Evelyn lived only three blocks away from the store. Even so, Mac insisted he drive her
home in his ’71 Chevy pickup. During the short drive, the young brunette sat by the
window while Judy’s thighs pressed against Mac’s muscular hips. Her body was doing
strange, wonderful things. Her nipples stiffened again. The tingling sensation between
her legs was growing into an itchy ache as the truck swayed down the street to Evelyn’s
one-story beach house. Judy opened her mouth and breathed deeply as the hot cunt
juice trickled its way through her tight, excited cunt. Mac saw his sister to the door,
makinjfsure she was safely inside before he returned to the truck.
"Where do you live?" he asked, reaching down and turning the key in the ignition. At
the same time he brushed his fingers against Judy’s left knee. The light touch made her
suck in a ragged, deep breath.
"On the Walk," the blonde managed to get out as the engine roared. The subtle
vibrations of the rolling truck tickled her sensitive, warm wet cuntal walls. Her
pussylips swelled and puffed together, rubbing back and forth like two hungry jaws as
more white cream squeezed out from between her labia and soaked down her panties.
Judy felt as if her skin were on fire as she reached up with her right hand and wiped
her forehead dry. Mac sat silently in the growing darkness as they headed down Venice
Boulevard to the large parking lot bordering the ocean. "Right there," she said, pointing
at a Meditteranean style apartment house.
Mac grunted, then turned into the lot and drove until his lights shone two bright spots
on the front wall of her apartment building.
"Thank you for the ride," Judy said, feeling her throat dry up and constrict as she
reached over and opened her door.

"Oh, no you don’t," Mac said, shutting off the engine and stepping quickly out of the
truck. "I’m not going to let those thugs get hold of you."
The thought of those three men standing in the shop hitting Evelyn killed her sexual
excitement temporarily. Only now did the blonde begin to realize she might be in as
much trouble as her boss. After all, she might be in the shop when and if it were fire-
"I guess it’ll be all right," she said coyly, shutting the door behind her and walking up
to the small wrought iron gate that lead to a courtyard in the center of the apartment
"Right to the front door," Mac said as he opened the gate for Judy. While she fished in
her purse for her keys the blonde felt herself being swept along by a powerful current of
lust and excitement. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling these hot sexual flashes so
powerfully. But there was something overwhelming about Mac. Although he said
nothing as they walked through the courtyard and up the dark stairway to her
apartment, Judy could sense the big man was as aroused as she was. Her fingers were so
stiff and icy she could hardly grip the right key and shove it into the lock.
"Would you like some coffee?" Judy managed to say as she pushed her door open and
stepped into the living room.
"At today’s prices, that’s a generous offer," Mac joked, grinning sheepishly. Judy could
hear his footsteps slide softly on the thick carpet piling as she tossed her purse onto the
couch. There was hardly any light filtering into the living room.
"Could you turn around and flip on the lights?" Judy asked, turning around herself and
finding Mac standing almost on top of her. Even in the dim light she could see his eyes

glittering and dancing. He didn’t have to say anything. She could read the message in
the twitches contorting his handsome face and the steady stare making her blood boil.
The two of them stood silently in the darkening room for what seemed like an eternity
until Mac reached out and touched her cheek. The young blonde leaned forward,
feeling her head spin with overflowing lust. The air scorched her bursting lungs as
Mac’s big hand rubbed her flesh, then started sliding down her body. She moved
another step forward as she felt him caressing her neck, moving down to her shoulders
and squeezing her skin through her woolen dress. Judy felt a long, tingling shudder rip
through her swaying body as the big man moved his fingers over her jutting titties.
Even through the material the blonde could feel the heat and power radiating through
his fingertips. Mac stopped at her nipples, rubbing the scratchy wool over their tough,
ticklish surface until Judy thought she was going to cry out with agonized delight. Her
cunt relaxed, then winked shut as another ripple rolled over her mushy box.
Then Mac raised his other hand, moving it opposite the first. She felt every muscle in
her body stiffen with sexual tension as Mac’s powerful hands squeezed down on her
jugs like two powerful clamps. Judy inhaled sharply, fighting for her balance as Mac
released his fingers, then squeezed them down on her boobs again.
"Those nipples are as hard as my cock," Mac said thickly. Judy closed her eyes and gave
herself completely up to Mac. She didn’t care what he thought of her. She could feel his
power and sexuality scorching her flesh. "We’ve played around enough," Mac finally
said, letting go of her titties and sliding his hands down to her waist.
Judy wanted him to rip her dress off, to carry her to the bedroom and do things to her
snatch she’d only dreamed of in her most wild fantasies.
As Mac started slowly hiking up her dress with his fingers, Judy did something she’d
never thought she had the nerve to do. Carried away with her flood of emotions, the

groaning blonde reached forward and groped in the dark for Mac’s zipper. As she
trailed her fingertips along the rough blue jean material, the blonde could feel
something fat, hot and bulging against his Levi’s. Judy had to keep herself under
control or she would have fainted with excitement. That cock! Her ex-husband Bob was
average in size as were the few men she’d bedded down with after the divorce. But this
– this big, fat sausage pushing and straining in Bob’s pants was more than she’d ever
dreamed a man could have. It was practically hanging down to his knees. She felt her
pussy lips rubbing together again like hungry lips smacking for a big meal to come. Her
body was melting with excitement and tension. There was a slushy, lush hotness
spreading over her belly like a tropical fever, glowing down to her pussylips. Her clit
and nipples were as hard as steel. Judy searched for the tiny metallic zipper tab. Finding
it, the blonde pulled it down while she pushed her fingers into the hole. When Judy
touched Mac’s rock-hard dick, she pulled her fingers out as if they’d brushed against
the burner of a stove. Before the woman had yanked out her hand, she’d felt Mac’s
jerking cockshaft throbbing under her light, almost non-existant touch. He groaned
with pleasure and moved forward, pulling her tightly against him while he rubbed his
crotch against hers. Judy closed her eyes and imagined that thick dick pressing against
her dress now, only inches away from her hungry cunt.
"Come on, or I’m gonna shoot right here in my pants."
Those words cut into Judy’s brain like a hot poker. The rest of what happened was a
blur to the panting blonde. She remembered taking Mac’s hand in hers and leading him
through the dark living room, down the short hall to her bedroom. There was a
hanging odor of perfume attacking her nose as the two of them walked quickly to the
double bed pushed tightly against the outside wall. Mac practically attacked her once
inside the small bedroom, grabbing her tightly by the waist while he slid his thick lips
along her neck. Judy groaned, dropping her head back and feeling her body go limp

under the big man’s attack. He was kissing her throat, moving his hands down below
her waist until they were kneading her taut buns. As he squeezed down, he pulled her
ass-flesh forward. The squeezing motions pulled at her crotch, making her fat labia slide
back and forth and massage teasingly her clitshaft. Judy felt a cold sweat break out over
her entire body as she cried, sobbed and laughed alternately. Her dress was hiked up to
her waist now. Mac was fingering the elastic waistband of her white silk panties,
running his rough fingers along her smooth flesh while he kept kissing her throat and
hunching his groin against Judy’s. With each sideways grinding movement Judy could
feel the stretched, soaked crotch panel rubbing back and forth against her hot, wet
cuntal membranes. It was peeling back her outer labia, working its way, slicing into her
juicing box like a knife as it tickled her full exposed clit.
Mac suddenly pushed Judy back, reaching down and pulling off his T-shirt. Even in this
darkness the blonde could see the thick, curly coat of hair covering his belly and chest.
His hands moved now to the brass button holding the tops of his Levi’s together. With
a quick movement he pushed the button through, shoving his trousers down to the
floor. Judy cried out happily as she saw the thick rod she’d imagined appear suddenly
before her wide eyes. He moved around, sitting down on the edge of the bed and
pulling off his boots and socks before yanking off his Levi’s.
Judy watched as Mac’s biceps rippled and he stood up again. His narrow waist flared
out to a broad, firm set of hips with a line dividing his muscular chest from his crotch.
His tall, thick legs were shapely and strong. And there was that long, thick cock
sticking out from his hairy groin like a spear ready to be thrown through the air. Judy
thought him the most beautiful man she’d ever seen.
"Take off your dress, baby," Mac said in a thick voice. Judy stared at him hypnotically.
He looked like some kind of god in front of her. His voice, eyes and body seemed to

command her. How could she refuse anything he asked of her. Half-mechanically the
blonde pulled up her dress, feeling the smooth, scratchy soft wool brush teasingly over
her stiff nipples. She could feel her boobs pull upward from the force of the sliding
dress. In a second she’d slid the dress over her head, dropping it gently into a heap to
her right. She stood half naked before Mac, dressed only in her juice-soaked panties.
Mac moved forward again, reaching down and curling his fingers around the waistband
of her briefs. Judy let out a long, low wail as she felt the sticky silk cling to her fat labia
just for a second as Mac pushed down. They unstuck, that sensation making her box
shudder deliciously. There was a cold blast of air brushing against her puffy cuntlips as
the blonde stepped out of her panties. Judy looked down and saw the big man’s cock
jerking and twitching only inches away from her leg. Almost without thinking Judy felt
her knees buckling. The blonde sank downward until she was even with Mac’s dick.
She could smell a pungent odor filling her nostrils. She trembled as she felt the spongy
warm flesh touch her cheek. Mac stiffened when he realized what she was going to do.
"I swear, I’ve never done this before. Even with my husband. But now…" Judy said,
leaving the sentence unfinished as she parted her full red lips and stuck out her tongue.
Gingerly the blonde lapped at the smooth, meaty heat dripping opaque drops of pre-
cum out of its pisshole.
"Do you like it, babe?" Mac asked. His voice was deep and powerful. She trembled
again as her hot flesh puckered up into goose pimples. Quickly Judy’s lips opened as
her lower jaw slackened and her head moved forward. Mac reached down, placing his
big hands on the sides of her skull and pressing in as if to hold onto her for balance.
He forced his dick against Judy’s lips. The blonde felt her brain whirring round and
round as she felt his fat, hot drooling dickhead slide over her lower lip and bump across
her teeth. She opened her mouth more to accommodate the incredible thickness of
Mac’s prong. Her boobs jiggled back and forth with each uneven, jagged breath she

forced into her lungs as she swallowed more and more of the big man’s cock.
The fat, greasy dick pushed her jaws further apart, making Judy’s cheeks puff out as if
she were blowing up a balloon. Every nerve ending in her body seemed ablaze with a
strange, all-consuming fire as her head slid slowly forward, engulfing the groaning
man’s throbbing dick. Judy felt a hot wetness settle over her cunt and just under her
nipples. Her nostrils flared as strands of her silky golden hair fell over her eyes and
brushed against Mac’s impaling cock. The blonde could feel the thick veins twisting
around Mac’s fat prick throbbing under the gentle pressure of her slackening lips. His
cock throbbed mightily suddenly, pushing hard against the roof of her mouth. Judy
gasped with horrified surprise, wondering if he were going to drown her with a sudden
shot of his hot jizz. Judy didn’t want to cum this way. She was too hot and restless to be
satisfied by her own finger-fucking. Yet she wanted to make sure Mac was primed and
ready for her cunt when he finally mounted her.
Shamelessly the woman reached up and gently wrapped her fingers around his half-
buried cock. As his hot, meaty dick throbbed a second time, Judy squeezed down on it
gently. At the same time she jacked her fingers up and down, sliding them finally
backward toward the fat prickroot. She pulled the outer covering over his hard, hot
core, making Mac cry out in painful delight. As more of her long blonde hair fell over
her eyes, Judy pulled her full lips back further and swallowed as much of Mac’s prick as
she could. At the same time the big man pulled her head forward, pressing his sweaty
palms so hard against her ears Judy was afraid he was going to crush her skull. Thick
drops of cum bubbled out of Mac’s cockhead onto her taste buds as she felt her own
spittle draining down his throat and threatening to choke her.
"Mgffff!" Judy cried out, reaching up and pushing her hands against the rolling, hard
muscles protruding from Mac’s hot groin.

"Ohhh, too bad you need air," Mac said jokingly as he pulled back and freed Judy’s
mouth of his dick. She gurgled and coughed, reaching up to her throat and fighting for
her breath. Mac reached down and pulled her gently up with both hands.
"My first time," the blonde gagged out sheepishly as she turned her eyes downward.
"You’re pro in my book, baby," Mac said, nibbling at her earlobe as he embraced her
and pushed backward. Judy could feel the full length of his fat dick sliding up her belly.
Her knees buckled under her with lust. Then suddenly she was on her back in bed with
Mac kissing her throat, moving his fingers over her tits and dragging his dick over her
puffy, red, aching cuntal gash.


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