LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 4

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 4
Words of love were not for Kenny. He looked down at the lovely lace of the young
country girl as she dozed peacefully, her dress torn and disheveled. It appealed to his
ego that she had said she loved him. He liked his women to be sorry to see him go.
One way or another, they were usually sorry.
He stripped off his clothes and helped her out of what was left of hers. She smiled lazily
up at him.
"Feel good, baby?"
"I feel wonderful! I have never felt so wonderful! Oh Kenny… you’re terrific!" She got
up on her knees on the mattress and threw her arms around him. His fingers fondled
the smooth lines of her body as they kissed. "Oh, Kenny," she sighed.
"You sure are a beautiful woman, Lola." He held her at arm’s length and admired the
firm rounded swells of her tits, her tiny waist, her flaring hips. Her skin was white and
smooth, an interesting contrast to her dark eyes and hair. Just looking at her made his
cock begin to grow.
Lola noticed his reaction and laughed. She would never have expected to feel this free,
naked, in front of a naked man. But the closeness of their lovemaking experience
seemed to make it all right. Kenny was her lover now. It was good to be naked
together. And to see his cock grow hard with desire for her.
"Thank you, Kenny… you’re beautiful, too," she told him shyly.
When she sat back down on the bed, his cock was level with her face. He held it with

one hand as he stood over her. Her lips were so soft and full. He had an intense urge to
see them wrapped around his swollen cock-shaft. With a fingertip he tilted her chin
"Lola… would you do something for me?"
At the moment, Lola could not imagine anything she would not do for Kenny.
"Oh yes, Kenny… anything…" He fondled her face. His hands moved roughly,
masterfully. His fingers tangled in her long dark hair. He was hurting her, just a little.
The urgency of his caresses made her cunt flare wetly. She could feel her pussy-lips, still
soaked with his drying cum. Yes, she would do anything for him!
"Good girl…" Holding her hair with one hand, he guided his cock-tip around the edges
of her face. She tried to draw back, but he held her firmly. "I want you to suck my cock
for me, Lola." Instinctively he knew this girl had never done such a thing. He could tell
by the way she stiffened when his glans first touched her face.
Kenny was right about Lola. She had never sucked a cock. Once, a boy her own age
had asked her to do that for him. But he had asked timidly, as though he didn’t really
expect her to go through with it. She hadn’t. The idea had disgusted her.
It was one thing to feel a hard cock surging up into her cunt. But to suck it… She
couldn’t believe any woman would ever do such a depraved thing.
The young brunette was torn in two. More than anything, she wanted to satisfy the
wishes of her handsome lover. But what he was asking seemed so… unnatural. How
could she… even for Kenny?

"Kenny… I… I…"
He grinned sadistically down at her. He could see from her face the thoughts that were
running through her mind. Lola’s problem, as Kenny saw it, was that she thought she
had a choice. Rudely he pulled her head forward, forced her lips against the mushroom-
shaped swelling of his cockhead. She clenched her teeth, resisting him.
"Hhnnnhhh… mmmpphhh!"
A growing panic welled up inside Lola. Not for a minute had she suspected that Kenny
would make her take his cock in her mouth. She didn’t want to believe that he would
do such a brutal, insensitive thing to her.
But, believe it or not, it was happening. She had two choices: either to fight the
uncomfortable pressure of his hands on her head, or to open her mouth and suck his
swollen cock-shaft.
"Aaaahhhh… mmmpphhh!" Kenny had made the decision for her. An extra hard shove,
and his fleshy cock burst into her mouth.
"Come on, baby… suck it! Suck it good!" A sadistic thrill surged through Kenny’s loins.
He could feel his cock growing even longer and harder. He liked forcing a woman to do
his bidding… particularly one young and innocent, who would almost invariably learn
to enjoy what he was forcing upon her. A woman with a sex urge like Lola’s he was
sure, would love sucking cock once she got the hang of it. "Oooohh, Lola… make me
feel good, doll!"
Lola was mortified by the degrading position in which she had suddenly found herself.
She knew there was no choice but to do Kenny’s bidding. Yet, for an instant longer, she

resisted. His hands were pulling her hair cruelly. She had to do it. She had to.
Slowly, fearfully, she began to work her lips around the thick intrusion. There was a
thin coating of juices, from her pussy and his balls, still clinging to his cock. It
surprised her to find the taste not at all unpleasant. In fact, something about it sent an
unpredictable surge of lust through her naked loins.
With a submissive murmur, she set about the depraved business of learning to suck a
cock. She stabbed her tongue against the little slit in the head, then all the way down
the taut underside.
"Hey, baby… that’s the stuff… I knew you’d be good at this, Lola! You’re a natural."
Even that perverted praise helped to drive Lola on in her lewd endeavors. Without even
realizing it she was falling prey to the masochist inside herself. Something in her made
her enjoy being forced by her lover to do this obscene thing to him. Somehow, the very
fact of being forced made it all right.
Freed of responsibility for her reactions, Lola let her mouth follow its natural instincts…
sucking him, licking him, nibbling him until his cock was hard as a piece of steel, long
and jerking in her hand.
Kenny was so excited by the feel of Lola’s mouth on his prick that he forgot to hold her
head down on him. Neither of them noticed. He no longer had to make her suck him.
She had been captured by the lascivious delights of making love to a cock with her
mouth. He had known all along she would.
"Baby! You have got potential! You’re something else! Fuck… do it, suck me… yeah!"
She found a rhythm that suited her and that made him grunt with heady excitement.

Her head began to bob up and down in earnest, coaxing him, taking him higher and
higher. Her lush tits bobbled on her chest with her efforts. She was totally devoted now
to her purpose, body and soul. Even the taste, the texture of his cock delighted her.
The young salesman could scarcely contain his arousal. It was hard to believe that the
slaving sex fiend beneath him was the same girl who a few moments ago had been
reluctant to feel his cock on her face. Her full lips formed a tantalizing suction around
his aching prick. He enjoyed watching his cock-purple and swollen – emerging little by
little from her moist mouth, only to surge urgently once again deep into her throat. She
grunted a little each time with the effort of her unceasing labors.
Experienced as he was, Kenny was beginning to believe he had never had his cock
sucked like this before. For a reluctant amateur, Lola was incredible. The way her
mouth and lips and tongue were moving, the little groans she kept uttering – all
indicated that she had never enjoyed such a feast in her life. She was literally savoring
every ridge and swell of his throbbing cock.
The effect in pure unmitigated pleasure was immeasurable. His cock was so hard, it
almost hurt. The very thought of filling her throat with long, roiling jets of hot sperm
was enough to bring him to the very edge. Once again he tangled his fingers cruelly in
her hair and guided her head up and down, this time at a furious pace.
"Suck it, baby! Suck it! Jee-zuzz-z!"
Suddenly Lola’s mouth was filled with thick tangy fluid. He was cumming in her
mouth! She tried to pull away, to spit out the thick, hot juice. But he wouldn’t let her
move! She had to swallow! She had to!
Surprised at how easily it went down, she willingly swallowed the final shots of creamy

liquid. She had expected it to taste horrible, but she found that she actually liked the
Roughly, he pulled her head back off his sated prick and smiled down at her. He
enjoyed the sheen of cum that coated her lips.
"Did you like that, baby?"
She closed her eyes. It frightened her to think he was trying to humiliate her.
"Well?" he demanded, and pulled her hair harder.
"Ouch! Oh! Yes, I liked it! I liked it!"
He was a strange man, Lola thought. Now he was hugging her and kissing her and
being tender with her again. His attentions allayed her fears.
"I wouldn’t have done that for anyone but you, Kenny," she whispered.
"I know, baby."
After all the excitement, Lola suddenly found herself exhausted. She just managed to
snuggle in under the covers, with Kenny beside her, when she fell asleep. She didn’t stir
until the following morning.
"Oooohhh…" She reached for him, was surprised to find the bed empty beside her.
Nervously, she pulled herself up to a sitting position. The bathroom? "Kenny? Kenny,
are you in there?"
No answer.

She was decidedly uneasy now. Though she told herself he must have gone out for a
paper or some breakfast, she could not stop the fluttering fear that made her heart
thump loudly in her chest.
She rose and pulled out her suitcase. She wrapped the ruined dress into a ball and
stuffed it under her neatly packed clothes. Though she was far away from Mama, she
still followed an automatic impulse to hide the evidence. She dressed quickly, in a
modest skirt and blouse, and went down to the hotel lobby. The man behind the
register desk made her uncomfortable. His bold eyes assessed her admiringly as she
"Have you seen…" she began and then remembered she didn’t even know Kenny’s last
He smiled at her obvious embarrassment. "You mean the young man who checked you
in yesterday morning? Yes. He left a couple of hours ago… with his suitcase," he added
Lola’s mouth fell open. She knew if she didn’t move quickly, she would make a scene
right there in the lobby. She rushed back toward the elevator.
"Check out time is eleven a.m.," the man called after her.
Back in her room, she cried until her eyes were swollen and red. Over and over she
asked herself the same questions: How could he have done such a thing? Had
yesterday’s events meant nothing to him? She remembered how eagerly she had sucked
his cock, and she flushed with shame and humiliation. What a patsy he must have
thought she was! She had even said she loved him!

At last, there were no tears left. She gathered together her possessions and went back
down to the lobby. She was halfway to the front door when the clerk called her back.
"Your bill, miss…"
She looked at him questioningly. "I don’t understand."
"The bill has not been paid, miss. That will be sixty-four dollars and ninety-five cents."
She pulled out her wallet. The billfold was empty. She had had close to a hundred
dollars in there! Too numb for anything but passive obedience, she pulled out her
travelers’ checks and paid the man. Thank goodness she had had sense enough not to
carry all her money in cash.
Kenny had robbed her! Kenny had robbed her! All the way to the bus depot, the
obvious truth still refused to register on her confused brain. Life back home in Illinois
had been so simple. The girl had never even suspected that a lover could do such a
horrible thing to someone who really cared… She had really cared.
She learned that the next bus for L.A. would not be leaving for nearly four hours. It was
going to be a long wait. She wandered over to the newsstand, surveyed the glossy
display of reading material. Nothing interested her. Nothing had any significance at the
moment. She chose two magazines at random and went to the cashier. It took her a
moment to realize that the girl was the same one Kenny had talked to yesterday. The
same girl with the same knowing smile.
"Where’s your friend today?" she asked boldly.
Lola hated her. She hated her ugly, gum-chewing face. Hated her insolent air of
knowing something that Lola didn’t.

The brunette threw down the magazines and fled to the women’s room. She spent an
hour locked inside a cubicle, crying and thinking and crying some more. When she
came out, her eyes were dry.
Lola had just had her first lesson from the school of hard knocks. Already she was wiser
than the young innocent creature she had been back in Illinois.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 3

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 3
Lola felt a moment’s panic as the bus pulled out of the Denver depot, leaving her
behind, with her suitcase and her new companion. She turned and looked wide-eyed up
at Kenny as he chatted with the girl in the newsstand. He was certainly handsome. And
he was fun to talk to.
But what in the world was she doing here in a strange town with him? Had she gotten
herself in over her head?
Just as her self-doubts were starting to bring tears to her eyes, Kenny turned to her and
kissed her hotly on the lips. Though it felt good, Lola flushed bright red with
embarrassment. When she broke away from his embrace, she caught the eye of the
newsstand girl watching her with amused detachment. Nervously, she straightened her
dress. "Heck, Kenny, what did you go and do that for?"
He put his arm around her and led her to the door. "I just want the whole world to
know I think you’re great."
She was satisfied, though for several moments longer, the knowing look in the eyes of
the girl lingered in her memory.
"Well, where do we go from here?" she asked.
"I know a terrific little hotel only a couple of miles away." He flagged down a taxi and
saw that their luggage was safely stowed in the front seat. It made her feel very grown
up the way he helped her into the cab, and snuggled in close beside her. "About the
hotel, Lola…"
Here it was… the moment of truth that she hadn’t let herself think about. Would it be

one room or two?
"Yes?" She knew she was trembling, but she couldn’t stop.
"I thought we’d both save some money if we shared a room… We can get a room with
two beds… everything on the up and up, if that’s the way you want it." Kenny knew
exactly how to handle a girl with Lola’s kind of nervous innocence. He’d win her trust,
by taking the initiative in making sure things would be nice and proper… and then…
She searched his eyes to see how serious his proposal was. She saw no lecherous gleam,
no twinkle that she imagined would tell her if he had any naughty thoughts on his
mind. Somewhere inside, she may have felt the slightest disappointment, but on the
surface she was relieved. He respected her. That was good to know.
"All right, Kenny." She put her hand on his knee, a daring gesture for Lola. "I really
appreciate your understanding… you know…"
"Sure, Lola, honey. I knew right from the beginning you were no easy lay. You’ve got
class. That’s what made me want to get to know you." Kenny had used this approach so
many times, he could recite it in his sleep.
She snuggled against him and closed her eyes. After the long hours and days on the
bus, it was good to be on the way to a nice comfortable bed and a good long sleep.
"I’m tired," Lola said.
The cab pulled up in front of a modern hotel.
"Lola, honey, would you mind paying the cabbie? I’m fresh out of change." He left her
at the car while he carried their bags into the hotel. Lola was flustered, but she managed

to find five dollars to pay the man. To her dismay, he gave her no change… just thanked
her curtly and drove off.
Her momentary depression vanished as she entered the lobby and found Kenny waiting
for her with a key and a smile. "I’ve got us a room, honey. Best in the house. What do
you think of that?"
She thought about asking the cost. After all, she had agreed to go halves. This place
looked pretty expensive. Kenny’s bright mood and her own excitement demanded that
she be a good sport. She would trust Kenny not to get her in over her head.
The room was large and comfortable, with two double beds and a couple of armchairs
and a large color TV. Lola tried one of the chairs, then bounded happily up and down
on a bed.
"Hey, this is really comfortable! Wow! You know? I think I just got my second wind. I
feel so good, like I just got up! Sleeping sounds kind of boring right now!"
He dove onto the bed next to her, flattening her under him, and wrestled playfully with
her. "You know something, Lola? You’re a big girl now! Mama’s not sitting in the next
room! You can do anything you want… which includes staying up when you’re
supposed to be in bed."
Lola had told him something of her regimented upbringing. He knew girls like Lola
often went wild when finally freed of the restrictions that had bound them all their
lives. He was hoping to prime Lola for that kind of response.
Lola was still young enough to react like a kid to his playing. But somewhere inside,
her body was reacting like that of a woman. Hot flashes of desire soared from her cunt
and tits throughout her lasciviously pinioned body. He was so strong, so handsome. It

felt so good to be so close to him.
Their playing was interrupted by a loud rap on the door. "That’ll be room service," he
told her. "I decided to order us a bottle of champagne. I thought we should celebrate."
Her whole body yearned for him as he rose from her. She didn’t want to let him go.
There was a new adventure in the offing, however. She had never sampled champagne.
Her eyes sparkled as she reached for the glass and held it up in a toast.
"To us! To a great adventure!" she reached up and kissed him.
The kiss was long and deep, hungry. Lola was finding it harder and harder to deny the
inevitable truth to herself. They were going to make love. She wanted him. She wanted
to do it.
Her mouth was kept busy with kisses and champagne, until she began to feel very
lightheaded. She lay back on the bed and stared up at him, sitting next to her.
"I sure am glad I decided to stay over," she told him.
He knew it was time. She was ripe. The way she was trembling, the vulnerable look in
her eyes… he had seen it all before. And it all meant just one thing. Without hesitation,
he lay down on top of her, positioned his groin over her pubic mound and began to
grind his hips suggestively.
His tongue dove deep into her mouth, challenging hers, demanding an answering
gesture. It surprised him when she actually began to suck his tongue greedily. Kenny
knew he could relax. The bird was in the basket. She wanted what he wanted.
The sweet smell of victory made the young man’s cock pulse urgently in his pants. The

more excited he got, the less he worried about being gentle. He reached for the front
buttons of her dress, and when they refused to yield to his fumbling fingers, he pulled.
Her dress came open. Several buttons popped off and rolled to the floor. He didn’t
bother to try to unfasten her bra. He just pushed it up, over the swelling mounds of her
tits. He reached under and cupped one in each hand. The firmness, the resilience of the
smooth orbs made him ache to fuck her.
"Jeez, you’re beautiful, baby! You’re beautiful!" He eased his body off her partway, so
he could pull her dress up more easily. His fingers violated the crotchband of her
panties, found the hot hairy slit of her cunt.
Inspired by her own daring, and by the heated abandon of their coupling, Lola began to
hump her hips up against his finger. It was so romantic, so overwhelmingly exciting to
be here with Kenny.
Though she was scarcely aware of the process, the more skillfully Kenny assailed her
quivering young body, the more romantic Lola felt about him. Like many girls such as
her, for Lola the process of learning the pleasure potential of her own body became a
process of "falling in love".
"Oooooohhh, Kenny… ooohhh, you’re so wonderful! You make me feel so…
"You’re really something, Lola! You really know how to turn on, baby! Jeez, your
pussy’s so wet!"
His finger dove deep into her hot clasping hole and began to work its way in and out. It
delighted him the way her cunt-walls spasmed around his finger, gripping him. If the
pressure on his finger was this noticeable, what would it feel like on his thick cock? The

more he thought about that, the less interested Kenny was in fooling around with
He wanted to fuck!
The alcohol, the place, the man… all conspired to make Lola forget all her inhibitions,
all her learned morality. She was becoming just what Kenny had hoped for – a wild
wanton, a craving cunt hungry for fucking.
"How do you feel, baby? Is that tight little cunt hot enough for you?" While he talked,
he grappled urgently with his fly. Without her even noticing, he pulled his thick
swollen cock from his pants. He rubbed it salaciously against Lola’s thigh as he kissed
For a moment, the brunette went rigid. There it was… that hard rubbery pressure
against her bare skin. His cock was out. There was no turning back now.
The finger manipulating her pussy told her better than words that she didn’t want to
turn back. His thumb skimmed round and round the hardened nub of her clitoris. Even
if she had wanted to turn back, Kenny would not have let her. The blood pounded
hotly through his cock.
"Oh baby, let me at you!"
He rolled heavily over on top of her. He guided his cock-head toward her pussy and
shoved. As his cock drove deep into her, his tongue invaded her mouth.
Lola had not been expecting such a sudden, brutal entry. She felt a brief charge of pain
that made her want to pull away. But he would not let her. He had her pinned down…
with his mouth, his cock, the weight of his body. She was his to do with as he pleased.

Her pussy had been wet enough that it took only a few moments for her tightly clasped
walls to accommodate his rough entry. He was already moving in and out of her,
massaging her cunt to new lewd stimulation.
He raised his mouth from hers, braced himself on his arms and concentrated on
fucking her in long, deep, rhythmic strokes. He enjoyed watching her grow wild
beneath him. He liked watching her face crumble, then gradually piece itself together
again as she fell prey to the orgasmic impulses shooting through her. He could tell that
she was having one super-charged orgasm after another. Obviously her whole body had
been ravenous for cock. He was doing this girl a favor. He was giving her just what she
"Kenny… Kenny… you’re such a wonderful lover, darling."
Eyes closed, her head rocked crazily from side to side on the bedspread. Lola was
experiencing a kind of ecstasy she had never known before. The responses of her body
had completely overwhelmed her. She had thought she knew what it was to make love.
But she hadn’t. She hadn’t known she could fly this high. She hadn’t known she could
just lie back and let a wonderful thick prick drive her to the depraved heights of erotic
For the excited Kenny, the woman impaled upon his rigid cock had ceased to have any
real identity for him. She was a cunt… a warm, wet, welcoming cunt. That was all he
knew or cared about. He had gotten this girl where he wanted her, and she was good
pussy. Period.
"Jee-zuz! What a cunt, baby! You sure know how to move that sweet thing!"
Her hips were churning hungrily against him, driving up and colliding with his loins.

She was like a crazed animal, furious in her search for more and more of the hot filling
pleasure. Her enthusiasm drove Kenny wild. Not in a long time had he screwed a
woman with this kind of fresh talent for really getting into sex. In a way, he was sorry
she was moving on. It never hurt to have another one like this on the string.
Still too naive to realize fully what was happening to her, Lola felt the intense
shuddering vibration that marked yet another orgasm.
"Aaaagghh! Oooooohhh! Good-d-d!"
"You cumming again, you greedy little pussy you!" he taunted her. "Uuuhh, yeah, baby!
Move it!" Like a flash, his own orgasm was upon him. "Shit, I’m doing it, baby! I’m
filling that juicy little twat of yours!"
Lola had never heard language like his before. But she knew what he meant. She knew
he was pleased with her. She smiled contentedly and tousled his hair.
"Ooohhh, Kenny… I think I love you!"

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 2

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 2
Lola Leibowitz had never been any farther from her rural home in Illinois than the
neighboring town where she worked the evening shift in a diner. For her twenty-second
birthday, she decided to give herself a break. She had managed to save over a thousand
dollars in the last three years.
With the money, she was fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. She was sitting on a bus
heading cross-country. She was going to Los Angeles, land of sun, smog and
Disneyland. In the age of liberation, she was obeying Horace Greeley’s admonition to
"go west, young man".
Not that Lola was exactly a liberated woman. Until two days ago, she had spent every
night of her life under her parents’ roof. Though they had grown up in America, both
her mother and her father were still very much influenced by their Polish-Catholic
roots. They had not allowed Lola much liberty. She had had to be quick and clever to
lose her virginity at the age of nineteen to a farmhand on a neighboring farm.
Her experiences since had been few and far between. Lola was still practically a virgin…
an innocent turned loose on the world. But she had read a good deal, books borrowed
from the library and from friends and secreted under her pillow. She knew something
of the world. She wanted to know more.
Lola had the romantic young woman’s hunger for travel and adventure.
Her parents had resisted her plans to go all the way to Los Angeles, alone, with no job
secured. But Lola had been firm… so firm her parents had asked facetiously if this was
their obedient little daughter.

"Yes, I am, Mama, Papa," she had answered. "But I’m twenty-one now. I’ve got to find
my own place in the world. You can’t protect me forever. What could really happen to
me? If I can’t find a job out there, I’ll come back home. You’ve got my word on that."
Lola’s parents were either too shy or too superstitious to list for her a few of the things
that could happen to her in the big city, a woman, untutored in the laws of survival,
alone. Perhaps they just didn’t have the heart to put a damper on the girl’s optimism.
Not that anything could really have killed Lola’s optimism. She was the first to board
the L.A. bound bus in Chicago. She climbed to the back of the bus and chose a window
seat with a panoramic view of the station. Once on the open road, the girl never took
her eyes off the changing flow of scenery. It never got boring for Lola. Everything was
new to her. Everything offered excitement.
The times she hated most were the hours after sunset when she wasn’t tired enough to
sleep. There was nothing to see out the window as they roared along the highway. She
was far too restless to read. She felt like a jungle cat locked in a cage at those times.
What to do with herself?
A young man on the bus noticed Lola’s boredom, her wide-eyed eagerness. The second
night out of Chicago, the middle-aged woman sitting next to Lola debarked. The young
man lost no time in moving in. He knew if he didn’t, there were several other men on
the bus with the same idea.
"Hi! You look as bored as I feel. Mind if I sit down?" He figured it was a cool approach.
How could she resist him? Her rich brown eyes, her soft long black hair, her flushed
cheeks – all displayed so prettily as she looked up at him – made him hope fervently
that she would not resist. Her smile was hesitant, but receptive… eager to be friendly, if

it seemed the right thing to be.
Lola’s heart fluttered. The stranger was so handsome and sophisticated. She had only
seen such men in the diner. They were always traveling through, salesman usually,
between stops. Lola had always been a little shy with them. They were friendly enough,
but so slick. They frightened her.
Still, she was lonely and bored. It couldn’t hurt to just talk for a while. Besides, she was
on her own now. She was not obligated to worry about what Mama would think.
"I guess it would be all right. I have to admit, I’ve missed the sound of my own voice
the last day and a half."
He laughed encouragingly and sat down. "A girl with a sense of humor. Terrific. Where
you heading?"
As usual with this type of man, Lola squirmed a little under the stranger’s intense
scrutiny. "Los Angeles?" She didn’t like the lack of assertiveness in her voice. She
cleared her throat and said it again. "Los Angeles. I’m moving out there. No more cold
winters for me."
"Terrific. I wouldn’t mind getting the hell out of those myself." He considered the four-
letter word before he let it out. He decided she was probably the kind of girl who would
be impressed by the manly sound of it. "What do you do?" He grinned. "Going to be a
movie star? You’re pretty enough."
She smiled modestly. "Oh no. I’m a waitress." That sounded a little weak. "I’ve got
three and a half years experience. I heard people in L.A. are big tippers."

He was beginning to relax with her. He knew her number. He’d met scores of girls like
this one. She was prettier than most… though she obviously was unaware of her own
"It’s like anywhere. You’ve got your big tippers and you’ve got your cheapies. You gotta
make sure you get into a class place."
Her wide brown eyes shone with interest. "You mean you’ve been there?"
"Sure. Loads of times. Personally, I prefer New York… there you can find any kind of
action you want… not that you can’t in L.A., but New York’s more my style."
His comments worried her. She didn’t think she should ask what kind of action he was
referring to. "Are you going there now? To L.A., I mean?"
"No, my company’s moving me to Denver. I sell men’s accessories. The reason I’m
riding this lousy bus is, I figure I can save most of my moving allowance this way. I’ve
run into a few debts lately… racked up my car, had to pay a broad off to keep her
mouth shut… things like that. I gotta be careful with my bread. I’ll give the company a
nice fat moving bill, and I’ll be back on my feet."
His words poured out so fast, Lola was scarcely able to keep up with him. She wasn’t
sure she liked the gist of what he was saying. But how was she to know? Maybe that
was the way things were with salesmen. They probably did have a lot of overhead,
traveling all the time the way they did.
"Can you recommend any nice, low-priced motels in Los Angeles? Not too low-priced,
you know. But I’ve got to make my money last awhile."

He grinned broadly. "Now that depends what kind of action you’re looking for."
"I’m just looking for a job, you know… in a nice class place, like you said."
"Yeah, well, I’ll think about it. If I come up with anything, I’ll let you know later. Hey,
looks like the driver is finally going to give us a chance to stretch our legs. Come on.
Let me buy you a cup of coffee."
The big bus pulled up in front of a modest-looking diner. "Reminds me of the place I
used to work in."
Lola jumped from the last step to the ground. She was feeling good, free, excited.
Having someone to talk to made her realize just how far she’d come. Back home, she
would never have gotten into a conversation with a man like this. Even though she
didn’t think she particularly liked him, there was no harm in talking to him. It was
interesting listening to someone so completely different from the folks back home.
"Yeah? Top stuff, eh?"
Before she had a chance to catch the sarcasm, he grabbed her elbow and guided her
around the side of the diner.
Lola was alarmed. "Hey! Where you taking me!"
"Don’t worry, baby. I’m not going to hurt you. But I just gotta have a smoke."
"Why don’t you smoke inside?"
"Not this kind of tobacco. They’d have a sheriff out here arresting my ass in no time.

Here, have a drag."
He passed the glowing cigarette to Lola. She looked at it hesitantly. The light dawned.
Obviously, it had to be marijuana. She had smoked that once, after school, with a
couple of kids.
The effect on her had been almost nil… she had been disappointed, after all she had
heard about it. Since then, she hadn’t given marijuana a second thought. Obviously, it
did nothing for her. She decided to take a drag, just to be a sport. He would never
know whether it had affected her or not.
He took the joint back and drew on it greedily. "This is good shit, baby. You’re going
to like this stuff. Colombian red. You can’t get this just anywhere. I had to hock my
pinky ring to get it, but it was worth it."
Automatically, she looked for a ring on his little finger. The neon sign from the diner
cast enough light to locate a sparkling red stone in a large masculine setting. She
became entranced with the multi-faceted beauty of the ring.
He looked from her face to the ring and back again. "Pretty stoned, aren’t you, baby?
Yeah, I got my ring back. You like it?" He took it off his finger and handed it to her.
"Here, wear it for a while."
It was a little loose even on her middle finger, but she held it out in front of her,
admiring the effect. Her mind dimly registered his comment that she was stoned, but
she let it pass. Maybe she was stoned. It didn’t matter. Everything seemed so slow-
moving, so fascinating. She felt intensely happy, freed of any anxieties she might have
harbored about her companion.

"Are we going to get that cup of coffee?"
He was pleased with the way the drug had loosened her up. "Sure thing. Here, have
one last drag before we go in."
She had no qualms now about indulging in the drug. If this was what it was like to be
"stoned", she was all for it. She took a long drag on the roach while he held it for her.
As she pulled her head away, he covered her mouth with his own. His kiss was firm
and quick, but it started her quivering. She was liking this man’s company more and
"What’s your name?" she asked pertly. "Mine’s Lola."
"Lola – Perfect. Mine’s Kenny. Come on. Let’s go inside."
They entered the diner hand in hand. The brunette wondered if any of the other
passengers would have noticed the change in their relationship. From perfect strangers
a short while ago to holding hands. The folks back home would be scandalized. Lola
giggled at the thought. None of their fellow travelers gave them more than a passing
"How about some of those donuts over there?"
Lola agreed readily to his suggestion. She hadn’t felt at all hungry when she got off the
bus, but suddenly she was ravenous. She and the young salesman each ate three donuts
before the driver announced it was time to move on. They giggled happily as they made
their way back to the bus.
"That stuff sure gives you an appetite, doesn’t it?" he teased her.

She put her hand over her mouth like a naughty child. "Oh! Is that what did it? Jeepers,
I guess I really am stoned. Didn’t think it would ever happen to me!"
Kenny looked around anxiously to see if anyone had overheard her uncool remarks.
The people around them all looked suitably bored and disinterested. He relaxed. He
would have to be careful about how much of that kind of weed he fed to a green horn.
The girl was higher than a kite, from just two tokes of the stuff! Not that that was all
bad… She was relaxed now, and that was the way he wanted her.
Lola chattered on happily as the bus continued on its way south west ward. She noticed
Kenny’s hand reach over and squeeze her knee, then her thigh. Her mind put up token
resistance, but her body and her spirit loved it. She felt a little naughty, but enjoyed
being naughty. For the first time in her life, she was responsible to no one but herself.
For the first time in her life, she felt like an adult.
When he saw that she was going to let him squeeze her thigh, Kenny decided to try for
higher stakes. As the night wore on and she became drowsy, he put an arm around her
and let her rest her head on his shoulder. She slept. His fingers reached for a firm
round swell of tit and squeezed. She stirred, smiled and snuggled against him, without
coming fully awake. His hands investigated her full billowing breast until he too slept.
They awoke to a darkened bus. Everyone around them seemed to be asleep.
"Mmmmm…" she murmured drowsily. "What woke me up?"
Suddenly she became aware of the tantalizing sensations darting from her right tit
down through her cunt and back again. He was squeezing her breast, just hard enough
to fill her entire being with longing. Not yet sure whether she should protest, she
turned toward him.

His mouth met hers in a long deep, searching kiss. His tongue rudely demanded entry
into her mouth. For a moment, she experienced panic. She knew nice girls should not
allow boys to do such things to them. But, before she could start to fight him off, she
found her own body leaning hungrily toward him. She wanted him. She wanted him to
kiss her, to be nice to her. Though she hadn’t really suffered from loneliness in the
three short days she had been away from home, the longing for human contact seemed
to overwhelm her with the first touch of his lips, kissing her in this new urgent way.
"Mmmmmm, you sure taste good, Lola."
"So do you, Kenny."
As she looked into his eyes, she wondered how she could ever have been the least bit
suspicious of this fine warm man. He liked her. He really liked her. He had been so
nice to her right from the start. It thrilled her that she had felt comfortable enough with
him to fall asleep against his shoulder. She had never been able to spend all night with
a man before.
"I sure am glad I met you, Kenny. I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun as I did
With his experience with young, inexperienced women, Kenny could have predicted
that she would get dewy-eyed over a couple of kisses. That was exactly what he was
looking for. Though cold calculation lurked somewhere at the base of his motives, he
too was falling prey to the youthful urgency that the girl was feeling. With his greater
experience, however, he sought more from the feeling than a few kisses and titty-grabs.
He wanted to fuck this beautiful, dark-eyed girl! Right now, that simple fact was more
important than dope, Denver or money. It was a priority that his impulsive nature

drove him to act upon.
"I’ve had a great time too, Lola… listen, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you stop off in
Denver for a day or two? You’ve got a through ticket. You can hop another bus
whenever you feel like it. I’d just like more chance to get to know you better. What do
you say?"
She hesitated. Her teeth tugged harshly on her lower lip. Every fiber of her being urged
her to follow up on the young man’s invitation. But was it right? She didn’t know
anyone in Denver. She’d only be there to be with him. Would he expect her to sleep
with him?
Despite the hesitations of her conscience, her body still tingled all over at the thought
of being alone with a man, of being able to make love in comfort, without worrying
about being discovered. Almost as soon as these thoughts entered her mind, she forced
them out. She couldn’t let herself consider such things so cold-bloodedly. She couldn’t
accept his invitation with the ruthless intent of going off somewhere and making love to
But there was no reason why she shouldn’t stop in Denver for a day or two. She had
the money and the time. Just a couple of days, and then she’d hurry right off to Los
Angeles and get a job.
The idea of adventure had totally captivated Lola. She was going to visit a new city, one
she hadn’t expected to catch more than a glimpse of. Fate was calling her. Experience
Kenny had almost reconciled himself to a negative response. It had been almost five
minutes since he asked the question. Surely she was going to say no.

"I’ll do it," she announced loudly, more loudly than was necessary in the quiet bus. It
was clear she was still convincing herself. She giggled as Kenny grabbed her and
hugged her playfully.
"Hey, that’s great! We’ll have a ball!" A cynical voice inside him added: "A guaranteed
ball from a master, baby!" But she was an innocent one. He didn’t want to shock her.
He joined her excitement as they talked about the city they were scheduled to reach in
just a couple of hours.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 1

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 1
"I want to suck your cock, big boy!"
Jake McGee looked abruptly up from the newspaper that had absorbed his attention for
the past half-hour. Over him stood his wife, a mature, blooming redheaded beauty who
had obviously grown tired of waiting for him to notice her.
It was not unusual for Sadie to take things into her own hands. She had put on her
sexiest black nightgown, one that showed just enough of her voluptuous figure to make
the energy start flowing to Jake’s groin. Her soft curly red hair stood out like a great
mane around her face. The makeup that highlighted her eyes, her mouth, her cheeks
made her look like a lady of the streets. That was the kind of lady that turned her
husband on most, and Sadie was no fool. She played to Jake’s weak points for all she
was worth.
"The idea interest you?" Her voice was lower and huskier than usual. She ran her
tongue suggestively over her red lips as she kneeled down in front of Jake. The way her
tongue-tip wiggled lewdly sent a little thrill of anticipation through the big man’s body.
He had never known any woman who could give a head job like his wife. Just thinking
about it was enough to make him hard as an anvil.
His grin was broad and lecherous. "You know it, baby! I’m interested!"
Her fingers were already grappling with the zipper of his pants. Obvious excitement
danced in her eyes as she reached into the gap and pulled out an already half-grown
handful of cock.
"Mmmmm, nice," she murmured.
Without hesitation, she opened her mouth wide and took his whole prick deep into her

mouth. Her butter-textured lips closed over his shaft and began to work incitingly up
and down, up and down, in slow, rhythmic, agonizing strokes.
Jake had to shift his position slightly in the big armchair. He clung to the arms for
support, gritting his teeth against the almost overwhelming pleasure her lips were
dealing his ramrod cock.
"Uuuuhh, Jeez, baby! It’s quite a shift to go from the sports scores to this… shit, I’m
having trouble adjusting!"
Jake always preferred to express his emotions with humor. He was not the type of man
for tender words. Still, he was a man of strong emotion, and Sadie was drawing every
one of them out of him now. That was why the bond between the two had remained so
strong through almost ten years of marriage. As a team, they lived more intensely, more
vibrantly than either ever had alone.
Sadie could not resist raising her lips from his cock to answer. "Hell… a sport like you
should have no trouble handling a little old girl like me, Jake!" Her tongue shot out and
stabbed the slit in his glans. He roared his approval.
"Sadie, you’re a devil woman and I love you… mainly ’cause you’ve got the sweetest
sucking mouth on the whole West Coast."
That flippant compliment seemed to be all the encouragement the redhead needed. Her
head began to bob up and down over her husband’s cock. A few stray curls clung to her
forehead as her skin grew moist with exertion.
"Jeez, you’re hot, baby! I bet that sweet little pussy of yours is soaking wet."
Her pussy was indeed soaking wet under her filmy black nightgown. Though she could
do nothing about it right now, Sadie found sufficient pleasure in the urgent tingling in

her clitoris as her buttocks ground salaciously behind her in time to her cock-sucking
Not content to sit passively beneath her talented tongue, Jake rammed his hips upward
each time her head bobbed down. He drove his cock as far into her throat as it would
go. Rather than gagging she seemed to savor the added stimulation. She dove for it
hungrily, licking and sucking his stiff prick to its very base.
Jake watched the lascivious churning of her buttocks under her nightgown with rapt
attention. He could catch little flashes of her smooth white flesh through the semi-
transparent black nylon. His eyes roamed greedily up over her tapered back and down
under to catch a glimpse of her full rounded breasts that were three-quarters exposed in
her wanton kneeling position. The pictures he was snapping in his memory helped to
intensify the hot flowing sensations darting from his painfully erect cock.
A marked scuffling noise across the room caused Jake to glance up momentarily. He
had forgotten about Whopper, the family’s enthusiastic German shepherd. Whopper
was watching his masters’ obscene coupling with mounting excitement. Whereas before
the dog had been lying quietly behind a chair, now he was sitting up at attention,
shifting his weight nervously from one foreleg to the other. Without any doubt,
Whopper was waiting for an invitation to join the fun.
"What’s the matter, big boy? Afraid you’re missing out on something?" It was not
unusual for Whopper to be interested in the sexual activities of his masters. The big
German shepherd had been trained to screw human females by the kennel that had
sold the couple their animal. Both Jake and Sadie had been titillated by the idea of
adding a new, perverse element to their sex life.
Though frightened at first, Sadie had found Whopper to be an extremely desirable sex
partner. In certain ways, he surpassed human males. For one thing, he was always

around when she needed him. For another, he seemed to devote the same tireless
energy and enthusiasm to screwing her senseless whether it had been a good day or a
bad, whether the sun had been shining or it had been cloudy.
Jake had kidded her about the chances of her trading him in on another dog. In fact,
there was no real reason for the man to be jealous. Watching Whopper with his wife
turned him on too, and the dog was good to have around on the days when Sadie
seemed to have more energy than her husband. All in all, the two humans and the
animal had worked out a very satisfactory, though unnatural relationship. Jake and
Sadie had gotten a lot of fun, and profit, out of talking their friends into sampling the
virtues of canine companionship. Sadie had trained several dogs herself, and sold them
for substantial fees.
With sadistic glee, Jake reached down and pulled his wife’s nightgown up to her waist.
The round enticing moons of her buttocks waved hypnotically in the dog’s direction.
Jake felt his cock lurch at the sight of her naked ass-cheeks.
Whopper looked from the woman’s ass to his boss’s face and back again. Like any well-
trained thoroughbred, the German shepherd knew how to wait for his command, no
matter how agonizing the temptation.
"You like the look of that, do you, fella? Would you like to get a closer look at that nice
juicy ass, huh?"
Though Sadie continued to bob her head hungrily up and down over her husband’s
cock, much of her attention centered on her own exposed pussy and ass. She loved the
way the cool air wafted over her moist sensitized genitals. With greedy anticipation, she
looked forward to the moment when her cunt would encounter more direct stimulation.
She looked pleadingly up at her husband.

"Let him do it to me, Jake… please? It would feel so good right now. Sucking your cock
has got me so hot!"
"When aren’t you hot, you greedy little whore you!"
Jake was intensely excited. He enjoyed the role of master to his wife’s slave. He liked to
see her beg for it. He liked to see her get it as hard and as ruthless as her tireless pussy
craved it. Once again, he looked at the dog.
"Okay, Whopper, come over here, boy! Go to it! Lick her ass, fella!"
Like a shot, Whopper crossed the room and nosed his muzzle into the salaciously
displayed slit of Sadie’s buttocks.
"Aaaaaaaggghhh!" Her moan died out in a garbled whimper as Jake grabbed her hair
and forced his cock deep into her throat.
"You keep sucking!" he told his aroused wife. "I want you to make my prick feel extra
good, to reward me for letting you have your dog! Jee-zuz!"
The redhead went to work at once to obey his commands. While her ass-cheeks gyrated
this way and that to catch the dog’s nose where she wanted it, her mouth went wild.
Her lips fluttered lightly up and down along his cock-shaft while her tongue flickered
all over its glossy turgid length. When he was groaning in submission, she gripped his
cock tight with her lips and began to move her head more urgently up and down.
"Mmmmmm! Oh yeah!" Jake slid forward in his chair, resting his ass on the very edge.
He was abandoning himself to her sensuous lips, leaving his fate to the greedy
manipulations of her mouth. Though his eyes drooped in lusty languor, he was
watching the dog’s head bowed before his wife’s ass. He could see Whopper’s long pink
tongue snake out to lick her pussy. The sight made him drive his cock forcefully up

into her receptive mouth. "Do it, baby! Do it!"
Sadie’s whole body quivered as the tantalizing tongue licked hungrily up over her cunt
and asshole. Again and again, the animal licked her, until she was at a frenzied peak of
anticipation. Her ass tilted lewdly up in the air, begging for dog-cock. Her mouth
attacked Jake’s cock hungrily, no holds barred. She was a wanton inferno of desire.
"God, Sadie, you sure know how to move that thing… hey, Whopper, why don’t you
get on up there and fuck Sadie, boy? Fuck her, Whopper!"
As though to prove he was his own boss in some things, Whopper made one last long
lick up over the woman’s sopping pussy. Then he mounted her, wrapped his hairy
forepaws around her sleek hips, and began to rut forward. Three hard surging attempts,
and his cock slipped right on up inside Sadie’s quaking cunt. Her pussy-muscles clasped
him tightly. Whopper knew exactly what he wanted. He pulled his cock out to the very
tip of the red tapered shaft and shoved deep into her again. And again. And again.
Regular as clockwork and powerful as a locomotive, Whopper established his bestial
fucking rhythm. Sadie was going out of her mind with pleasure. Whopper’s hard
relentless strokes buffeted her forward onto her husband’s cock, automatically attuning
his fucking tempo to her sucking motions. The dog’s cock was iron-hard, but the
redhead felt no pain. She was so relaxed, so inundated with sensuous delight, that all
she felt was pleasure, pure roiling, mounting energy. Slave to two stiff pricks, she
struggled like a harem queen to bring them both their fiery reward.
"Yeah, boy! Fuck her! How does that sweet little pussy of yours feel, Sadie? Is that dog-
prick doing you good?"
He felt her mouth answer by giving his cock an extra-tight squeeze. The uncontrolled
grinding of her shapely buttocks demonstrated clearly enough that his wife was well on
her way to a crisis. Jake knew even Sadie couldn’t keep up a furious pace like this for

Yet the tireless redhead did her best to prove him wrong. For long minutes, her body
reveled in its dual role as lust receptacle to two hard surging pricks. Her head bobbed
tirelessly over his cock. Her ass writhed greedily in search of the dog’s pointed cudgel.
Little moans of depraved excitement burbled in her throat, struggled for exit around the
man’s filling prick.
Jake saw the dazed smile on the face of the animal deteriorate for a moment to a look
of brutal abandonment. Whopper’s loins collided with Sadie’s ass with magnum force.
"Shit, Sadie, he’s cumming in you! Whopper’s filling you, baby!" The thought was
enough to drive Jake over the precarious edge into climax. "Uuuuuhhh… Christ!"
Sadie struggled valiantly to swallow the thick hot load that flooded her throat in one
geyser-like wave. Having both her lovers cumming in her at once excited the woman
intensely. Her body shuddered convulsively. She too was cumming.
"That’s it, baby! Work it out!"
Jake had been with Sadie long enough to know when his wife was having an orgasm.
He watched her scantily clad body churn and quiver and eventually seem to deflate. She
was exhausted from the sheer power of her superhuman effort. Like a ragdoll, she
sagged onto the rug. She was breathing hard. The dog’s cum trickled from her pussy.
Thin spatters of her husband’s semen stained her lips. A slow dreamy smile drifted over
her face as she closed her eyes and began to dream.
The dog and the man recouped their energies and went out to the kitchen together.
"I think we all deserve a treat, don’t you, Whopper old buddy?"

The dog wagged his tail and barked. He sat expectantly at the man’s feet. Jake mixed a
couple of bloody marys in the blender and poured a half bottle of beer into Whopper’s
dish. The dog lapped the cool beverage greedily.
"Sadie sure doesn’t let us off easy, does she, boy?" Jake laughed, and polished off the
other half of the beer. He was still feeling weak in the knees himself. Returning to the
living room, Jake found his wife still sprawled on the rug, her ass still bare, her eyes still
closed. He prodded her playfully with his stockinged foot. "Come on, superwoman! I’ve
got just the thing to put the light back in your eye."
She struggled to a sitting position, made a half-hearted attempt to pull her nightie down
over her thighs. "Light’s the last thing I need," she murmured groggily. "I’ve still got
stars in my eyes."
Jake laughed heartily and shoved the drink under her nose. "Bottom’s up!"
Through the thin drapes, the bright-red flash of a neon light invaded the semi-darkness
of the room. Sadie and Jake never noticed it any more. They had been living at the
Travelers’ Rest Motel so long, the sign had become a part of the scenery for them, like
the tiny bus station across the road. And the dry bleak hills in the distance.

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By Janet McCoy

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a
veneer of normalcy. Indeed, such passions may be so strongly repressed and hidden
that they will emerge only under the most extreme conditions. When this happens, the
individual involved is often as startled as those around him.
Lola Leibowitz is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within
her a love of perversity lies coiled like a snake, awaiting only the proper stimulus to
arouse it. And when the lovely young country girl finds herself the victim of
unscrupulous people in the big city, her secret desires at last come to the surface.
LOLA’S NEW PET – the story of a girl who must come to terms with her own nature
and needs. A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food
for serious thought.
-The Publisher

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Through the late night fog and cold Judy staggered, half carrying Evelyn to the shop.
Her bare feet were bruised and bleeding from the ordeal at the warehouse and from
pieces of sharp, jagged glass she’d stepped on. All the way she kept thinking of Mac.
Judy debated whether or not she could call the big man and tell him what happened.
Then she thought of the look of horror and revulsion he would have, especially when
he learned of her encounter with the German shepherd. Judy was sure he’d nothing
more to do with her after a confession of something like that. No, she couldn’t tell Mac
about what happened to her and Evy.
"Thank God, we’re here," Judy muttered under her breath as she strained forward and
quickened her pace. Evelyn helped as much as she could, stumbling along until they
reached the still-open front door of her shop.
"You’d think the police would’ve noticed something was wrong with the front door
wide open," Judy commented wryly as she pushed open the door and hauled Evelyn
inside. The cozy warmth of the interior cheered Judy’s heart as she almost ran to the
rear of the shop and deposited Evelyn gently onto the soft padded swivel chair behind
the desk. The brunette let out a long, weary sigh of relief and collapsed into the chair.
Judy moved quickly, dialing the police. Passing herself off as an anonymous phone
caller, she gave them as many details as she could of the oncoming gang war. When
they asked her, her name, Judy slammed the phone down.
"We’ve got to get cleaned up," Judy said. She looked down at her tattered clothes, then
over at Evelyn who sat half-dead in the chair. They both were dirty and bruised – two
women brutally raped and abused, and no one would never know about it. Their
reputations and possibly their lives depended on how quiet this all could be kept. Judy

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Judy stiffened, then lurched forward as she felt that animal cock slicing into her pussy.
Her skin crawled with revulsion as the thought of that ugly, knobby thing entering her
body flooded her mind. She could feel it snaking its way in, forcing into her pussy. The
uneven bumps on Manuel’s dick plopped past her tight lips, driving into the dry hole
mercilessly as the men laughed and pointed at the blonde’s horrible dilemma. Fucked
by a dog!
The idea almost drove Judy mad with horror on the spot. She was being filled up with
dogmeat – inches and inches of it. Already the animal’s cock was dribbling warm
streams of cum. Manuel’s dick was spearing deeper and deeper into her pussy. She felt
her belly sour and turn over, threatening to empty out as her hole was forced wider and
wider apart by the growling dog’s dick. She felt horrified, her jaw dropping lower and
lower as dry heaves tore at her belly. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as she
felt that slick, disgusting cock ramming her.
More and more was fed into her until she finally felt the animal’s short fur tickling her
cuntlips. He was all the way inside her! A dog, all the way inside! Judy broke down,
crying and sobbing out her horror as the men laughed at her. Only the fat knob at the
base of the shepherd’s cock remained free of her gash. Manuel tried desperately to work
it in, twisting the dog’s strong body and shoving forward. But Judy sensed that would
tear her snatch to pieces. Quenching her cuntal muscles hard as she could, the blonde
successfully kept the bulge free from entering.
But her clamping added to the giant dog’s excitement. Rocking back and forth, Judy
was unintentionally working the shepherd up to climax. He whimpered, thrusting
harder and snapping his powerful jaws in the air. Judy’s cries became louder as she
realized what was happening. She could feel that dick ballooning up inside her, pushing

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Evelyn’s rape was short but ugly. The big Chicano bit her severely on the tits and neck,
swearing and hitting the helpless perky brunette as he huffed and pumped his fat little
dick in and out of her snatch with loud, wet sucking sounds. Judy buried her face in
her right arm, straining not to listen to her friend’s wails of outrage and disgust as
George blew his wad into the young woman’s stretched snatch.
When it was over the big Mexican dragged his sticky dick out of her twat and staggered
to his feet, sneering and snorting out short laughs as he reached up and wiped his
drooling lips with the back of his hand. Evelyn lay quietly on the floor, her head turned
to the right and her knees raised, but wide apart. Red fingermarks streaked her chest,
belly and tits. Bruises were beginning to appear on her thighs and neck while a thin
stream of whitish jizz coated some of her slicked down pussy hairs and oozed out of her
peeled back cuntlips.
"Hey, Jose, ever see two broads make it?" George asked.
"Oh my God," Judy cried, feeling her scalp crawl across her skull in revulsion. "Just
what do you people want? We’ll pay you the money. Just don’t ask us to do anything
like that!" the blonde said in disgust as she twisted her head around and peered hotly at
the men.
George walked over to Judy and pulled out his knife from his Levi’s. The blonde closed
her eyes and turned her face away, afraid he was going to slice her throat. Instead, the
big Chicano cut her bonds with three quick strokes, letting her fall half to the floor. As
Judy was pulling the ropes off her wrists, George grabbed her forcefully by the right
arm and pulled her upward. The blonde struggled to her feet, stumbling along the

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"Remember, one scream and I’ll stick this goddamned shiv in your gut," the tall, husky
Chicano named George snarled at the helpless Judy as he pushed the two women into
the old VW bus. Both women had their hands tied tightly behind them before being
pushed out of the shop and into the deserted street. George climbed in with them,
pushing them roughly to the floor as he still brandished the knife in front of them. One
other member of the gang climbed in with them, a skinny Mexican/American with
pimples dotting his face. The other two climbed into the front and slammed the doors
shut quickly behind them. Judy edged closer to Evelyn as she felt the car rumble
forward down the boulevard toward the freeway.
No one spoke a word as the old van climbed the freeway on ramp and sped east into
downtown Los Angeles. Judy was afraid to even make a move as the bus rattled and
swayed its way into East Los Angeles. They’d been moving silently for about an hour
when the blonde felt the van turn several times, finally stopping. When the engine was
turned off the woman’s heart began to beat wildly. Whatever was going to happen to
them began now.
"Okay, out," George said, reaching over them and opening the rear doors. Judy turned
around and scooted out on her ass with some difficulty, dangling her legs over the rear
of the floor and sliding down to an uneven piece of ground. As Evelyn slid down
behind her, Judy looked around at the blank wooden walls around her. She guessed
they were in some warehouse area of town. Crude, obscene spray-paint signs were
scrawled on the sides of old abandoned apartment houses and warehouses. A single
streetlight illuminated the immediate area with a lurid yellowish glare.
"Inside," George said, sticking the tip of the knife against the blonde’s forearm. Judy
cried out with pain, jerking away as she stumbled forward and moved toward a

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The speed of his downward thrusts into Judy’s squishing asshole grew faster and faster.
She thought only of the pistoning cock in her rectal sheath and the splitting pain it was
causing. The blonde felt her big ass muscles cramp up again under the increasing strain.
Judy lay helpless on the floor, her belly, tits and chest made numb by the cold tiles. She
dug her fingers into the cheeks of her face as more tears rolled down. The blonde
realized he would shoot his wretched hot spunk into her bowels any moment now. Soft
grunts came out of his parted lips. He banged his hipbones into her jiggling buttocks
wildly, changing angles of entry with every downstroke. Judy hated that young hood
doing this to her.
Yet in spite of all this, the heat from that sinking rod began to spread through her
body. It radiated down to her cunt, making it start to itch with a strange desire. As Judy
moved her right leg to relieve some of the weight pressing down on it, she felt her
cuntlips slide apart and curl back as her body slid forward an inch or two on the tiles.
That subtle movement sent chills and flashes of wet heat rippling through her pussy.
Oh, what’s happening? Judy thought as she closed her eyes and tried to fight the tight,
aching feeling enveloping her pussy now.
"Shit, I’m gonna cum soon," Jack said in a deep, throaty groan. His throbbing prong
was pumping crazily into her now, greased by a thin slime of blood and shit. It seemed
to fill her body and become the center of her universe. Each pulsing shove brought a
responding throb in her empty cunt. The pain in her ass was actually teasing her
swelling clit.
Judy groaned again as she felt that greased cock swell inside her ass. Her mind was

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