said, trying to force the dog’s head down
toward her crotch.
But the dog seemed confused again. He resisted, and he was strong, as Alice had found
out earlier when she tried to pry his head away from her crotch. "Use more cunt juice,"
Eric called.
"Thanks," Ceci said. Once again her fingers dipped into her slit, coming up with more
fragrant pussy juice. Once again Gus showed immediate interest, his nose eagerly
following Ceci’s dripping fingers.
He was already licking as Ceci moved her fingers back down toward her crotch. When
the dog’s nose was about an inch from the girl’s gaping slit, his ears suddenly stiffened.
He had obviously found the mother lode, the source of the tasty liquid he’d been
lapping from Ceci’s fingers and tits.
His nose immediately buried itself in Ceci’s soft-looking cunt curls. "Yowwww… his
nose’s cold!" Ceci yelped, flinching away.
"Yeah… but his tongue isn’t," Kathy murmured as the animal’s tongue shot out again,
this time flattening out over Ceci’s pussy lips. It obviously was satisfying. Ceci stiffened,
a look of unbelievable bliss lighting up her pretty face. "Ooohh… God!" she whimpered.
"It’s like heaven!"
"Well then, enjoy it, baby," Bart guffawed. "’Cause it’s probably the closest to heaven
you’re ever going to get."
Alice looked up at Bart. Another big, good-looking man. And obviously one with a
cock. She noticed a growing bulge in the front of his pants. He was obviously getting

excited watching his woman make it with the dog. Or maybe it was from watching
Kathy. Alice noticed the black-haired man’s eyes sweeping over Kathy’s lush curves.
"Well… this is close enough," Ceci panted, writhing with pleasure as the dog’s tongue
continued to lash out over her naked cunt. She took him by the ears, trying to guide his
muzzle up and down her saliva-wet slit. But Gus had ideas of his own. He vigorously
shook his head, freeing his ears. Then he turned his head a little to the side to get a
better angle. His tongue lashed out again, this time worming in between Ceci’s plump
pussy lips. He’d found her pussy hole, the gushing well from which so much tasty juice
was flowing. Even from where she was watching, Alice thought she saw the dog actually
shove his tongue a little way up inside Ceci’s vagina.
"Oooohhhhh, God! Ooooohhhh… aaaahhhh… Jesus Christ!" Ceci moaned. She slowly
toppled over backward, obviously no longer able to control her body. Her legs splayed
out to the side, lying flat, her pussy mounding up, wet and furry as the dog’s tongue
continued working up and down her bright pink slit. Ceci writhed and twisted on the
floor. She seemed to be cumming, one sharp wrenching spasm after another shaking
her slight body. In fact, as Alice realized, Ceci seemed to have been cumming almost
from the first touch of the dog’s tongue against her cunt.
"Hey! When you gonna get him to fuck you?" Kathy blurted.
"Yeah… he’s going to get tired soon," Eric warned the girl panting and writhing on the
sheepskin, Gus’ big hairy head buried between her twitching thighs.
"Has… has he got a hard-on?" Ceci managed to gasp.
"Uh-uh… not yet," Kathy said.
"Then how can he fuck me?" It was clear Ceci wasn’t eager to have the dog stop licking

her snatch.
"You just leave that to me," Kathy said. She dropped on her knees next to Gus’ flank.
Reaching underneath his belly, she began rubbing the hairy pouch that housed his
cock. Gus flinched a little, and his eyes swiveled in his head, trying to stare back at the
plump, kneeling girl. But his muzzle stayed glued to Ceci’s cunt.
Alice hardly dared move. Her eyes flicked back and forth between Ceci’s spasming
cunt, and Kathy’s fingers, so busily at work on the dog’s cock.
"I feel it getting harder inside!" Kathy blurted excitedly. Her fingers worked faster.
"There it is!" she yelped. "The tip of his cock!"
Even from where she was sitting, Alice saw the bright red gleam that heralded the
emergence of the dog’s prick. Just a tiny sliver at first, as the tapered tip poked out into
the open. Then a growing shaft of scarlet as the big dog prick slid slowly out of its
protective sheath. God, it was big! And probably not even fully erect yet. Alice looked
dubiously from the huge emerging probe to Ceci’s neat little snatch. Would it fit?
Would Ceci actually go ahead with it?
Alice was so busy watching the lewd scene taking place in the middle of the floor that
she didn’t notice the added weight on the cushions as someone sat down next to her.
"You taking this all right?" a masculine voice said in her ear. "It’s not too much for
Alice’s head swiveled around. Eric was sitting next to her, lounging, rather, on the low
cushions. "N-No… it’s all right," she stammered. She even forgot for the moment that
the man next to her was naked. Compared to what was happening between Ceci and
the dog, mere nakedness was nothing!

She felt Eric move closer. She flinched away a little, wondering how close she wanted to
get to these people. Then she remembered she trusted Eric. Maybe it would be all right
to have him next to her. She felt as if she almost needed someone close. Her body was
beginning to shake, the longer she watched Ceci and Kathy and the dog.
Kathy was eagerly jacking off Gus now, her hand looking small and plump as it glided
up and down the glistening red cock. Gus’ hips were beginning to make little
involuntary jerks, as if he were trying to fuck down into Kathy’s hand. His big canine
face had a foolish look on it, almost a helpless leer as his cock grew and grew. His
tonguing of Ceci’s cunt began to slow, as if he could hardly coordinate the motions.
"It’s hard now!" Kathy said. "Oh, God, is it hard!"
"Okay… okay… I’m ready," Ceci whimpered from the floor. She rolled over suddenly,
her thighs brushing aside the dog’s muzzle. She got up on all fours, still on the shaggy
sheepskin, her ass jutting back toward the dog. Alice stared, open-mouthed. She could
clearly see Ceci’s cunt pooching back between her smooth thighs, two plump cunt lips,
framed by straggling wet pussy fur.
"This turns you on, doesn’t it?" Eric said softly to Alice. She mutely nodded. A moment
later she felt one of Eric’s arms encircle her. She froze, a little afraid to permit any
intimacies at all in this room full of thoroughly uninhibited people. But Eric’s touch
was comforting, and after all, wasn’t this the kind of thing she had been telling herself
she wanted? Wide open sex, with any man she chose? Eric was certainly good-looking
enough. Her eyes flicked over to his nude body. She caught a glimpse of his cock, soft
now down between his thighs. But she remembered how hard it had looked when she
saw it before, lancing up into Kathy’s cunt. Alice managed a smile in Eric’s direction.
Encouraged, he began unbuttoning her blouse. She arched her back a little when he
reached around behind her to unfasten her bra. A moment later she heard his hiss of

admiration when he pulled her bra off and saw her big naked tits.
That made her feel better, more at home. Alice was proud of her tits, and liked it when
men admired them. A moment later Eric’s hands were gliding over the big mounds,
caressing her nipples, making them stiffen with pleasure. She relaxed a little. It really
was a lot nicer to feel a man’s hands on her tits while she watched Ceci and the dog in
front of her. Like she was in a way part of the action.
However, there wasn’t much action yet. Despite his immense hard-on, Gus seemed
confused as to what went next Kathy had let go of his cock. Ceci crouched on the rug
in front of him, her ass waving desperately in the air. "Why isn’t he fucking me?" the
girl wailed. "He did it before!"
"Once. And that was a long time ago," Kathy replied. "I think he needs a little
Kathy led the big animal forward, guiding his nose close to Ceci’s back-thrust cunt.
Rather half-heartily he licked, his tongue slithering up between Ceci’s thighs, caressing
her naked slit. The girl trembled, but whined miserably, "Oh… I’m sick and tired of
cunt-licking, When’s he going to fuck me? Jesus, but I’m horny!"
Alice reflected that if she’d had as much attention paid to her own cunt by Gus’ big
tongue as Ceci had, she’d be horny too. Hell, who was she kidding? She was horny.
Her cunt seethed with need. Now she was glad Eric was next to her. The big man
leaned over, sucking one of her nipples into his mouth. Mmmmmmnnnnn… it felt
good! And now his hand was slipping up underneath her skirt, obviously heading for
her cunt. Alice obediently spread her legs. Why not? Why the hell not? She was a free
agent now, free of Tom’s jealousy. Boldly she reached down underneath her skirt and
pulled off her panties. Eric looked at her in surprise. I bet he doesn’t think I’m so

damned innocent any more, Alice thought delightedly. A moment later she had his
long thick finger up her cunt, digging toward her womb. "Aaaaahhhhhh," the girl
sighed happily.
What a treat to lie there and get finger-fucked while she watched the continuing drama
of Ceci and the dog! Kathy, helpful as usual, was trying to hoist the big animal up onto
Ceci’s back. It was hard going at first, and eventually Bart had to help her. Alice almost
laughed aloud at how foolish Gus looked, his front legs draped sloppily around Ceci’s
slim waist, his rear legs scrabbling through the thick wool of the sheepskin.
But Kathy started jacking the dog off again. Almost immediately the dog’s hips started
jerking forward. All at once he seemed to get the idea. His strong forelegs clamped
commandingly around Ceci’s waist. His rear legs shuffled forward, moving his jerking
cock closer to the girl’s waiting cunt.
But he kept missing, thrusting the huge red organ in the wrong direction. Alice saw the
top of it skid by underneath Ceci’s slightly opened slit, coming away wet with juice, but
still out in the open.
He almost got the crouching girl in the asshole once, the needle-pointed tip of his
scarlet cock catching at the puckered little hole. Ceci twisted away at the last moment,
squealing with fear. "Oh, he’s too big! He’d split me in two!" the girl shuddered.
Alice wasn’t too sure the dog’s cock wouldn’t split Ceci’s cunt in two as well. This close
to that snug little hair pie, the dog’s immense probe looked impossibly large,
particularly when ever helpful Kathy finally took the animal’s cock gingerly in her
fingers and guided the tip up into Ceci’s cuntal opening. Alice saw that pink, ragged
hole forced a little open. It seemed to be stretching already, and Gus’ cock was in less
than an inch.

She was about to turn and ask Eric if he thought it would fit, when Gus, who finally felt
something promisingly wet and warm surrounding the tip of his cock, lunged forward
with his hips. Every mighty inch of that mammoth dog cock whisked up out of sight
into Ceci’s cunt. All at once, no slow entry, no thoughtful tenderness. Wham! And it
was in. And once it was in, Gus started fucking frantically, his hips hunching
powerfully forward, sending his big prick rocketing in and out of the kneeling girl’s
"Aaaauuuuffffff!" Alice heard Ceci grunt. She rocked forward, catching herself on
braced arms as the dog’s loins hammered against her ass. Alice saw her eyes bulge,
probably in shock and pain as her twat was so suddenly filled with hard-thrusting dog
cock. Overfilled was undoubtedly the word, because Alice didn’t see how any woman
could easily take all that huge staff up in her cunt. Certainly not with such brutal speed.
"Oooohhhhh… God!" Ceci moaned. "His cock’s so big! I feel so full of prick inside…
my cunt’s on fire! Ooohhhhh… Aaaaaahhhh!"
"What a hot little piece," Eric hissed. "She really loves to fuck. She’d fuck anything that
could get it up!"
His finger was doing a pretty good job of fucking Alice’s simmering twat. She was
unashamedly panting now, writhing in delight on the cushions. Eric had pulled her
skirt up so he could watch his finger slither in and out of her blond-furred cunt. The
skirt was the only item of clothing she was still wearing, and it was bunched around her
waist like a wide, wrinkled belt, leaving her loins bare.
Alice felt something hard and hot digging into her thigh. She saw that it was Eric’s
cock, quickly hardening again. She impulsively reached down, wrapping her fingers
around the rubbery rod. "Feels good," Eric moaned. "God, I’m glad I pick up

Alice laughed delightedly. Then her eyes darkened to a deep cobalt blue, almost a
purple. "Aren’t you going to fuck me?" she whispered anxiously.
"God! You bet your gorgeous little ass!" Eric answered. He started to move between her
legs. But Alice stopped him, surprising even herself by her boldness. "Uh-uh," she said.
"Why don’t you do it to me from the back… the way Gus’s doing it to Ceci. And that
way both of us can still watch."
Eric was obviously willing. He helped Alice roll over, until she was on all fours, facing
Ceci and Gus. The girl’s eyes fastened greedily on the madly fucking duo while Eric
knelt behind her. She felt the rubbery tip of his prick slide past her tender inner thigh
flesh. Then her eyes widened, hot with pleased shock as she felt the broad head of Eric’s
prick force its way slowly up into her pussy hole. "Oh, good… Soooooo good!" she
panted, thrusting her ass back hungrily. She tried to imitate Ceci, who was wildly
fucking back against Gus’ pounding red prick. But her cunt still had a little stretching
to do yet, before it was used to Eric’s cock. How the hell was Ceci doing it?
Alice caught sight of a movement over to her right. She saw that Bart had pulled Kathy
down on top of him. His pants were off, his shirt the only thing he was still wearing.
He was reclining back against some bedding, facing Ceci and Gus, with Kathy sitting in
his lap, facing the same way. From the way Kathy’s ass was bobbing up and down, and
from the hot excited look on her cute face, Alice had no doubt Bart’s cock was buried
up inside her already well-fucked cunt. She finally caught sight of it when Kathy raised
her ass particularly high, a thick white shaft disappearing up into the folds of Kathy’s
already dripping wet cunt.
Eric’s cock felt hot and alive up inside her cunt. She was getting used to it. God, it was

reaching way up inside her pussy channel in this position, stabbing up toward her
fluttering guts! What a day! What a weird day! First Paulette, and now this!
Was that a mirage in front of her staring eyes, or was she really watching a lovely
young girl fucking a huge German shepherd? With the dog’s owner fucking her from
behind at the same time, no less! Ooohhh, Eric! Your cock feels so wonderful up my
cunt! I’m glad you pick up hitchhikers too!"
Alice fucked back harder and harder, feeling her cunt grow hotter and more open. But
she never took her eyes off Gus and Ceci. The crouching honey-blonde was hardly
recognizable now, reduced to a mass of panting, humping, moaning flesh. Her face was
wild, a mask of depraved lust. Could Gus’ dog-cock really feel that good?
"Ooooohhhh, God! He’s going to cum in me!" Ceci wailed. "He’s going to shoot his
dog cum up my twat! I can feel his pick swelling! So big! So fucking big!"
Almost on cue, Gus started yipping wildly. His eyes were hot, animal-like. His tongue
lolled helplessly from his mouth. A sudden gush of thick white semen poured from
Ceci’s cunt. The dog was cumming!
"Aaaaaiiiyyyyy! It’s squirting up into my cunt!" Ceci wailed. "So hot! Like a fire hose!
It’s making me cum too… Aaaaahhhhh!"
Ceci bucked and twisted, head hanging down, her ass grinding madly back against the
dog’s humping loins. As if by signal, the two other wildly fucking couples n the room
began to cum. Alice heard low moans and whimpers coming from the direction of
Kathy and Bart. She stole a quick look. Kathy was riding Bart’s cock like it was a horse,
her head thrown back, her big tits bouncing and jiggling.
She saw Chris, the only male in the room without a woman, drop on his knees next to

Ceci. He was madly pulling on his bloated cock. A thick stream of semen shot out the
tip, spraying over Ceci’s back and side. One foamy gob ran down the side of her tit,
dripping slowly from the swollen nipple.
Then Alice felt Eric’s cum explode into her own twat. Her orgasm flowered to meet the
sudden hot rush. She forgot about Gus and Ceci, Kathy and Bart, and Chris’s cock
spraying semen over Ceci’s dog-fucked body. All that mattered was the ecstasy in her
cunt, the feel of Eric’s big prick filling her belly with semen. She could sense it pumping
rhythmically up inside her quivering love channel. Felt her womb open to receive the
bubbling semen.
Suddenly she was too tired to go on. Panting, she collapsed forward, Eric on top, his
prick still buried up inside her fluttering pussy hole. She raised her head wearily.
Everyone else looked played out too, even Gus, who hopped tiredly down from Ceci’s
back, his wet red cock already shrinking back up inside his belly. "You liked that, didn’t
you, Alice?" she heard Eric say from behind her as he flexed his fast shrinking cock up
inside her twat. She nodded dumbly.
"Well, eat your Wheaties, kid," he chuckled. "Because if I know these crazy sex fiends
here, the party’s just begun!"

Come join us at



Opening the door, Alice swung up into the passenger’s seat. It was quite a climb. The
heavy door of the van clunked solidly into place as she settled into the seat. Almost
immediately the van started off. Alice settled back in her seat. Suddenly something cold
and wet brushed across her ear. There was a loud snuffling sound. "Oh!" she yelped,
flinching away.
The driver laughed. "Don’t worry. That’s just Gus. He likes to check out anybody who
gets in the van. It’s his home."
Alice turned around to find herself face to face with a big German shepherd. She could
see only his head and shoulders; the rest of his body was lost in the darkness of the
back of the van. He was looking at her alertly, his brown, intelligent eyes staring into
hers. "Scratch his ears. He likes it," the driver said.
Hesitantly Alice reached out her hand. Gus was a big dog. But as soon as her fingers
began lightly scratching behind his ears, the huge face collapsed into a foolish mask of
helpless pleasure. The dog’s tongue shot out, lapping happily at Alice’s wrist. When
Alice faced forward in her seat again, the dog laid his head on her shoulder, his eyes
begging for more attention. "He’s a big baby," the driver said. "If he gets to be a pest,
just tell him to go into the back." There was a short pause. Alice looked over at the
driver. The glare from the lights of oncoming cars lit up his face from time to time. He
seemed to be about forty, with a heavy mustache and longish thick hair. He was dressed
very casually in old, comfortable-looking clothes. He had a very calm, pleasant face.
"By the way, my name’s Eric," he said. "Eric Stevensen. What’s yours?"

"Where you going, Alice?"
"Just up to Los Angeles."
The van slowed appreciably, alarming Alice a little, until Eric spoke. "You’ve got the
wrong road, then," he said. "You’ve got to go back the other way to pick up the main
There was a short silence during which Alice said nothing. She was too dispirited. "Tell
you what," Eric said. "I can’t take you all the way to Los Angeles, but I will take you
back to the main road. You might be able to get a ride there. I don’t know, though… it’s
pretty dark. Not a good idea for a girl to be hitchhiking at all."
Eric turned the van around and headed back the way they’d been coming. Alice was
genuinely moved. After the experiences she’d had so far today, Eric’s kindness seemed
all the more impressive. "Where are you heading?" she finally asked.
"Oh… up into the mountains to stay a few days with some friends of mine. Just kind of
There was a long silence. Alice’s mind was working madly. She hated the thought of
being back out on the road, hitchhiking. The thought of a place to stay, a neutral place
for a couple of days definitely attracted her. "Would… would you mind if I came with
you?" she finally said haltingly. "I mean… would your friends mind? I really could use a
place to stay for a few days."
She saw Eric frown and become thoughtful. For the first time he turned and really
looked at her, a long searching look, moving up and down all of her he could see.
"Sure… why not?" he finally said. The van turned around again, back the way Eric had
originally been heading.

The man and the girl were quiet a long time. The road ran up into the mountains.
After about an hour it began to climb very steeply. Eric shifted down to second gear.
The van lurched around hairpin curves. "My friends are a little… well, exuberant," Eric
said abruptly. "If you don’t like anything they say or do, just sing out. Nobody forces
anything on anybody up here."
Alice was too tired, and too relieved to have found a safe haven for the night to pay
much attention to Eric’s words. She knew she trusted him, and for the moment, that
was enough.
Alice could see that there were now tall pines and fir trees all around. The truck turned
onto a side road, climbing higher. Finally, the headlights lit up the cluttered yard of a
cabin, straight ahead. As the van came to a halt, the front door opened and a man and a
woman came out, both young. The woman was younger than the man, about twenty-
one or twenty-two. "That’s Chris and Kathy," Eric said.
"Are they married?" Alice asked.
"Uh-uh… they just live together." Eric slid out of the van without saying anything else.
It was obvious to Alice that he was in a hurry to greet his friends. He and Chris bear-
hugged, dancing around on the porch, their boots thumping loudly on the old
splintered wood. Then it was Eric’s turn with Kathy. What happened next amazed
After a quick hug and a smacking kiss, Kathy stepped back and grabbed Eric by the
crotch. Reached right in between his legs and grabbed a handful of balls and cock.
"How’s that big prick of yours hanging?" the girl asked, giggling.
"About as well as these gorgeous jugs of yours," Eric replied, grinning, reaching out

with both hands and squeezing Kathy’s big tits. Alice looked quickly at Chris, waiting
for the inevitable explosion, knowing damned well what Tom would do if someone,
anyone, did the same to his woman.
But Chris was only grinning. He was a big, rangy man, with a bushy blond beard and
wild hair sticking out in every direction. He suddenly turned and peered into the van.
"Hey!" he yelled. "Eric’s got a girl in there!"
Eric seemed a little embarrassed. "Yeah, that’s Alice," he said meekly. "I picked her up
hitchhiking. She kind of needs a place to crash for a couple of days."
Chris came bounding around to Alice’s side of the van. He flung the door open and
reached up for her. "Come on down and join the party," he bellowed. Alice had a brief
glimpse of wild, sparkling blue eyes and a huge crazy grin as two powerful hands
grabbed her upper arms and swung her down onto the ground. "Wow! Is she pretty!"
Chris yelled.
Eric laughed at the look on Alice’s face. "Don’t mind him," he said to Alice. "He’s a
nut." But Alice could see how much Chris and Eric and Kathy like one another.
They all went into the house. Eric with one arm around Kathy, Chris with one hand
resting warm and friendly on Alice’s shoulder. Gus followed behind, snuffling at the
floor, finally flopping down on a huge pile of cushions. Kathy tugged at Eric’s arm.
"Come on… I want to show you the new bed," she said. Eric looked back at Alice, a
little apologetically, but followed Kathy into another room.
Chris slapped his hands on his knees, bent over with laughter. "That horny broad just
can’t wait!" he crowed. "She hasn’t seen Eric for over a month."
"You mean they’re going to…?" Alice said wonderingly. She knew her mouth was

gaping open foolishly, but she just couldn’t help it. What an incredible difference there
was between this and what she’d known with Tom! There was no doubt in her mind
that Kathy and Chris were together. The way they looked at one another, the easy way
they touched, testified to that. But Chris was actually laughing as his woman went into
the bedroom with another man! Maybe he was crazy!
"To fuck?" Chris finished for her. "Oh, you bet! Kathy’ll have Eric’s cock up her horny
little cunt before you can…" Chris suddenly stopped talking. He looked sideways at
Alice. "Eric didn’t tell you?" he asked quietly.
"Uh-uh," Alice said, her eyes still bugging out as she stared at the bedroom door.
Chris sat down on a low couch, puffing Alice down with him. "Well… it’s this way,"
Chris said. "Me and Kathy have what you’d kind of call an open relationship. We’re
free to fuck other people, if both of us approve, that is. We’ve got a pretty swinging
scene going up here, and Eric’s one of our oldest friends. You know… I kind of figured
at first he brought you up here to… join in. Would you like to?" he asked, grinning
again. "We’ve got one hell of a big bed in there."
"Well… I… I don’t think so… I don’t know…" Alice stammered. Everything was
happening so fast! It had been such a confusing day! She looked at Chris, then quickly
looked away. He was a good-looking enough man, strongly built and radiating
masculinity, but seemed kind of wild. And then, there were the other two in the
bedroom. It was all just happening too fast!
Chris didn’t give her much time to think it over. Already the rhythmic sounds of
bedsprings, low moans and hoarse panting were coming from the bedroom. "Jesus!
They’re at it already!" Chris exclaimed, jumping up from the couch. "Sorry, honey…
gotta run!"

Chris raced to the bedroom door and flung it open. Alice caught sight of Eric and
Kathy, naked on a huge bed, Eric crouched between Kathy’s lewdly spread legs,
obviously fucking his cock into her cunt. Then the door closed as Chris let out a wild
whoop of joy, pulling at his clothes.
Actually the door only closed partway. In his haste, Chris had left it partly open. Alice
sat on the couch, afraid to move at first. Exciting sounds came from the bedroom –
Chris’s exuberant laughter, Eric’s low chuckle, and louder and louder, Kathy’s soft
Alice discovered she was having trouble breathing. She was getting excited! Her cunt
throbbed sympathetically as she realized another woman was getting the hell fucked out
of her by two big men, only a few feet away. Alice tried clamping her legs together, but
that only made her cunt throb more as her pussy lips were shoved against one another.
She felt herself growing wet, her panties soaking up her gushing pussy juices.
Finally Alice couldn’t stand it anymore. She just had to see what was going on. It was
all so incredibly exciting. In the other room, just exactly the kind of thing she had
hoped could happen between her and Tom was going on. Now she knew it wasn’t
Getting up from the couch, Alice tiptoed over to the bedroom door. She heard a sound
behind her. Spinning guiltily, she saw it was the dog, Gus, who had got up from his
pile of cushions and was coming over, curiosity lighting up his big furry face. "Go
back!" the excited girl hissed, but the big animal stopped next to her, looking up
expectantly. Expectant for what, she didn’t know. But she did know she wasn’t going to
let him keep her from seeing what was going on in the bedroom.
The door was open a little more than a foot. Alice peered cautiously around the corner.

She almost gasped aloud at what she saw, but managed to hold back at the last
moment, afraid the others would hear her.
Kathy was lying on her back on the bed, naked, legs spread wide. Eric had shifted his
position, lying underneath the girl’s bent legs on his side, his swollen cock lancing into
her gaping cunt. He was turned toward Kathy’s crotch. Alice watched his powerful
buttocks flex as he rhythmically fucked his cock into the girl’s wet pink twat.
Chris knelt by Kathy’s head, also naked. His enormous cock was half-buried in the
girl’s mouth. Kathy was sucking madly, as madly as she could with Eric’s cock
plundering her snatch.
Alice stared, open-mouthed. Kathy was a lushly-built girl, a little overweight, perhaps,
but with big solid tits and smooth sleek skin. A nice cunt too. Alice was a little more
appreciative of cunts now, after having played with Paulette’s this afternoon. She
watched Eric’s big cock chug steadily in and out of Kathy’s wet, hair-fringed pussy hole.
It was easy to see, with Eric lying on his side that way.
Alice was growing so excited she could hardly breathe. With a sexy scene! Those two
big men, naked, their hard cocks pounding into Kathy’s sexy body! Such hard-looking
muscular men, one fucking into the writhing girl’s cunt, the other into her hotly
sucking mouth. Alice wished she were Kathy, wished she was the one feeling those two
cocks fucking so hard into her. What a klutz she had been to let Chris get away in the
living room!
Alice’s cunt continued to get hotter and hotter. She was getting ready to shove a hand
up underneath her skirt when Chris suddenly moved. Alice flinched back, sure Chris
had seen her, but then saw the big bearded man was looking at Eric.

"Hey… Eric!" he called out. "How long you gonna keep hogging Kathy’s cunt? I want
some of those sweet lips too!"
"The lips you want are sweet enough," Eric grunted. "The ones sucking on your
fucking joint. But I’ll switch, if you want."
But Kathy immediately began making loud mumbling noises around the thick cock
stuffed in her mouth. She reached down and grabbed hold of Eric, holding him in
place. Her ass writhed and twisted, grinding her cunt down against the thick cock
sliding up into it from below.
Alice immediately saw what the other girl was trying to do. She was getting ready to
cum, and didn’t want Eric to pull his cock out of her hungry twat. Alice saw Kathy’s
stomach muscles begin twitching and shivering. A moment later the girl was bucking
wildly. Chris’s cock slipped from between her suddenly slack lips. "N n n n n gggg…
mmmmnnnnnn… aaaahhhhhhhh," she gurgled. Alice saw fresh gushes of girl-cum
bubbling from Kathy’s spasming cunt. Eric, grinning, rammed his cock into the girl’s
twat as far as it would go, holding it buried there until at last Kathy’s wild struggles
slowed down a little.
"Time to change riders," he grinned to Chris, roiling out from underneath Kathy’s
plump thighs. His cock slithered wetly from her cunt, glistening with the girl’s slippery
pussy juices.
"Come on, baby, get up on your hands and knees," Chris encouraged his panting
girlfriend. "We’re gonna play horsie."
"Oh, good," Kathy panted, trying to get her breath back. "I love playing horsie. Am I
gonna be the horse?"

"You’re gonna be the mare. And I’m the stallion. Okay?"
Chris helped position the girl on all fours, then he moved around on his knees behind
her, the bed creaking loudly. Alice, watching, saw him take his enormously swollen
prick in one hand and guide it up between the girl’s thighs. Alice knew when it slid
into Kathy’s cunt because she was watching the girl’s face. She saw a look of
incredulous pleasure wash over the crouching girl’s face. "Ooooohhhhhh… it feels like
it’s shoved all the way up to my tonsils," the girl whimpered.
"That comes later," Chris panted. "Mmmnnnnnn… a nice wet hole." He began slowly
fucking his cock in and out of Kathy’s cunt from behind. Alice could clearly hear it
slurping in and out of that wet gaping hole. Oh God, that must feel good! Her own
cunt ached and throbbed hungrily. But all she had to feed it were her fingers! Oh well,
they were better than nothing.
Reaching up underneath her skirt, Alice wormed her fingers under the leg band of her
thoroughly soaked panties. One fingertip sloshed around for a few seconds in her
slippery hot slit, then found the opening to her vagina. She sighed softly as she at last
felt her aching cunt filled, even if it was only with one slender little finger. How she
envied Kathy the thick cock sloshing in and out of her already well-fucked cunt!
But it looked like Kathy had another cock on the way. Eric moved around in front of
the girl, kneeling close to her face. As the girl looked up questioningly, she found
herself staring straight at the bulbous tip of Eric’s swollen prick. He was slowly
massaging the big organ, holding the bloated end less than an inch from Kathy’s wet,
sex-swollen lips. Alice saw the other girl slowly lick her lips, as if she was ready to lick
off her own pussy juice, which still shinily coated Eric’s big cock.
"How about it, baby?" Eric said, teasing the girl, dragging his cock tip lightly over the

girl’s lips. Kathy stretched her neck forward, her mouth open hungrily. "Stick the
fucking thing in my mouth!" she pleaded. "I want to suck your cock until you shoot
off! I want to feel your jism squirting into my mouth!"
"Oh shit! Nothing I’d like better, Kathy honey!" Eric said thickly. Steadying Kathy’s
face with one hand, he fed his cock into her open mouth with the other. Alice watched
the other girl’s lips stretch thinner and thinner as they slid around the thick head of
Eric’s cock. Then, the whole gleaming, cunt-wet shaft of the big man’s prick slid
smoothly into Kathy’s mouth; Alice watched the girl’s cheeks hollow and fill as she
sucked busily on the swollen prick in her mouth. And all this time, Chris’ equally big
rod was pounding in and out of her cunt, driven by the bearded man’s churning loins
as he crouched on his knees behind her. Alice heard Chris’s lean sinewy loins slapping
rhythmically into the bent-over girl’s lush soft ass cheeks. Every time Chris fucked into
her from behind, she was pounded forward onto Eric’s cock in her mouth.
Alice’s finger grew busier up inside her hotly seething cunt. She’d never seen… no,
she’d never even imagined anything as sexy as the incredibly lewd scene taking place
right in front of her staring eyes. She felt like she was going to cum right then, she was
so incredibly turned on.
But Gus suddenly started interfering, ramming his big head up underneath her skirt,
his cold wet nose snuffling close to her finger-stuffed cunt. She tried to push him away,
but he was unbelievably strong. Alice figured he must be picking up the rich odor of
her gushing pussy juices. "Stop it!" she hissed as the dog began to whine. She was
afraid he’d alert the others to her spying.
But Kathy and Chris and Eric were far beyond caring whether or not anyone was
watching. Kathy was obviously close to another orgasm. She was thrusting her ass back
wildly, her cunt greedily gobbling every inch of Chris’ cock. Her eyes were half-closed

as she sucked strongly on the big cock growing obscenely from her innocent face. Chris
and Eric didn’t look much better off. Both big men had an odd, strained look in their
rugged faces, as if they were holding themselves back with difficulty.
"You gonna cum, honey?" Chris panted.
"’Cause if you are, baby… I’m gonna fill this hot little snatch of yours with cum. I’m
gonna shoot my nuts off in your twat."
Kathy tried to nod her head vigorously, which was difficult with Eric’s cock jutting from
her mouth. The big man kneeling in front of her winced. "Oooohhhh… Jeezuzz… that
did it," he moaned. "I’m gonna… I’m gonna… gonna cum… cum… YAAAAHHHHH!"
Eric’s body arched backward, his loins driving toward Kathy’s face. Alice could see the
base of his cock jerking and shuddering. Kathy started swallowing madly, managing for
a while to swallow the cum getting into her mouth.
But then she began to cum too. Alice watched her body writhe and twist. She suddenly
forgot about swallowing. Thick rushes of Eric’s cum dribbled past her lips, running in
thick ropes down her chin. "Uuummmppphhhhh," she gobbled around the thick
spouting shaft that filled her mouth, spluttering and choking on the slippery, hot liquid
shooting out its swollen tip.
"Oh, God almighty!" Alice heard Chris moan from behind Kathy. "Her cunt’s eating
my cock alive! A real snapping pussy! I… AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!"
And Chris was cumming too, driving his cock to the hilt up inside Kathy’s insatiable
snatch. Alice hunched over by the door, her finger drumming in and out of her
simmering twat as she watched Kathy and Chris’ combined cum gush from the girl’s
cunt and dribble down the backs of her thighs.

Alice might have cum too, but Gus was driving her nuts, trying to drive his head up
toward her finger-filled cunt. It fits, she thought wryly. A dog who had a yearning for
cunt juice was a natural in a household like this.
But she might be discovered at any moment! The lewdly-locked trio in the bedroom
had collapsed in a pile of panting, sweating, naked flesh. Gus was making a lot of noise.
Hurriedly Alice backed away from the door, taking her finger away from her cunt. She
hated to feel it go, because she wanted to come more than she ever had before in her
A moment later she was glad she’d held off. Car lights bounced into the yard, shining
through the front windows. There was the loud blare of a car horn, then shouting and
laughing from outside.
"Hey! They came!" she heard Chris shout from the bedroom. A moment later the
bedroom door flew open and Chris came out into the living room, stark naked. By
then, Alice had made it back to the couch. She curled back into the cushions, staring at
the big muscular naked man racing toward the front door, his cock shiny with Kathy’s
pussy juices.
There was the sound of feet clumping onto the front porch. Chris threw open the door.
"Bart! Ceci!" he cried out. "We were wondering if you were gonna come after all!"
A small but lovely young woman flew through the door into Chris’ arms, kissing him
resoundingly on the mouth. A couple of feet behind her was a stocky, well-built, dark-
complected man. Bart, no doubt.
Kathy came out of the bedroom, her thighs shiny with cum, still wiping Eric’s semen
from her lips. She danced up to Bart, rubbing her big tits against him as they kissed.

Alice, snug in her corner, was amazed by the absolute informality of it all, by the
unconcerned yet sensuous way these happy laughing people mingled so easily, so
nakedly together. Both the newcomers, Ceci and Bart, showed signs of wanting to
shuck their clothes as quickly as possible.
Ceci turned toward Kathy. "Is that Eric’s van in the front yard?" she asked excitedly.
"Uhhuh." Kathy said, dreamily patting her dripping snatch. "And a little while ago it
was his cock in my cunt."
Alice began to realize that the man who’d picked her up hitchhiking was very popular.
She began to wonder what it would be like to make love to him. There he was now,
coming out of the bedroom, a big, well-built man. And she’d already seen how well he
could use his cock. He stood in the doorway to the bedroom, Gus beside him.
Ceci spotted Eric about the same time. She ran forward eagerly. "It’s my favorite lover!"
she cried excitedly. Alice expected to see her throw her arms around Eric’s neck.
Instead, she fell on her knees and threw her arms around Gus’ thick hairy neck.
"It’s so long since I’ve felt your wonderful cock up my cunt!" the kneeling girl
murmured excitedly to the big animal.

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For the next few days, Tom was sullen and withdrawn. But it was still nearly a week
before Alice felt safe again, certain that Tom wasn’t planning revenge for her infidelity.
She made a few attempts to learn about Hal. But the one time she saw him on the
street, he turned away. Puzzled, hurt, the unhappy girl tried to figure out if Hal was
avoiding her for her own good or because he figured she’d caused him enough trouble
It was strange living in the house alone with Tom. Since he was away all day at work,
Alice found she had no one to talk to but the walls. She started watching a lot of
television, and drinking cheap wine in the afternoon.
Finally there was a break in her boredom. Tom came home from work, looking very
smug. "I’ve got us a new roommate," he announced. "One you can’t fuck."
Hot words rose up in Alice’s mind. But she choked them down. After all, she and Tom
had been at peace for several days now. Why rock the boat?
The new roommate was a surprise to Alice, a beautiful young redhead, twenty years
old. She laughed at Tom. "Now, which one of us is likely to fuck the roommate?" she
crowed. To her surprise, Tom gave her a strange, hurt look.
She was named Paulette. Alice was glad to have her in the house for two reasons. For
one thing, she and Tom needed help with the rent. For another, now she had someone
to talk to during the day. Paulette was a potter. She worked in the back yard, throwing
pots and selling them to a local pottery outlet. She was the first genuinely independent
woman Alice had met.

Conversations with Paulette indicated she had rich and varied sex life. "I don’t know
how you do it," she said to Alice one day. "Living with just one man. I’d go bananas."
Alice didn’t admit it, but she was going bananas. Her brief sexual interlude with Hal
had converted her to the joys of fucking around. She still loved Tom, still loved his big
hard cock, which he faithfully shoved up her tingling cunt every night, and several
times on weekends. But she still wanted variety.
Then the idea hit her. What if she could get Tom started fucking around? Then maybe
she’d be free to do the same!
The logical choice of a girl for Tom to start with was Paulette. She was handy, and she
was good-looking. Probably willing, too. Several times Alice caught the other girl
looking at Tom with undisguised interest And once, when Paulette came out of the
bathroom half-naked, Alice saw Tom staring avidly at the lovely young redhead. The
skimpy towel she had wrapped around herself left little to the imagination.
Rather naively, Alice tackled the problem head on. She and Tom were in bed one night,
lying staring up at the ceiling after a particularly nice fuck. Her pussy warm and
glowing, Alice felt so generous toward all the world that she assumed Tom must feel the
same way, too.
"Tom? What do you think of Paulette?"
"Huh? Oh, she’s okay, I guess." this cautiously.
"No, not that. I mean, isn’t she really pretty? Sexy, and all that?"
"Well," Tom said reluctantly, as if he suspected a trap. "Yeah, I guess so.

That wasn’t much of a beginning. "She really has super tits," Alice said enthusiastically.
"But I guess you’ve never really had a chance to see them. And do you know what color
her pussy hair is? Red! Just like on her head!"
Tom looked over at his wife suspiciously. "What are you telling me all this for?"
"I just wondered if she turned you on. She sure would turn me on if I were a guy. Have
you ever thought about fucking her?"
Dead silence from Tom. Alice, knowing she was already in pretty far, rushed on
heedlessly. "I really wouldn’t mind if you did, Tom," she said. "In fact I’d kind of like it.
I think it’d turn me on, in a way. I… "
"You Goddamned bitch," Tom said with heavy menace in his voice.
"Whore! Don’t put me on," Tom said, his voice rising. "I know what the hell you’re
trying to do! You’re trying to get me to make it with Paulette so you can run out and
fuck some other guy, maybe hunt up Hal. Jesus, don’t you have any decency at all?"
Alice was too stunned to reply. For one thing, Tom’s accusations were close enough to
the truth to hurt. What more could she tell him? How could she convince him she
would genuinely be happy for him if he were to sleep with as lovely and fine a girl as
Paulette? No way. Whatever she said or did, Tom would never see anything more than
threat to his manhood and to his ownership of her in any sexual move she made.
"You listen to me," Tom snarled, his mood really ugly now. "If you ever talk about
anything like this again, I’ll throw that broad out on her ear. We’ll move to a

Goddamned one room apartment if we have to!"
Alice was very subdued for the next few days. But she hadn’t really given up. She
merely cursed herself as stupid for being so clumsily blunt. She decided to kind of
sneak up on Tom. But for that she needed Paulette’s cooperation.
One afternoon, a Saturday, the two young women were sunbathing in the backyard.
Tom had been away for several hours. The backyard was one of the nicest features of
the house, very secluded, grassy, with a high fence, making it possible for the girls to
sunbathe nude.
They were lying on an old sheet, side by side, soaking up the warm afternoon sun.
Alice found herself admiring the other girl’s body. Paulette was firm-breasted, solid-
assed, and long-legged. It occurred to the younger girl that Tom might find it a lot
harder to turn down a chance at fucking Paulette if he could see her now, in all her
naked glory. She was reflecting on the probability of this when an idea suddenly struck
her. Maybe Paulette could be encouraged to go after Tom!
But Alice was a little cleverer now. No more head-on attacks for her. "Paulette," she
said, "do you really sleep with a lot of different men?"
Paulette laughed way down in her throat. "Why limit it to men, Alice?"
Alice was confused for a moment, then a possible meaning of Paulette’s cryptic words
struck her. My God! Was the redhead trying to tell her she slept with women, too?
Alice quickly and nervously sidestepped the question. "Well… I mean… about what you
were saying that time about me being stuck with only one man to fuck. I guess that
does kind of bother me."

"It should," Paulette replied. She lazily rolled over onto her belly. "Could you rub a
little of that suntan lotion on my back? That sun’s pretty hot."
Alice picked up the lotion and squeezed a little out into the palm of one hand. She was
rubbing it into the other girl’s back before she became fully aware how soft and warm
Paulette’s skin was, how smoothly and tautly it stretched over her lovely body. Try as
she could, she couldn’t get out of her mind Paulette’s suggestion that she made it with
women. This knowledge, or suspicion, rather, transformed the redhead’s naked body for
Alice. It was no longer just the naked body of another woman. It was a sexual object.
"Rub some on my ass," Paulette murmured. She looked so relaxed and… and well,
sensuous, lying naked in the sun. Alice almost put down the bottle of lotion and went
into the house. But she was curious about Paulette’s ass. It was such a nice ass, so taut
and firm and richly curved. What did it feel like?
Alice rubbed some of the lotion into the soft skin of her roommate’s ass. Fascinated, she
watched the other woman’s softly curved buns change shape under her kneading
fingers. Was it her imagination or did Paulette open her thighs a little? Whatever the
reason, Alice could see a portion of the other woman’s furry pussy, peaking back
between her rounded thighs. God, Paulette’s red pussy hair was sexy! Now Alice had an
idea of how Hal had felt when she got him to rub her!
Alice felt strangely hot. She felt she could have rubbed Paulette’s naked ass all day.
Damn, her fingers were so close to the other girl’s cunt that a tendril of pussy hair
grazed one finger! She had to do something before she lost control!
"Paulette," she blurted. "Did you ever think about fucking Tom?"
Paulette was genuinely surprised. She turned her head to the side, staring at Alice.

"Because I’d really like it if you did," Alice rattled on. "Maybe if he slept with someone
else he wouldn’t be so jealous about me!"
"Yes, I’ve thought about fucking Tom," Paulette finally said. "But I’ve thought about
fucking you too."
"Huh? Oh, but you can’t mean that," Alice said in a half-whisper.
Paulette turned toward her. "I sure as hell can," she purred. Alice was half-laying next
to her, propped up on one elbow. The redhead reached out, one hand softly stroking
the other girl’s nearest tit.
"Oh!" Alice said. Her body quivered. But she made no move to jerk away, just lay there,
staring big-eyed at the other girl.
"You’ve got nice tits," Paulette said softly, continuing to stroke the girl’s big jugs, first
one, then the other. Alice stared down at the hand moving gently over her tits, her pink
little nipples growing harder and harder. Her whole body felt on fire. She doubted she’d
ever been so uncontrollably turned on in her life. Not only did she want Paulette to
keep on stroking her tits, but she wanted to reach out and touch the other woman’s big
But she just couldn’t, she told herself. It was wrong! It was… it was lesbianism!
Paulette seemed to read her mind. She took hold of one of Alice’s trembling hand,
guided it to her breast. Alice held her breath as she felt the other woman’s tit hot and
alive under her hand. Paulette’s tit was so firm! And so pointed. For the first time in her
life, Alice felt another girl’s nipple growing erect, pushing sensuously against the
sensitive skin of her palm. She stared into Alice’s sea-green eyes, amazed at the hot

passion she saw there. Passion for her!
Paulette squirmed close to Alice. Her head moved against the blonde’s breast.
"Oooohhh," Alice sighed as she felt the other girl’s hot lips close around one throbbing
nipple. It was so odd to look down and see all that long red hair spreading over her
breast, to feel such soft cheeks against her tits.
Alice still fondled Paulette’s tits as the redhead sucked hers, but it was a long reach.
Then she felt the other girl’s hand gliding down over her belly, heading, quite
obviously, toward her cunt!
That was a little too much for Alice. Having another woman stroke and suck her tits
was one thing. But to have her do anything quite as intimate as stick a finger up her
twat… no way!
Alice tried to squirm away, but Paulette held her close. "Hey… what’s the matter?" the
redhead asked, taking her head away from Alice’s tits. Her green eyes looked straight
into Alice’s. The younger girl felt as if she were drowning in them.
"I… I don’t know…" Alice stammered.
"It’s okay… just between us girls," Paulette said soothingly. Her hand stopped moving
down, instead stroked Alice’s belly and flanks. It felt like hot iron moving over Alice’s
tingling skin. Paulette went back to sucking her tits, which hardly helped. Her cunt
began to twitch excitedly. Bit by bit the strangeness of having another woman’s hands
moving intimately over her naked body began to fade. It felt more natural now, felt
good… sexy… exciting.
Paulette picked up the girl’s changed mood. Her hand moved downward again,

prowling through Alice’s soft blonde pubic hair, down over the swell of her pubic
mound until it started worming into her seething slit. "Open your legs a little," Paulette
murmured softly. Alice hesitated a moment, then her thighs fell mindlessly open.
Paulette’s fingertip slipped into her pussy slit, down over her clit, deeper in the
bubbling gash until it reached her steaming pit. "Aaaaahhhh," Alice moaned helplessly.
God, Paulette’s finger felt good, so sensitive against her super-heated cunt flesh!
Alice felt the other woman’s finger slide smoothly up into her pussy hole. Paulette
seemed to know just what to do, just where to touch her. That slender finger felt, for
the time being, as satisfying as a fully erect cock, swirling around in hot circles up
inside her throbbing vagina, digging deep into her gushing love tunnel.
Paulette worked another finger up into her stunned roommate’s cunt. She began busily
finger fucking the squirming blonde. "Have you ever stuck your finger up another
woman’s cunt?" Paulette asked, her voice low and husky.
"Uh-uh," Alice grunted. She could barely talk. Her cunt felt like it was going to melt.
She felt Paulette move next to her. She was hitching her lower body around, close to
Alice’s right hand, which was slowly clasping and unclasping.
"Here it is," Paulette murmured. "Why don’t you just take your time… get used to it."
Swallowing nervously, Alice saw the other girl was lying on her side, her upper leg bent
and raised, knee high, foot flat on the ground. Her crotch was wide open, giving Alice
an unimpeded view of her red-furred cunt!
"Wh-What do you want me to do?" Alice stammered.

"Whatever you want. Stick your finger up my cunt if you want. Just like I’m doing to
Alice felt the redhead’s fingers worm deeper into her quivering twat. Oh God, she was
making her feel good! Wasn’t it only fair she pay her back in the same coin, shove her
own fingers up Paulette’s gaping snatch… finger-fuck her just like Paulette was finger-
fucking her?
Alice stared at the other woman’s naked cunt. It was the first she’d ever seen this close.
Thick pussy lips, a bright pink slit showing between the plump hairy mounds. Shining
drops of pussy juice trickling out, testifying to the other girl’s arousal.
But it was that bright red pussy hair that did the trick. A brassy sexual advertisement
for the soft wet delights underneath its teasing screen.
Alice’s hand wavered outward. She felt the other girl’s crinkly pussy hair brush her
fingers. Then hot damp flesh, growing suddenly wet and slippery as one finger slid up
into the gaping, beckoning slit.
"Ooohhhh," Paulette moaned as Alice’s finger shoved eagerly up into her pussy hole.
Alice gaped as the redhead’s hips started slowly pumping, driving that delicious cunt
forward, fucking against her impaling finger. "My clit… rub my clit!" Paulette sighed.
Alice saw that the other girl had an unusually big clit. At least, it was bigger than hers.
Alice was hardly an expert on clits. But she liked Paulette’s. She pulled her finger,
dripping with sex juice, from the redhead’s vagina. Wet and slippery, it glided easily up
Paulette’s slit, humping over her mounded clitoris. "Oh God! Yes!" Paulette whimpered,
beginning to lose her cool. "That’s it! That feels wonderful!"

It was incredibly exciting to Alice to feel the other girl’s clit swell under her enthusiastic
rubbing, mounding up, becoming a hard little core her finger could push against.
Paulette’s face began to flush. Alice saw she had freckles, a faint band of them arching
across the bridge of her nose. Paulette panted and writhed. It thrilled Alice to know that
she was making the other girl feel good.
All this time Paulette’s fingers never stopped their mad plunging in and out of Alice’s
cunt. Alice realized she was panting too. It became harder and harder to concentrate on
the other girl’s clit. Her own cunt was simmering with pleasure. The frequent jerking of
her stomach muscles warned the young blonde that she was going to cum soon.
But she wanted to make sure Paulette got off, too. Her finger flickered over the writhing
redhead’s swollen clit. Paulette’s fingers had a desperate grip up inside Alice’s pussy,
almost as if the whimpering, moaning redhead had set them on automatic, and was
letting her body run out of control, responding to Alice’s inspired clit-work.
Both girls came almost together. Alice felt a soundless explosion far up inside her cunt.
She writhed and twisted, uttering meaningless groans. Desperately she kept her
fingertip glued to Paulette’s hugely swollen clit. Through the confused jerkings and
spasmings of her own orgasm, she was vaguely aware of the other girl, writhing and
bucking on the sheet. "Ohh… ooohhh… OOOOHHHH!" Paulette cried out loudly.
"Cumming… cummmm… MMMIIINNNGGGG!?"
Alice felt a hot wash of gushing pussy juices spray from Paulette’s cunt, smearing over
her hand. Aware of Paulette’s finger up inside her own cunt, she shoved a couple up the
redhead’s gushing snatch. God! She could feel Paulette’s spasming pussy walls nibbling
at her fingers!

The two girls were still panting and writhing together, fingers shoved up one another’s
twats, when a looming shadow fell over them. "ALICE! JESUS CHRIST! WHAT ARE
YOU… SOME KIND OF ANIMAL?" a booming voice roared.
Alice rolled over. "Tom!" she blurted, staring up at her husband’s rage-distorted face.
"I suppose you’re going to tell me this is all some kind of mistake… that I’ve got it all
wrong," Tom raged. "Well, baby… it’s you that’s all wrong. Just look at you!" he
"And as for you," he said menacingly, turning toward Paulette, who had gotten warily
to her feet. "I want you out of my house… right now."
But Paulette stunned the bullying Tom. Instead of cringing, as Alice was doing, she
stared him straight in the eye, standing naked and defiant before him.
"Our house, you arrogant bastard!" she snapped. "I pay half the rent. If you want me to
move, you’ll have to give me thirty days’ notice."
Tom was taken aback by the girl’s defiance. And by her beauty. His eyes raked guiltily
up and down her lovely body, lingering at her solid out-thrusting tits, prying hungrily
into her pussy slit. But he realized he was losing face. "Look, bitch," he snarled,
stepping closer to the nude redhead.
But Paulette picked up a heavy hammer she used in her work and swung it casually
back and forth. "Yes?" she asked sweetly but menacingly.
Tom backed down. He had never before met a woman who fought back. But there was
another, a weaker woman at hand. He suddenly turned on Alice. "I’ve had it with you,

you little whore!" he bellowed. "I’m fed up! I never want to see you again! Get out! Get
Alice didn’t wait around to see if Tom was serious or not. She raced for the house. She
heard Tom and Paulette arguing in the back yard. Thank God for Paulette! She was
keeping Tom busy!
Alice threw on some clothes, then, picking up her coat, ran out of the house. She didn’t
know where she was heading, as long as it was away from Tom. She felt a little guilty
about having left Paulette behind, but it seemed clear the other woman could handle
herself. The very fact she was married to Tom made her more vulnerable to his rage.
Once out on the street, Alice had no idea where to go. For one thing, she had almost
no money. She’d grabbed her purse, but remembered she only had about five dollars in
Alice had little doubt that after a suitable time Tom would take her back, after
humiliating her. In fact, he’d probably be out in the streets looking for her in another
hour, once he’d cooled off a little.
But Alice had had enough. Enough of Tom’s jealousy and childish pride. She knew she
couldn’t go back in that house, not, at least, until there was some kind definitely new
relationship between her and Tom. And the probability of that was very low.
But where would she go? And how could she get there with only five dollars? Inevitably
it came to e girl that she had nowhere to go except back to her parents, and the only
way to get there would be to hitchhike. Neither of these ideas appealed to Alice. There
would be lots of "I told you so’s," from her mother. She’d be an eighteen-year-old kid
again, living at home, under her parents’ domination. Not that they were unpleasant

people, but Alice was tired of being a kid. Oh well, at least her parents’ domination
would be less all encompassing than Tom’s!
She didn’t like the idea of hitchhiking because she knew it was dangerous, and she had
about a hundred and fifty miles to go. But there was no other way, so Alice walked to
the nearest corner and stuck out her thumb.
It’s never very difficult for a good-looking girl to get a ride. Alice’s thumb hadn’t been
up for over thirty seconds before a big late-model Cadillac jerked to a stop next to the
curb. Alice looked dubiously inside. But the middle-aged driver looked harmless
enough. She slipped into the passenger’s seat.
"Where you going, honey?" the man asked as his big car roared away from the curb,
scattering gravel.
"Uh… up the road to Los Angeles," Alice replied. She took a closer look at the man. She
saw that he was sweating a little, and it wasn’t hot. She began to get nervous.
Meanwhile, the car was rocketing down the road. Alice was paying so much attention,
nervously watching the driver, that it was some time before she noticed they were no
longer on the main road. Suddenly the car bumped onto a dirt path, then stopped.
"Why are we stopping here?" Alice asked, alarmed.
The man faced her. He was really sweating now, his fat chinless face blotched with red.
He hitched toward Alice. "Thought maybe we better get a little better acquainted," he
said in a thick voice, licking his rubbery lips.
"You stay away from me!" Alice cried out as the man hitched his way toward her across

the seat.
"Don’t give me that shit," the man mumbled. "You hippy chicks are all the same –
whores. No decent girl would hitchhike. You’re just asking for it, baby, and I aim to see
I get my share. You think the ride’s free?"
One meaty hand closed over Alice’s left tit. Her skin crawled under the man’s pawing
touch. She had her purse in her right hand. She swung it. "Ow!" the man yelped as it
bounced off the bridge of his nose. Alice had a short breathing spell, long enough to
open the door. She literally rolled out onto the ground. "Come back here, you cunt!"
the driver shouted after her. But to Alice’s relief, he made no move to follow her.
Instead, he looked around nervously, pulled the car door shut, and roared off down the
It was starting to get dark. Alice was all alone on a dirt road in the back country. She
started walking. Fortunately, it was only about a quarter of a mile to the pavement. In
the dusk, Alice stood with her thumb out. But there weren’t many cars. Finally, a beat-
up old station wagon full of young men wobbled to a stop. The roof of the wagon was
loaded with surf boards. One of the young men stuck his head out the window and
stared at Alice, fuzzily. He had long, dirty, washed-out blond hair. He was smoking a
joint. "Hey, Mike," he called back into the dim interior of the car. "Look at the foxy
cunt. Should we give her a ride?"
"I’ll give her a ride, all right," she heard a voice mutter. "Come on, babe… get in," the
first young man said, fumbling with the door catch. Alice heard giggles from the rear
seat. "No thanks," she said, backing away quickly. "I think I’d kind of like to walk."
The surfer eyed Alice moodily for a long, pregnant moment. He took another drag on

the joint. "Okay, cunt," he finally said. "Go fuck yourself." He made a sign to the driver
and a moment later the gears clashed and the old station wagon wobbled on down the
by now, Alice was very discouraged. But stubbornly she decided she was going to get to
her parents house one way or another. She hung out her thumb again.
Nothing happened for a while, but finally a big, cluttered old van pulled over to the side
of the road next to her. Hopefully Alice went up to the window. "Would you like a
ride?" a voice said from inside the van. It was too dark by now for Alice to make out
the face of the man who was speaking. But it didn’t matter. What mattered most was
that the voice sounded kind.

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The next few weeks were deliriously happy for Alice. Nights she fucked Tom. During
the day, when Tom was at work, she fucked Hal. Two different cocks, constantly
plundering her hot little snatch, wringing orgasm after orgasm from her quivering
Oddly enough, Alice found the more she fucked Hal, the more turned on to her
husband she became. Fucking Tom was no longer as automatic as it had seemed. It was
now more a matter of choice when she lay down to let him drive his big cock up into
her cunt. New excitement had been injected into her marriage.
She was sorry she couldn’t share this excitement with Tom, talk to him about how she
felt, how happy she was. But she knew that if he had even the slightest idea she was
fucking their roommate, he’d explode into a jealous rage. How nice it would be, she
thought, if all three of them could be open with one another. She even entertained the
exciting idea of being in bed with both her lovers at once, of having both their hard
cocks ready to lance into her hot needing twat.
She told Hal of her feelings. He was horrified. "Jesus! If you tell him even a little bit,
we’re in hot water!" he said nervously.
So Alice kept her mouth shut. Why take a chance on ending such a wonderful
situation? She had never been fucked so much in her life, not even when she and Tom
had first been married.
However, change is the only hard and fast rule of the universe. The greatest pain will
eventually transmute into its opposite. The same holds true for pleasure. One unlucky
day, Alice learned about pain.

She and Hal were alone in the house. Tom had been gone several hours. They had
already fucked several times. Alice’s cunt dripped with Hal’s semen, her pussy hair was
a tangled matted jungle. "Let’s take a shower together," the young blonde said.
"Might not be too good an idea," Hal said dubiously. "Tom’s going to be home in less
than an hour."
"Oh, come on, scaredy-cat. There’s plenty of time for a shower."
Alice might have been right if only a shower had been involved. But once in the
shower, the giggling young couple started helping soap one another. Hal lathered
Alice’s solid tits, his hands sliding and slipping over their rounded softness. Her pink
swollen nipples thrust out past the soap bubble like coral in foamy surf.
She soaped his cock, feeling it grow hard as her soapy hand glided easily over its
slippery length. Hal reached toward her cunt with a soapy hand, but Alice stopped him.
"Uh-uh… I don’t want any soap up inside. It’ll make me sore."
"I know something that won’t," Hal said hotly, rubbing his stiff cock against the girl’s
leg. "Come on… let’s get out of this shower."
Together, they stepped out into the bathroom and began helping towel one another dry.
By the time Hal finished with Alice’s tits, and she finished with his cock, they were
both hot and panting. Now it was Hal’s turn to be aggressive. "But what if Tom comes
home?" Alice asked worriedly, as they headed into her bedroom.
"Quit worrying. He’s not due for another half-hour," Hal replied. His eyes lit up as
Alice bent over to open a dresser drawer. Her lush ass was thrusting back in his
direction, her blonde pubic hair curled back between her thighs. Her slit beckoned
pinkly. He could see little beads of pussy juice gleaming on the girl’s plump pussy lips.

"Just hold it there like that," Hal said eagerly. His hands sank into the soft flesh of her
hips, holding her ass firmly in place. "Come on… grab hold of the dresser," Hal
"Oh, Hal… I don’t know," Alice said nervously. But Hal’s cock was already brushing
her thighs on its way toward her throbbing pussy. Her resistance melted in a flood of
hot desire. Just one quick fuck… that couldn’t hurt, could it?
Leaning forward, grabbing tightly the top of the dresser, Alice eagerly shoved her ass
back toward Hal. She spread her legs, shuffling her feet apart. Hal’s cock tip wormed its
way up into her slit. She waggled her ass back, trying to position her cunt just right.
"Ooooohhhhh," she sighed as she felt the knobby prick tip catch at the opening to her
pussy hole. She felt Hal change his position a little. A moment later his cock shoved
smoothly up into her waiting cunt.
"Aaaaaaahhhh… shit, that feels good!" Hal grunted. He began rocking back and forth,
driving his cock slowly in and out of the bent-over girl’s cunt. She felt so damned tight
this way. The hot walls of her vagina wrapped lovingly around his prick, literally
sucking on it as it chugged in and out past her slippery pussy juice running down the
backs of her legs, smearing over his hairy thighs each time his loins slammed into her
soft asscheeks.
"Mmmmnnnnn… oooohhhh… so good!" Alice moaned. She held tightly to the top of
the low dresser to brace herself as Hal’s fucking became wilder. His hips smacked
loudly against her ass, half drowning out the lewd sucking of his cock as it moved in
and out of her tight wet snatch.
Alice’s naked tits brushed the smooth cool dresser tip. Her nipples sprang quickly erect,
sending new waves of pleasure coursing down to join the delight in her cock-stuffed

cunt. Bracing her feet, she joined in, ramming her ass back rhythmically, helping her
cunt meet Hal’s increasingly frenzied cock-thrusts.
What should have been a quick wild fuck slowly lengthened into a long, moaning,
panting performance. The snug fit of Hal’s cock coming at Alice’s cunt from the rear
felt so good to both of them that they hated to stop. Hal sank his fingers deeper into
Alice’s soft hips, actually picking her up by the ass for a while, using his strength to
maneuver her cunt back against his thrusting prick.
Finally Hall caught sight of the clock. "Jeez… we’d better hurry," he panted. "Tom’s
gonna come back."
There was one last wild flurry of fucking. Neither was willing to separate from the other
until they’d achieved the final release of orgasm. Hal slammed his cock into Alice’s cunt
so hard the dresser she was holding onto began to rock and bang against the wall. But
his cock was beginning its final swelling up inside her churning cunt. They could both
feel it. "Oooohhhhh… come on," Alice chanted. "Cum in me! Fill me with your hot
"Okay, baby… here it comes!" Hal groaned. His cock felt like it was bursting, seething
with molten lava. The first hot jet of semen shot the full length of his throbbing
member. He could feel it steam its way through the thick tube on the underside of the
shuddering shaft. "Jesus!" he cried. His balls pumped madly, squeezing sperm into
Alice’s ready cunt.
"Oh yes!" Alice panted. "I can feel it shooting into my twat! God! It’s so hot! I… I…
Writhing and twisting in orgasm, the girl was barely able to hold onto the dresser top.

Hal’s cum, combined with her gushing pussy juices, shot back out the opening of her
cunt, matting their lewdly joined pubic hair. A few of the bottles of cosmetics on the
dresser top fell over as Alice and Hal writhed wildly together. They were still panting,
Hal’s cock making a last couple of thrusts up into the girl’s thighs. Hal raced out the
door into the hallway. It still might have worked out all right. Even if Hal had met Tom
in the hall, naked, he could have pretended lie was coming from the shower. And Alice
might have had enough time to at least pull on a pair of panties, hiding her cum-
drenched cunt.
But Alice panicked. Afraid of being left alone to face Tom’s expected wrath, she bolted
after Hal. And it was in the hallway that Tom caught them, naked together. One look
at his wife’s sticky pussy hair, one look at Hal’s cunt-shiny cock, and he knew. His eyes
widened, bulging from their sockets as he stared thunderstruck at his frightened young
wife. "Jesus Christ!" he bellowed.
Tom’s yell was enough to galvanize Alice into action. Hal had continued on toward his
room as if nothing had happened. But, just before she dodged back into her room, she
heard the lock on Hal’s bedroom door click. He was playing it safe.
So was she. Alice slammed the door behind her, locking it. She leaned against the door,
listening. No sound but the muttered curses of her outraged husband. Alice held her
breath, wondering if she was going to break her door down. Then she breathed a sigh
of relief as she heard him pound down the hall toward Hal’s room.
"Let me in, you son-of-a-bitch!" she heard Tom bellow to Hal. Hal’s reply was too
muffled for her to make out. There was a loud pounding. Then Alice could hear Hal’s
voice trying to soothe Tom as he opened the door.
"At least you’ve got your fucking clothes on now," Alice heard Tom shout. "Good

fucking thing, because I might have pulled your lousy cock out by the roots… Sticking
the God-damned thing up my wife’s cunt! Why you…" The argument got too loud and
complicated for Alice to follow. Then the thing she had most dreaded, the sound of a
scuffle. They were fighting! She heard someone crash against the wall, a muttered curse.
There was a short silence. "Get out!" she finally heard Tom yell. "I want you out of this
house! If you’re not gone by the time I get back…" Get back from where? Alice
wondered. Then she knew, as Tom’s heavy footsteps came pounding down the hall
toward their bedroom. Oh God! Now he was after her!
Alice slimnk back against the wall as Tom rattled the doorknob. "Open up, bitch!" he
yelled. But she couldn’t move. There was a heavy crash. The door jumped in its frame.
Another crash and the lock broke. The door slammed inward, hitting the wall. Tom
looked wildly around the room. "Fucking whore!" he bellowed, coming toward her. Oh
God, he had hurt Hal, and now he was going to hurt her! Alice slimnk back further,
but Tom’s powerful fingers closed around her wrist, dragging her close.
"Fucking my best friend as soon as my back’s turned," he grated, his face twisted with
anger. "I had a feeling something like this was going on. That’s why I came home a
little early."
"It’s not like you think… It’s not like you think," Alice babbled. "It’s just because I…"
But how could she finish? How could she really explain to Tom her overwhelming
curiosity to find how it would be to fuck another man? And how, if anything, it had
made her feel closer to Tom. Not a chance. He was all wounded male pride. His private
property had been used without his permission. And now he was reasserting ownership.
But in a way Alice hadn’t expected.
"God damned cunt," Tom hissed. "C’mere! I’m gonna show you who you belong to!"

Tom surprised himself almost as much as Alice when he started stripping off his
clothes. He had an overwhelming desire to fuck this already obviously well-fucked girl.
The slippery cum matting her blonde pussy hair only acted as a goad, as fuel to his lust
as he tore off the last of his clothes and strode toward her, naked, his huge cock already
stiff and swollen, jutting menacingly from beneath his strong flat belly.
Alice, still frightened, backed away. Tom lunged forward, grabbing her arm again. He
dragged her halfway across the room, throwing her down on the bed. "Now!" he raged.
"Now!" And with a grunt he leaped on top of her.
Alice was too frightened to move. At first she thought Tom was going to strangle or hit
her. But instead he roughly pulled her legs apart, crowding his big body in between her
trembling thighs.
"You’re gonna feel a real cock now, baby," he gloated, as if she hadn’t already felt his
prick hundreds of times. Without any preparation, brutally, he rammed his swollen
prick straight into her cunt.
"Oh!" Alice cried out, half in fear, half in shock. Fortunately, her cunt was still so wet
and open from Hal’s fucking that her husband’s brutal entry didn’t cause any real
damage except to her pride.
"How do you like that, you little tramp?" Tom panted, his eyes glowing hotly as he
fucked wildly into the girl’s unresisting body. "Is this enough cock for you? You want
more, huh? You want more cock? Isn’t mine big enough for you?"
"Oh, it’s wonderful, Tom," Alice babbled. "So big… feels so good!" She cautiously
fucked her hips up toward Tom’s drumming loins.
"You like it, huh? Admit it! You love it!"

Alice could hardly believe this was all happening. She knew that Tom had a delicate
male ego, but was hardly prepared for this. Still, it was oddly exciting to have him
nearly raping her. As his powerful body held her down, his cock drumming relentlessly
into her cunt, Alice began to get perversely turned on.
"Yes… yes… it’s good!" she moaned, writhing under her husband’s wild cock-thrusts.
For a few minutes Alice forgot her fear. She fucked back like a wild animal as Tom
hunched desperately above her. I’m going to cum! she realized. Despite her fear, despite
her dread of what must have happened to Hal, she let her orgasm sweep over her.
"See? I told you it’d be good!" Tom crowed in triumph. "Now I’m gonna cum in you,
Tom groaned as his cock began pumping hot sperm up into Alice’s already dripping
snatch. She tried not to squeal, because he was hurting her a little now, his fingers
digging powerfully into her flesh. But it was exciting, so animal-like, so totally new.
Another experience, as different as finally fucking Hal had been.
But the aftermath was embarrassing. When Tom had finally finished cumming, he
rolled tiredly from her sweaty, cum slippery body. She watched the grief literally wash
over him. "How could you do it to me?" Tom asked in a small, hushed voice. Alice
wanted to tell him she hadn’t really done anything to him. What had happened had
been between herself and Hal. She had never stinted on affection to Tom. He was still
her husband, the man she went to bed with every night. How could he believe her short
episode of happiness with Hal could have been a betrayal?
She wasn’t afraid of him anymore. If anything, she felt sorry for her husband. But her
pity killed little of the love she had for him. "I… I’m sorry," Alice said softly, trying to
touch Tom. "It won’t ever happen again."

He shrugged off her hand. "How can I know that… for sure?" he asked sullenly.
Alice’s patience broke. "Why do you need to?" she demanded. "Isn’t the way I feel and
act toward you enough?" But she knew it wasn’t. For the first time she realized how
insecure her husband was in his manhood. His tough bragging bluff was only that… a
bluff. To convince himself as much as others. Disgusted with herself for finding out
such a damaging truth about the man she loved, Alice left the room. She had to. She
had to. Not only to get away from Tom for a minute, but to see what had happened to
But when she got to his room, he was gone. So were his belongings. It took a moment
to soak in, but then she realized. Hal was gone!
Alice heard a noise behind her. It was Tom. He was fingering a bruise on his cheek.
Alice hadn’t noticed it before, but it was slowly darkening. "That damned Hal and his
karate," Tom mumbled angrily.

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Alice found it harder and harder to be around Hal. She could barely conceal her desire
for his body. She began to neglect Tom. Several times when he wanted to fuck, she
made feeble excuses. It wasn’t that she didn’t want Tom. But she was afraid of what her
mind would be doing while he made love to her. That near slip with Hal’s name had
frightened her.
Finally it got to be more than Alice could bear. She realized that until she had finally
satisfied her sexual curiosity about Hal, her relationship with her husband was going to
suffer. Her whole body burned to find what it felt like to be made love to by another
man. And Hal was so close, so convenient.
One afternoon she found herself alone in the house with Hal. Tom wouldn’t be back
for several hours. Now was the time. If she could get up the courage. Sensibly, Alice
opened a bottle of wine. Liquid courage. Then she rolled a joint. "Let’s have a party,"
she said, sitting down on the couch next to Hal. She lit the joint, drawing the acrid
fumes down into her lungs. Within a few seconds a tingling excitement rippled through
her body. It was good grass, sensuous grass. She poured two glasses of wine.
"What’s the occasion?" Hal asked, dragging on the joint. Alice watched the tip of the
little hand-rolled cigarette glow cherry red. She took a sip of her wine. It flowed, soft
and mellow, down her throat. "Oh… nothing… just an excuse to smoke some good pot
and drink some wine."
Time trickled by. Alice felt both relaxed and excited. She cast quick glances toward Hal.
He seemed completely unsuspecting. "Mmmmmmmm… I feel so good. Would you rub
my back, Hal?"

"Sure," Hal replied lazily. He reached over and started massaging Alice’s shoulder.
"Uh-uh," she said. "I want a really good back rub. The whole thing." Getting up from
the couch, she lay down on the carpet, on her stomach. She was wearing a tee-shirt and
a pair of white shorts, fairly baggy shorts, no underwear underneath. Nor was she
wearing a bra. She liked the way her tee-shirt hugged her big tits, outlining the nipples.
She’d caught Hal eyeing them more than once. But casually. He’d seen her wearing the
tee-shirt often enough, but he didn’t know she was wearing it today particularly to turn
him on.
Hal knelt on the rug next to her. His hands reached out, then started gliding smoothly
up and down her back. "Mmmmnnnnn… feels good," Alice sighed. It did. It felt
wonderful, particularly after smoking the pot. Her skin was marvelously alive, tingling,
warm. Hal’s hands seemed to stroke right into her, strong but gentle.
She let Hal rub her back for a couple of minutes through her tee-shirt. Then she made
her first move. "Wait a moment," Alice said. Raising her upper body a little, she
struggled out of the tee-shirt, still lying on her belly. Hal might be a little surprised, but
after all, her tits were still concealed beneath her. It still seemed like a back rub.
Hal continued rubbing, but now he was becoming a little more interested. Alice had
big, full tits. They bulged out to the sides, beneath her body, creamy mounds, swelling
from her ribcage. Hal swallowed nervously. He wasn’t as cool and self-contained as
Alice imagined. For weeks he had been living with Tom and Alice. Plenty of time for
him to begin appreciating the girl’s sexy good looks. So far it had been only his
friendship with Tom that had held him back from making a play for the girl.
But now, with her lying on the floor in front of him, half-naked, he ached to stroke his
hands over her tits or at least over as much of them as he could reach with her lying on

her stomach.
Alice thrilled as she felt Hal’s hands move down from her back and stroke up her sides.
She knew he was trying to make it look like this was just part of the back rub, but she
knew what he was doing. His fingertips moved over the swell of her tits, where they
bulged out to the sides under her weight. She knew she herself had to keep cool, at
least for now. She wanted to sigh with pleasure, but kept perfectly still.
Eventually Hal’s fingers left the edges of her tits and glided lower, massaging her up
swelling buttocks, then her thighs. Alice had made sure her thighs were parted a little.
As he leaned over the girl’s ass, Hal was able to stare up the loose legs of her white
shorts. Soft curving flesh, deep folds, sleek softness. He couldn’t see her cunt, net quite.
But the surrounding terrain was almost as interesting.
by the time Hal had finished rubbing the girl’s legs, he was almost as turned on as she
was. Alice sensed it. Now was the time for step two. "Can you rub my head? The front
of me?" she asked sweetly. She rolled over onto her back. "You don’t mind, do you?"
Hal swallowed. With the girl on her back, her naked tits jutted straight up at him. Alice
struggled to keep the look on her face as bland as possible. If she appeared too anxious,
she would probably scare Hal away.
"Uh… no, I don’t mind," he answered after a brief struggle to get his breathing under
control. He ached to reach out and cup those gorgeous pink-tipped mounds in his
suddenly sweaty hands. But instead he moved around by the girl’s head. He began
stroking her forehead, digging his fingers into her scalp.
It felt so good that for a couple of minutes Alice temporarily forgot the sexual angle.
But only for a couple of minutes. "Rub me all over," she said drowsily, keeping her eyes

Somehow it made it easier for Hal with the girl’s eyes shut. Almost as if no one could
see. His hands left her head, stroking down over her shoulders, rubbing her upper
arms. As he reached over her body to reach her far arm, his forearm naturally dragged
across one lush tit. He felt the rubbery nipple sliding over his skin.
Then it wasn’t rubbery any longer. It was hard and pointed as Alice’s nipple responded,
stiffening, peaking up. Jesus!
Hal got bolder. He began rubbing Alice’s ribs, right at the base of her tits. Then he
glided his fingers up the sloping mounds, not attacking her nipples, not yet, but
swirling his hands in big circles, keeping up the fiction that this was still merely a
massage. The girl’s tits molded themselves to his hands, changing shape as he massaged
them in a big circle, one hand on each tit.
Once again Alice wanted to sigh with pleasure. Sigh hell! She wanted to moan! But she
kept still, feeling sexy warmth radiate out from her naked tits as Hal’s hands glided over
them. Just once he touched her nipples directly, gliding his palms lightly over them.
They shot erect like little pink erupting volcanoes. Alice shivered. Hal saw it, saw her
body twitch. He felt suddenly guilty, expecting her to become angry. But she just lay
there, eyes closed, big tits staring him in the face. Jesus, but he wanted to clamp his lips
around her nipples. He wanted to kiss and lick those big jugs!
Step three. "Can you rub my hips and thighs? The muscles are really tight."
Jesus, could he? You bet your ass he could! Hal’s hands flew down toward Alice’s sleek
loins. She obligingly spread her thighs wide as he began to rub her hips and the outer
part of her thighs. He kept staring at the loose way the baggy legs of the girl’s shorts

fitted her legs, remembering what he’d seen from the back. But this time he saw more,
thin silky blonde tendrils of hair poking out past the legs of the shorts.
God almighty! Pussy hair! Alice wasn’t wearing any underwear!
Hal’s rubbing got bolder. He began rubbing the insides of Alice’s thighs, right near
where they joined together. "Ooohhhh… that’s where they’re the tightest," Alice sighed.
"Can you rub a little higher?"
The only way Hal could rub higher was to shove his hands up underneath the baggy
legs of those shorts. Taking a deep breath, he did so. His fingers traced out the hollows
of the girl’s loins, where her legs joined to her trunk. Oh God! On the inside he felt
soft pussy hair brushing the sides of his fingers!
"Down inside a little more." Shit! Was Alice asking him to touch her cunt, or just the
insides of her thighs?
It didn’t make much difference. As Hal’s fingertips dug into the muscles on the insides
of her upper thighs, he felt the soft rise of her outer pussy lips. And pussy hair
"Up a little higher," Alice murmured, eyes still closed. Hal’s fingers rose, gliding past
the tip of her busy, stroking her naked belly, doing all this while reaching up through
the legs of her shorts. He began to be more direct about touching the outer edges of her
cunt, feeling her mounded pussy lips push back softly at his fingers.
Reaching down between her thighs, he found nothing. Just a kind of gap. He knew her
pussy hole was just a fraction of an inch from his fingertip. Hal was tempted to reach
right in. But so far Alice had been so cool he fought to believe all this was still an
innocent massage. The girl’s very coolness almost ruined her plan.

But then, as his fingertips glided across the girl’s pussy mound, Hal’s fingers skidded in
an unexpected patch of slippery pussy juice. Skidded right down into the girl’s slit.
Alice’s cunt had been bubbling for minutes. It had been hell for the excited young
woman to hold herself back, pretend she wasn’t wildly turned on by Hal’s fingers.
But now he couldn’t fail to know, as his fingertip came to rest in her hot, wet pussy slit.
Hal froze for a moment. He felt Alice’s body twitch. He expected her to demand he
remove his hand. But her eyes stayed closed. The truth began to dawn on him. Or at
least the suspicion of the truth. Was this a set-up? Was Alice trying to seduce him?
Cautiously, Hal began running his fingers up and down the girl’s pussy slit. She
quivered a little but that was all. Her eyes remained tightly shut. Hal’s massaging finger
became more reckless. He felt it glide past the girl’s clit, then moved it lower. Again
that emptiness. Oh, shit! Why not?
Knowing he was over the girl’s vagina, Hal worked his finger straight in. Damp pussy
hair clung to his finger. Her thick outer pussy lips squirmed out of the way.
Then his finger slid smoothly about an inch up into her twat. He swirled it around a
moment, coating it with the hot pussy juice that literally gushed from the girl’s gash.
He shoved his finger in deep, as far in as it would go. Hot muscular pussy walls closed
around his finger.
Alice couldn’t stand it any longer. "Oooohhhhh," she moaned softly. Her eyes opened.
Hal stared into their blue depths, finding only acceptance there, no blame.
"Oh, God," he murmured, and began finger-fucking the girl.
"Hal," she whispered. Then her hand was on his crotch, massaging his cock through his

pants. His prick swelled immediately, cramped and painful inside its tight cage.
While Hal wormed a second finger up into the girl’s cunt, she fumbled with his zipper,
finally getting it open. Her slender hand wormed inside his fly. He shivered with
pleasure as her cool fingers closed around the shaft of his cock. Gently Alice pulled the
throbbing shaft out into the open. Oh, it was beautiful!
Both Hal and Alice were panting now, their eyes hot with lust. Hal had a moment’s
twinge of guilt as he realized he was going to fuck his friend’s wife. But he had been
fighting temptation too long. Now here she was, lying half-naked in front of him, his
fingers up her twat, her hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. Jesus, but she had a
sweet tight snatch!
Time to get those shorts all the way off. Alice’s free hand was already unbuttoning
them. He had to take his fingers out of her cunt to pull her shorts down. He hated to.
He was afraid she might change her mind, that he might never get his fingers back up
inside that snug wet nest.
But he had to take the chance. His fingers sucked free, glistening with cunt juice. He
wormed the girl’s shorts down over her thighs, pulling them over her feet. Then he
began tearing at his own clothes, nearly ripping them off in his haste.
When he was naked, the two young people held still a moment, staring at one another’s
bodies. Hal’s eyes feasted on Alice’s nude loveliness, on her beautiful tits, but most of
all on her softly furred, blonde pussy. He could make out the pink slash of her slit
underneath the golden fuzz, see the hole his fingers had just slipped out of.
For her part, Alice was fascinated by Hal’s body. He was so much more slender than
Tom. His cock was more slender too, not as big as Tom’s but big enough, stiff and

hard, jerking up toward his belly a little further with each new rush of blood into its
turgid length. Her cunt ached to feel it slide up inside.
But Hal’s fingers were there first, diving once again into the wet warm depths. Jesus!
Hal thought. Now he was able to actually watch his fingers glide in and out of the pink,
fur-fringed hole. To watch the girl open up for him, spread her legs so that her pussy
lips gaped a little. The rich smell of pussy juice filled the air.
"Please, Hal," Alice whimpered. "Aren’t you going to fuck me?" He was driving her
crazy. His fingers felt good up inside her snatch, but it was his cock she wanted!
"Sure… sure," he mumbled. One more little twinge of conscience. Then Hal pulled his
fingers out of the girl’s cunt again, this time to make room for his cock. He scrambled
between her legs, feeling her soft inner thighs brush his ribs.
He would have fucked into her right then, but Alice reached down and took his cock in
her fingers. "Let me," she said.
God! It was so hard! Maybe not as big as Tom’s cock, but hard as a piece of steel!
Fascinated, the girl stroked it up and down her pussy slit, teasing herself with the
bloated tip. Hal, groaning with pleasure, reached down and dug his hands into the girl’s
tits, so tantalizingly near. His fingers sank into their cushiony yet firm softness. He
fondled the nipples, thrilling to feel them harden for him.
Alice shoved the tip of his cock up inside her cuntal opening. "Please," she begged
softly. "Stick it in my twat. Fuck me with it!"
"Oh, God, yes," Hal moaned. He ground his hips slowly forward. His prick slid
smoothly up into the girl’s snatch. He felt its tight hot walls close wetly around his
pulsing manhood. He shoved and shoved until his pubic bone thudded against Alice’s.

"Ooohhhhhh… Hal!" Alice panted. It was finally happening! She had Hal’s cock buried
in her cunt!
And did it feel wonderful! So hard, so throbbingly alive. It didn’t feel any better than
Tom’s cock, only different, and it was the difference that excited her so much! For the
first time in her young life she was being fucked by a man other than Tom!
Winding her arms around Hal, she drew him close to her. How different his entire
body felt, so slender and supple, so unlike Tom’s greater bulk. Oh, God, and now he
was fucking her, long steady strokes, his cock plunging in and out of her quivering
Alice’s tits flattened under Hal’s weight. Their lips came together. For the first time they
kissed, a long lingering kiss, their bodies writhing together. Alice started fucking back,
her hips rocking upward, shoving her cunt against Hal’s plunging loins, encouraging
his cock deeper and deeper into her simmering vagina.
Alice didn’t kid herself. She knew she wasn’t in love with Hal. She was fucking him just
for the sake of the fuck. Mid she loved it. Loved the feeling of sexual freedom it gave
her, as well as the delight of the fucking itself. Her body felt alive, full of a heightened
awareness. She felt so incredibly sexy!
Neither of them lasted long. Already turned on by their long, tense bout of foreplay,
their orgasms hung just over the horizon. Hal felt his cock beginning to swell up inside
Alice’s tight young cunt after only about five minutes. He had been doing his best to
hold back his orgasm from the first moment his cock touched the girl’s slit. But he
knew he was going to cum now, no matter what.
Fortunately, Alice was close, too. She felt Hal’s cock swelling inside her snatch. "Oh!

Just like Tom’s does!" she blurted, delighted that it should happen the same way with
both husband and her lover.
"Je-ZUZ!" Hal groaned. Alice felt his sperm flooding her cunt, a warm wet flood jetting
up toward her womb. "Oh… Hal!" she whimpered. Her body spasmed. Her strong cunt
muscles clamped hungrily down around the base of Hal’s spouting cock, driving him
wild with pleasure. He felt the girl’s body jerk and quiver beneath him, telling him she
was coming. His fingers sank into her soft asscheeks, holding her loins tightly to his,
clamping her spasming cunt against his cock while he filled her pussy hole with his
boiling sperm.
With a tired sigh, Hal relaxed on top of the still gently writhing Alice. He loved the feel
of her soft tits pressing against his chest.
Then, slowly, he realized what he’d done. He’d fucked his friend’s wife! Jesus, what if
Alice had second thoughts? What if she ran and told Tom?
But one look at her glowing, sex-flushed face eased his worries. She threw her arms
around his neck and kissed him, her eager little tongue worming deep into his mouth.
He felt something tug and pull at his cock. Then he saw Alice laughing at the look of
surprise on his face. "What was that?" he blurted.
"Silly. I was just tightening my cunt muscles." Another tug, "Uuuummmm… you keep
that up and I’ll get hard again," Hal warned the smiling girl.
"Is that a promise?" Another tug.
Hal felt his cock hardening, lengthening up inside the girl’s sperm-slippery snatch. He
cupped one of her big tits in his hands, pushing it up with the nipple poking between
his fingers. Leaning down, he began to lick and suck the hardening little bud.

"Oooohhhhhh… Hal… you’re such a good lover," Alice sighed.
He looked at her face for several long seconds. "No regrets?" he asked cautiously.
"Because this is kind of dangerous, you know."
"Un-uh. It’s worth it. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. We’ll do it again… every
chance we get."
"That’ll be a lot, you know," he warned the girl. "Next week I go on swing shift."
"Oh, goodie!" Alice squealed in delight. "Then I can fuck Tom during the night and
you during the day!"
"That’ll be some scene," Hal muttered. He knew he was probably going to get himself
into hot water. But looking down at the luscious, naked, pink and gold and blue-eyed
girl lying underneath him, he decided it was worth the risk. He began to slowly move
his resurrected cock in and out of her tight wet cunt.
"Oooohhhh, Hal," Alice sighed happily, her legs rising to wrap tightly around her new
lover’s body. But oddly, what she was thinking of at the moment was how much she
was going to enjoy fucking Tom when he came home from work.

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"Goodnight, Alice… ‘Night, Tom."
"Goodnight, Hal," Alice Bromden said, casting one quick look back at the slender
young man sitting on the living room couch as she followed her husband into their
bedroom. With a little shiver of delicious guilt, Alice realized she wished it was Hal she
was following into the bedroom, not Tom.
Not that she didn’t love her husband, not that she didn’t appreciate the way he used his
big cock. It was simply that Alice was sexually curious.
Only eighteen and married a year already, Alice had never slept with any other man
than Tom. Hal was their roommate. The three of them shared a two-bedroom house.
Hal was an old friend of Tom’s from high school, and now the two young men worked
for the same employer. It had seemed natural for Hal and the young couple to live
together, to share the rent on a fine old house they couldn’t have afforded otherwise.
Marriage had at first seemed like a fairy tale to Alice, away from her family for the first
time, a housewife, now able to sleep openly with her lover, her husband. What a change
from sneaking around, fucking in the front seat of Tom’s care before they were married.
Alice now felt a very much grown-up woman. Secure in her new-married status, she let
a warm friendship grow between herself and her husband’s high-school buddy.
The friendship slowly became something more than a friendship, particularly after Alice
and Tom began having their first fights. Tom was intensely jealous of his lovely young
wife. When Alice had been merely his girlfriend he had been eager to show her off,
encouraging the lush young blonde to wear the most revealing clothing whenever they
went out together.

Now that they were married, he was intensely possessive, flying into a rage whenever
she wore anything that showed off her large firm breasts, or accentuated the rich curves
of her hips. "You look like a fucking whore!" he snapped at her one time when she
wore a particularly low-cut halter top. Tears sprang to the girl’s big blue eyes. Before
they were married, this same halter top had been part of the outfit Tom most liked her
to wear. She’d only been trying to please.
Alice fell into the habit of taking her troubles to Hal. He always listened patiently and,
it seemed to her, sympathetically. Gradually, Hal and Alice began to feel like
conspirators behind Tom’s back.
Then there was the physical attraction. Alice wasn’t aware of it at first, although she
caught Hal looking at her strangely a couple of times. The first time she became aware
of it herself, she had come home unexpectedly early from shopping. Thinking he was
alone in the house, Hal, who had been taking a shower, walked naked from the
bathroom, heading for his room. He and Alice nearly bumped into each other in the
hall. "Oh!" Alice blurted.
Hal blushed a little but went on toward his room as if nothing had happened. Alice
stared after him, remembering the sight of his naked cock dangling between his legs.
Even soft, it had looked big. The natural question formed in her mind, how would it
look hard? As big as Tom’s? Even bigger?
Alice had never seen an erect cock other than her husband’s.
For the first time, Alice began to think of Hal as a sexual person. This was made easier
when Hal brought a girl friend home one night. The girl was a particularly noisy fuck.
Lying in bed, Alice and Tom listened to the loud moans and cries coming from Hal’s
bedroom. "God! I wonder what Hal’s doing to that broad!" Tom snickered. Alice

wondered, too, but she said nothing, just lay quietly in bed thinking of the time she’d
seen Hal naked in the hallway her mind filled with vivid images of what Hal’s swollen
cock must look like, plunging into the wailing girl’s body. She suddenly felt very hot
and excited.
"What’sa matter, Mouse? You seem a million miles away."
Alice snapped out of her reverie. Tom was coming toward her, on his face that look of
hot lust she knew so well. "Time for my grapefruit diet," Tom murmured, reaching for
the girl’s big breasts. Alice felt her legs turn rubbery as Tom’s hands closed on her tits,
mauling them through her blouse. "Look at ’em!" he laughed, pointing to her nipples,
which poked hard and erect against the restraining material.
"Mmmmnnnnn," Alice sighed as Tom flicked at her throbbing nipples, rasping his
fingernails across the cloth. For a moment she forgot about Hal. Tom was going to fuck
her. He was going to shove his wonderful cock up between her legs, into her already
wet and heating cunt. Alice imagined she could already feel its thick hardness, opening
her up, spreading her pussy lips, the thick head starting to slide up into her trembling
Then Tom began unbuttoning her blouse. He tossed it aside, reaching around behind
Alice to unfasten her bra. Suddenly, as Tom peeled away the bra and her tits swung
free, the girl was reminded of something that had happened between her and Hal only
a few days before.
She and Tom had had a fight. After Tom stormed out of the house, Alice left her room
and ran to Hal, who was sitting on the living room couch, just like tonight. Eager for

warmth and reassurance, the sobbing girl threw herself into the slender young man’s
arms. Automatically Hal put his arms around her. Alice felt loved, protected – and
something else.
Alice was wearing only her robe, completely naked underneath. The robe fell open.
One of her big tits came to rest on Hal’s bare arm. Her nipple slowly hardened, digging
into his skin. Both she and Hal became aware of it at the same time. Glancing further
down, Alice saw her robe was open over her crotch too, and Hal was looking, both of
them staring at her patch of soft blonde pubic hair. Their eyes locked. Alice felt herself
going, losing control, sliding down a wave of lust, ready to slip into the warm wet
trough. Her heart pounded. Down between her thighs she was aware of a growing wet
heat. Her mind stopped working. For one long moment Alice was all body yearning,
ready, aroused.
"Maybe I better go and see if Tom’s all right," Hal had suddenly mumbled, tearing
himself away from the half-naked girl with obvious difficulty. Alice had watched him
go, disappointment mingling with relief in her thoroughly confused mind.
The memory that bothered Alice most, as Tom’s hands closed on her naked tits, was
that it was Hal who had saved them both, not her. She knew she’d have gone ahead, let
him make love to her. She’d have been unfaithful to her husband.
What was the matter with her? Why was she thinking about another man even while
Tom knelt and began licking her breasts? "Mmmnnnn!" she sighed automatically,
cradling Tom’s curly head, pulling his face tightly against her throbbing tits. She felt
him suck a nipple deep into his mouth. Her body stiffened pulsing waves of pleasure
washed down from her tits to pool hotly in her quivering belly. God, she loved what
Tom was doing to her, but it was almost as if he wasn’t there! As if he were a faceless
substitute for Hal!

It’s not fair! Alice thought rebelliously. Tom slept with lots of girls before he met me.
But he’s the only man I’ve ever made love to!
Alice’s mind had finally come to rest at the root of her problem. She was sexually
curious. Her interest in Hal wasn’t a rejection of Tom. It was healthy curiosity, natural
in a precocious eighteen-year-old who’d married too young. She was curious to see
what it would be like, sleeping with another man. Would Hal do it differently than
Tom? Would his cock look different, feel different as it slid up into her cunt? She ached
to find out. Her body was ready to translate her desires into action. Only the wary
sentinel of her conscience held her back. She hated herself for thinking about Hal while
Tom prepared to make love to her.
He was sucking hard on her tits now, drawing her rock-hard nipples deep into his
mouth. Alice was breathing hard. Her legs were shaky. She wished they’d lay down on
the bed and start fucking. Her cunt was hot enough already. Not only from what Tom
was doing to her tits, but also because of thinking about Hal.
But Tom showed no signs of heading for the bed. He ran his hands up underneath her
skirt while still sucking her tits. "Oooohhhh," Alice sighed as her husband’s fingers
probed at her seething cunt, right through her panties. "Jesus, you’re wet!" Tom
mumbled into her tits. The girl’s panties were like a soaked sponge, dripping with hot
slippery pussy juice. As Tom pushed on the girl’s crotch, her hot juices squished out
from her slit, bubbling through her panties, running down into the palm of his hands.
Tom shoved the girl’s soggy panties up into her slit, rubbing her snatch right through
them. Alice’s hips began to undulate. She fucked her cunt forward against her
husband’s rummaging fingers. "Mmmmmmnnnnn… feels so good!" she panted. "Shove
your finger up inside my cunt… Please?"

"You bet, honey," Tom growled, his voice hall-muffled in the deep valley between his
lovely young wife’s tits. Slipping one finger past the legband of her panties, he wormed
it into her hot slippery pussy slit. He felt the girl jerk as his fingernail grated past her
tender clit, heading down toward her vaginal opening.
"God! Your cunt’s wide open!" he moaned, as his finger caught at the pulsing opening
to Alice’s snatch. He could feel regular gushes of warm pussy juice pumping out over
his finger. He shoved upward. His finger slid smoothly up into his wife’s pussy hole.
"Aaaaaaahhhhh," Alice sighed gratefully. Her hips pumped forward more strongly as
she fucked her cunt down onto her husband’s impaling finger. Her eyes were hall-
closed, her breathing strong arid deep. Hot signals of pleasure radiated up from her
finger-stuffed cunt.
Tom went back to sucking her tits, sucking her nipples deep into his mouth while his
finger slithered in and out of her throbbing cunt. The slurp of his lips against her tits
merged lewdly with the sucking sound of his finger running in and out of her juicy
snatch. "Oooohhhh… please… please, let’s fuck!" Alice panted. She didn’t know how
much longer her trembling legs would hold her up. Her entire body throbbed with
passion, with need. Her cunt begged to be filled with more than Tom’s finger. It ached
to feel the entire throbbing length of his cock up inside her hungry hole.
But instead of laying her down on the bed, Tom was pulling down her panties. Alice
felt them suck free of her dripping snatch. She obediently lifted first one foot, then the
other, as Tom stripped her panties from her. A moment later he was fumbling with the
waistband of her skirt, unfastening it, pulling down the zipper. The skirt puddled
around her feet. She stepped free of it, completely naked now.
Still Tom made no move toward the bed. He stayed kneeling in front of the trembling,

wildly aroused girl, stroking his fingers over her wet, matted pussy hair. "Come on…
spread your legs as far as you can," Tom urged her. He began pulling the girl’s legs
apart. Her feet skidded over the floor. She almost fell, but in a few seconds, Tom had
her standing, spraddle-legged.
"Wh-what are you doing?" she panted shakily.
"You’ll see."
Alice almost fell over as Tom wedged his head in between her straining thighs. She felt
his nose dip into her slit. Then he turned his face upward, his breath snuffling over her
cunt. She didn’t think he could do it, but a moment later, his tongue lanced up into her
crack, stabbing directly against her clit.
"Aaaaaaahhhnhh!" Alice choked out, hot bolts of pleasure radiating from her clit,
shooting through her cunt. Automatically she reached down, grabbing hold of Tom’s
hair, dragging his face more tightly against her cunt. Her hips started fucking forward
and down again, ramming her slit hard against Tom’s sucking mouth.
"Mmmmppphhhh," Tom mumbled around a mouthful of wet slippery pussy flesh. He
was getting more of a reaction from Alice than he’d bargained for. He should have
known. Once his horny little wife felt his mouth against her twat, she went out of her
mind! His neck was forced back by the girl’s frantic hip-humping. He thought his
vertebrae were going to crack, but he kept on licking, running his tongue hotly over
Alice’s quickly welling clit. Her heavily-flowing pussy juices ran down into his mouth
and over his chin. His cheeks slipped and slithered over her smeared thighs.
Alice had a short, sharp orgasm, her body twitching and quivering as her husband
tongued up into her twat from below. "Oooohhhh," she sighed happily. She felt so

good! But not as good as she wanted to feel. She wanted a cock up inside her cunt.
Something one hell of a lot bigger than a finger and longer than a tongue! She wanted
to be fucked!
Sputtering and choking as the girl’s spasming cunt pumped gushes of pussy juice into
his mouth, Tom eventually had to come up for air. His face glistened with the girl’s
warm secretions. "Let’s get on the fucking bed!" he said, smiling eagerly.
Tom scooped Alice off her feet and tossed her onto the bed. She squealed with a
mixture of fear and delight as she flew through the air, then bounced on the bed. Tom’s
strength always amazed her. Lying on her back, naked, her legs spread wide, pussy wet
and dripping, big tits pointing upwards, as firm and out-thrusting as when she had
been standing, she waited for her husband to undress, her eyes feasting on his broad
chest and lean hips. But most of all on the long thick cock that leaped into view when
he finally pulled off his shorts.
"Ooohhhhh… yummy!" she giggled, reaching out to grab his cock as he scrambled onto
the bed next to her. A single shining drop of sperm appeared in the little slitted hole in
the tip, squeezed out by her caressing fingers.
"I want that," she said, wriggling next to Tom, half sitting up. She bent forward. Her
tongue shot out, lapping across the tip of her husband’s swollen rod. The pungent, salty
taste of sperm filled her mouth – just from that one drop. "Yum," she murmured.
Continuing her tongue work, she laved the pink wet organ over the entire knobbed tip
of Tom’s big cock, feeling it swell even larger.
"Oh, Jesus!" Tom groaned, flopping back helplessly on the bed as his wife’s tongue
slithered over his throbbing cock. She began to lick the underside of the bloated shaft,
running her tongue tip all the way down to his balls. "Suck it! Suck it a little!" Tom

Now I’ve done it, Alice thought. There was going to be a little delay before she got
fucked. But she didn’t mind, not really. The longer she worked on her husband’s cock,
the bigger it would swell. She’d have more and more of the huge shaft to ram up into
her hungry cunt.
Opening her lips, Alice slipped them over the tip of Tom’s cock. It was a tight fit. She
felt her lips stretch and stretch. Then Tom’s prick slid smoothly into her mouth. She
began working her mouth slowly up and down as much of the bloated shaft as would
fit inside. Her hands caressed his tight, swollen balls.
"Jesus! You keep that up, you’ll make me shoot off in your mouth!" Tom blurted. His
hands plucked nervously at the blankets as he tried not to cum.
That was something Alice definitely didn’t want to happen. Her cunt ached and
throbbed for cock. She wanted her husband’s big joint to pump its hot load up into her
twat, not her mouth. She quickly pulled her mouth away, her lips popping free of
Tom’s cock tip.
"Let’s fuck," Tom panted. He attempted to roll his wife over, but she stopped him.
"Let me do it," she begged.
Tom obediently lay back, a slow grin breaking over his face. He put his hands behind
his head, watching leisurely as Alice positioned her sleek loins over his upthrusting
cock. Her blonde-furred cunt hung just above the saliva-wet tip.
"Mmmnnnnnm," Alice sighed as she lowered her hips a little and guided the tip of her
husband’s prick up into her waiting pussy slit. For a few seconds, she contented herself

with sliding the rubbery knob up and down her seeping cuntal valley, feeling its hot
softness tug and pull at her throbbing clit.
Then she couldn’t stand another moment of waiting. She wanted to get fucked! Eagerly,
she stuffed Tom’s prick-tip up into her vaginal opening. It was a snug fit, open as she
was. Tom’s cock was big. But she’d taken it up into her twat enough times to know it
would fit.
Grinding her ass downward, she slowly worked her husband’s giant prick up into her
pussy hole. "Aaaaaahhhhhh," Alice sighed as she felt her vagina stretching and
stretching to make room for the big probe. She kept shoving her ass down until she at
last felt the tip of Tom’s prick stretching the far end of her vagina. She rested a
moment, her blonde pussy hair merged with his dark kinky fuzz. God, she felt filled! So
stuffed full of cock she could barely breathe!
Placing her hands on Tom’s lower belly for balance, Alice slowly raised her ass. Tom’s
cock seemed to literally grow out of her cunt, shiny with her internal juices. She kept
moving her ass upward until only the head of her husband’s prick was still trapped up
inside her snatch. She could feel the flanged ridges of the helmet-shaped knob trying to
pull free. She halted a moment.
Eyes closed, Alice took in a deep breath. "Okay," she breathed out, slamming her ass
down. Her cunt gobbled Tom’s cock. "Mmmpppphhhh," she grunted as she felt herself
suddenly filled once more with cock. Her eyes flew open for just an instant, but she
really didn’t see anything, just the wall behind the bed.
"Ooooohhhhh… God!" Alice moaned. Her cunt felt so wonderful, stuffed with cock!
She began to fuck hard, raising her ass high time after time, then slamming it down
again, fucking herself on her husband’s big cock. Her whole lower body throbbed and

glowed. Her tits jiggled as she bounced madly up and down, then simmered with
pleasure as Tom reached up and began pinching her darkly pink nipples.
Alice’s mind was floating in a sea of bliss. She forgot for a while where she was, who
she was fucking. As Tom’s cock slithered again and again in and out of her glowing
cunt, she began to fantasize. The image of a face grew in her mind – Hal’s, not Tom’s.
She imagined herself fucking Hal, that it was his cock lancing up into her twat. The
longer she thought about it, the hotter she got.
Then she opened her eyes. Instantly it felt all wrong as she found herself staring at
Tom’s familiar, sex-flushed features. The orgasm that had been just about to overwhelm
her fled, washed away by an immediate flood of guilt.
"What’s the matter, honey?" Tom asked, sensing the change in his wife’s mood.
"I… I… oh nothing," Alice stammered. "I… I almost made it, but not quite."
Tom laughed. "You’re trying too hard," he said. "Here… let me take over now."
With one powerful smooth motion, he turned over, taking Alice with him. Gasping, she
found herself on the bottom, his big cock thrusting powerfully into her body. Tom
dragged them both toward the edge of the bed, until he was standing on the floor, his
cock still in her, Alice’s ass balanced right on the edge of the mattress. Tucking her legs
under his arms, pulling them high so he had a straight shot right into the girl’s wet
gaping cunt, Tom began to fuck hard, balanced on his toes, ramming into the stunned
girl’s twat with all his might.
"Oh… oh… oh…" Alice chanted, the sound forced out of her every time Tom’s driving
hips thudded against her thighs. His cock thundered in and out of her cunt like an out-
of-control pile driver. There was no way she could keep from cumming now, even if

she’d wanted to. Tom’s cock was driving just too deeply up into her cringing pussy hole
for her to hold back.
Ooooohhhhhhhh!" Alice wailed as she felt Tom’s sperm shoot up into her spasming
cunt. She herself began to cum. "Ooohhhhhhh… H… TOM!"
For a moment the girl froze in terror. My God! She’d almost called out Hal’s name!
Then her orgasm swept over her, holding her helpless in its writhing grip.

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This story opens with jealousy, one of the most corrosive emotions known to man. A
young pretty girl, married far too early, feels pushed by her husband’s possessiveness.
Almost in self-defense she begins to experiment, eagerly seizing every chance for
sensuous thrills that comes along.
Not being particularly clever at hiding her extra-curricular activities, she finds her
marriage a wreck, herself cut on the street.
The story now begins in earnest. Alice Bromden learns what it’s like to be dependent
only on her own abilities. An early run of luck spoils her. She becomes overconfident.
Then her luck changes, dumping her into the hands of a group of unscrupulous and
violent men. She learns the difference between fond affection and empty lust. Alice
shows herself willing to try anything, as long as it’s new, exciting and kinky, but learns
she must choose her friends and lovers carefully.
THE WIFE’S SECRET URGE – the story of a woman discovering her sexuality, and
growing up at the same time.
-The Publisher

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