"Remember, one scream and I’ll stick this goddamned shiv in your gut," the tall, husky
Chicano named George snarled at the helpless Judy as he pushed the two women into
the old VW bus. Both women had their hands tied tightly behind them before being
pushed out of the shop and into the deserted street. George climbed in with them,
pushing them roughly to the floor as he still brandished the knife in front of them. One
other member of the gang climbed in with them, a skinny Mexican/American with
pimples dotting his face. The other two climbed into the front and slammed the doors
shut quickly behind them. Judy edged closer to Evelyn as she felt the car rumble
forward down the boulevard toward the freeway.
No one spoke a word as the old van climbed the freeway on ramp and sped east into
downtown Los Angeles. Judy was afraid to even make a move as the bus rattled and
swayed its way into East Los Angeles. They’d been moving silently for about an hour
when the blonde felt the van turn several times, finally stopping. When the engine was
turned off the woman’s heart began to beat wildly. Whatever was going to happen to
them began now.
"Okay, out," George said, reaching over them and opening the rear doors. Judy turned
around and scooted out on her ass with some difficulty, dangling her legs over the rear
of the floor and sliding down to an uneven piece of ground. As Evelyn slid down
behind her, Judy looked around at the blank wooden walls around her. She guessed
they were in some warehouse area of town. Crude, obscene spray-paint signs were
scrawled on the sides of old abandoned apartment houses and warehouses. A single
streetlight illuminated the immediate area with a lurid yellowish glare.
"Inside," George said, sticking the tip of the knife against the blonde’s forearm. Judy
cried out with pain, jerking away as she stumbled forward and moved toward a

decaying warehouse building. George ran ahead of her, pulling open the corrugated
metal door and motioned with a jerk of his head for the two women to move inside.
"Where are we?" Judy asked as they stepped into the black pit.
"Headquarters of Los Ojos," George said proudly, letting the others in before he slid the
door closed with a low, rumbling sound. There was some fumbling behind, then the
lights flicked on. Two bare bulbs dangled from overhead beams. Judy winced and
turned her face away from the sudden sharp glare. "This is our territory. No Anglo’s
ever been in here. We’re spread out all over L.A. We gonna take over the city, babe,
make all you whities pay," George added, moving up next to Judy and reaching up to
her hair. He grabbed a handful of her silky strands, yanking them back suddenly. Judy
staggered back several steps, her head snapping down as she thought he was going to
snatch her bald. "Fuckin’ whore," George muttered, pulling down with a hard jerk and
bringing Judy to her knees.
"Ohhhh," Judy cried, grateful the pain stopped when she crashed to the floor.
"Whatever you want we’ll pay," Evelyn said as she watched her friend abused.
"Oh, you’re gonna pay all right," George said, his mouth twisting into a hard smile.
"But you’re gonna pay in ways you ain’t even thought of. We’re gonna rub shit in your
faces, and you’re gonna love it," he said, leering at the two women. Judy cringed under
that obscene stare. "The rest of the gang’ll be here to watch. Hey Jose, get Manuel,"
George suddenly called out, turning around and looking at the tall, pimple-faced
Mexican with a bushy moustache. The young thug smiled, then ran out a side door.
The others glared at the two women as the sounds of some kind of scuffle echoed dully
in the abandoned warehouse. Jose kicked the small door open, leading something into
the light. Judy’s eyes widened with horror as she saw a snarling German shepherd being

dragged into the warehouse. That was Manuel.
Before Judy could think, eager hands removed her blouse and skirt, leaving her
standing just in her bra and panties. She shivered from the cool evening air blowing
softly around in the warehouse. The men chuckled at her condition, making filthy jokes
about her cunt in Spanish as they led her to an iron support beam near one of the
walls. Forcing her down to her knees, George and Jose pulled her arms forward and
pressed them tightly against the beam while the others brought rough cord and tied her
wrists tightly to it. The blonde’s cheek pressed hard against the rusting, cold iron as she
felt terribly exposed to the men and the snarling animal. Judy waited in hopeless
despair for their next move. Her ass was in that obscene raised position, vulnerable to
any kind of attack. This new gang seemed more violent and careless than the other. She
and Evelyn might really lose their lives this time.
There was more scuffling behind her and barking as the men swore something in
Spanish. Then everything was quiet. She could hear someone walking up to her. It was
George. He stood to her right, bending down and sliding his hands over her rump. The
terror she felt at the moment suddenly transformed itself in her mind to something else.
As his hard, calloused palm caressed her rounded buttocks through the silk panties,
Judy felt something warm and wonderful glowing over her snatch. She was actually
responding to this humiliation. It was a replay of what happened in the shop the other
afternoon, only now her reaction was much more immediate and stronger. She felt his
thick fingers crawling over her flesh, sliding under the elastic waistband and digging
into her butt-flesh as they moved down into her asscrack. With a thick chuckle, George
pushed the briefs down over her thighs to her knees. Judy moaned as she realized her
snatch was completely exposed now.
The big Mexican said something in Spanish, and the other men answered him. Judy

could hear the dog growling lower now as they dragged him up to her. Only then did it
occur to her what they were planning to do. She clawed at the ropes cutting into her
wrists as she screamed for help. The blonde banged her head against the iron beam as
she heard the dog breathing behind her.
Then he was licking her, slathering the softness behind each knee, wetting her with that
soft, swathing tongue. Judy fell limply against the beam. It felt so good. She thrilled to
the touch of that animal. This was a new turn in her life, a sick twist as she gave herself
up to that animal. No, she couldn’t be that perverted. Once more the blonde stiffened,
crawling up against the beam and shaking her ass to get the big shepherd away. Her
knees scraped painfully against the uneven asphalt floor.
"Ohhhh," Judy moaned. Why was she feeling so weak all of a sudden? Why were her
shoulders shaking so violently while her tits felt so hot and sticky in her confining bra?
Judy fought with the rising desire in her mind. The animal’s nose pushed hotly against
her cuntal mound. That force against her swelling, slick labia made her buck forward
and cry out.
"Oh Judy," Evelyn moaned, not realizing her friend was turning onto the animal. The
big grey and white shepherd’s hair bristled with lust as he tilted his head to one side
and pricked his pointed ears forward. His big forepaws trembled with passion as his
knobby red prick ballooned and started sliding out of its furry dark grey sheath. Judy’s
downy ass globes mushroomed over the dog’s head like two full moons, trembling with
terror and excitement as he felt on slathering down the hot flesh with his thick pink
Suddenly she felt a quick, scalding pressure of that powerful tongue as it peeled her
cuntlips apart. Judy cried out again, sagging her belly toward the floor as she fell limply
once more against the beam. The big dog growled deep in his throat and braced his

paws on the floor as he pressed up and in. One wet lick rubbed over her stiffening clit
shaft. Judy stiffened and jerked forward again, feeling her cuntal muscles clamp shut on
air and suck inward as she bit down hard on her lower lip and drew blood. Now Judy
could feel the familiar sexual ache racking her pussy. Only it was a dog bringing her
along this way, not a man straddling her. The friction of one wet surface against the
other, the dog’s tongue against her pussy folds and clitty shaft, were driving her
mindless with lust. She hated to admit to herself what was happening. Yet the evidence
was too overwhelming for her to deny. She was becoming a bitch, a woman who was
no better than the whores who performed with dogs and donkeys for money!
Unconsciously Judy pushed her hips backward toward the whimpering dog. The blonde
sucked in a ragged breath as her heart pounded mightily in her chest. She tasted the
blood from her lip as the dog grunted with excitement and lunged at the glistening,
tender pussy surfaces as Judy pushed backward toward him. Judy could feel the short,
bristling fur surrounding his pointed snout rubbing against her outer labia as he pushed
his muzzle further into her slick gash. Judy threw back her head and let out a yelp of
horror and delight as she felt his crisscrossed teeth cut into her tender pussy.
Her thick cuntal oil bubbled out and slathered down the fur on Manuel’s muzzle as he
pressed inward with more determination than ever. The blonde extended one leg
outward, squatting down as if she were going to shit to give him more room to lick.
The animal’s black nostrils flared and glistened with bubbling pussy juice. His pink
tongue lolled sloppily over her cunt, parting the hot crack and bathing her clit over and
over with his spittle.
Judy was building steadily toward an orgasm. She bucked forward then jerked
backward, banging her head against the iron beam until she thought her skull would
shatter to pieces. Her body flamed with unspeakable, unnatural desire. There was a

steady, pulsing itch in her cunt. Her snatch lips were inflamed red and hot, burning like
a glowing coal. While the big animal continued to slather his tongue around her ass,
Judy rocked her hips slowly, the subtle friction of her inner cuntal surfaces rubbing
against her clit-tip. Strings of drool started oozing out from the corner of her mouth as
Judy closed her eyes and hummed out an obscene tune of delight. She was rocking up
to climax, undulating her thighs in rhythm to the licking animal.
"Huhhhhrrrr, huhhhhhrrr," she growled in a throaty cry as Manuel’s slick tongue
burrowed into her fuck slit.
"Oh my God," Evelyn cried out, turning her face away as she watched her friend twist,
hunch and writhe under the big animal’s slopping tongue. Judy’s face was a contorted
mask of unmentionable lust and desire. Drool oozed freely from her mouth and
dropped in long strings down toward the floor as short, husky gasping sounds came
from her throat. She felt her skin burning with lust as Manuel the German shepherd
lapped more furiously with each passing second.
Judy gasped and babbled to the animal as he lapped her up to orgasm. Her clit burned
from the steady wet friction and the spaces between her fanned toes tickled strangely.
The blonde pulled and jerked at the ropes binding her wrists tightly to the iron beam as
she cried and twisted about uncontrollably. Every tiny hollow of her cunt was peeled
back now and swollen with lust as the hungry, growling dog attacked the exposed pussy
tissues mercilessly. She moved her ass up, down, around and around as her clitshaft
sputtered, then flared with orgasm. She twisted from side to side so Manuel’s teeth
brushed first one cuntlip, then the other. Judy felt her twat clamp shut, blink open,
then snap shut again. Her breathing caught for a second, then turned into a gasp as the
first mind-scorching blast of cum rippled through her drooling pussy.
"Uh, uh, uhhhh," the blonde cried, pulling and twisting at the ropes as they bit into her

wrists. She wanted to wrap her legs around that licking animal as one after another
climactic wave swept over her aching cunt. The blonde cried out louder and louder as
her twat walls spasmed madly. She could feel the muscles trying to grab the dog’s
nudging black nose. The shepherd gave a little yip, then nuzzled harder between her
buttery cuntlips. If a man’s cock were in her now, she’d be milking it now. The thought
burned into her brain, hurrying her on to a harder, more intense cum. She pitched on
the floor, dragging her knees across the asphalt and skinning off the flesh. Judy didn’t
care. Everything stopped existing for her – Evelyn, the Venice Thirteen, this rival
Chicano gang, the entire world except for her and the dog. The wet sounds of Manuel’s
thick tongue sopping up her running cuntal oil echoed in her ears as she jerked and
bucked with each powerful contraction.
When Judy opened her eyes again George had pulled the dog away and forced him to
sit in the far corner. Judy dropped to the floor, twisting her head around to take a better
look at the animal who’d brought off her pussy so powerfully. He sat, his pointed ears
still pricked forward with his muzzle sopping wet with her cunt juice and his spittle.
Between his hindquarters jabbed out his red, knobby, pointed prong. Judy felt a ripple
of desire and fear as she stared at that animal’s dick.
"Bring the other one over here," George said, nodding at Evelyn.
"Oh please, no," the brunette wailed, twisting her body around as two Chicanos
dragged her half-fainting with terror across the uneven warehouse floor and pushed her
down next to the limp Judy. "How could you have done such a thing?" the brunette
whispered to her friend as she crouched on her hands and knees.
"I couldn’t help it," Judy gronaed, still sagging from her tied wrists. She could sense
Evelyn’s sense of outrage and it burned into her pride. Yet what could she have done,
scream to God? How could he have helped her?

"Looks like the girl here’s a little uppity," George said to the others having overhead
Evelyn’s comment to Judy. "Jose, Juan, Pablo, let’s take her down a couple of pegs,
The others leered at the cowering Evelyn, then nodded in approval. In an instant
George and the skinny, pimple-faced Jose were on top of the screaming brunette,
tearing at her blouse and dress, ripping the white cotton material and pulling down at
the dark blue straight skirt until they’d torn her clothing off. Evelyn covered her tits
with one hand and her crotch with the other. Her eyes were wide with fear as George
moved around behind the brunette, then bent down quickly and stuck his fingers under
the woman’s bra strap. Evelyn had been watching Jose like a cat and hadn’t noticed the
big, handsome Chicano move behind her. She jerked away from George, ripping the
snap off her halter with that move. She cried out in surprise, holding the front cups of
her bra to her titties while the ripped strap dangled down at either side.
It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened. Judy watched weakly and helplessly as
the brunette was defeated by the four men. Eight hands ran over her cringing body,
pulling her hands away from her titties. The torn halter fell easily to the floor, exposing
two small titties that jiggled as the men pawed Evelyn’s slim body. George reached
forward again, this time having moved once more to the front of the wailing woman.
He curled his thick fingers around her panties and tore them apart, exposing her dark-
haired cuntal mound.
"Oh!" Evelyn cried in shame. Her face blushed a deep red as she turned from these
men and stared pleadingly at Judy.
George unzipped his pants. He moved quickly, opening his pants and pulling out his
short but fat dick. A few strokes and a little pressure of his fingers brought out the first
drop of jizz to his piss-slit. Evelyn stared at the stubby fat pole, then dug her heels into

the floor and started scooting backward on her bare ass. Jose and Juan caught her
before she moved too far, laughing as George almost ran forward. He was on top of the
shrieking brunette in an instant, planting sloppy wet kisses on her throat and tits. His
hands pawed and clawed her flesh, violating her most private places while his cock
poked insistently at her cunt.
"Shut up!" George finally shouted, leaning back while he raised his right hand, then
brought it down hard against the side of Evelyn’s face. The brunette’s head snapped to
one side from the blow. Then she was quiet, biting her lower lip as George fell back
onto her limp body and started inserting his cock into her pussy.


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