Evelyn felt better the following day, and her spirits improved during the week. The
three day limit the gang had given her had passed, and they hadn’t returned to the
shop. Of course she had notified the police and they had put a surveillance unit near
the building. Although the perky brunette wasn’t sure if the ordeal was over, at least
she felt it was getting under some kind of control.
If Evelyn felt good, Judy felt incredibly happy and relaxed. Besides feeling useful on a
job, she felt complete as a woman. She and Mac had bedded together every night since
that first encounter, each fucking session more intense than the other. Every day Judy
felt as if she were flying on a higher and higher cloud. Evelyn guessed at what was
happening and made occasional light jokes about the matter, grinning as both Mac and
Judy blushed furiously under her steady gaze.
At the end of the week Mac had left just after four-thirty to pick up more boxes of
stationery for the shop. It was a cloudy day, the thick overcast blocking out most of the
sun. Evening came early that Friday, blotting out the outlines of the buildings an hour
earlier than usual. Judy put down her pencil and closed the accounting book, her mind
drifting to Mac and his masculine body. She wondered what they’d do tonight. Every
evening seemed to open some new realm of sexual experience for either her or him. She
giggled a little self-consciously as she thought of how he’d tried to fuck her in the ass
the other night. Mac was so excited he came all over her buttocks before he had a
chance to slip his fat dick into her greased, hot ass. They had to wait thirty minutes
before he could get hard again. And then they decided to postpone the butt fucking and
end up with a good old-fashioned cuntal reaming.
"Judy," Evelyn called from the front of the shop. The blonde shook her head, putting
those lewd thoughts temporarily out of her mind as she pushed herself up and turned

around to walk out into the shop. As she entered the main area, Judy saw a middle-
aged female customer just walking out of the shop with a wrapped package under her
"More business, hmmm?" the blonde commented, leaning against the wall and folding
her arms across her chest.
"It’s been picking up, but that’s not why I called you here. Look out the window,"
Evelyn said, moving to the front display case and leaning against the plate glass. Judy
tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes in curiosity. "Come on," the girl
Judy walked quickly to the window, moving up to Evelyn’s side and peering into the
quickly thickening darkness. At first she couldn’t make out a thing. Then it occurred to
her that that was what Evelyn was referring to.
"The police – they’re gone," Evelyn said with a touch of nervousness in her voice.
"They probably went out for a snack or something," Judy said, feeling her own skin
crawl with fear.
"I’m going to call them," Evelyn said, pulling her head back and running to the wall
phone. Judy could see the girl was almost in a panic. "They’re the only things keeping
those hoods out of my shop."
"Mac’ll be back soon," the blonde said encouragingly.
"Not for a couple of hours. He’s got a few other places to go to. I’d never be able to
find him," Evelyn wailed as she fumbled with the dial. As the girl talked with someone
at the other end of the line, Judy walked slowly back to the display case in front of the

storefront window and looked out. The street was almost totally bathed in darkness
now. A thin, wispy fog swirled around the streetlamps, filtering their dim light. A thin,
shimmering coating of mist covered everything as a lone car or two roared down the
Boulevard. She heard Evelyn hang up the receiver loudly and turned around to see what
"They pulled them off," Evelyn said, biting her lower lip as she still held onto the
receiver. "They said there wasn’t enough evidence to show we were really in danger.
They needed the cops for other duties. What are we going to do?" Evelyn almost
"There’s no proof they’re going to come back. Come on, let’s lock up for today and
wait for Mac to come back," Judy said, feeling more frightened as the seconds ticked by.
Evelyn agreed with the blonde’s idea, and they locked the front door, pulling the shades
down and hanging up the closed sign on the window. Moving to the rear of the shop,
Judy and Evelyn talked merrily, each trying to cover her increasing nervousness as the
clock on the south wall ticked menacingly. After thirty minutes went by, Judy ran out
of conversation and sat quietly behind her desk and stared at nothing in particular. Out
of the corner of her eyes she caught Evelyn’s body stiffening.
"What is it?" she asked, feeling her heart suddenly contract.
"Someone’s at the rear door," Evelyn whispered.
"Is it locked?" Judy asked, drawing her hands across the table and pushing them
protectively against her tits.
"I always keep it locked," Evelyn said, rising slowly from her chair and leaning forward
toward the door in question. Judy thought she could hear something like scratching or

scraping against the bottom wooden section.
"Could be a cat," she suggested hopefully as the scratching became louder. Then the
sound of slowly splintering wood filled the air.
"Could a cat do that?" Evelyn asked, backing away from the tiny office area to the front
of the shop.
"Call the police," Judy said, rising quickly from her chair and joining her friend. They
had barely reached the partition dividing the office from the shop when the air was
filled with the sound of shattering glass. Judy’s eyes widened as she saw the window in
the top half of the door break apart. A hand shot in, reaching down and turning the
brass knob. The same three hoods Judy had seen earlier rushed into the shop and were
on top of the two cringing women before either had a chance to run for safety.
"Told you ya had three days, but ya decided to call the cops, eh?" the man called Joe
said, holding Evelyn tightly by the arms. He pinned her wrists to the small of her back.
The pain in her shoulders made her wrinkle up her face in agony. The other two stood
behind Judy, leaving her alone at the moment. Seeing Evelyn wince in pain the blonde
started to move forward to help her. The tall blond with close-cropped hair behind her
pulled a .38 from his trousers and moved quickly in front of her, striking Judy in the
belly with the butt of the pistol. She gasped in pain and doubled over as Evelyn
screamed in horror. She’d never experienced such a sharp pain. Judy’s mouth worked in
silent movement, sucking in air as tears of agony filled her eyes. It was impossible to
believe something like this was happening to her. She felt her knees buckle under her
as she grabbed her stomach and sank quickly to the floor.
"You broads are the only holdouts in the neighborhood. You’re givin’ us a bad name,
right Jack?" the tall dark-haired, thin hood holding Judy said to the one who had just

attacked Judy.
"You fight us, the others start gettin’ ideas," Jack agreed, shoving the .38 under the belt
of his trousers as he bent down and grabbed Judy roughly under the arms. Yanking the
grunting blonde up, he half carried, half dragged her toward the wall. Judy was still
gasping for breath as Jack slammed her against the wall.
"What are you going to do to us?" Evelyn asked. The question echoed in Judy’s ears as
she felt rough hands unbuttoning her white cotton blouse and pulling it off her
shoulders. Weakly she protested, but with no success. Jack laughed, then slid his fingers
under the thick strap of her bra and ripped it open. The other men laughed obscenely
as he finished stripping her in the shop, tearing her skirt zipper, hauling it down with
her pink nylon panties.
"I want you to watch what happens to blondie now. The same thing’s gonna work on
you if you don’t pay, and pay good," Joe said, wheeling Evelyn around until she was
facing the half-conscious Judy. The third man, Doug, joined his buddy. Judy was
snapping out of her trance now and felt a sudden rush of shame as she realized she was
standing stark naked in front of these leering men. The two in front of her were
holding her tightly against the wall by the shoulders, looking down at her hanging tits
and bushy pussy. A tremor of terror rippled through her body, making her skin crawl
with horror as she thought of what these men could do to her. Mutilate her? Judy
looked into their hard, blue eyes and realized they were capable of anything. Her lips
moved in silent prayer as she felt Jack slide his hands to her tits. He grasped her boobs,
making Judy tremble as she felt her firm round mounds hefted upward. He laughed as
he squeezed her jugs, making the brown nipples stand out like two knives at the end of
her breasts. Mac had done this before, but with a gentleness and sexual urgency that
made the pain delicious. Now all Judy could feel was agony and raw terror gnawing at

her heart and brain.
Dropping his head, Jack clamped his lips onto her nipple and started sucking.
Suddenly, Judy screamed and arched her back, bouncing off the wall as she tried to
wiggle away from the men. He had bitten into her nipple. She felt his teeth digging into
the soft flesh just above her right nipple. A sharp lancing pain filled her mind as she
struggled helplessly under the man’s tight grip.
"That’s it babe, scream all you want. Nobody’s gonna hear you," Jack said, pulling his
head off her boob and looking down. Three sharp tooth marks showed red around her
sore nipple. "Just a sample, babe," Jack said, turning around and looking at Joe. The
dark-haired hood nodded, and Jack pulled away from the limp Judy. The two women
looked as he moved to the display tables and studied the merchandise stacked neatly on
the tops. With a quick forward movement, Jack overturned the two forward tables,
spilling the goods onto the floor. Booklets and cases scattered across the room with a
loud clattering sound. The big man kicked a few of the articles lightly as both Judy and
Evelyn watched him closely.
"Get her down on the floor," Jack said, reaching down and starting to unfasten his
"Oh God, haven’t you done enough to us? Please, don’t do it," the blonde begged. Jack
swaggered up to her, his big hands reaching around her bare thighs and grabbing the
soft flesh of her buttocks. Judy closed her eyes and fought down the desire to shriek as
the thick fingers dug harshly into her smooth buttflesh. Doug moved to one side,
twisting her right arm behind her and up until the blonde thought he was going to
snap the bone out of her shoulder socket. Obediently the woman sank to her knees, her
face reddening as she fought for breath. Judy’s head sank to her chest, her long silky
blonde hair dangling in front of her twisted face. Quickly Doug let go of the right arm,

raising his leg and snapping his boot hard against her shoulders. Judy’s head jerked
backward from the force of the kick as her body shot forward and toppled completely
onto the floor. The blonde banged her chin hard against the tiled floor when she fell.
The room seemed to spin wildly around as Judy felt her thunderous boobs flatten out
against the floor. The three men laughed as Evelyn cried out with fear and compassion.
Jack finished unbuttoning his Levi’s, pulling his zipper tab down to the bottom of his
fly and pulling the two halves of his tight Levi’s apart. Pushing his Levi’s down to his
knees, the big young hood freed his half-erect dick. It drooped downward, colored with
a dark red arrow-shaped tip. He looked at the two golden mounds curving gracefully in
the air as he stroked his hanging prong up to full hardness.
"You wanna beg for this, blondie?" Jack sneered. Judy pushed her hands upward to her
shoulders, trying to raise her body as she lifted her head off the floor and turned
painfully around. Shaking her head back and forth to clear her eyes, the blonde
suddenly realized what he was going to do to her. This violent dry butt-fucking would
kill her. He’d split her apart with that narrow spear.
Instinctively she squeezed her powerful ass muscles together, tightening up her
bunghole as he leered at her.
"Please don’t hurt me," Judy said in a soft, whimpering voice. She felt her pulse race
faster and faster. Terror gripped her like a cold claw closing onto her pounding heart.
Her eyes widened and bugged out as Jack kicked her legs further apart with his boots.
His thin lips twisted up into a leering sneer as he dropped slowly to his knees and
aimed the tip of his dick at her asscrack. He opened his mouth slightly and let out a
roar of laughter that echoed in the room. When he was settled between her legs, Jack
reached down and grabbed both mounds firmly. He spread them apart, fingering the
goosepimpled flesh as he stared hotly at the narrow crack. Tufts of blonde cunthairs

could be seen growing backward from Judy’s pussy. They poked their way into the air
from the narrow strip of soft skin separating her asshole from her pussy-slit. Jack
laughed softly as he contemplated these hairs, running his thick thumbs along the
narrow crack until they came in contact with this narrow band of flesh. He kept
pushing them downward until he could feel the bottom junction of her pussylips. Judy
groaned, hunching her thighs downward instinctively and sliding Jack’s thumbs into
her twat. The sudden shock of his entry made her cry out with despair and shame.
"Looks like she’s hot to trot already," Jack said nastily. The words bit into Judy’s pride
as she wriggled her hips from side to side, bucking them up and down, trying to get rid
of the insistent thumbs plowing her fuck furrow. They toyed with her pussy mercilessly,
digging and scraping at the tender tissues rather than caressing them.
Jack pulled the full, downy ass-mounds apart with a final jerk and fell forward, pushing
down with his full weight as he slid his greasy dickmeat into the blonde’s asscrack. Judy
cried out when she felt that wet heat from the big man’s cock burn into her butt-
crevice. Clawing at the tiled floor, Judy tried to crawl away from the pressure and pain
raking her butt. Tears welled up in her eyes and spilled onto her flushed cheeks as she
dragged her beaten body slowly across the floor with Jack laughing and riding
The blonde could feel the contact of his flared cockhead against her shitter. It was
nudging the crinkled sphincter of her ass. Judy strained every muscle in her body as she
tried to shake Jack off her back. But it was impossible. He was too heavy and powerful
for her to resist. Letting out a choked sob of defeat the blonde rolled her head to the
side and went limp. He could do whatever he wanted to her. His big hands gripped her
waist, holding her steady.
"Goddamn it, hold still," he demanded in a threatening voice.

Judy stopped wriggling. He guided his cock into her ass as he hunched up, then drove
down his thighs with a powerful thrust. Judy’s eyes bugged out at the same time as she
felt a ripping, tearing sensation ache through her butt. She felt the elastic lips of her
sphincter open up reluctantly to admit the invading cock. Her mouth opened and let
out a cry of agonized pain as the cock rammed fully into her shitter. Every muscle in
her thighs, butt and legs cramped from the agonizing pressure as Jack forced in more
and more of his dick.
"Take it out. Oh God, don’t do this to me," Judy begged in sobbing whimpers as the
three men laughed at her. She caught sight of Evelyn’s face once, twisted with horror
and disbelief as she watched the blonde brutally treated this way in front of her. Judy
screamed again as his cock shuttled in and out of her asshole with terrifying regularity.
Each time he jammed his prick deep into her hole he forced her hips to slide along the
floor. Judy could feel loose dirt on the tiles crunching into her pussy as Jack’s grunting
echoed sickeningly in her ears.
"Yes, Yeah!" Jack groaned as his cock ballooned in Judy’s churned-up bowels. The
blonde was sure he’d ripped her asshole, tearing apart her bowels with his ramming
cock. The woman moaned, falling limp and semi-conscious as the young hood
continued to plow her ass with his throbbing rod.


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