LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 14

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 14
Lola Leibowitz lay by the pool in the hot afternoon sunshine. She was expecting Darren
home from work soon. But in the meantime, she had Saxon for company. Saxon was a
big Airedale that Darren had bought her, for a surprise. He was a good companion.
Lola had trained him herself.
She had been with Darren for two months now. She hadn’t known what to expect
when the scientist took her away from the Travelers’ Rest. His splendid home in
Beverly Hills had been beyond her wildest expectations. Darren had told her modestly
that his father had left him a little money in his will. Enough to retire right now, if that
had been Darren’s way. But Darren loved his work. He was gone a great deal of the
That was where Saxon came in. His job was to keep Lola close to home.
Lola stretched lazily. She was naked. The sun felt wonderfully good. It made her whole
body tingle with desire. She was hungry for some good loving.
"Saxon… come here, darling."
She parted her legs lewdly and welcomed the big animal to investigate the pink folds of
her pussy. Saxon extended his tongue and licked wetly up over her cunt.
"Ooooohhh, that’s nice!"
Closing her eyes, she squirmed her ass closer down toward the animal’s muzzle.
Inspired by his first heady taste of pussy, the dog licked again and again up over her
tender genitals. Her clitoris sprang to pert erection, relishing the animal’s moist

Lola reached down and began to vibrate two fingers on either side of her blood-
engorged little nubbin. She was excited enough that she came quickly to the very brink
of climax. Just a little more…
Abruptly, the animal’s tongue was replaced by something hard and insistent prodding
at the quivering hole of her pussy. Lola’s eyes flew open. Darren was kneeling naked
over her. He shoved his cock deep into her cunt.
"Hi, darling."
"Hi, darling."
They began to fuck. His swollen cock surged deep into her craving pussy, filling her
with hot waves of pleasure. She ground her cunt greedily up in search of more of his
filling cock. Again and again their loins clashed until at last she was driven over the top.
"Aaaaaahhh… I’m cummmmmmingg-g!"
He continued to fuck her for several moments longer, but Lola wanted something else.
She wanted to give. She loved this man. She loved to please him with the talented
embraces of her lips. That was his favorite.
When the woman struggled to get out from under him, Darren let himself be led. He
rolled over onto his back on the air mattress and grunted at the hot clasp of her hand
caressing his cock.
"Oooohhh, baby… you’re so nice to come home to!" He smiled and closed his eyes as
she bent over him and enveloped his prick in her warm welcoming mouth.
She started with just the head of his cock, sucking it and stabbing it with unpredictable

little prods of her tongue. She investigated every inch of it, forcing his cock to grow
even larger under her talented ministrations. By the abandoned manner in which she
sucked him, she let him know how much she loved the firm fleshy texture of his prick.
She groaned hungrily.
"I love your cock, Darren darling! Mmmmm, I love it!"
With sudden urgent passion, she opened her mouth wide and took all his throbbing
cock-shaft deep into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, nibbling
hungrily at every curve and ridge of his cock. She wanted to make him cum in her
mouth. She needed a dose of his thick hot semen.
"Jee-zuz, woman, you sure know how to suck my prick! You’re the greatest, Lola baby!"
He reached down and caressed the long soft strands of her hair that cascaded over his
naked belly. It felt wonderfully sensual to have her hair tickling his skin while her
mouth made love to his achingly rigid cock. Coming home from work was now
something that Darren looked forward to. Back in the days before Lola, it had been
going to work that he had looked forward to most of all.
"Come on, baby! Suck me! Shit, you do it good!"
The urgent call in his loins became more and more intense. He could feel little passion-
darts of molten pleasure flowing through him. It wouldn’t be long now before she
would have to drink his hot load of cum.
"Oh darling! Cum in me! Let me swallow it!"
Her lewd encouragement snapped the last of the man’s resistance. He watched her lips
pulling on his cock, sucking the cum right out of him.

Afterwards he lay exhausted on the mat, letting his body revel in the euphoria that Lola
had brought him. Her hands caressed his body, admiring him.
"You’re beautiful, Darren!" she told him.
He looked up at her. Her eyes were brimming with love. He reached up and touched
her hair.
"Lola, you’re beautiful too! I want you to marry me. I want us to be together always!"
Lola cried with happiness. She had come just so close to becoming a statistic – young
girl lost in the low life of the big city – and Darren had rescued her. She would love
him always for that. She wanted to be his wife.
She could hardly wait to write Mama and tell her how wrong she had been about the
perils of her adventure. Look what a fine son-in-law Lola had found her! How Lola had
found him would remain her and Darren’s little secret.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 13

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 13
Darren had opened the door to the blue room so forcefully that it slammed hard back
against the wall. The noise startled all four of the orgiasts, who were still recovering
from their ordeal on the bed. Whopper was the first to make his exit. He scurried off
with his tail between his legs.
The very idea of scandal made Mark shiver. He scrambled quickly into his clothes.
With Elaine close behind him, he left the room, carefully shutting the door behind him.
Darren was scarcely aware that they were gone. He stood staring at Lola, as though
waiting for her to give him some kind of explanation for her behavior.
Lola was thoroughly confused, as well as frightened. Her drink-befuddled mind
struggled in vain to figure out what Darren was doing in this room at this time. It
didn’t make any sense.
"Darren?" She uttered his name cautiously. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you." His voice was perfectly calm. So was the purposeful manner in
which he removed his clothes. But his eyes sparkled with unnatural emotions. "Your
employer was kind enough to invite me into the adjoining room, to watch the action.
I’ve got to tell you, Lola… that was some action…"
She smiled weakly. He didn’t sound upset, but there was something… "It’s just a job,
you know. It was really Elaine’s trick, but he wanted to watch me with… you know…"
He was naked now. He stood next to the bed for a moment, watching her.
"Yeah… I know… I mean, I know and I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re doing

here, Lola. You’re someone special, and you don’t even seem to know that. Those
people don’t care about you, Lola. They don’t care that you’re special. They’re using
She was fast growing defensive. She realized there was more truth to what he was
saying than she cared to admit. But what business was it of his anyway?
"Everybody uses somebody, Darren. That’s the way the world works."
"Do you really believe that, Lola? Is that the way you think it has to be?"
She hung her head. "All I know is… that’s the way it is. I can’t change anything. I used
to think I could trust people, but I found out really quick that I can’t. I can only trust
"You can trust me, Lola. I care." The words were spoken so quietly, so firmly that they
demanded the girl’s attention. She looked up at him.
At last she found her voice. She was becoming aroused by the nearness of him, by the
passion of a man who, she knew, was not used to displaying passion. "Why did you
take off your clothes?"
"Because I’m going to fuck you, Lola. I’m going to fuck you!"
Trembling with mixed awe and excitement, she let herself be maneuvered onto hands
and knees. Her body began to respond once again to memories of all that had just
happened to her… and to what was about to happen to her.
"Oh yes… I want you, Darren…"
His hands caressed the round smooth swells of her buttocks. "Do you want me? Do you

really want me?"
"Yes… oh yes… I do…"
The sight of her, kneeling naked and vulnerable, the very touch of her excited him to
lust. Though he would not have admitted it to himself, the recollection of all that he
had just witnessed made the blood flow quicker through his veins. This woman still did
something very special to him. But he had to wipe the slate clean of all the lewdness she
had been subjecting herself to. Then they could start fresh.
With unaccustomed boldness, his hands investigated the moist furrow between her
buttocks. Her puckered asshole, her wet hot cunt-slit, still throbbed from the dog’s hard
pummeling. His finger found the slick little nubbin of her clitoris. It began to work
around and around the blood-swollen peak, until she grunted in excitement.
"Oooohh… yessssss… that feels soooo wonderful!"
While one hand vibrated her clitoris, the other began to prod at the opening to her ass.
Her sphincter relaxed under his titillating massage.
"Mmmmmmm… uuuuhhh…"
One finger delved deep into her asshole and began to work its way in and out, in and
"Jee-zuz… no one’s ever done anything that nice to me, Darren…"
The young, scientist was becoming totally preoccupied by the girl’s wanton responses.
He had never done anything as depraved as finger-fucking a woman in the ass before.
He had thought that was for perverts, people he knew nothing about. After all he had

witnessed this evening, he realized there was a lot going on in the world that he hadn’t
even suspected. All his for the taking. Rather than worrying about how his caresses
would be received, he was going to let himself go and do just what turned him on.
His cock got more and more rigid as his finger worked in and out of Lola’s clutching
sphincter. He could feel her clitoris growing hard as steel under his spontaneous
fondling. The woman was moaning like a banshee, crying for him, wanting him.
He was ready for her. He was ready to give her a screwing that she would never forget.
Darren figured that Lola owed him something special for all he had suffered in the red
He took his hard throbbing prick in his hand and guided the bulbous head toward the
pucker of her ass. He prodded it gently several times, then, without warning, he drove
his prick deep into her most private passage.
Lola had been wide open for him, receptive to whatever he wanted to do to her. Her
sphincter had been too relaxed to stop the urgent entry of his palpitating cock. By the
time she clenched, he was in her. Filling her. Hurting her.
"Ooooohhh… noooooo… you’re hurting me! You’ve got to stop! Please!"
Darren had not the slightest intention of stopping. His one most secret, perverted
dream had always been to fuck a woman in the ass. To make her beg for more of his
unnatural skewering. This seemed the perfect way to pay Lola back for his anguish. To
brand her with the pain of his passion.

Slowly but surely, he began to work his swollen prick in and but of her tight-clutching
anus. While she groaned miserably, he stroked back and forth, just short strokes at first,
then longer and longer, until he was fucking her asshole with the same masterful
energy he would have used in her pussy.
The young brunette could scarcely believe what was happening to her. She had heard
about ass-fucking, but the idea had always seemed too painful to toy with. Now here
she was, her ass filled with the shy scientist’s rigid cock. He was punishing her! But
why? For what? She owed him nothing! They barely knew each other!
Lola’s innocence had protected her so far from the tougher aspects of her new work.
She had never expected to have to deal with this kind of sadistic punishment. For a
moment, she considered screaming for help. But something stopped her… the
possibility of ridicule, the thought that no one would come anyway. Despite her
fondness for Jake and Sadie, Lola realized she was an employee to them now. Maybe
this was part of the job!
Overwhelmed by the helplessness of her position, Lola began to cry. She had been
striving so hard lately to keep up the pace of the big city and her new environment. But
suddenly she was a child again. She wanted Mama and home and the protection that
went with it. She didn’t want to be hurt. She didn’t want to be used. In particular, she
didn’t want to be lonely.
Only gradually did Darren become aware of the brunette’s sniffling. He began to work
his cock a little more gently in and out of her asshole. After all, he didn’t really want to
harm her. He wanted to show her something… how much he cared.
"Why don’t you just relax and enjoy it, Lola? You’ll like it! I know you will! I’m not
using you! I care! I care enough to make you sit up and take notice of me, Lola!"

His words got Lola’s attention. Once again, he sounded like the shy, sincere young man
she had liked so much the other day. A man from another world, but someone she
could relate to on her own ground. Though they were so different in many ways, they
were really much alike.
Lola decided to trust this man. Like a dutiful child, she set about doing what he had
told her to do. She let her muscles relax. She let his cock work in and out of her
stretched anus at will.
Almost imperceptibly at first, a magic began to happen. His cock was beginning to feel
good in her asshole! It was a new kind of titillation, but it was at least as exciting as
anything she had ever known before. His prick was so thick, so filling! She felt so
helpless beneath it! Yet she loved her helplessness now! She could trust Darren. He
cared. "Ooooohhhh… God-d-d! It feels sooo ni-i-i-ce! Screw my ass, darling! Fuck me!"
Darren’s cock swelled with pride. No one had ever called him darling before. No
woman had ever trusted him enough to let him do anything this depraved. He felt that
he and the sexy brunette had formed a kind of bond. They were partners in a new
decadence. They believed in each other now. They knew each other’s lowest points;
now they could go on to investigate the heights.
With the woman won over, Darren started to work his cock recklessly in and out of her
distended asshole. While she squealed with delight, he grunted at the hot clutches of
her flesh on his hard prick. Her asshole fit him so tightly, like a second skin. It seemed
to grab and squeeze him with an unnatural enthusiasm.
"Oh Lola! Your ass feels so good, baby! I love fucking you! I love it! You’re terrific,

"Ooooohhh, darling! Your prick’s getting so big in meeeee!"
Lola trusted this man. She could let go with Darren. Really let go. Her orgasm was the
most powerful she had ever experienced.
"Ooooohhh… Godd-d-d! I’m cumming, darling!"
Eager to keep up with her, he spilled his hot load deep into her clutching asshole. "I’m
filling you, Lola! It’s good, baby… good!"
He crawled up over her and held her tightly in his arms.
"Now that I’ve found you the second time, Lola, I’m not going to let go! Do you hear
me?" His voice was steady and determined. He didn’t doubt himself any more. Lola had
made a man of him.
"Yes, darling, I hear you!" Lola smiled blissfully.
Next door, Jake whistled low and left the room. He figured the two lovers deserved
some privacy. He had completely revamped his opinion of the scientist. Darren was a
"man’s man" if there ever was one.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 12

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 12
Lola had left an indelible impression on young Darren. Only four days after their
encounter, he was back at the motel office, asking to see her that same evening.
Darren was not the kind of man Jake could relate to. He felt a certain amount of
contempt for the younger man’s awkwardness, his shy manners. He was not what Jake
would have called a "man’s man". His earnest manner told Jake more than words. He
could see that Darren had a crush on Lola.
A sadistic streak in Jake prompted him to have a little fun with the young scientist.
"You can’t spend any time with her this evening. But we offer another service. She’s in
the blue room tonight. If you like, we can go into the red room and watch the show."
Darren looked horrified. "You mean spy on her?"
"Not exactly. She knows, when she’s in the blue room, that there’s liable to be some
customer in the red room watching her. She gets extra for it. Don’t worry. It wouldn’t
be like you were taking advantage of her or anything."
"No. I don’t think so. I came to see Lola. To talk to her. Not to watch her with
someone else."
Jake walked around from behind the counter and took the younger man by the arm.
"Tell you what. I’ll make you a deal. You can watch for five minutes. If you don’t enjoy
what you’re seeing, you get a refund. What do you say?"
Rather than argue with the powerful man, Darren let himself be led back to the unit

Jake called the red room. His built-in sense of decency told him what he was about to
do was wrong. But he did want to see Lola. It would be hard to watch her with another
man. But he had to learn to accept the job she had chosen. If he wanted to be around
Lola, that was the price he had to pay.
Jake was enjoying the prospect of the jolt he was about to give the younger man. If
there was one way to cure a crush on one of his hired women, he figured it was to show
her admirer a glimpse of her at work. They usually weren’t prepared for the utter
abandon the woman displayed writhing on the end of a dog’s cock. And that was
exactly what Lola was doing tonight.
It didn’t occur to Jake that he was depriving the young brunette of a chance for a
personal relationship with the young scientist. He figured Darren was too square for
Lola and for the scene at the Travelers’ Rest. What he was about to do was, for him, a
big practical joke.
"Here we are, Darren. Come on in and make yourself comfortable."
At first Darren purposefully kept his eyes averted from the see-through glass. He
walked into the room and sat down in the closest chair. Jake remained standing just
inside the door, watching him.
He saw Darren’s eyes grow big as saucers as the scene in the next room gradually
registered on his brain. There was a couple in the room with Lola. The woman was
bent over doggie fashion, while the man fucked her ruthlessly from behind. They were
both watching the star attraction. Lola was kneeling on the bed on all fours, facing the
mirror. A big German shepherd was mounted up behind her. His hairy paws clutched
the firm white flesh of her hips. His long red cock sawed rhythmically in and out of her

From the look on Lola’s face, there was no doubt that she was enjoying the depraved
situation. Her mouth hung slackly open. Her tongue worked nervously over her lips.
Her eyes were glazed in a mask of lust. As though driven by a separate consciousness,
her buttocks churned feverishly back against the dog’s loins, searching out that long
tapered prick.
"Aaaaahhhh… it feels wonderful…" The sound of her voice in the adjoining room
seemed to send a shiver through Darren. He looked down at his feet, then back at the
screen, his face registering his total shock. He never once looked over at Jake. The other
man seemed to have ceased to exist for him. He was totally preoccupied.
Never in his young life had Darren even dreamed that such things existed. The
beautiful woman who had sucked his cock to such hard perfection, whose pussy had
welcomed his cock so hotly, was raving like a demented creature on the end of a dog’s
swollen red prick. Her face was contorted, mask-like. She was lost in an
incomprehensible world of lustful abandon.
"Ooooohhh… fuck me… fuck me, Whopper!"
The other couple in the room with Lola got little attention from Darren. But the
woman’s moans too came through into the red room.
"Oh, Mark darling… screw me! Screw me!" She was a blonde, voluptuous and sensual.
Her rounded buttocks rammed back against the man’s loins with forceful energy. He
had to clutch her hips firmly, to keep a good grip on her. Obviously both of them were
intensely stimulated by the feverish churnings of the young brunette.

"Shit… look at her go, Elaine! Isn’t she something! That big prick must be splitting her
in half!"
Ordinarily Jake would have been watching the scene in the next room as raptly as was
Darren. But the look on the young man’s face fascinated him. His expression changed
slowly from stony shock to amazement to something that looked like a cross between
excitement and anger. Jake wondered exactly what thoughts were going through
Darren’s mind. He was learning that Darren wasn’t quite the pansy he had taken him
for. Just from the look on the scientist’s face, Jake could see that it would be a bad idea
to interrupt him now. One way or another, Darren was aroused.
For the last few days, all Darren’s dreams had centered around the young brunette at
the Travelers’ Rest. He had thought about dating her, about taking her for long walks
by the ocean. His fantasies had even included one day marrying her. She was so
beautiful. She had made him feel so good… the way no one else had ever made him
He watched her breasts bobbling enticingly beneath her torso as she undulated her
buttocks back against the dog’s furry loins. Her waist looked so tiny and fragile, just
before it flared out into her hips. He could imagine circling her there with his hands.
But there was nothing fragile about her responses to the dog’s fucking. She seemed to
have the energy of ten men, the power of a steam roller. She was a woman in heat,
intent on getting the fucking of her life.
"Fuck her, Whopper! Screw the piss out of her!"
It was obvious from the slur in his voice that the man in there was pretty drunk. He
was having the time of his life with the two women and the dog. His cock was thick

and swollen. It glistened with the juices from Elaine’s cunt as he pulled out of her time
after time, only to impale her again.
His fingernails dug into the woman’s smooth flesh as he clutched at her hips. He pulled
her powerfully back onto his aching cock. She grunted with pain-pleasure at every long
"Shit… I don’t know if I can take any more of this, Elaine! I gotta have some of that hot
little whore!"
While the blonde woman whimpered in distress, the man pulled his cock from her
hungry cunt. He knelt on the bed right in front of Lola. With the tip of his slick
swollen cock, he traced a lewd circle around her lips. Then he grabbed her hair and
forced her mouth down onto his rigid cock-shaft.
It seemed to take little effort for the brunette to accommodate herself to this new
intrusion. She opened her mouth wide, took the man’s blood-engorged cock inside all
the way to the hilt. Her lips nibbled hungrily around the turgid shaft. She seemed to
enjoy the flavor of Elaine’s cunt-juices. She licked them greedily from his prick, until
the only sheen there was that of her own saliva.
Jake had become entranced for a moment by the lewd goings on next door. Now he
looked back at Darren, to see how the innocent was taking the sight of this wild orgy.
He was leaning forward in his chair, his hands clasped tightly together. His jaw was set
in a determined grimace. The only movement was in his eyes that flickered over the
activities with fierce attention. They glowed with a supernatural glow that awed Jake.

The big man was beginning to regret his little practical joke. Darren looked like a time-
bomb about to explode.
To Darren’s amazement, the beautiful brunette was tending to two swollen cocks with
the same fiendish energy she had devoted to one. He watched her tongue protrude to
tickle the little slit in the head of the man’s cock. Her lips swelled out and slid down
over the whole shaft. The effect was apparently devastating. The man groaned like a
wounded animal.
Dog and man were face to face, laboring over the woman’s back. The dog’s paws
clutched Lola’s hips only a short distance from where the man’s hands caressed her
back. The two males had unconsciously established a synchronized rhythm over the
girl. The red tapered prick and the fleshy purple shaft drove up into her at precisely the
same moment, one into her upturned cunt, the other into her mouth.
Deserted at the height of her arousal, the blonde had been forced to resort to her own
fingers for satisfaction. She drove her fingers feverishly up into her cunt. Her hand
gleamed with her free-flowing juices. Her eyes never left the kneeling brunette. She
seemed to enjoy the depraved dual assault the other woman was being subjected to.
"Do it to her! Fuck her till she can’t walk! Oh… yeah!" Her jaw hung open slackly. She
was cumming. "Jee-zuzz-z!"
It wasn’t long before the speaker resounded with the sounds of cumming. Lola and the
man seemed to cum almost simultaneously. Then the dog was rutting urgently forward,
filling the girl’s pussy with his semen.
Darren rushed from the red room so quickly that Jake didn’t have a chance to stop him

and ask him for the twenty-five dollars. He was about to leave the room himself when
he heard a commotion over the speakers.
Darren wasn’t gone after all. He had just gone next door. Jake sat down to watch.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 11

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 11
The proposition Jake made to Lola horrified her at first. She had had no idea she was
living in the midst of a kind of low-key brothel, though she had wondered how some of
the women who lived at the Travelers’ Rest managed to get by without going to work
every day. Elaine in particular had puzzled her, though the blonde had told her
The last career Lola had ever imagined for herself was that of a prostitute. It was
contrary to everything she had ever been taught. But, on the other hand, she had
learned a few things about herself since leaving home. For one thing, she had a very
high sexual capacity which begged to be filled. For another, the more she looked for a
job as a waitress, the less the idea of doing that kind of labor for a cold impersonal boss
appealed to her. Back home, she had known everyone on the job. Everything was very
casual. Going to work was like visiting a second family. Here, her prospective
employers seemed to be sizing her up like a side of beef. Once, she had even been
impertinent enough to ask the rude man, who had wondered how she would look in his
skimpy costumes, if he would like to see her teeth too.
The more Lola saw of life in the big city, the more she realized that all things in the end
were more or less equal. There were good sides and bad sides. And a girl on her own
had to make out the best she knew how.
Working for Sadie and Jake would be almost like working for family again. They were
her friends. Lola was convinced of that. Already the idea of having to leave the
Travelers’ Rest for an apartment depressed her. She had formed an emotional
attachment to her first home away from home.
Above all, Lola’s personal admiration for Sadie convinced her that Jake’s proposition

would at least be worth trying. She was convinced that Sadie would not be involved in
something really bad. What was good enough for Sadie was good enough for her. After
all, Sadie was her best friend here in Los Angeles. She spent an entire day weighing the
pros and cons of the idea. When she made her decision in the affirmative, she was still
nervous about it. But she had decided to give it a try. It was time she brought in some
money anyway. Her meager savings were flowing through her fingers like water.
Lola celebrated her decision by going out and buying herself a new dress. It was a
statement of her intention to radically alter her life. The dress was sexy. It gave ample
display to her lush cleavage, and it clung almost indecently – as Lola’s mother would
say – to her full hips. It was bright chartreuse in color. She dropped in at Jake and
Sadie’s to show them her new purchase and to inform them of her decision.
Her reinforcement from Jake was positive. He whistled loudly and tried to dip his hand
into her cleavage. She slapped him playfully away.
"You’ll tear it!"
"So I’ll buy you a new one! How do you expect me to look at something that luscious,
baby, and not reach out and touch?"
"Jake, you are the world’s most out-of-control lecher, you know that?" Sadie put an arm
through the younger woman’s and gave her an intimate hug. "You look wonderful,
"Listen, Sadie, I’ve got more goddamned control than you give me credit for. If I didn’t,
I’d have you both stripped and on the floor right now."
This kind of bawdy talk was beginning to feel comfortable to Lola. Whereas before it
had offended her, now it was more in tune with the kind of sexuality that was

becoming a part of her life. She was beginning to understand Jake and Sadie and their
lusty hunger for new thrills. She realized that she was an adventure for the older
couple. But that seemed only fair. They were an adventure for her too.
"I’ve decided to try out your suggestion, Jake."
"Good girl. Welcome to the team." He slapped her on the ass.
Sadie was beaming. "We’re glad you’ll be around for a while, honey. You’re good
people. And I think we’ve got the perfect guy for your first trick. He’s kind of the
young and innocent type… a little embarrassed about coming here. But I think you’ll
like him. What do you say?"
This was it. If she said yes to this one, there’d be no turning back. "Okay." Her voice
"Fine. He’ll be coming by about seven. We’ll send him over to you." Lola bit her lower
lip and looked thoughtful for a moment. "Sadie…?"
"Yes, darling?"
"How do I do it? I mean… what am I supposed to be like?"
Jake cut in. "Just do what comes naturally, Lola baby. I’m sure that’ll be more than any
red-blooded male could refuse."
Sadie disappeared into the back and returned with a brown parcel. "Here’s a couple of
tools of the trade. They’ll make it easier to get into the trip, you know?"
Back in her motel room, Lola unwrapped the package and found a skimpy black nightie
and an unopened bottle of Pernod. Tingling with a perverse excitement, she opened the

bottle and poured herself a drink. It was time to start getting ready for her trick. The
Pernod gave her a good hot shot of courage.
She showered and washed her hair and slipped into the nightie. It made her feel very
naughty to wear something so clearly designed for the purpose of seduction. It had
sheer lace handprints over her tits and another peek-a-boo insert over her pussy. It was
the lewdest outfit she had ever laid eyes on. She turned this way and that in front of the
mirror, surveying herself. She looked good, she decided. Not at all like the naive
country girl she had been a couple of weeks before… but good. She decided she liked
the change. Her life had become so much more exciting than she had ever dreamed it
could be back home.
Lola was on her third drink when there came a knock at her door. Tingling with
excitement, she got up to let her guest in.
"Hi, there. Please come in." Her voice had dropped an octave from its normal pitch.
She was trying to sound sexy.
"Hi." The young man looked suitably impressed. He stood awkwardly in the middle of
the room, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He held them out toward her. "I don’t
know if it’s customary," he mumbled. "But… here."
Lola was touched. Here was someone who looked just as innocent and confused as she
still felt somewhere inside. "Why, they’re beautiful! What a nice thing to do!"
He looked pleased as punch. She made a great fuss over each flower as she arranged
them in a vase. He sat carefully on the edge of the bed and watched her admiringly.
Lola thought she could feel his eyes burning through the lacy holes in her nightie. A
little uncertain of who should be seducing whom, she walked over and sat beside him

on the bed. She was sure he would make his move soon.
He took her hand and pulled it onto his lap. "Have you been here long?" he asked
Lola had not been expecting conversation. "Not too long. I just came out here. I’m
new… at this work…"
He grinned broadly. She could see that the information helped him relax with her.
"I didn’t think you seemed like the others… I’ve only done this sort of thing a couple of
times myself… paid women, I mean." He seemed to be embarrassed by his own
awkwardness. "I’m not much of a talker, you may have noticed. I spend a lot of time
alone, with my work. I’m not used to beautiful women… like you."
Lola was in control of the situation now. Obviously this man admired her, relied on her
to help him through this experience. It made her feel strong to be responsible for
someone else’s comfort.
"I know what you’d like… How about a nice drink? It’s delicious stuff. My boss gave it
to me this afternoon. What kind of work do you do anyway?"
She realized she was chattering more than usual. This man was the first person she had
met that she didn’t feel inferior to in some way. He wasn’t cool and confident like the
others. She could relax with him.
"I’m a nuclear physicist."
Her eyes widened. "Oh my goodness… That sounds very important. Here. Cheers. You
must do very important stuff."

She liked his sheepish grin. He was a very cute-looking guy, despite his shyness.
"Oh… it’s important enough. I’m in research. Most of the time my head’s all wrapped
up in ideas and theories. I like to think about girls sometimes too, though." Nervously,
his hand reached for her tit and stroked it.
Goosebumps ran all over Lola’s skin. She hadn’t realized how horny she was. Her
nipples jumped to erection under his fingertips.
"I like to think about boys, too," she said coyly. "By the way, what’s your name? I’m
"I know. They told me. My name’s Darren."
He had finished his drink already. Lola poured them both another. She realized he
needed the courage even more than she did.
"Well, Darren, I’m really glad you’re here, you know? You’re a very nice person. I
didn’t know what to expect tonight. But you’re just right… and you’re my first trick,
you know," she whispered.
He looked shocked. "But why… why do you want to get into this kind of work? A
beautiful girl like you shouldn’t even have to work." He spoke with far more
vehemence than he had displayed so far.
She shrugged. "I need some money." A sudden urge to be naughty seized her. This was
fun. She could play at being whatever she wanted to be. "Besides, I think I might like
the fringe benefits."
Lola enjoyed the astonishment evident in the young man’s face. Now was the time to

get the show on the road. She was no longer the least bit afraid. She knelt on the rug
next to him and tugged at his fly. She reached inside and pulled out his cock. It was
only slightly erect, but the touch of her hand seemed to do the trick. It swelled with
blood, became long and hard in her hand.
"Oooohh… you have a lovely cock."
Darren seemed to be at a loss for words. He watched fascinated as she opened her
mouth and closed it over the swollen head of his prick. Her tongue began to work
around his throbbing cock-head, stabbing it, poking into the little slit on the tip.
She looked up at him. "Like that? Does your cock feel good?"
Though this was only the second time in her life she had had a cock in her mouth, Lola
knew exactly what to do. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to her now to
make love to this fine hard cock with her lips and tongue. She loved the fleshy resilient
feel of it. She loved the sense of her own wanton abandon. As a paid prostitute, she
didn’t have to worry about how she should behave. She could go ahead and follow the
dictates of her raunchy sensuality.
Although he was unable to understand this beautiful, wild woman, Darren found it easy
to respond to her exciting caresses. For the first time, he had found a woman he was
comfortable with. She was so innocent and child-like in some ways. But her body and
her skill were those of a full-grown passionate woman.
Once she got the feel of the cock in her mouth and of the man’s responses, Lola let her
urges he her guide. She could feel her cunt getting wet under her skimpy nightie as she
worked to bring pleasure to this strange shy man. She enjoyed themental image of

herself kneeling slavishly beside this total stranger, bobbing her head wantonly up and
down over his cock.
His turgid prick grew harder as her pace became more and more abandoned. She
stabbed him with her tongue at unpredictable moments, sucked hungrily on his cock-
tip when the mood struck her. Darren groaned lustily at almost every move she made.
More and more, Lola was beginning to realize that it was not any particular technique
that made the difference in sucking a man’s cock. It was the vigor and enthusiasm with
which she moved her mouth and her body. She bounced up and down on her haunches
as she worked. Her whole being was suffused with the welling excitement of her
obscene act.
"My God… I didn’t know it could be like this! You’re amazing, Lola… you’re beautiful!"
Darren had had little experience with women. To become a full-fledged scientist at the
age of twenty-two, he had not had much time or energy to devote to learning the arts of
love. His physical life had fallen far behind hismental. But this fiery young brunette was
doing a lot to help him catch up.
She began to move a hand up and down his cock in time with her mouth, accentuating
the hot wet pleasure-pangs her mouth was dealing his prick. Her tongue and her lips
seemed to move independently of one another, maneuvering shamelessly to bring the
man to a fierce peak of arousal.
"I love sucking your cock," she whispered up at him when she stopped to catch her
It amused her to think that just a short while ago a man had had to force her to suck
his prick. Now she wouldn’t miss the experience for anything. She felt curiously

fulfilled with a swollen hard prick in her mouth. Even though her cunt was throbbing,
hot and wet, hungry for stretching.
Lola’s no-holds-barred lovemaking seemed to break down Darren’s own barriers. She
reminded him of the primitive lurking inside every man. Much as he enjoyed the quick
talented caresses of her mouth on his cock, he wanted to take the helm for a while. He
wanted to subjugate her, to overwhelm the woman with his own passion. Gently but
firmly, he pushed her away from his cock.
"I want to fuck you now."
Lola was pleased with the change in his voice. He was no longer timid, uncertain. He
was a man who knew what he wanted. She was more than ready to give it to him. Her
pussy was wet and hungry. She scrambled up on the bed while he removed his clothes.
Her fingers pulled her nightie lewdly up so her hair-thatched pussy stared at him from
beneath the black material that still covered her tits.
She appraised Darren’s naked body. He was good-looking, young and lean and strong.
His cock stood out hard and demanding from his loins.
"Fuck me," she murmured hotly as she ground her bare ass into the mattress.
Her words added fuel to the fires of his lust. He threw himself upon her, guided the
bulbous head of his cock toward the fleshy opening to her pussy. Summoning up all his
strength, he drove his prick deep into her seething hole, struck the head on her cervix
deep inside.
"Aaaaahhhhh… ooooohhhh, good-d-d! You’re wonderful, Darren!"
She stared wide-eyed up at him, marveling at how the mouse had turned into a lion.

Without even pausing, he established a hard-hitting pace deep into her greedily clasping
cunt. Her tight walls were driven asunder on each forceful entry. They clung to him on
the way out, not wanting to let him go. Again he rammed up into her, relishing the hot
tightness that welcomed his cock.
He pushed her nightie all the way up, so she was wearing it like a scarf around her
neck. His hand groped for a firm fleshy breast and massaged it roughly. The nipple
strained up against his hand, hard and rubbery, swollen with lust.
"God, your hand feels good! So nice and strong!"
They were locked now in the rutting primal act of fucking. Each squirmed and labored
for their own pleasure, yet both were intensely aware of the feedback they were getting
from the other. Lola closed her eyes tight and rolled her head crazily on the pillow. The
tendons in her neck stood out, showing her tension. She was in the throes of a
primitive search… the search for pleasure.
"Oh… fuck me, fuck me!"
She raised her lips to be kissed and he kissed her hotly. His tongue drove deep into her
mouth, penetrating her the way his cock was penetrating her cunt. They squirmed
feverishly against one another, doing combat as much as they were making love. Each
relishing the fury of the battle.
"You’re incredible, Lola! You’re incredible!"
Darren was panting like a racing horse, yet his fatigue was exhilarating. He had never
felt so intensely alive. This wanton young woman was teaching him how to enjoy the
untapped potential of his own body. He loved her for it. He wanted to fill her to
overflowing with the hot rich flood of his sperm.

"Aaaaaaiiieeee! Ooooohhh! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmingg-g!"
"Me too! I’m cumming too!" They ground their loins together, savoring the awesome
explosion that made them for one instant one creature. Her back arched up, welding
her to him. Then she relaxed, let herself collapse into the soft support of the mattress.
They were done.
They lay side by side, holding hands. Like young lovers, which in fact they were,
despite the business aspects of their relationship. For a few short moments, they had
been everything to one another.
He left not long after, kissing her tenderly on the cheek. "I’ll see you again, Lola."
Lola went to sleep soon after. She was pleased. Now she knew that she could handle
this job Jake had offered her. It wasn’t so hard, not at all. Business was pleasure. Sheer

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 10

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 10
Elaine had enjoyed her lusty session with Lola. But she felt no particular loyalty to the
shapely brunette. She had no qualms about telling her bosses about Lola and Whopper.
Sadie and Jake were delighted with the news. They saw in Lola’s conversion a chance
for some fun of their own.
Sadie watched for Lola’s return from job hunting the following evening.
"Lola, honey," she called from the office doorway, "why don’t you come in for a
Lola was nervous. She had been nervous ever since Elaine had left her alone with
memories of her own debauchery. The young farm girl feared that she had lost all
control over herself. What she had been doing with Elaine and Whopper was so sinful!
But she had enjoyed it so much…
"How’s the hunt going, sweetie? Any luck yet?"
The brunette frowned. As usual her feet and her back ached. And all for another day of
fruitless searching.
"No… I don’t know, Sadie… I’m beginning to think maybe this isn’t the town for me."
"Don’t give up too quick. These things take time. I know you’ll come up with
something that will be just right for you. Come on… let’s go in the back and have a
drink on it."
The beautiful older woman’s encouragement heartened Lola. She accepted the invitation
gladly. The last thing she needed was another lonely night with her own confused

thoughts. In Sadie’s company she felt more guilty than ever about her depravity. What
would the redhead think of her if she knew the way she had been carrying on?
Jake was in the living room waiting for them. "Hi there, Lola! How’s tricks? Hey… you
look kind of glum. I bet you could use a drink. I know just the thing. Have you ever
tried Pernod?"
"No, I’ve never heard of it."
"You’ll love it. It’s supposed to turn ladies into raving sex fiends, but that’s all a bunch
of hooey."
Lola grinned nervously and accepted the drink. The look in the big man’s eyes made
her shudder. Was it possible he knew? He looked like he knew all about her. His eyes
seemed to undress her as they observed her tightly clad body. Sadie’s firm arm guiding
her to the couch reassured Lola. She could put up with Jake as long as Sadie was
around to protect her.
As they drank the thick sweet liqueur, Jake entertained them with funny stories about
the big city. Lola could feel the alcohol coursing hotly through her veins, relaxing her.
She began to appreciate Jake’s off-beat sense of humor. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy
after all. She began to take his long appreciative looks as compliments. For the first time
she realized that Jake was a very good-looking man with his slightly graying, thick hair
and his big mustache.
"You know something?" he boomed. "I’m feeling in one hell of a good mood tonight. I
think we should have some champagne to celebrate."
"Celebrate what?" Lola asked innocently.

He rubbed his hands together and leered playfully at her. "The snaring of the pigeon,
my dove!"
Instinctively, Lola drew back from him, though she giggled nervously. The strangest
feelings were pulsing through her loins. An odd excitement, lust even. She began to
wonder if the liqueur they were drinking really was an aphrodisiac. For some reason,
the thought made her cunt throb in heated anticipation.
At once Lola chastised herself for her wantonness. What would Jake and Sadie think if
they knew what she was thinking and feeling? She held out her glass willingly when
Jake offered her a refill.
"I’ll be back in five with the champagne, girls. Try to control yourselves while I’m
Almost as soon as Jake had left the apartment, Sadie lay a hand casually on Lola’s knee.
Startled, the brunette stared questioningly at the lovely redhead. The look in Sadie’s
eyes could mean only one thing. Desire.
Astonished as she was, Lola experienced a flashing surge of excitement. Now that she
knew what it was to make love to a woman, the thought that the beautiful redhead was
attracted to her struck a responsive chord deep in Lola’s belly. She had admired Sadie
right from the first moment she had set eyes on her. She was so glamorous.
"You’re the loveliest creature I’ve ever seen," Sadie told her in her low throaty drawl.
The compliment made Lola’s heart beat fast. She was scarcely aware of Sadie’s fingertips
creeping up over her thigh. Sadie’s mouth closed hotly over her own and searched
hungrily inside. Her tongue was insistent, passionate. Lola’s entire being responded to

the embrace. Her thighs parted slightly to allow the hand to probe more intimately,
higher and higher. Until…
"Aaaaahhhh…" Sadie’s finger delved in under Lola’s crotchband, grazed her sensitized
pussy-lips. In the last few days, the brunette had grown accustomed to enjoying
pleasure. Her being craved it.
"Oooohh, darling… your pussy feels so wonderful. So soft and hot inside."
The brunette’s sensual innocence turned Sadie on. From the way she was responding to
her seduction, Lola was obviously not naive. Yet she had such an air of vulnerability
about her. It made Sadie long to investigate her lush, shapely body.
Driven by the mounting fury of her desire, Sadie kneeled on the rug in front of Lola.
She pushed her skirt up to her waist and grabbed the crotchband of her panties, pulling
the flimsy garment down and off. Like a male lover, she pushed Lola’s thighs wide
apart, then she scurried in, brought her face close to the beckoning pink slit. She held
the fleshy flanges apart and licked all the way up over Lola’s wet furrow.
"Ooooooohhhhhh… God, it’s good!"
Lola was able to summon up no strength to combat the urgency of the redhead’s
passion. In fact, her whole being craved what Sadie was doing to her. The very
wantonness of the situation – stealing forbidden love while the man was gone – made
her blood boil with excitement. The alcohol had done its job well. Lola was completely
receptive to what the older woman wanted to do to her.
Sadie latched on to the hardening nub of Lola’s clitoris and began to suck it hungrily.
From time to time, her tongue reached down and licked all the way up from her

yielding hole to the very tip of the blood-engorged little nubbin. Lola cooperated with
lusty enthusiasm, sliding her ass forward on the couch cushion, making her cunt more
accessible to Sadie’s greedy probings.
"Aaaaiieeeee… it’s soooo good!"
Elaine had been an exciting enough lover, but Sadie was sheer dynamite. The attraction
Lola felt for this beautiful woman made her lovemaking seem all that much more
Lola was experiencing a mounting desire to give back some of the loving she was
receiving. Never yet had she tasted the flavor of a wide-open pussy. She hadn’t thought
of doing such a thing to Elaine, but she wanted to do it to Sadie. She wanted to eat the
redhead’s cunt.
Sadie was astounded when Lola pushed her down gently but firmly onto the rug. Now
it was Lola’s turn to push Sadie’s skirt up over her hips. But Sadie wore no panties to
block the view of her red-thatched mound. Through passion-hazed eyes, she watched
the younger woman staring at her exposed pussy. Relishing her own wantonness, Sadie
parted her legs wide, giving Lola a full view of her pink wet cunt-flesh.
Without hesitation, Lola bent forward and licked the hard tip of Sadie’s clitoris. To her
astonishment, the slick little bud began to grow under her touch. It stood up firm and
proud, like a little cock. It beckoned Lola’s attentions. Overwhelmed by the force of her
own illicit passion, Lola began to suck Sadie’s clitoris. She found she liked the piquant
flavor of the juices that flowed from Sadie’s twat, coating her genitals.
As she slaved greedily over Sadie’s wide-open pussy, Lola lost track of all other realities.
She forgot completely about Jake, due to return soon from his shopping expedition.

Her own skirt was still pulled high up over her hips. The round swelling cheeks of her
ass waved salaciously in the air as she sucked, licked and stabbed Sadie’s receptive cunt-
Sadie had been looking forward to a seduction this afternoon. But she had not expected
the young country girl to be quite such a wanton, adventurous lover. Even with all her
experience, Sadie could not remember ever having had her cunt sucked like Lola was
sucking it now. There was something special about having her pussy eaten by a girl so
inexperienced in the art of lesbian sex. There was no doubt in Sadie’s mind that Lola
was a natural hedonist. There would be no bounds to her passion. Jake would love her.
Tonight promised to be an unforgettable experience.
Jake stayed away a little longer than was necessary to fetch the champagne. He wanted
to make sure Sadie had lots of time to get the girl warmed up. He felt sure Lola would
respond to his wife. It was obvious from her manner that Lola respected and admired
Sadie. After her experience with Elaine, she would likely respond easily to Sadie’s
How easily, Jake could not have known. But when he opened the apartment door and
saw the firm cheeks of Lola’s bare ass waving in his direction, Jake’s delight registered
at once in his cock. It began to grow to aching hardness as he quickly set down the
champagne and went over to join the women. Lola had not even noticed his entry. But
she looked around quickly when she felt his hands caressing her buttocks.
The brunette felt a quick jolt of fear that passed quickly when she saw the obvious
excitement in Jake’s eyes. He didn’t object to what she was doing to his wife. It turned
him on. Though a short while ago, Jake’s lecherous manner had made Lola uneasy,
now it stimulated her. She liked the way his fingertips were caressing her ass. She began

to hope he might join them in their lewd games.
"Go on, beautiful. I don’t want to interrupt anything." Jake’s voice trembled with his
Aware of the interested eyes surveying her upturned buttocks, Lola again bent her head
between Jake’s wife’s thighs and began to investigate her pussy. She stabbed her tongue
deep into Sadie’s slippery cunt-hole. "Oh, darling! Your mouth is so good to me! No
one’s ever sucked my pussy like you do!"
Jake grinned over at his writhing wife. He didn’t worry that Lola seemed to be doing a
better job than he did. Sadie always got carried away with her compliments when she
was making love.
The big man pulled down his fly and guided the head of his swollen cock to the
upturned slit between Lola’s thighs. His prick found the fleshy, yielding hole and
shoved deep inside. He grunted with appreciation. Her pussy was wet and hot, yet tight
and clinging as a new glove.
"Shit, that’s good pussy, baby! No pussy’s ever grabbed my prick like that!"
Jake grinned to himself as he wondered if Sadie would notice his tit for tat.
Then he began to maneuver his cock in earnest, stroking his hard cudgel skillfully in
and out of Lola’s clutching pussy.
"Ooooohhh… Jeez… it’s good! Aaaaahhhh!"
The harder Jake fucked her craving twat, the more difficulty Lola had in keeping her
mind on the wet pussy before her. Not since Kenny had she had a human male’s cock

reaming her cunt-lips wide. It felt terrific… so much thicker and more subtle in its
movements than a dog’s prick. For a brief instant, Lola realized how radically her sex
life had changed since she left Illinois. A short while ago, her experience had been
almost nil. Now she found herself grading and comparing sexual thrills like an old
But now was no time to regret lost innocence. Lola wanted to fuck. And she threw her
ass roughly back at Jake’s rampaging cock with all the enthusiasm her body could
Sadie looked up at the lust-dazed face of her husband as she labored over the kneeling
girl. The redhead realized that Lola was almost too far gone now to work hard enough
on her cunt to bring her to orgasm. Sadie didn’t mind. She had her own ideas for
completing the lusty triangle.
Whopper was in the bedroom, sleeping.
"Come on, Whopper! Here, boy!"
While Lola watched open-mouthed, the beautiful redhead began to play with the
German shepherd’s cock, coaxing it to rock hardness. Not for a moment had she
suspected that Whopper might have gotten his taste for women from his own mistress!
Jake’s cock drove Lola to a fever-pitch of arousal as she watched the big animal mount
the woman and drive his hard cock far into her welcoming pussy.
Sadie became an animal too as she ground her buttocks back against Whopper, driving
the beast on. His bright-red cock skewered rhythmically in and out of her eagerly
clutching pussy. All the muscles in Sadie’s face relaxed. She became a wanton inferno of
lust as she and the dog climbed together up to a private pleasure world of sensation.

When Sadie eventually looked over at Lola and smiled at her, the brunette felt a
delicious surge of happiness. She and Sadie were sharing something special. Their
passion for dogs, for each other, for Sadie’s husband. Lola had realized quickly that
Elaine had no particular feeling for her. But with Sadie it was different. Sadie was more
alive. She was more exciting to be with. Lola admired Sadie. If Sadie could enjoy all
these depraved things, they must be all right. Lola could proceed with a clear
Jake’s cock continued to stroke in and out of Lola’s enthusiastic cunt. The big man had
never thought he would meet another woman to match his wife for sheer sexual
exuberance. But if anyone could do it, he saw it was the young Lola. His cock grew
steel hard at the titillating pleasure of being alone – with good old Whopper, of course
– with two such passionate, exciting women. His fingers dug into Lola’s taut flesh as he
strove to screw her harder and deeper. He and Whopper were working like commdes,
seeing that the two hungry beauties got their fill of good fucking.
"Aaaaiiieeee! Whopper, baby! Do it to meeee!"
Watching Sadie’s lovely face contort with lust egged Lola on. She slammed her buttocks
back against Jake’s loins with the same eagerness Sadie was showing for her big pet.
The raunchy session became something of a contest, with all participants striving to see
who could reach the top first.
Sadie came out the winner. "Shit… aaaaa-hhhhhh… I’m cummmmmingg-g!"
Watching her friend let go so fiercely drove Lola to her own release. "Me too, Sadie
darling! Me too!" Even as she spoke, she could feel the hot jets of Jake’s cum shooting
into her clasping hole.

Jake got a final lascivious thrill from watching the dog’s jaw slacken with lust, from
knowing that the two of them were cumming in the women at the same time. He
slammed his own prick hard into Lola’s upturned pussy and held there, until he was
milked dry of his cum.
"Hey, girls! That was really a scene!" Jake got to his feet. "I’m going to get us that
champagne before it gets warm!"
The champagne had in fact started to warm up during the long session. Jake stuck it in
the freezer for a few minutes. Then he arranged three glasses on a silver tray and
carried it grandly back into the living room.
"Okay, girls! Here’s your reward! Up and at ’em!"
The two women struggled with difficulty to a sitting position. For Lola, the sensual
scene that had just ended had been a traumatic event. It had sealed once and for all her
commitment to sexuality. She had thought she was too confused and guilty about what
had happened with Elaine and Whopper to let herself get involved in anything else. But
it turned out that those other experiences had only warmed her up for an exploration of
her sexuality that knew no bounds.
She still shivered at the thought of how willingly she had allowed Sadie’s husband to
shove his cock into her. But she was shivering with lustful recollection now, not from
shame. She would have no qualms now about letting such a thing happen again. In fact,
she looked forward to it. She smiled sexily at Jake as she accepted a glass of champagne.
"You’re really something, baby," he told her, and winked.
The champagne seemed to further fire the furnaces of their lust. This time, Sadie

sucked Jake’s cock while Lola sat on his face. The women enjoyed long heated kisses
intermittently through the session.
When it was over, Sadie and Jake invited Lola to spend the night with them in their
king-size water bed. Jake said he had something to discuss with Lola in the morning.
But by the time they got through with their loving, and their sleeping, it was already a
bright California afternoon.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 9

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 9
The sound of the bathroom door being pushed open terrified Lola. She rolled abruptly
away from the big dog. A thin trail of cum joined them momentarily as the dog backed
off his new mistress and walked over to investigate Elaine.
The blonde paid the animal no attention. It was the girl she was interested in. Lola
huddled on the bathmat, trying to cover herself with a towel.
It took Lola a moment to recognize the intruder. She had met Elaine only once, in the
office. The other woman had seemed rather unfriendly. Lola had not expected to see her
again. Now here she was, in her own room, witness to her shameful deed with the dog.
"Wha… what are you doing here?" she managed to stammer.
Elaine kneeled on the mat next to the trembling brunette and pulled away the towel
with which she was rather ineffectually trying to protect herself. "I was in the
neighborhood… and I thought I’d pay you a visit." Her voice was sarcastic, but Lola
couldn’t miss the look of lust in her eyes. "I didn’t realize you were busy… The door
was unlocked, and I just came right in. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?"
The blonde’s impertinent manner infuriated Lola. Yet she was not sure enough of her
own ground to simply order Elaine out. "I… I want you to leave… I don’t know why
you’re teasing me. You had no right…" The tears began to flow down the brunette’s
Lola felt so humiliated. How could she ever face anyone here again, now that Elaine
knew her awful secret? She would have to pack up and leave.

"Please… leave me alone…"
To Lola’s surprise, the other woman suddenly became sympathetic. She helped Lola to
her feet and guided her gently into the other room. Lola made no protest when Elaine
lowered her onto the bed and sat beside her.
"Look, kid… you don’t have to feel bad. You can trust me. I thought it was pretty neat,
what you were doing with the dog. Look…"
To Lola’s astonishment, Elaine raised her skirt up over her hips and showed her the
sopping crotch of her panties.
"See how excited you got me? And I didn’t have a chance to get it off, the way you
did… I’m still all hot and bothered."
Lola was lost for words. She sat open-mouthed as the blonde crawled in between her
thighs and began to stroke the vulnerably exposed slit of her pussy.
"What… what are you…"
"I just want to look, darling… You have a beautiful little pussy."
Her fingertip traced the soft flanges of Lola’s cunt. Little tendrils of dark pussy-hair
clung to her cunt-lips, glued there by the dog’s cum. The flesh was red and swollen,
inflamed by passion and by the harsh friction of the dog’s big prick.
As Lola watched awestruck, petrified by fear and indecision, the blonde bent her head
in between Lola’s thighs and began to lick the dog’s cum from her cunt.

"Oooohh… I… !" Lola exclaimed.
Her first instinct was to push the woman away. This was… unnatural. Her mind
rebelled at the absurdity of her logic: Was it natural to fuck a dog? What right did she
have to condemn the other woman’s perversion? Besides, the soft tongue on her
sensitive slit felt awfully good. She couldn’t repress a long low sigh of pleasure.
Elaine looked up, delighted at the response of her pretty young victim. "Does that feel
good, darling?"
Before Lola had a chance to answer, Elaine’s head was back down between her thighs.
Her tongue was stabbing the delicate, half swollen nub of her clitoris. Lola began to
whimper. Confused yet excited, she had no choice but to fall prey to the talented
manipulations of Elaine’s tongue.
"Uuuuhh… that’s good-d-d!"
Through slitted eyes, Lola could see the big German shepherd, sitting on the rug,
watching the two women with interest. What’s becoming of me? she thought wildly as
she looked from one unnatural lover to another.
Lola closed her eyes very tight, trying to shut out the bothersome thoughts that were
assailing her mind. She could feel that devilish tongue swirling slickly around and
around her sensitized clitoris. It felt so wonderfully good! Elaine’s tongue seemed to be
picking up where Whopper’s cock had left off. And the orgiastic energy flowing
through her naked body seemed to grow more intense by the moment. It was as though
all her old guideposts in life had suddenly been torn down. She was wide open,
responding the way her body told her to respond. No holds barred! The girl felt totally

lost. Nobody could help her now. She had violated too many of the rules. There was
nothing left for her but pleasure. And she didn’t have far to go to find it. If she let
herself go, Elaine would give her all the pleasure that she wanted.
As the blonde’s tongue worked its way down to her wet pussy-hole, Lola began to flail
her head from side to side on the pillow. She was going to let go. There was nothing
she could do to stop the older woman. She may as well enjoy her… enjoy her tongue
that was now stabbing deep into her distended cunt. Her fingers wound in Elaine’s
curly hair and pulled the girl’s face close to her slit.
"Oooohh… you’re doing it to me nice, Elaine! Lick me! Make me feel good!"
Elaine was happy to do the wanton brunette’s bidding. It satisfied her raunchy sense of
imagination to be sucking on the younger woman’s cunt-hole, licking up the thick
juices of the dog’s orgasm. She could feel Lola’s pussy-sphincter convulsing around her
tongue, trying to catch hold of it and pull it deep inside. The more aroused Lola grew,
the more slavishly Elaine worked to satisfy her mounting hunger. Elaine liked a woman
who could really turn on, and Lola’s was the hottest little pussy she had ever tasted.
"Mmmmmmm… I love the taste of your pussy, baby!"
Lola had no idea that Elaine was a prostitute, but she did realize that the blonde
sucking on her twat was a worldly woman. She had no idea what kind of courage it
would take to walk right into a stranger’s motel room and start making love to her, but
Lola didn’t have it. Not yet, anyway. She suspected that Elaine could tell her a lot about
Right now, she was most interested in what Elaine could show her about love. She

began to wriggle her cunt recklessly down against Elaine’s mouth, forcing her tongue to
stab up into the sensitive hole of her pussy. Elaine grew more adventurous. She slipped
her tongue a little farther down, prodded it against Lola’s clenched sphincter.
The illicit thrill of that tantalizing tongue tickling her asshole pushed Lola to new
heights of abandon. As she felt the other woman’s tongue circling round and round her
tiny aperture, she wailed receptively. Her loins jerked upward, giving Elaine room to
work. Depraved as it was, she liked what the blonde was doing to her. She wanted more
of it!
The sheer intensity of the other girl’s responses made Elaine’s frustrated pussy flare in
neglect. She wanted to feel some satisfaction up between her own thighs. Though she
could go on forever savoring the sweet flavor of Lola’s tight twat, she needed some
encouragement. Some stimulation of her own.
From the corner of her eye, Elaine noticed Whopper, pacing restlessly by the side of the
bed. The big dog never liked to be left out of a lusty situation. He was always ready to
play at sex. Elaine knew that was a prime reason why Sadie kept him around.
Did she dare let the dog fuck her just once more? She cast a surreptitious glance at the
swollen cock that protruded from Whopper’s sheath. He was all ready to go again,
despite his recent orgasm. The excitement of eating Lola’s pussy gave Elaine the
courage she needed.
Abandoning the girl for just a moment, Elaine scrambled hurriedly out of her clothes.
She threw them in a heap on a chair, and returned to her position between Lola’s legs.

Her sultry eyes gleamed as she spoke to the watching brunette.
"I’m going to let Whopper fuck me while I eat you, darling. I’m kind of scared, but you
made it look like such fun."
Lola was impatient to get Elaine’s tongue back to her pussy. But she had another reason
to approve of Elaine’s plan. If the blonde were guilty of the same unnatural act she was,
then she would be less likely to tell on her. They would share a guilty secret!
"Don’t be scared, Elaine. It’ll feel wonderful! I promise you!" As she spoke, Lola’s loins
jerked up in search of her new friend’s mouth. She no longer questioned her own
depravity. She looked forward to it with frantic glee.
Thrusting her ass high in the air, Elaine called the dog to mount her. Then she buried
her face back in Lola’s pussy. If she was preoccupied enough with that savory pink slit,
she figured she would worry less about whether Whopper would hurt her. From long
experience, Elaine knew that a relaxed cunt didn’t get hurt. It was only when a woman
got tense or frightened that she could be injured by a cock.
Delighted to be included in the excitement, Whopper leapt up onto the bed and
mounted the kneeling blonde. He began to thrust his cock forward, looking for pussy-
shelter the way he had done with Lola just a short while ago. Again and again he
missed his goal. But then a fluke of fate guided him straight into the hot quivering hole
in front of him.
"Aaaaaaahhh!" Elaine’s shrill wail filled the room. But it was not a cry of pain. The
sheer depravity of the scene had excited her enough that Whopper’s cock slid easily in
and out of her moist cunt. His pace was fast, deep and hard, just what she needed to

satisfy the longing up inside.
"Oh, God, yes! Fuck me, Whopper! Fuck meeeee!"
Lola looked up at the face of the laboring animal, watched the spittle dropping from his
tongue onto the blonde’s back as he strove to keep up his grueling pace. The lewdness
of the picture snapped something inside her. She liked it. She liked watching another
woman getting fucked by a dog. And she especially liked the tantalizing feelings
exploding in her loins. Elaine’s tongue was fucking her pussy mercilessly. She could tell
she was on the verge of an explosion, hotter, wilder than the last.
"Oh, Elaine! Didn’t I tell you it would be good! Isn’t his prick nice? Oh baby… you’re
sucking me so nice!"
The atmosphere in the small, neat motel room was thick with lust. The two women and
the dog writhed together on the bed, working their genitals for all they were worth. All
of them were on the verge of a climax. Yet none wanted to go without the other, it
seemed. They kept sucking and fucking, wriggling and moaning, until at last Lola could
take no more.
"Oh my God! I’m cummmmmmingg-g! I’m cumming, Elaine! Ohhhhhhh!"
The satisfaction of bringing the younger woman to orgasm made Elaine grow even
more abandoned in the pace with which she was thrusting her ass back at the big dog.
Suddenly his cock seemed to grow even bigger and harder. She knew he was cumming
in her!
"Oooohh, Jee-zuz! Fill me, lover! Shoot me full of that sweet-tasting dog-cum!" Elaine

knew just how sweet it was, for she had just finished eating it out of the other woman’s
pussy. "Shit… I’m cummmmming!"
There was a long pregnant silence as the three orgiasts recovered from the shock of
their climaxes. Elaine reached up and squeezed Lola’s firm, heaving breasts. "You know
something, Lola? You’re not such a bad kid after all!"
Lola wasn’t quite sure what to make out of that comment. But she was content to lie in
the other woman’s arms as Elaine sucked contentedly on her nipple.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 8

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 8
Lola awoke late the next morning. For the second time in the past week, she had a
Her main concern was her head, and by the time she had doused her face with cold
water and drained a pint of orange juice, she was in better shape to deal with the
previous night’s memories.
She had actually let a dog lick her cunt to wild orgasm! The recollection of Whopper’s
tongue on her moist tender pussy-flesh made her skin flush with goose bumps. But it
also made her blush with shame. Back home in Illinois, she had had enough sense of
morality to shy away from such depraved temptation. What was happening to her out
here in California?
What frightened her most was the knowledge that, if she had last night to live all over
again, she would probably do the very same thing. The dog had brought her such a
splendid, releasing orgasm. She had needed it so bad!
She didn’t leave her motel room to go job hunting until past noon. The day went badly,
even worse than the previous one. Part of the problem, Lola knew, was that she just
could not get her mind off that dog… his long tongue, his hard pointed cock. Every
time she realized that she might actually have tried to get the dog to fuck her if Sadie
hadn’t called him, she trembled. Whether out of shame or excitement, she didn’t know.
After four unsuccessful stops at "classy" restaurants, Lola headed home. What she
needed was some time alone, to think. The courtyard between the cabins was deserted
except for Whopper. Lola thought about shooing the dog away when he came running
over to greet her. She dismissed the idea. Why blame Whopper for anything? She knew

it was herself she didn’t trust. The dog was just a big friendly creature that did what his
instincts told him to.
The stab of his cold nose against her knee made her feel faint with a sudden rush of
memories. She hurried to her door, only to find that the dog had followed her.
"Go on home, Whopper! Your mistress will be looking for you."
But it was Henry the night man in the office. And the blinds were drawn in Sadie’s
apartment. She and Jake must be out. She had hardly caught a glimpse of them ever
since she moved in.
"Okay… you can come in… just for a minute."
The dog barked out his appreciation. He preceded Lola into her room and made
himself comfortable next to her bed. The brunette had to laugh at the animal’s self-
possession. He acted like he owned the joint!
Lola’s feet hurt and her back was killing her from walking on unyielding pavement all
afternoon. She decided to take a bath. That would get out all the kinks and give her a
chance to think in peace.
"Whopper… I’m going to take a bath. You can hang out here if you want, but I’m going
in the bathroom."
She closed the door behind her and turned on the faucets. She undressed carefully, in
front of the makeup mirror. She had always enjoyed admiring the full rounded swells of
her breasts, her tight waist and firm hips. Somehow, just looking at her body in the
mirror always turned her on a little.

The dog began to whimper outside the door. Worried that someone might overhear
him, Lola opened the door. What did it matter if the dog saw her naked? He was only a
dog. She was in control of the situation. And she was darned sure Whopper wouldn’t
try to get into the bath with her. She tried to assure herself that she had no intention of
getting into anything with Whopper tonight. But she still hadn’t admitted to herself
why she had let the animal into her room at all…
She prepared a screwdriver and took a long swallow before setting the glass on the
corner of the tub. The dog sat watching her. She took a covert glance at his cock-
sheath, and was relieved to see no red shaft peeking from it. She told herself she was
relieved, but there was another feeling too.
Bending over, she tested the water with two fingers. Her firm full ass waved enticingly
in the air, right in the direction of the dog’s nose. A cold stab against one ass-cheek
made her reach out to catch herself from falling.
At that moment, Lola had to admit to herself that she did want to experiment with the
dog some more. She was behaving like some silly schoolgirl, acting innocent but
wanting so much to experience those wicked delights that she knew were waiting for
She was relieved that the animal did not stop with one probe against her upturned ass.
His nose made its way into the tight crevice between her cheeks, made jarring contact
with her sensitized little asshole.

Instead of escaping into the tub of hot water, Lola fell onto her knees on the bathmat
and squirmed her buttocks back in the dog’s direction. She was begging for more of the
delicious cold caresses. The dog obliged by sniffling his way down as far as her pussy
crevice. She was seeping with moisture down there and the dog extended his tongue to
lap up the tantalizing juices.
Lola reached for her screwdriver and swallowed it down. She was accepting her growing
capacity for lewd experimentation, but she still had some conscience to kill. The vodka
did the job nicely.
The young woman closed her eyes, buried her face against the arm that protected her
from the cold of the porcelain. She didn’t dare let herself think too much about what
she was doing. It was too depraved. Too bizarre. To have something like this happen
once could be passed off as an accident. But more than once said something about Lola
Leibowitz… she was getting hooked on her own depravity. She was looking for thrills.
Time after time the dog’s long moist tongue slurped up over her cunt-lips and ass. Each
time, Lola thrust her ass a little higher in the air, groaned a little louder with the
mounting pleasure surging through her loins. She imagined how she must look,
bending over the tub like this, naked and wanton, reveling in the dog’s tonguing. The
lewd picture in her mind’s eye filled her with an urgent raving hunger for more
"Uuuuuuhhh… that’s good, Whopper," she grunted.
She peeked back over her shoulder at the laboring animal. At once her eyes lit upon the
sight that she had been dreading and anticipating ever since last night. His cock was
hard again. It protruded long and red and pointed from his sheath. Once again,
Whopper was aroused by licking her hot cunt. Again she toyed with the obscene idea of

getting him to screw her.
After all, why not? she thought recklessly. Her last human lover had treated her like
dirt. Surely Whopper would never be like that. He would be the same happy-go-lucky
friend afterward as he was now. Whopper wouldn’t let her down.
She began to thrust her ass back more hurriedly against the animal’s nose. She was
trying to tell the dog something with body language. Whopper continued to lick her.
From time to time he whimpered impatiently, as though he too were eager for
something more.
"Would you like to do it to me, Whopper?" she asked wantonly. "Do it to me, baby!
Come on!" At last the dog grasped the woman’s intent. He lost no time in mounting
the firm swells of her buttocks. The German shepherd’s hairy forepaws made an
obscene contrast with the smooth human flesh beneath.
His rock-hard prick began to dart forward in rough mechanical motions, seeking
anxiously the hot wet hole before it. Again and again, his cock-head just managed to
catch in between her pussy-lips, then slipped harmlessly away. Lola began to mewl in
hungry impatience. She wanted it now. She wanted to feel his cock deep inside her
craving cunt.
"Ooooohhh… ooohh… come on, Whopper! Come on, boy!"
At last, with one mighty surge, the dog’s cock drove deep into her wet hole. It forced
her cunt-lips cruelly apart, rammed home until it struck the tip of her cervix.
"Aaaiiieee! Ooohhhh, you’re hurting me! Ooooohh!"
She tried to squirm away from him, to make him stop hurting her. But Whopper was

adamant in the pursuit of his goal. His paws held her firmly. His loins thrust forward in
long stroke after stroke. He was fucking her – hard, fast, deep.
Aware that her struggles were useless, Lola tried to make the best of a hopeless
situation. Tears rolled from her eyes as the steel-hard dog-prick split her pussy time
after time. She tried to relax, to ease the pain of his repeated hard fuck-strokes.
Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the unbelievable happened. This new kind of pain, too,
turned to a deep sensual pleasure. Her body detected the change before her mind did.
Her ass began to wiggle backward, begging for more of the long impaling strokes. Then
her mind too succumbed. She was fucking a dog, and she was enjoying it! The very
depravity of the situation made her jaw hang open, her eyes roll with lust. She wanted
it! She wanted everything Whopper could give her!
"Do it to me, Whopper! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me!"
The obscene words escaping her lips only added to her excitement. She became an
animal herself, abandoning all the rules of her strict upbringing. Her only goal now was
her own pleasure. For that, she would fuck this big animal until she passed out, her
mind blank with the all-consuming energy of her arousal.
While the water in the bathtub grew cold, the young brunette remained kneeling on the
mat, offering her ass up to the rutting German shepherd. Never in her life had Lola
been fucked so deep, so hard, so masterfully.
Though the courtyard had been empty when Lola came home, someone had observed
her little encounter with the dog. Someone had watched her take Whopper into her

Overcome with curiosity, Elaine had hurried up to Lola’s window, looked through the
curtains for a peek of what was happening inside. Knowing Whopper’s tastes in sexual
companions, the blonde had her suspicions about what the relationship between the
woman and the dog might be. She herself had fucked Whopper once. But the animal’s
power had frightened her. She left that particular fetish to Sadie and the girls who really
went for it.
She watched Lola go into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Disappointed,
she was almost ready to leave when she saw the door open to admit the whimpering
animal. When they didn’t come out for several minutes, Elaine decided to take a risk.
She had a pass key to all the units. She would go inside and have a quick look through
that half-open door.
As soon as she was inside, Elaine knew that her suspicions were amply justified. She
could hear Lola moaning wantonly. Peeking around the bathroom doorframe, she saw a
sight that made her cunt throb with lust.
Lola really was a beautiful girl. She was a tantalizing picture of orgiastic bliss as she
kneeled salaciously in front of the rutting dog, egging him on. Her round smooth ass-
cheeks waved with demonic energy. They acted like a lure to the bisexual Elaine.
Already she could imagine herself fondling their flaring perfection, jamming a finger
deep into the hole now filled by the hard-working dog’s cock.
Neither Whopper nor Lola realized that they were no longer alone in the motel room.
Both were far too occupied with the urgent energy shooting through their bodies. The
dog’s tongue hung from his mouth as he rammed his prick deep into the clasping hot
cunt in long regular strokes. His cock was like a piston, and Lola’s pussy was the

chamber that exploded with pleasure each time he drove into her.
"Aaaaahhhh…" the girl wailed.
She was half out of her mind with excitement. This hard, no-holds-barred fucking was
breaking loose all the nervous energy she had been storing up since Kenny ran out on
Whopper’s stiff cock was helping her forget about the bad times and latch on to the
The lust-inspiring sight in the bathroom was more than the sexy Elaine could resist.
She slipped a finger into the crotchband of her panties and began to tease the swollen
nubbin of her clitoris. It was all she could do to keep from moaning a loud as her body
stiffened with electric jolts of pleasure.
Screw her, boy! Screw her good! the jealous blonde thought vindictively. Though she
had no real liking for Lola, Elaine could empathize with the girl in her writhing
abandon. Obviously Lola liked to feel good as much as Elaine herself did. That made
them, in a strange way, sisters under the skin. While she enjoyed watching the dog
fucking Lola ruthlessly, she was also intensely aware of the ecstasy the brunette was
experiencing. She envied Lola that. She herself could not get that same pleasure from
screwing a dog, but there were other ways she could do it. There were other ways she
could make Lola feel good too…
Experienced as she was in observing other people’s sexual responses, Elaine was still
somewhat awed by the incredible responsiveness displayed by this farm girl from
Illinois. Lola’s buttocks churned with tireless energy, as though she were seeking to
swallow the dog’s prick whole. Her full lush breasts bounced enticingly under her

kneeling torso. Her throaty moans and wails were like a cattle prod to the laboring
beast. Elaine watched his saliva drip onto Lola’s back as he worked. The obscene sight
made her pussy clutch with longing.
The more wildly the dog and the brunette ground their loins together, the hungrier
Elaine’s cunt grew. At last the blonde plunged two fingers deep into her pussy-hole and
began to finger-fuck herself in time to the rhythm of the dog impaling the young
woman’s cunt. She held her panties to one side, while her fingers rammed deeper and
deeper, more and more abandonedly. At last, the sensations became so strong that
Elaine was forced to drop to her knees outside the bathroom door.
Her position titillated her. She was closer now to Lola’s position. She could imagine
herself more easily experiencing the roiling pleasure that Lola was experiencing. She
was even beginning to think that perhaps she had been too hasty in condemning the
fucking talents of the big dog. If Lola could enjoy him that much, perhaps he was worth
trying again…
The tension was mounting in the bathroom. Elaine watched the stiff hard dog-cock ram
at a more and more furious pace far into Lola’s cunt. The dog was obviously obsessed
with only one thing – achieving his orgasm. At last, Elaine could see from the rigidity
in his joints that he was doing it.
Lola could tell the dog was cumming in her by the sudden intense surge inside her
pussy. She was being filled to brimming with dog-cum. The obscene thought drove her
to a frenzy. She gyrated her ass wantonly backward until she too was cumming.
"Aaaaaiiieeee! I’m cumming, Whopper baby! I’m cummmmminingg-g!"
Elaine was frozen with wonder. She had never seen anyone cum that wildly before. This

Lola was really something.
While watching the bizarre coupling, Elaine had become more and more obsessed with
one thought: She wanted to taste that pretty little bitch’s pussy! She wanted to eat Lola
And what better time than the present? How could Lola refuse now?
Trembling with her purpose, Elaine pushed the bathroom door wide open.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 7

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 7
Lola let herself into her room and flopped down heavily on the bed. It had been a hard
day. She had walked what seemed like a hundred miles of pavement, looking for some
kind of promising lead on a job. She had tried at least a dozen restaurants, with no
luck. It seemed like the area had all the waitresses it could handle.
Today had been only her third day of job hunting, but already the brunette was feeling
discouraged and homesick. Even the simplest meals in restaurants seemed to make a
noticeable dent in her savings. Now that she had to face the possibility of not finding a
job for a while, she began to wonder if she was going to have enough money to get by.
Luckily the rent here was cheap, for Los Angeles. That was one consolation.
As she had done every night since she arrived at the Travelers’ Rest, Lola poured herself
a drink of vodka and orange juice. Though she had never felt any need for alcohol
before, the loneliness and stress of the big city made her look for comfort in the bottle.
She didn’t actually get drunk, the way she had the first night, but she did get a little
tipsy. Lola had never really experienced loneliness before, and it was frightening.
She had tried not to think about Kenny. But still there was a hurt inside. She had even
begun to doubt her own worth. She still didn’t understand how one human being could
do something like that to another… Had she deserved it somehow?
A strange swishing sound at the door disturbed the girl’s brooding. Frightened yet
curious, she opened the door just a crack.
"Whopper! Come on in, big fella!"
The animal’s friendly enthusiasm was like a light through a tunnel to the frustrated girl.
She let him into her room, which was modest but comfortable, much smaller than the

blue room she had had the first night of her stay. He sat down next to the bed and put
his head out for petting. Lola was glad to oblige. She gave him a good hearty rubdown.
The television set was on, and Whopper seemed content to sit with Lola while she
watched the situation comedy on the screen. Every time her hand flagged from its task
at his head, he would nudge her just a little, a friendly reminder of his preferences.
"You sure do like to get petted, don’t you, you big beauty you!"
Her words seemed to excite him. He whimpered and licked her hand and her thigh.
Her dress was pulled carelessly up, almost to her groin. The moist sweep of his tongue
over her sensitive flesh made her jerk in surprise.
"What do you think you’re doing, you fresh creature!" She laughed as she got up in
search of the TV guide. "Why don’t I see if I can find us something more interesting to
watch, huh?"
The magazine had fallen on the floor by the bathroom door. When she bent over to
pick it up, Whopper prodded his muzzle in under her skirt and caught her with his
cold nose right at the soft juncture of her thigh.
She jerked around quickly, but not before the lightning jolt of pleasure had registered
irrevocably on her alcohol-dimmed brain. She dropped the magazine, but didn’t bother
to pick it up again. Instead, she went into the bathroom in search of another drink.
For the next few minutes, she felt uncomfortable in the animal’s presence. Whopper
had gotten a response out of her, with his wet impudent nose. She didn’t know quite
what to make of it. Was she so frustrated that she was ready to turn on to the poke of a

dog’s muzzle right next to her sensitized pussy-lips? The idea was absurd, but still the
alcohol helped to allay her fears. Soon she was able to pet the dog again without feeling
self-conscious. Back in the bedroom, she decided to sit in a chair rather than on the
bed. Scarcely conscious of what she was doing, she pulled her skirt up, on purpose this
time, until her panty-covered crotch was exposed to the dog’s gaze.
Tingling with perverse excitement, Lola noticed that the dog actually seemed to be
staring right up her skirt, just like a human male given the same opportunity.
"You are a weird one, aren’t you, Whopper?"
She giggled at the thick slur in her voice. She was getting pretty drunk… drunk enough
to let herself experiment a little.
She trembled as she worked her panties down over her thighs and threw them into a
corner. Quivering with expectation, she let her legs fall open a little. She watched the
dog with tense anticipation, eager to see if he would respond to her silent message.
Whopper was an old pro at this kind of game, but he was used to being told what to do
by the women in his life. The odor of the brunette’s excited cunt had him interested,
but he kept looking up at Lola’s face, to see if it was all right.
The girl was disappointed that the animal was doing nothing, so she edged her ass
forward on the chair. Her pussy was no more than three or four inches from the big
shepherd’s nose.
"Come on, Whopper!" she exclaimed impatiently. Alcohol made her brave. "Aren’t you
going to check it out? Hmmmm?"
Whopper poked his nose forward and grazed her sensitive clitoris with its cool moist

tip. "Eeeeee," she moaned, and raised her pussy a little off the chair, giving him better
access. His nose on her hungry flesh felt incredibly good… far better than she had
Through her dazed mind rushed confusing thoughts and queries. What was she doing,
trying to get a dog to play with her pussy? Was being alone driving her crazy? Had
Kenny turned her into some kind of sex fiend with an insatiable appetite for sexual
She was drunk enough that none of the possibilities affected her very seriously. All she
knew was that this little game with Whopper was a lot more fun than sitting all by
herself watching television. The set roared on unheeded as the dog’s nose sniffed her
slit from clit to asshole then up again. Then, with one deft flick, he swept his tongue all
the way up over her moist, seeping furrow.
"G-a-w-d! Oooooohh!" Automatically her hips began to churn up off the chair, writhing
her pussy in search of the soft inciting passion probe. "Do it some more, Whopper! Do
it some more!"
Whopper seemed to understand perfectly what the woman wanted. He licked rapidly
up over her quaking genitals, again and again. Her asshole tingled with the soft
massaging pressure. Her cunt flared in welcome. Her blood-swollen little clitoris seemed
to vibrate like a leaf in a wind.
"Ooooohh! Ooooooohhh!"
The young girl lay her head back against the chair and closed her eyes. She wanted to
concentrate on the hot delicious feelings… let them flow through her, consume her. Her
thighs fell shamelessly apart, until she could open them no wider. She pulled her skirt

up to her waist, so her whole belly was naked, offered up to the dog like a sacrifice.
In the midst of his greedy probings, Whopper reached up and licked quickly over her
smooth taut belly and the neat little indentation right in the middle. To the perversely
aroused Lola, the gesture was like a lover’s kiss. She ran her fingers excitedly through
the fur on Whopper’s head, caressing him, coaxing him.
"Mmmmmmm… it’s so nice… sooooo nice!"
As a child, Lola had had many dogs, but she had never let any of them play with her
privates. The idea had, however, occurred to her a few times. What she had needed
then was the extra dose of courage that the alcohol had given her tonight. With the love
she had always had for animals, it was easy for her to trust a dog this close to her most
special areas. Though she would have called what she was doing a perversion, at the
moment it seemed a very worthwhile diversion indeed. It was helping her work out
some of the tension and anxiety she had been harboring the last few days.
The more the dog licked, the more excited Lola grew. She began to entertain bizarre
ideas of how to make her little episode more wanton, more exciting still. To the dog’s
obvious disappointment, she rose to her feet and pulled off her dress. Stark naked, she
lay down in the middle of the rug.
Whopper lost no time in moving in between her full trembling thighs. He licked her
snatch with even more relish than he had displayed before. Lola raised her ass up off
the floor, following his pleasure-dealing instrument, begging for more hot tonguing.
Her hands roved urgently over her breasts, her belly, her hips. They worked back up to
her nipples and squeezed them hard, hard enough that she winced with pain.
But the pain was pleasure.

It was with Kenny that Lola had gotten the first hint of her own masochistic leanings.
She had enjoyed it when he made her suck his cock. She was enjoying right now the
depraved excitement of lying helpless and naked under a dog’s tongue… pinching
herself… goading herself to a fever pitch of raw lust.
If she had been sober enough to care, Lola would have worried about her loud yells
disturbing the neighbors. Though she didn’t know it, the walls in all the units had been
soundproofed, so the guests could make all the noise they wanted. No one would know.
No one would care. Lola and the dog could howl and shriek in perfect privacy.
The dog wasn’t howling, but he did whimper from time to time. He was becoming
more and more agitated by the naked girl’s arousal, her flowing cuntal juices. He licked
at them hungrily, savoring them with the same enthusiasm he might show for filet
Lola was so engrossed in her orgiastic writhings that she hadn’t opened her eyes for
several minutes. When at last she did, she got a shock. Whopper was standing at an
angle that allowed her to see his swollen dog-cock, hanging long and hard from its
sheath. The big red thing titillated her and frightened her at the same time.
Licking her pussy was turning Whopper on. He had a hard-on for her, just like a
human male. Did that mean he would fuck her if she let him? The horrifying yet
intriguing question reverberated in Lola’s brain. Her pussy seemed to flare hotter and
wetter. It demanded more and more attention… more and more pressure… until at last
one particularly hard forceful sweep of Whopper’s big tongue drove the brunette into
the whirling ecstasy of orgasm.

"Ooooooohhh… ooooooohhh… I’m cummmmmingg-g!"
Lola had never shrieked out her climax so wantonly before. But then, she had never let
a dog lick her to a cum before either. She felt totally wanton, totally depraved as she
squirmed on the rug. She had to push the dog away. Her clitoris was so intensely
stimulated right now that it couldn’t take any more. But her cunt was still hungry…
Through lusty eyes, she surveyed the long red shaft of Whopper’s cock. The dog was
watching her anxiously… waiting… for something…
"Whopper! Here, boy! Come on, fella!"
Sadie was calling her dog! The fast beating of Lola’s heart was no longer the result of
passion. It was fear, pure fear that seized her as she crept naked to the door, Whopper
at her heels, and peeked out. No one in sight. She let the dog make his exit and locked
up behind him.
How would she ever have explained having Whopper in here at this hour, in her
condition? She lay back down on the bed. The moistness between her thighs pleased
her. She no longer felt so lonely and depressed. It was easy for the young girl to find
peace in slumber.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 6

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 6
Elaine had worked at the Travelers’ Rest for almost three years. She had arrived at the
motel after six months of tramping around Los Angeles looking for a commercial, a bit
part, anything to start her going as an actress. She was pretty, they all said, but… they’d
call her.
Nobody ever called. But a friendly agent – strictly small-time stuff – that she was
fucking told her about the Travelers’ Rest. It was a good place for whoring, he’d told
her, because it never got any hassles from the police.
Three years ago, Elaine had considered her job at the motel as temporary. Now it was a
way of life. She no longer had any aspirations to becoming an actress. She made
enough money to live in relative ease… and she liked her work. No longer could she
imagine herself getting by without fucking at least three or four times a day. That was
what she told her friends anyway. Somewhere inside she was still a star-struck girl from
Kentucky, but on the outside, the stars had all vanished from her eyes.
Tonight’s trick was one of Elaine’s regulars – a guy called Mark. He was a good solid
family man with a good solid job. One night a week at the Travelers’ Rest helped keep
Mark in line. Elaine was his favorite among the girls.
When Mark arrived at the room, Elaine had already made a noticeable dent in a bottle
of Scotch.
"Pour me some of that, baby! I need to relax!" His loud voice and boisterous manner
energized Elaine. She giggled hilariously when he picked her up and whirled her
around the room. She landed with a squawk back on the big bed.
She freshened up her own drink and poured one for Mark. "Ice?" she asked, her

eyebrows arching sexily as she looked back over her shoulder at him.
"Yessir! You know me, baby… I like my drinks cold and my pussy hot!"
Elaine was good company. She always laughed at Mark’s jokes. Her enthusiasm egged
him on. He liked to keep a captive audience. They drank and joked for a half-hour
before Mark was ready to get down to business.
Elaine was a natural blonde. She wore her hair short, in little curls all over her head.
Tonight she was wearing a black negligee that showed every swell and curve of her lush
body through a thin material. When Mark stopped himself in midsentence and began
to stare at her boobs, she knew the time had come for action. She felt a hot surge in her
pussy. She was ready.
"What you looking at, big boy?" she demanded pertly. "You looking at my tits?"
He set his drink carefully on the bedside table. His next action was so quick and
unexpected that it took Elaine completely by surprise. He turned abruptly toward her
and pushed her down flat onto the bed. Automatically her arms and legs splayed out.
His powerful arms gripped her thighs and pushed them wide apart. Her negligee fell
open, giving him a tantalizing view of short curly pubic hair and a pink fleshy slit of
cunt. She groaned submissively, obviously enjoying the helplessness of her position. "I
want to eat your cunt," he hissed through clenched teeth.
The young blonde could have thought of nothing she’d like better. She could feel her
twat throbbing in anticipation of his greedy mouth on her most sensitive parts.
"Oh yeah! Do that, baby! My pussy really needs some of your good tongue-loving!"
"Ooooohhhh… it’s a sweet-looking snatch, baby!"

Impulsively, he bent forward and stabbed his tongue against the moist bud of her
clitoris. All the muscles in her legs and belly immediately tightened and strained
upward. It was an effort to hold her down.
"Aaaaiiieee! Oh God, baby, that’s good! Suck my clit, lover!"
To her delight, he puckered his lips around the slippery little member and sucked it
hungrily. As though it were a miniature penis, he worked his mouth up and down its
blood-swollen length. From time to time, he would close his mouth over the entire area
and blow a hot blast of air onto her cunt. Her wanton squeals and wails showed him he
was on the right track. She was really going for what he was doing.
To tease her, he pulled back for a moment. The ecstatic contortions of her facial
muscles seemed to freeze. She looked down toward him in horror.
"Good God! Don’t stop, Mark! I was just beginning to get really high! Please… suck my
clit, baby! Do it to me!"
Satisfied that he had made her suffer long enough, Mark molded his face once again flat
against the slick, hair-fringed surface of her cunt. He fluttered his tongue like a darting
snake and began to work his way up one pink fluted cunt-lip and down the other.
Then, when she was groaning contentedly in hypnotic pleasure, he delivered the coup
de grace. He stabbed his tongue deep into her hot clutching hole, squirmed it around
He thought the woman would go out of her mind with passion. Her strong young body
squirmed deliriously under him. Her hands reached down and entwined in his hair. She
forced his face closer into her wide-open pussy.

Egged on by the woman’s lusty abandon, Mark stabbed his tongue deep into her hair-
fringed snatch again and again and yet again. He could feel his cock throbbing
painfully in his pants. The sensation inspired him to greater effort. He sucked hard on
her clitoris and shook his head crazily from side to side. He thought the woman would
go right out of her head with ecstasy.
"Oh God! It’s sooo fucking good!"
For several minutes more, he nibbled hungrily on her cunt, until at last the aching in
his prick could wait no longer for a sample of that warm wet enclosure. He freed his
cock from his fly and crawled up over her. He guided the pulsing head to her waiting
hole and stuffed her deep.
She jerked her loins frenziedly up against his, encouraging him to establish a frantic
fucking pace into her clinging hole. They ground against each other. She wriggled her
cunt up over his filling prick. He slammed it down into her with equal ferocity. Cries of
passion filled the air, which was becoming hot and aromatic with the fury of their
Mark spent the whole week looking forward to his visits to the Travelers’ Rest. His wife
was almost indifferent to sex and, though she never would have condoned his visits to a
whore, she was grateful for every night she was able to get to sleep without his
bothering her. Mark, on the other hand, had an explosive sexual energy. With Elaine he
could work it all out in one fast, furious fucking session that left him spent and sated,
for a while at least. The tumultuous orgasms he enjoyed with Elaine were like nothing
he had ever known with his wife.

He could feel the energy flowing through him now like intense shock waves of molten
pleasure. Her cunt was so hot, so greedy, so good. He wanted to fill her full of his
sperm. He strove to make her cum with him.
"Jeez, baby, it’s good! It’s good pussy, Elaine! Your cunt’s so damned tight… Come on,
sugar, let it go! Cum for Daddy!"
His words acted like an electric prod on the quivering girl. She closed her eyes tight,
her face tense with the effort of climbing up there with him. She was feeling so good…
so goddamned good…
"Uuuuuuhhh… Chrrist, lover… I’m cummingg-g!"
"That’s what I wanted to hear, baby! Shit… here I commmme!"
Right at that moment it seemed to Mark that he had never cum so hard before in his
life. His balls were exploding. His cock was shooting her full of cum in hot urgent
spurts. When at last he had no more to give, he dropped heavily on top of her and let
his body go limp.
When the main purpose of Mark’s visit had been accomplished, they lay on the bed
together, drinking Scotch, until at last the big man pulled himself to his feet.
"I’ve got to hit the trail, baby. My wife made me promise I’d be home early tonight."
She reached over and clutched his balls through his pants. "Do you really have to,
lover? I could go for some more of that prick of yours." Elaine was feeling pretty drunk
by now. She enjoyed the feeling. This way, she didn’t have to think, just let it all

He pulled roughly on her matted hairy snatch. She shrieked, and pulled her hand from
his groin. "Yeah, I have to, you greedy little pussy you! But don’t worry… I’ll be back
for more of the same."
"You just better."
She caught the two twenties he threw her way and followed him a little shakily to the
door. Outside, an attractive brunette was following the sidewalk away from the main
office. Elaine felt an immediate rush of jealousy as Mark eyed the girl with obvious
"Hey, how do I get to know that?" he asked. "She one of your regulars?"
"Naw… she’s just some kid from the sticks, passing through."
"Too bad. If she decides to stay on here, let me know. I’d like to meet her." He patted
her ass and left.
Not on your life, buster, Elaine thought as she watched him disappear out of the dimly
lit courtyard. She had disliked that Lola bitch the first minute she laid eyes on her. Now
she realized why. She was dangerous competition. Too fresh-looking. Too young. She
hoped Lola would be moving on… soon.

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LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 5

LOLA’S NEW PET – Chapter 5
Just to be on the safe side, Lola chose a seat next to a dumpy-looking woman of middle
age. She felt safe here. No one would bother her… specifically, no men would bother
her. She didn’t have a window seat this way, but she no longer cared. All she wanted to
do was get to her destination. She was tired. Despite the long deep sleep she had had
the night before, she had never been so tired in her life.
She tried to doze on the moving bus, but it was no use. Eventually she got into a
conversation with her neighbor. The woman suggested she choose a motel in one of the
residential communities that surrounded Los Angeles. Cheaper and less smoggy, she
told Lola.
As they approached the big city, the bus passed a cozy-looking motel with little
adjoining cottages. It appealed to Lola. It looked like a nice quiet hideaway. She found
public transportation back to the Travelers’ Rest Motel.
There was a couple sitting behind the desk in the office, a man and a woman a few
years older than Lola. The brunette was stunned by the attractiveness of the redheaded
woman. Her hair was full and kinky, like a model’s. Lola thought she was the most
beautiful woman she had ever seen in person.
"Do you have any rooms?" Lola asked shyly. There was something formidable about
these West Coast people. They had so much self-assurance, Lola was afraid they would
recognize her as a farm girl and snub her.
The woman’s smile was kind, her voice soft, though deep, almost like a man’s. "Gee,
honey, I’m afraid we don’t. Didn’t you see the ‘no vacancy’ out front?"
Lola was stunned at her own stupidity. And at an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

For some reason it had never occurred to her that the motel might be full. Now she had
to face the awful prospect of going out, in a strange neighborhood, and looking for a
place to stay. Already she was tired from carrying her suitcase. To her embarrassment,
her eyes began to fill with tears.
For the first time since Lola entered the office, the man spoke. "Just a minute, Sadie.
This little lady looks really desperate, and we do have the ‘blue room’. It’s not booked
for tonight."
Sadie looked skeptically over at her husband, then back at the girl. The poor thing did
look desperate. Sadie was just a little worried about what Jake might have in mind. The
‘blue room’ was a special room with two-way mirrors. It was used normally only for
customers who were into voyeurism. They would watch from the adjoining ‘red room’
while a couple of Jake and Sadie’s hired girls made love. As often as not, such a
customer would hire another girl to get him off while they watched. The Travelers’ Rest
was known far and wide for its special services. A total of eight girls worked the motel,
either as regular call girls or as performers in the blue room.
The girl looked so hopeful that Sadie didn’t have the heart to contradict Jake. The
redhead decided right then and there, though, that she would keep close tabs on Jake’s
plans while the girl was their guest.
"Yes, all right. You can have the blue room, honey. How long were you planning to
"I’m not sure. I just arrived. I’m looking for a job… or I will be, as soon as I have a roof
over my head."
"Where you from, honey?"

Sadie sighed. She had seen many such young women come to the big city to "make it
big". She had seen most of them grow hard and jaded when the city consistently
refused to live up to their expectations. A few did make it, of course. It was those
success stories that kept the rest on the leash.
"You an actress, honey?"
"Oh no. I was a waitress back home. I’d like to get a job in a nice class place, with big
"I’m glad to hear that, sweetie. Too many girls get their hearts broken trying to be
actresses. In my opinion, a girl should stick to a nice reasonable ambition, like yours.
You should be able to get a job easy enough. You’re very pretty. Of course, so are most
of the young ones in this town."
Such a compliment from a woman Lola considered so beautiful herself left the girl
speechless. She stared dumbly at the older woman, oblivious to the appraising stare of
the man. She shrieked and jumped when something hard and cold struck her leg.
She looked down. The something had been a dog’s nose. Embarrassed, Lola giggled an
apology. "I’ve been traveling for days. I’m a little edgy."
The man grinned. "Whopper’s the friendliest dog I’ve ever known. You don’t have to
be afraid of him. He’s kind of a mascot around here."
"Our guests usually fall in love with him," his wife added.
Lola bent over and caressed the animal’s head and neck. "Hi, fella. Hey, you’re a pretty

one, aren’t you?" She looked up at the amused older couple. "I’m crazy about dogs. I’m
going to get one of my own when I get an apartment and a job and everything."
"Every girl should have a dog," Jake told her.
He offered to show Lola to her room after introductions were exchanged. Sadie
accompanied them. Lola was flattered by the attention. But she felt relieved when she
finally found herself alone. This was the first peace she’d had since she found out about
Kenny’s betrayal.
Knowing that the bitter truth would seem that much worse when she was alone, Lola
had bought herself a bottle of vodka and some orange juice on the way to the motel.
For the first time in her life, she intended to get drunk. She had some serious forgetting
to do, and she chose to do it in the time-honored tradition of thwarted lovers. She
found a plastic glass in the bathroom and filled it to brimming with half and half of the
juice and vodka.
She downed the drink greedily and poured a second. She took off her clothes and
wrapped her lush body in a soft flannel robe. Propping herself up against the pillows on
the bed, she surveyed her new home.
The room was large and rather ornately decorated, with floor-to-ceiling mirror covering
the wall facing the bed. The curtains and wall paper and furniture all reminded Lola of
pictures she had seen of times back before the turn of the century. She could scarcely
believe such a grand room was only twelve dollars a night, but she had asked the kind
redheaded lady twice about the price just to make sure she had not made a mistake the
first time. Finding this bargain was some small consolation for Kenny’s mean treatment,
and for the more than a hundred and fifty dollars he had cost her.

A remote control switch next to the bed operated the television. Lola switched channels
idly, until she found an old movie. The old movies were her favorites. Though they
depicted times long before she was born, Lola loved the romance, the idealism they
portrayed. This one was about a young man and woman who fell in love and planned
to run away together.
The scenes that showed them kissing brought tears to Lola’s eyes. She ran to the
bathroom and poured herself another drink. Now she was able to lose herself in the
film. Instinctively, her body began to remember the good parts of meeting Kenny. She
remembered how it had been when he lay on top of her, his swollen cock pressing
insistently against her belly, eager to enter her. She sighed, and opened the front of her
flannel robe. A hand found its way down to her cunt and rubbed it to stop the strange
throbbing there. But the throbbing didn’t stop. It grew more intense as her hand grew
more adventurous.
For the first time all day, Lola smiled. She was feeling so good. The vodka had been
such a good idea. Her pussy felt so nice…
"I know exactly where you’re going, and I’m coming with you!" Sadie patted her big
husband playfully on the ass as she followed him out the door of their apartment.
"So you want to have a look – see at what’s happening too, do you? You horny little
bitch you!" He put an arm around Sadie and squeezed her nipple. "Let’s do it, baby!"
The red room was furnished with plush chairs and sofas rather than a bed. This was the
viewing room. Jake sat down in one of the chairs and pulled his wife onto his lap.
"Jee-zuz, will you look at that!" he exclaimed. "What a body!"

His eyes riveted on Lola’s large firm tits that heaved as she became more and more
absorbed in her self-exploration. The entire front of her naked body was exposed. The
brunette’s hand was probing deeper and deeper into the nest beneath her kinky dark
pubic triangle.
"Mmmmmmm… good…" The room was also wired for sound, and Lola’s throaty
murmurs carried loud and clear into the adjacent room.
"She sure is carrying on in there," Jake observed excitedly. "She looks really excited. I
wonder what she’s on. Nobody gets that hot without a little something to loosen the
The brunette had raised her entire torso off the bed. She had embedded a finger deep
into her twat, and it gleamed wetly as it moved in and out, in and out of the inviting
pink hole.
Sadie too was spellbound by the exhibition the young traveler was putting on in the
next room. She watched with bated breath as the pretty stranger’s face contorted in her
mounting sexual agony. The redhead liked to make it with women when she got the
chance. The thought of sucking on those dainty little pussy-lips on the other side of the
mirror made her cunt flare with moisture.
For a moment, Jake turned his attention to his wife. "Turn you on, baby? You like the
look of that succulent young cunt?"
Sadie was too absorbed in the show to bother to respond to her husband’s teasing. Her
only reply was a salacious churning of her buttocks, down into Jake’s crotch. She could
feel a bulge there. His prick was hard! Great! Because she sure wanted to fuck. She
raised her ass from his lap and began to jerk on the zipper of his pants.

"Hey! Hey! Hold on a minute there! You could do a guy damage attacking him like
that! There now… a good stiff prick! What did you want to do with it, baby?"
"Uuuuuuuhhh…" In the blue room, Lola was flailing her dark hair from side to side on
the pillow as her finger fucked her pussy more and more rapidly. Her thighs were
spread lewdly wide, giving easy access to her groping hand. Her other hand tugged at
first one hard pink nipple, then the other. The girl was obviously in a fantasy world, in
ecstasy. "Oooohh, Kenny…"
Hypnotized by the lusty scene taking place on the other side of the mirror, Sadie raised
her skirt up over her hips and squirmed her bare cunt down onto Jake’s cock. He held
his prick upright for her, found the slick, yielding opening. She sat down. He surged
deep inside her.
"Aaaaahhh… Jee-zuz, that feels terrific, honey! Ooohh, good!" She showed her teeth as
she began to move her ass up and down over her husband’s rock-hard cock. It excited
her to indulge in this kind of depraved scene. Turning on to watching someone else
masturbate. Screwing her old man in a chair, her skirt pulled up to reveal just her
crotch and belly.
"Good cock, Jake! Your cock’s the best, honey!"
Jake was riding right up there with his wife. Her tight, clasping cunt sucked greedily on
his cock as she maneuvered her ass with incredible dexterity around and down and up.
"Shit, move it, baby! Christ, look at that little pussy next door! Ain’t she something!"
Lola was obviously not far from a climax. Her eyes were wide open, hungry for a
release that lurked just beyond her grasp. For the first time in her life, she had stuck
two fingers deep into her craving cunt. One finger had always done the job before, but

this time she definitely needed two. Her day with Kenny had taught her a few things
about herself, and her capacity for pleasure.
She had never realized how greedy her own cunt could be. How much it could take.
And still want more.
"Oh, I feel good! I feel good!" she moaned wantonly to an empty room. In her drunken
arousal, memories of Kenny had resumed a romantic aura of excitement. She didn’t let
herself think about the bad part. Just the good part, when her cunt, her mouth had
been full of stiff cock. Her body was alive right at this very moment as it had never
been alive before.
"Shit, screw yourself, baby!" Jake encouraged her excitedly.
Sadie took his words to refer to her, and she squirmed her cunt down more tightly onto
his swollen cock.
As the girl on the bed came closer and closer to her climax, the sweating tension in the
observation room increased apace. Jake grabbed hold of his wife’s hips and guided her
energetic movements over his cock. She braced herself against the arms of the chair and
fucked him ruthlessly.
"Oh God, look! She’s cumming! Aaahhhh!" Sadie came too. She rammed her ass down
hard against her husband’s loins and doubled over in the final wrenching spasms of
Jake wasn’t quite ready to let go. He grabbed hold of his wife’s shoulders and forced her
to move up and down just a few more times. That was all he needed. "Christ! Yeah! I’m

Alone in her room, lulled by the torrential flow of her climax, Lola let herself drift into
sleep. She was no longer bothered by the troubles of the day. She felt safe, secure,
content. Rather than frightened, Lola was pleased to be alone – really alone – for the
first time in her life.
Tomorrow, she would start a new life in a new land. Kenny didn’t matter anymore. She
didn’t need him. She had herself, her own body. And she felt good.

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